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Found 37 results

  1. sazm2k12

    Stressed and had enough

    I'm not sure what to do anymore. I've been in my current employment for 2 years now, my 187 visa was approved in June 2013 so already stuck out 14 months of hell on the visa but today I've hit a low point. My workload has been ridiculous for a while now. I went on a short 4 day holiday a few weeks ago and thought I would come back feeling refreshed but to be honest the day I left was so stressful I spent the whole first night/day stressed and upset with how much is put on me and that only left me with 2 days of relaxation as the last day I was also worrying about going back. My work also has a habit of deciding that because I'm going to be on leave they will give me extra work before I go and when I come back. I can kind of deal with the work load but my morale is so low and I hate my job so much that I just can't seem to suck it up anymore and despite having too much to do I spent a portion of my day procrastinating. There have been issues with a bully from the start. We had a run in last October when she reduced me to tears and after that she has lightened up a bit but all of her bullying tactics are now a bit more subtle like delegating a ridiculous amount of work to me in a really short timeframe. I've never really spoken up about her because I wanted to not cause any problems etc but management are definitely aware of how she speaks to people and have shrugged it off as how she gets stressed and everyone has to not take it personally. I don't seem to have the energy for it anymore and I'm tired and unmotivated all the time. I tried to force myself to come in with a positive attitude but the job I'm being expected to do at the moment is impossible. I tried to explain this to my manager today and he didn't really address the workload just told me how to begin. I tried to get on with it despite being super stressed which has led to me losing my temper with a colleague today. It wasn't bad and the colleague was being difficult and I apologised but I feel like things are escalating quickly as I was ready to walk out today. On top of this I'm trying to study at uni part-time and my uni work is taking a hit. Despite all of this me and my partner are finally in a position where we can enjoy our lives and everything else out here is good. I just don't know what to do - anti-depressants or some kind of medication for the final 10 months? If I leave our visa can be cancelled and I will obviously leave on bad terms so the 2 years I've already put in are wasted but if I stick it out I also run the risk of a bad reference anyway because its only a matter of time before work realises I'm under performing/have a negative attitude. I don't have any annual leave I can take either as its all used up.
  2. :arghh: I had a plan but it has fallen apart. The packers had to be moved forward by 10 days so they are starting packing this Thursday. 4 days packing then 1 day loading container. So I have run out of time to sort through stuff and will end up taking lots of stuff I had intended to ditch. I'm scared they will pack somthing critical that should be in hand baggage. The packing is now running across the weekend instead of Mon to Fri which is more complicated. The 15 year old is having his leaving party here on Friday and the 16 year old is having his on Saturday, mid pack, boxes everywhere. Due to new work commitments OH is disappearing from tomorrow morning till after it's finished on Tuesday, apart from Saturday - Sunday. Today the estate agents phoned to say could someone come and look round the house later in the week, which is great, but...... Just needed someone, somewhere to know that I AM STRESSED. I can't wait till Tuesday evening when I can relax after the container has gone. :v_SPIN:
  3. Guest

    So excited and stressed!

    Hi was wondering if there were any paediatric nurses out there? We are hoping to come out on a 457 to Brisbane and i am awaiting response from a job interview any day. My registration is lodged with AHPRA at the moment and has been for weeks!! The waiting is killing me! Starting to get stuff together for visa as i type. Just wondered from experience how long the 457 took to go through. It says 8 weeks but also says drs and nurses get priority? Thanks in advance
  4. happytimes

    457 Visa.....help I'm stressed!

    Ok so as you can tell i'm having problems with the 457 (isn't everyone!) My boyfriend has been nominated by the company he works for and i'm going de facto on the visa. The nomination was put through last Friday and is being processed. I rang the Dept of Immigration to with a few (hundred) questions. As far as the website says, you can put through the nomination and your visa application at the same time, which is what we did. But no, i was told me this ignorant man on the phone that we put it through too late when in fact i started the visa application 2 hours after i recieved the reference number from my boyfriends boss. Does anyone know what the story with this is? I'm really pi**ed off that they don't state this more clearly on the website.:arghh: I was then told that it would take at least 4 weeks for the nomination to be approved and then we can start the visa application. Unfortunately we don't have time to waste as our 417 visa is up the end of Dec. I know we get a bridging visa but i read that you can't leave Oz with that but we've already our flights book home at Xmas. anyone know how Bridging visas work? I've heard that the 457 was stressful to apply for but this can't be good for a persons health!!! Any help appreciated guys! :biggrin:
  5. dandt99

