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Found 15 results

  1. tasormelb

    Nurses strike in Victoria

    Hi. I have been reading the Victoria online newapaper today which has reported that the nurses are due to strike next week. One of the reasons given for this action is that the government want to cut 1700+ nurse jobs. Is this correct? We are heading over next summer and I am a cancer/palliative care nurse. I am getting a bit worried that jobs may become scarce. Also are hospitals still giving out permanent contracts or do they tend to give yearly ones. Thanks
  2. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne Airport Strike

    TRAVELLERS are being warned to arrive early to Melbourne Airport tomorrow as customs officers go on strike again. Hundreds of customs officers will walk off the job* for four hours from 7am tomorrow for two hours, followed by another four hour stoppage from 9pm. The move will add significant delays to passengers to the processing of passengers travelling on international flights both in and out of the airport. A spokesman for Melbourne Airport today said that passengers would face delays. "This will affect arriving and departing passengers on what is one of the busiest days of the week for international travel," the spokesman said. "We are strongly encouraging international travellers tomorrow to follow the advice from Customs which is to arrive at the airport early, and go straight to customs." It comes after talks on a new deal failed this afternoon. Qantas baggage handlers and ground crew from the Transport Workers Union will also go on strike tomorrow for two hours from 7am and again from 4pm in a further headache for airline travellers. Qantas management will fill in for baggage handlers and ground crew tomorrow in a bid to minimise disruption. But the TWU action will still impact on more than 6,800 passengers, with 14 flights cancelled and 38 flights delayed by up to an hour.
  3. JoandJon

    Customs strike on Tuesday

    I was happily surfing away when I came across this article in the age, and just in case nobody else was aware have posted the link. In short - there might be some delays in customs/quarantine processing at all Australian international airports on Tuesday. I also saw this rather interesting opinion piece in the Age online - well I think it was interesting anyway It's nice to see someone stand up and say 'you've got it good!' Link to an article in the Age Cheers
  4. INTERNATIONAL airline passengers entering Australia tomorrow face delays and disruption due to quarantine employees voting to strike for four hours over a pay claim. The union representing Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries employees said inbound international travellers should be prepared for delays and urged those collecting passengers to take account of this, The Australian reported. The Community and Public Sector Union said the industrial action would also affect cargo inspections, the release of imported goods and X-ray screening of international mail. In a letter to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, a Sydney Airport senior manager, Jeff Stirk, warned the action would have a "very significant impact'' on operations. Increased congestion in the Customs hall and baggage reclaims areas would heighten security risks, and there could be problems with baggage handling, including on transfer flights. Strike scheduled for 19th August 2011
  5. Qantas pilots say they will try to avoid disrupting passengers when they take industrial action against the airline Long haul pilots are seeking a guarantee from management, not to employ pilots from overseas. They say they are still hoping to negotiate, and and will try to minimise any disruption to travellers. Qantas says it's not planning to send jobs overseas, but the pilots say they don't believe management. The Australian online has reported, Australian and International Pilots Association vice-president Richard Woodward would not reveal what action the union was planning, but said it would be obvious to passengers and the union would attempt to minimise disruptions. 'We can't promise that, of course, because other unions are upset with company as well,' he said. "But the stuff we initiate, certainly in the initial phases, we'll do our very best to minimise any disruptions to passengers." Tuesday 12th July 2011
  6. My daughters school decided that only half the teachers would strike so the school could stay open probably not what the unions would have wanted but meant parents were not having to take days off work. Was anyone effected by having to take time off work? All the lollipop men and ladies were in there usual haunts on the way to work, just wondering if the strike had the desired effect.
  7. The teachers unions have voted for strike action over their pensions being savaged by this couldn't care less about the working man Tory government and the first of many strikes is planned for the 30th of june. A union spokesman said money has been wasted by this government and making the workers pay for it, is wrong. He also said he expects other public sector unions to join in and there could be a summer of discontent.
  8. OZwanted

