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Found 8 results

  1. terriokane

    Which Suitcase is best?

    Hey, Bit of a silly dilemma, but can anyone recommend a good suitcase brand/place to buy a suitcase? We have a 30kg allowance and I want one thats strong and will last but not too pricey. Thanks in advance Terri
  2. Two years ago I was climbing off a plane at Brisbane Airport to be greeted by a foggy morning, that soon turned into a sunny winters day, temperatures reached 20c and as I arrived on Bribie Island I thought I had landed in paradise. The first few days were spent exploring the local area and walking along the Beaches. I had locals looking at me as if I was mad because I was wearing a T shirt and all the locals were rugged up for the cold weather. We started to look for work we could do together and just to tide us over and give us a bit more cash my wife (Marge) worked in a call center while she looked for an office job. She never did find an office job but after 12 months we found a job advertised for a curator/caretaker of a local history museum in Goondiwindi. So having no experience in looking after museums and my gardening skills practically nonexistent we applied for the job. Well we are now another 12 months further down the line, we got the job at the museum and we live in a cottage dated around 1890 and I am explaining Australian history to the Australian visitors we get. I love my life here and I do not think I would have stood a chance in the UK of getting this sort of employment. So do I have any regrets, yes of course I do, I miss my kids they may be grown up, but we went through a lot together when their mother left us and we have a strong bond. I miss my grandson who I have never seen with the exception of SKYPE, and the chances are we will not be able to afford to go back and see him anytime soon, and as my daughter in law is afraid of flying I do not expect them to come here. My daughter will at some point come over for an extended visit, but at the moment she does not want to risk her job by asking for extended leave, it took her over a year to find a job. Would I do it all again ... Yes without hesitation, I miss my family, But the life here and the friends I have made make it all worthwhile, Where else could a retired Paramedic with a heart condition end up living in a 19th century cottage looking after a local history museum. In the UK I was washed up and past it, because I had to end my career of 33 years. Here it’s a case of if you can do it, we will give you a go...
  3. Hi Everyone, I am just wondering if someone have received strong interest from Tasmanian employer and have applied for state sponsorship for 176 visa. I got a feedback from one of Tasmanian employers that they can't offer me job I being offshore but once I would be in Tassie they would be happy to talk to me. I am not sure whether this falls under strong interest. Thanks for sharing and help!
  4. Hi there just had a question about tasmania ss - In its demand occupation list there is condition which says " Strong Personal Link" for civil engineers - what does it mean exactly ? thanks:eek:
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum so please be gentle with me. Basically we are in the midst of a huge dilemma and wondered if there is anyone in the same situation. Been in Australia for 5 years or so with my family, have a house in Sydney with quite a profit there if we sell it and some savings in term deposits. Given the huge high with the AUD to the Euro and the pound my wife and I really considering packing it all in here and cashing everything in, moving to the Mediterranean - eg, Spain or France - and us living rather well on the forex gains on my AUDs. I do like Australia, it is a beautiful country but I think once you have had enough of beaches there isn't much else. We miss European culture and would like the kids to experience it too - as well as the cuisine, languages proximity to UK friends and the opportunity the massive rise in the AUD gives us seems to good to miss. Is anyone else in the same dilemma? :confused:
  6. hi,i am planning 2 move 2 Perth in July with my girlfriend,she is a nurse and i am a builder. The building trade is on it's knee's over here,wot is the situation in Perth?? any information anyone could give me would be a big help! Thanx
  7. I found a Great story on this Interweb thing today, what do you all think? Can us Brits compare with this? We beat them at the Rugby, but can we crush a can with our thrupenny bits??? What you reckon Boy's can us Brit girls compare or not? Barmaid who crushes cans with breasts speaks out A BARMAID who crushed beer cans with her breasts has described a police fine as a "farce", while her manager says she has now been forced to "go underground". Luana De Faveri, 31, was fined $1000 after entering a guilty plea without appearing in court to breaches of licence conditions under the Liquor Control Act. She was fined for attempting to hang spoons off her nipples and for while performing in a pub in rural Western Australia. Barmaid who crushes cans with breasts speaks out | The Courier-Mail Well I'm on the case, Can't say my little one's stand much chance, but where there's a will there's a way! :twitcy: Anyone know any similar stories to this? How are you Girls out there who have made the move holding out with such competition around ? All I can say is thank God it wasn't on the medical forms, because I think my Aussie dream would have gone up in smoke. I'm off down the gym now to do a bit of Chest expansion just in case I'm asked to try this test on arrival in Brissy. Maybe I should start carrying the cement or the bricks for Tony as well. God it's all a worry, so much stress. EMMY :notworthy:
  8. First of all Merry Christmas everyone! I have read conflicting reports on various websites/forums regarding the state of the Australian economy, some reports saying it is strong and some saying that it could/is heading for recession. If this is indeed the case, what does that mean and how would that effect the man on the street (an increase in un-employment, maybe, etc?) I have previously started a thread re the current weaknessof the $AUD compared to the £, maybe it is all linked... Your thoughts, pl....