    6 weeks to go and stressed

    We fly to Perth in 6 weeks and I'm wondering who we still need to let know officially, i.e. tax office, government etc. Spoke to Doctors and they wanted £50 per patient for summary records, so think we'll give them a miss a let the Aus Docs make their own assessment. Daren't ask the denist cos they're usually more costly. Seriously getting stressed too, still got house to sell/let, cars to sell and organising our own leaving party. Family taking a back seat in semi denial doesn't help with the guilt either.......:arghh: Ah well, I'm sure it'll all work out.
  6. Guest51810

    so stressed!!

    Moving house this weekend back to my mums flat, im starting to get really stressed!! Seems like no matter how much stuff i pack up or throw away theres always more!! This is even after i did that huge clearout a few weeks ago lol. God knows how stressed ill get if we move to oz! My hair will go grey lol
  7. Hi I am in such a stress, I have questions that I need answering!! It has been such a nightmare to find solutions elsewhere so I'm hoping that some kind soul will help out here. I was on a working holiday 417 visa which expired a few weeks ago...not before I was able to lodge a 457 application through a small business that had offered to sponsor me. As I lodged the 457 application before my 417 expired, I'm not on a bridging visa which means I can still work in Oz until they decide whether or not my 457 app was successful. Unfortunately the company that lodged the application for me have now told me that they are going through difficult times and will not be able to employ me, although they are 'kind enough' to not withdraw their application for the 457 until I found something else. It has been a painstaking challenge to find something else, but after many interviews, I've managed to secure a permanent job offer with a 90k package as an Accountant. This offer is contingent on me securing sponsorship elsewhere as they wont do it. So I've been speaking to a 3rd party company Geoffrey Nathan who can sponsor me as a contractor to 'the company'...my question is..can they lodge a 457 application for me whilst I'm on this bridging visa? I think I'd need to get the smaller company to withdraw their app in order for someone else to lodge, which they will be happy to do on my word. I just need to make sure that Geoffrey Nathan wont have any problems getting a 457 for me and I need to know how long it will take as 'the company' want me to start work soon!!! ohhh its such a headache, I'm starting to get depressed :mad: Brandy
  8. packing our boxes to send this week and this horrible feeling of not wanting to do this is setting in that never had before now. Just selling things and not being able to bring things with us is hard. Hope next week is better for me!
  9. hi all got my ielts test tomorrow from 9 am and under pressure to score 8 across the board in the academic test!!!! received phonecall today from a potential agent who added to my stress the minor detail that although i am a nure with 3 years post grad experience i may not eligible under the july changes for points for my visa as i have a diploma not a degree!!! I was convinced that i my diploma will be seen as a comparison to that of australian standard as it was full time over 3 years!!!! LIKE I NEEDED THAT PIECE OF INFO TODAY LOL!!!!!!! Anyone in similar position?? I am married with 2 girls(10,13) and was really hoping for 176 as apposoed to employer sponsor!! collette :arghh:
  10. twinsmom65