    Strike action

    Anyone else worried, I am getting so stressed and concerned and angry:arghh:.:realmad: Due to leave on 28th for 2 weeks and they are threatening strike action on bank hol weekend. Don't know what to do.:unsure: Anyone else worried?
  9. There is a possibility that British Airways will face a fresh round of strike action by cabin crew,this has been reported in an industry newsletter today. BA faces 20 days of strikes-10 May, 2010 Let's hope they sort it all out before any further strike action is taken.
  10. mamba

    BA strike

    I and my son are due to fly out to Melbourne on the 31st of March with Cathay Pacific. We booked the flights with Cathay using the internet. As we are flying Manchester/Heathrow/HK/Melbourne Cathay booked the Manchester to Heathrow leg with BA. BA are saying that the second strike which ends on 30th March will probably result in problems on the 31st, our day of traval. I have contacted Cathay who say this is a BA problem and anyway they are not on strike on the 31st so why am I bothering them at this time and BA on their website are saying that flights are as normal on that day Do any of the traval gurus have feel for what I should be doing in these circumstances? My fall back position is to traval by train to Heathrow from Manchester but it seems that I am piggy in the middle here? Delaying the flight to another time is not an option as my wife has already taken up her work in Australia and we are only in the UK because my son has to complete his A levels. We simply cannot take him out of school during term time so it's Easter or not go at all. Thanks for any ideas. Mamba
  11. LONDON - British Airways may train cleaners and baggage handlers as cabin crew in a bid to thwart a strike threat. A new strike ballot of British Airways cabin crew is to be held next week. Around one million passengers could see their Easter travel plans ruined if the Unite union organises a 12-day strike in April. British Airways boss Willie Walsh, in a letter to all BA workers, called last night for volunteers “to back BA by training to work alongside cabin crew who choose not to support a strike, so we are ready to keep our customers flying as much as we can if this strike goes ahead”. The decision by the Unite union to hold a fresh vote in a week’s time on possible strike action came after more than a week of talks with the airline failed to resolve the dispute over staff levels and working conditions. Industrial action planned for Christmas was blocked after a court granted an injunction, declaring it illegal Unite will ballot its 12,000 members which make up 98% of the airline’s cabin crew. A spokeswoman for the union said Unite had gone as far as it could in the talks to meet the airline’s demands but the ball was now in BA’s court. The BA dispute is incredible to watch from afar. To see the British flag carrier being torn apart by by two dogma driven parties is reminiscent of the 1930s. The union may well consider adding cloth caps to their wardrobes whilst the management organises the lockout. Today's news from JAL should be a salutory reminder.
  12. More than a million British Airways passengers have had their Christmas holiday travel plans thrown into chaos after the airline's cabin crew voted to strike. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/6810440/Christmas-chaos-as-British-Airways-staff-vote-for-strike.html:arghh:
  13. Just in case anyone is in the same situation...If you want to send your police check applications to ACRO via another delivery company, due to Royal Mail strikes, you need to send them to ACRO, Care of Dash-It Brook 50, Stephenson Road Calmore Industrial Estate Totton Hampshire SO4 3RY This is because their normal address is a PO Box and with other delivery companies you normally need a signature. We are still trying to find a delivery company though! TNT are only doing business accounts already set up due to high demand, got cut off from UPS when trying to organise pick up, had quotes for as much as £108 +VAT!! ...man, I didn't realise how much I used the Royal Mail! :chatterbox: Kempy
  14. Guest

    Airport strike in January

    I cannot believe it! We are finally going to OZ in January after months of stress (haven't sold our house and accomodation fell through in Oz) and now BAA are threatening a strike on the day we go - 14th January! Can it get any worse and is it worth it? Does anyone know anything about the strikes and how badly does it affect flights? Will we be able to fly at all? Any info appreciated. Helen F.:arghh:
  15. Guest

    Airport Strike?

    Does anyone know anything about the BAA airport strike being ballotted right now? When is it likely to be? I am scheduled to fly from heathrow on 30th Dec. Need to make our first entry into Oz by 4th Jan and we are scheduled to arrive on the 1st. Should I try and leave earlier or will the Ozzie authorities understand if we are delayed because of this strike?