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Found 6 results

  1. I am little bit confused abt situation. On SA website it is mentioned that if u obtain SS before release of SMP and then ur occupation also appears on SA SMP list then u would be elevated to category-2 provided u meet all requirements mentioned in SMP. This means, if one has got SS from SA state before release of SMP and then his occupation also appears on SA list but fails to fulfill criteria mentioned in SMP, then his application will not be elevated to category-2. Following is exactly what is mentioned on SA website: "Q. I have received Sponsorship and have lodged my visa application with DIAC, what will happen to my visa application in relation to the Lists? A. Once Sponsorship has been granted, the State Government/Immigration SA is not involved in the process. If you have lodged your visa application with DIAC, your application will receive the processing order as determined by DIAC. Visit DIAC website for details. If your occupation is included in the State Sponsored Migration List and you meet all the associated requirements, your application will be elevated to Priority 2." For instance, if one has got SA sponsorship with 1 year experience and IELTS 6 band but when SMP list released and experience and IELTS requirement changes, this means person is not fulfilling the criteria and his application will not be elevated to category-2. That is what I have interpreted from provided information. Need comments from seniors.....
  2. Hiya About a week after we received Queensland State Sponsorship ( 3 weeks ago) my hubby was unexpectadly diagnosed with Diffuse B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of cancer and has just started chemotherapy. We applied for our visa last September and although Queensland Gov say they have informed the Dep of Immi that we now have state sponsorhsip we are yet to be allocated a case officer. Am I right in thinking we will now have to wait for 3 -5 years of remission and how do we find out exactly how long he needs to be clear? Also does anyone know what happens to our visa application as we have paid our first installment but can not proceed until we know we can all pass the medicals? Will it be put on hold, would there be any chance of a refund? Finally if we have to start the visa ap again in a few years time, will his TRA still be in date? I understand these are complex questions but was hoping someone with experience might be able to throw a bit of light onto our situation so we know what to expect. Thanks guys, Tess.
  3. It may well be a huge place, but its a huge place full of small places. This really suprised me, and may only be relevent to the coupple of areas we have visited, but because everyone always says what a big place it is you assume the towns and cities are going to be big, but they really aren't. We found places called 'cities' that weren't cities at all in the same way we think of them, they are just a collection of small villages, or small towns. Most of the towns we visited were much smaller than we are used to in England and really did not have as much to offer as far as shops are concerned. This is not a bad thing in my eyes, just different - just like everything else in Oz, we are so used to our little country, all crammed in that we expect things to be the same when we get to Oz, but they aren't. At first you loose your barings a bit. But you have to go with an open mind and if you find you don't like something because its not what your used to, give yourslef a kick up the arse and remind yourself to give it time!! I had to do this a few times, and i soon felt right at home. After being a bit disspointed with the town centre that we went to (Wollongong) we then went to quite a few out of town malls, which were a complete contrast, thats when things get BIG and full of exciting things! Amazing big meat counters, fish couters that made my eyes pop out my head (I LOVE SEAFOOD!) huge big Veg shops with amazing variety... and then you have the main supermarket as well under the same roof.. i really loved this!! Anyway just thought i would share, as i probably would have found this interesting before i had visited myself. Meg xx
  4. Guest

    think we struck gold

    just to let you folks know just got our sponsorship offer tonight yes yes yes yes yes :jiggy:
  5. Guest

    panick struck

    i had to take my hubby to the hospital on thursday, he was in excrutiating pain in his kidney area and could not move, turns out he has a very very large kidney stone and is on constant pain relief until he gets an appointment for treatment, which i might add sounds very painful, anyway that is not what panicked me, while we were waiting in a and e an elderly man came in with a very bad cut to his hand, so bad they admitted him to operate it was horrible, his daughter and son in law had taken him to the hospital. while sitting there for the 8th hour and listening to everyone elses conversation it suddenly hit me. i wont be here to take my parents to the hospital when they need it and if hospitalised i wont be there to visit them, i got quite upset as we are a very close family and mentioned this to hubby who just replied with "your sister will have to do it," of course she will but if dad needed to go hospital now even for a sprain we would both take him together, got me thinking of alll the little things i wont be here to do and things they will have to go through without me. i went to a friends sons birthday part on say and thought oh no i wont be able to see them on their birthdays and give a big birthday kiss anymore, started to think am i doing the right thing, then i took my daughter to school today stood in the playground and had a look and thought oooooh yes i am doing the right thing but i want to be here to do all the little things for mum dad and sis too, help me someone please i think im going to end up mad:confused: :wacko:
  6. Guest

    struck off

    Hi someone using the name Lememane09 should not be using this site with the things he has especially on the younger forum SICKO