    Reality has hit home - So stressed

    Well I guess the reality of us moving back to Canada has hit home. We only have a short window of opportunity, so I have booked the flights and we fly back on the 2nd of December. My emotions are all over the map at the moment, in a way I will miss Australia, and in another way I won't. One minute I am happy to be going back to Canada, back to my family and friends, and at the next minute I am crying my eyes out. I guess I am grieving if that is possible. I never slagged Australia, never really hated it, but not 100% settled, used to cry my eyes out at xmas and birthdays, as had no one around. Just in the midst of trying to sell everything, and that is stressing me out, although I have sold about 5 things in less than a day... so that is good. Sorry if this post seems a bit of a ramble... just all over the map at the moment. Just need a hug !! I am hoping that once I touch down on Canadian soil, my emotions will get better. Cheers Karen
  11. I am seriously thinking about moving back to Canada, after almost 2 years in Perth. With my OH's job situation (or rather lack of job), it really is starting to have a huge effect on our family. My daughter was in tears this morning, and has a rash all over due to stress (poor thing is not even 17 yet... such alot to bear). Myself, am not only stressed at home but also at work, working for DCP leads me to see the worst of people.. and yesterday I got called a dog C**t, not exactly what I want to hear at work. OH can't even qualify for Newstart Benefits, due to me earning just above the povety level. He can't even go back on the tools here, as he is a sheet metal mechanic, and installed duct work in Canada and is not qualified as an Air Conditioning worker. I have no family here and very few friends and just feel so lonely and at my wits end. I am trying to remain positive for the sake of my OH, however, some days it is harder to keep up the charade than others. Even for work, trying to keep up the charade that you are happy and everything is well is getting harder by the day. One of the reasons for our move to Australia, was that my OH kept getting laid off during the winter back in Canada as he was considered in the construction field. I have spent 18 years dealing with job losses with him, and was looking forward to a fresh start here in Australia, well obviously, that hasn't happened, as he is out of work again. I just feel that if I move back to Canada, at least I will have family and friends around, and I know that I can get a job back there no problem. And before anybody says that we are better off staying here, sunshine does not put food on the table, feeling alone with no family around does not go away. The lucky country might be good for some, but alas for us it has not been. Cheers Karen
  12. :wideeyed: Ok I have managed to navigate my way around the site here and I have found almost waaaaayyyyyy too much info lol! its hard to know where to start Im getting a bit confused about rental properties is it hard to secure one now?? We do intend to buy but need to suss out the locations etc. I am a perm resident and OH is on a 4 yr visa (will be changing that when we get married hopefully!!). Im also worried about living in a big city again as we have been pretty rural in Oz for the last 3 years. Never been to WA but that is changing when we do our recce in 2 weeks :jiggy: Need to be based within public travelling distance to Freo as OH has a job there and I will need one myself. I have heard that parking is a nightmare at Freo Hosp. Dont mind travelling in. Any info you may have would be gratefully received. Cheers Kate :chatterbox:
  13. hi, i applied for my second working holiday visa after completing my voluntary WWOOFing. i failed to attach my evidence - but rectified that by sending it via post. to cut a long story short my visa got lost in the post and i didnt get it before i returned to uk. a lad on the phone at immigration told me to go to england for 6 weeks was fine - they would continue my application on my return. however - on getting back to england - got an email from immigration saying - return within 4 weeks, or withdraw your application. i hve subsequently withdrawn it and lost the fee. i fly back out to australia on the 28th of sept - 6 days before my working holiday visa 1 expires - will i incurr any problems getting back in? as i am going to apply for working holiday number 2 the day i arrive - as i will be granted a bridging visa. i have enough money in my account, do i need a flight ticket showing me leaving oz? if so - before the 6 days is up, or when ido intend to return? i am returning and will be applying for defacto with my boyfrined. i am very stressed -immigration take forever/if ever, to get back to you - and each person tells you something different! i would have waited to do my application as an offshore if the lady had said i couldnt get it granted if not in oz!! please can someone tell me why people get stoppedby immigration on return to the country? even though ive done nothing wrong i still feel really stressed and worried!! thankyou!
  14. Guest

    please help!!!

    can someone please give me soem advice . i am australian and my boyfriend is from ireland, he has been over on a working visa for alomost 2 years we are now looking at going on a defacto visa. we have been dating for 14months and living together for 11 of those months. we have been gathering all our evidence such as - stat decs, photos, joint account details (only for 4 months) , bills , phone records, realestate letter, birthdayand christmas cards from family, recipts, hotel bills and a few other little pieces. im wondering if i have missed a major component or anything as these websites seem to send us around in circles. we are flying to ireland for christmas to visit his family will we be in trouble if they are processing and we are not in the country? also now that we have all the information and are ready to lodge the forms is the a particular way we must lay it out . such as in a plastic sleeve , in categories , in a folder and so on . please help im starting to stress on all the little details now thanks xx nicole
  15. Guest

    Stressed and very very sad !

    :shocked so any of you experts out there got a hint of a clue how i can get my daughter who is 18 on our 457 visa we are in wa and my daughter came over on a 3 month holiday visa and has had her 457 refused due to the fact they dont believe she is a dependant ...so they are sending her home in 2 weeks alone as myself my husband and our other 3 daughters are in wa !!! anyone know of any loopholes or ways she can stay she is currently on a bridging visa A that expires on 31/05/2010 !! help i cant send my daughter back alone !!!!
  16. Hi, I have completed my hospitality course and was about to put through my provisional skill assessment, but today my employer refused to sign my experience letter. I am extremely stressed as to what to do now.. What are my other options ? I am confused and tensed.. Please guide..
  17. Hi everyone - never done this before but worth a shot an i am sooo stressed with what to do! Need any information!! I have been offerend residency think its the 857 visa - i have been over in Oz 2yrs and my 2nd year visa expires on the 14th on January and just had to go home for the past few months so i am in a really problem situation as i dont have long till it expires so i need to act fast! My major problem is my company are not willing to help with costs!! So they said its around $6300 and even if i was to go on a 457 it would cost the same!! They said i cant go it alone so need a agent!? iS THIS RIGHT??? Also! my partner is french - he is currently over there at the moment working and is still on his 1st working holiday visa for Oz which expires in May. He is a chef (high quality) what arre our options for him? If he is coming over march/april and i have logged my residency, even though we have been together 8months can we apply de facto? We have no house bills as proof, is this a problem?? I need as much info and help from people as i can! What other options does he have as i heard that a chef is maybe an easy way of getting sponsored?? Please let me know ASAP if you have any insight or little information for me! Many Thanks Rebecca
  18. don't know if this is the right place to post but just wanted to say hi. we're moving to melbourne very soon but as my fella only got offered a job with coles a few weeks ago it's happening very quickly and a bit scary! just wondered if anyone else has moved or is moving with coles? we're going with our 10 month old as well-v stressful! __________________
  19. Well the day is just about here and we have the removal people coming on Tuesday. We go on 27th June but we decided to ship out a little earlier so we don't have so long to wait at other end and we have been waiting for this for so long that I can't believe we have so much to do!! We seem to have been gradually sorting through things and talking about what's to do forever but obviously nothing has been done cos we have never stopped the last two days and I am worried that they may arrive on Tuesday and there will still be things not done. We have to live like the Clampits for the next 4 and a half weeks so I'm also trying to think what we need to keep behind that will then be small enough to pack or be thrown away. OOOh this job is difficult!! !:confused:
  20. I know this sounds completely unhinged but im realy stressed out about sending my passport photo to diac, my main worry is that i know the person recieving it will be the person who decides on my visa.. So i want to send the best pic possible,, am i being nutts?? I know how stupid this sounds but im on my third set of pics now and it is getting out of hand but im becoming realy freeked out by it.. Someone please talk me down of this ledge before i go insane.. I want to give a good picture and every one i take is getting worse than the one before.. Hellllp.... I know its nucking futs.. But its bordering mania...
  21. sarahjl

    Am feeling a tad stressed!

    Hi, I guess I just need some words of reassurance!! We have applied for a 176 visa and hope to hear the outcome within the next couple of weeks. At the moment though I'm feeling excited and cant wait to get going and then the next I feel just sheer panic about what we are about to do!! We have close friends out there and will be settling near them so that should help but the massive scale of what needs doing beforehand is a bit overwhelming. Am I the only one that feels this way? The in-laws are making our life as difficult as possible which is getting upsetting and my daughter seems to be going through the terrible three's!!!! I knew that this was going to be hard work and thats not going to end when we move to Australia, but :arghh: !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to have some chocolate and attempt to RELAX!
  22. Guest


    Well the move to Aus has finally hit me with subtlety of a baseball bat with nails in it hitting me in the face. Our removals were booked for the 12th & 13th of Jan. Yesterday morning comes, 8am, 9am, 10,am, no removal lorry! 10.30, still no removal lorry. I phoned up the removal comany to ask what the hell is going on and they tell me they are waiting for instruction which they had before Christmas by the sponsor who is paying my costs. I tell them this so then the woman on the phone says she'll check the diary to get us packed. "We can come Monday and Tuesday next week" she explains. "Monday and Tuesday next week?! We fly on Sunday!" I tell her. I vent steam like a boiler ready to blow down the phone for them to get this sorted. I want to be packed by Saturday at the very latest. Then they do that thing that all companies do in uncertainty, "Can I ring you back in a few minutes?" to which I reluctantly agree. A few minutes turned into 10, 15, 25, 40 minutes. I grab my mobile ready to dish out a verbal arse kicking and as I pick it up the phone rings.... The removals are now booked for today and tomorrow 13th & 14th and the removals should be with us shortly. I'm window watching like a nosey neighbour, looking for any sign of our lorry which is due about half 9. My stomach is awash with butterflies my head buzzing with stress and excitement. The family are now feeling the nerves and excitement of our adventure. At this point I guess my next post about my own experience will be from Perth. Good Luck to all those taking the big step very shortly and who knows, we may even see you in Perth. :arghh:
  23. Hello, :unsure: I am new to this forum and looking for advise on applying for a On Shore Non Contributory Aged Parent Visa. I applied for 6 month tourist visa when my daughter and family emigrated in May 08 on a PR Visa. During my stay i then applied for a further stay which was granted and will expire in March 09 (no restrictions applied). I have now decided that i would like to join my daughter in oz permantely but cannot afford to go down the CPV road, I have no other family in the uk and have a state and uk government pension if i came to oz i would live with my daughter and use my uk pensions. I will turn 63 in November 2009 my QUESTION's if anyone can please help on. Are :- 1. Can i apply in the November i turn 63 or do i have to wait until January 2010 my 64 year. 2. Am i correct in that the fee will consist of 2 installemnts - 1st installment $2105 on lodgement of application and then 2nd $1235 when requested. 3. What are the odds on me applying for a new 6 month tourist visa in the uk to take me to either Nov or Jan depending on the answer to question 1 without receiving an 8503 restriction which would, if i am correct stop me applying for an 804 On Shore Aged Parent Visa. Many Thanks for any help or advise that can be offered a very stressed & confused Nana xx
  24. Our original plan to emigrate was that we were to leave at the beginning of December, which meant that we would not be here for Christmas - none of our family mentioned Christmas at all. However, due to a few things, we will now not be leaving until after Christmas, and to say that the Christmas issue is stressful is an understatement. My mum and sister and her family live about 120 miles from us in one direction, and hubbys family live about the same distance away in the other. They do not get on at all, so having them all to us is unfortunately not an option (we had problems at our wedding and at our eldest daughters christening - we didn't have our youngest christened for this reason). We don't want to leave on bed terms with anyone, but they are all squabbling about where we should spend Christmas. Our original idea was that we should spend a few days before Christmas with my family, spend Christmas day at home just the four of us, and then spend a few days after Christmas at hubbys family. This way, noone gets more than the other if you see what I mean, so although both might be a bit upset that the actual Christmas day we weren't with them, at least they would be equal. Plus, as our belongings will have been shipped, we decided not to get presents for the children until we get to Oz - they are only 2 1/2 and 9 months, so they won't know that Christmas is on the wrong day. So spending Christmas at home meant that they wouldn't see other people with presents etc. We understand that as this is our last Christmas in the UK, for a while at least, so we had tried to be fair to everyone equally, but this isn't good enough. I just have no idea how to sort it out. Both families are demanding that we spend Christmas with them and not the other. We are having the guilt-trips etc, and I just don't know what to do. The only other option that we have come up with is to drive and see both on Christmas, but this will involve 2 1/2-3hr drive to my mums, a couple of hours there, a four hour drive to hubbys parents, a couple of hours there and then a 2 1/2 hour drive home. Not ideal with two small children in the winter on Christmas day. Or we could drive to mums on Christmas eve and stay until Christmas lunchtime (we'd have to stay in a hotel so not ideal) then drive down to hubbys family and stay there until boxing day. We understand that it is our last Christmas before we emigrate, but why does that one day matter when it never has in the past - we have always either done the running round or we have spent christmas here on our own. Why are a few days either side not good enough? I don't know what to do and am completely at a loss as to how to keep everyone happy - whatever we decide will make someone unhappy. Any ideas?
  25. Guest

    stressed & worried !!

    Hi all, Stressed because its the summer hols, kids being pains, weather being british & the the visa stress is to much. Wanted to ask if anyone out there knows if they are gonna refuse your application for a visa at the final stage would they let u know sooner rather than later? We are a AUGUST o7 lot on a 136 paper application the diac have know had our main appliction a year , meds & pc done end of april, spoke to Oz house London said they have cleared so why the hell is it taking so long :arghh:, i keep emailing our agent but feel like they have all their money know so chat to u when need to. Sorry to moan & i know that there r others from last year still waiting but i think we need to nag at someone but WHO!! Feel a little bit better not much! :sad: Kris x