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Found 36 results

  1. Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me. I am on a 187 sponsored regional migration visa, I’m currently on the bridging visa and my application was logged January 2019. I am being sponsored as a duty manager and prior to my sponsorship I was working for the employer for 9 months. I have now been there for 16 months. Since getting sponsored my boss has completely changed his demeanour. His family has joined him in running the business and they daughter gets away with doing nothing but gets paid the same as me. Despite the fact that my role is duty manager, she has been put in this position. After a few months into my sponsorship I went off sick for 2 days (first time since being employed there that I wasn’t off sick) and when I returned I had heard that they thought I was lying and that I’m not reliable etc. This really annoyed me and I chatted with my boss and said I wasn’t happy. I said I can’t work with the daughter as whatever decision I make gets over ruled by her decision. After this they put me in the kitchen, and ever since I have been working as a kitchen hand which is not my job role. I have mentioned this many times and he seems to think it is fine and won’t move me out of there. I’ve been extremely stressed and absolutely hate going to work. I’ve lost a lot of weightdue to the stress and it is a horrible environment to work in. It is very bitchy and the bitching comes from management. I am over worked and get only one day off per week, work split shifts everyday despite living 60 k away. I don’t get to spend time with my boyfriend which is making me more stressed. I was off sick for 2 days again last month and I received abusive text messages from my boss saying I was lying and that I have to come into work with my medical certificates. I sent him my certificates and he still sent me nasty messages. This really upset me. He also took money out of my wages when I first got the sponsorship to pay for the $3000 business tax. I think I’m right in saying that this is wrong however I haven’t questioned it because I’m so scared that my life will be made hell there again. I also do not want him to have this over me that he has invested in me. There is another lady also on Sponsorship visa and she too is in the same situation as me. Her life has been made hell and I know she is very stresssed. The boss’ daughter does not like her and they are just hoping that she is going to mess up so they can get rid of her. They have given her a formal warning when she has done nothing wrong. Please help us and let us know what we can do in this situation. I really just want to walk out the door and be happy again, but after investing all this money I do not want to lose it. We are so stressed and it’s affecting our health, surely with two of us there is something we can do? Thanks!
  2. daine

    187 visa help

    Hi, I wondered if someone could give me some advice. I got my 187 visa granted last December (11 months on visa) and have worked for the company 3 years in total. The original company i was sponsored through closed down and since then re-opened a new store which has a different ABN number (same employer) But since then the job is soul destroying, so much stress involved in a day to day basis and the management higher are so rude. Im currently seeing a consellor atm as its too much. Is it possible with my doctor records to leave my employer and seek employment elsewhere or should I contact fair work Australia and see what they say. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. EBall123

    Second year visa wait

    Hey Everyone, I applied for my second year visa on the 19th of Dec and haven't heard anything. My boyfriend and I worked on the same farms for the same time and he got his visa approval back straight away. The only question we answered differently was that I had been outside of the UK for more than 6months. Is it because I out this that it is taking longer? We wanted to fly back out on the 23rd of Jan bit worried it will take ages as some people have said they are still waiting 2/3months later? My mum is flying out in the 4th of Feb so I hope I get it! Please help with any other similar stories or why you think it is taking so long? I am really stressing!
  4. OzWa

    Medicals stress

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post after following this forum for months. My family and I are so close to moving downunder. We've got our WA SS in October (after 24 hours), got a Case Officer after 10 days... happy family so far ;-) We did our medicals on the 9th of Nov ... but so far we received no news. Is it impolite or too pushy if I should mail HOC in Sydney ?? Or is it just a matter of waiting patiently ? Getting stressed ... will we be "healthy enough" ;-) Did anyone ever got negative news from Diac concerning the medicals ? Thanks for the replies
  5. Guest

    Medicals stress!!

    Hi Guys Had our medicals thursday and during the examination they picked up a heart murmur on me!! the GP there said that due to the fact that I'm only 31 and physically fit (I'm a gym buff) it is probably just the sound of blood flowing around the heart. I've now got to see a cardiologist to be given the all clear. Has anyone else come across this as I'm trying to find out how long it is likely to set me back. We we're on course to have our visa granted before the end of November until this happened, aahhhhhhhh!! Help Please:mad:
  6. The Pom Queen

    Sydney Housing Stress

    Sydney has the highest number of renters as well as the highest percentage of mortgage holders at risk of falling into poverty, according to a new national study. More than 106,000 people who rent in Sydney face difficulties meeting the basic costs of living, according to Housing Costs Through the Roof, a report compiled by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling at the University of Canberra on behalf of Australians for Affordable Housing. The report examined households that earned the lowest 40% of incomes – taking family size into account – who spend 30% or more of their earnings on rent or mortgage payments. On this basis, over 73,000 or 12% of mortgage holders in Sydney are in housing stress, with the figures even higher for first-home buyers, with 15% (just over 15,000) struggling to make ends meet. Nationally, the report found that one in 10 households (over 850,000) are in housing stress, with the highest rates of housing stress felt by renters and first-home buyers, with 26% of renters and 15% for first-home buyers in housing stress. In percentage terms, Hobart has the highest number of renters in housing stress, with one in three falling into this category. In addition, more than a quarter (26%) of Hobart first-home buyers are in mortgage stress, despite the Tasmanian capital having one of the cheapest housing markets and the smallest average first-home loan at under $195,000. Other key findings of the report are that first-home buyers in Melbourne are more likely to experience housing stress than those in Sydney while Commonwealth Rent Assistance recipients in Adelaide had the highest rates of rental stress. Commenting on the findings, Australians for Affordable Housing campaign manager Sarah Toohey says there is “an entrenched and significant group of people in Australia who face day-to-day hardship because of their housing costs, but it doesn’t have to be this way”. “There are clear actions that governments can take to improve housing affordability and take the pressure off these households,” she says. “A secure home is a fundamental building block for everything else we do in life. We need to create a housing system that works for everyone.” Australians for Affordable Housing is a coalition of national housing, welfare and community sector organisations to highlight the problem of housing affordability in Australia.
  7. Cost of living pressures have pushed levels of mortgage stress to an all-time high, a report says. The September edition of the Genworth Streets Ahead report, released on Wednesday, found 25 per cent of borrowers had struggled to meet a mortgage repayment in the past year. The result was up four percentage points from the previous survey undertaken in March. 'Current economic uncertainty and increases in living costs have seen stress rise to unprecedented levels in the six months to September 2011,' the report said. 'No previous survey has seen mortgage stress levels hit 25 per cent, not even during the depths of the GFC (global financial crisis).' Levels of mortgage stress have been on the rise since calendar 2010 when interest rates began rising, the figures showed. 'The main drag on homebuyer confidence in this period is the increasing concern among homebuyers about their ability to repay their mortgage in the future,' the report said. 'This, in turn, is likely underpinned by media attention on domestic and global economic conditions affecting consumer sentiment, despite many strong domestic economic indicators for property markets.' Mortgage stress was the primary reason for the Genworth homebuyer confidence index falling 1.9 index points to 94.4 points in September. This represented a two per cent decline from the previous survey in March this year, the report said. I'm sorry but do people not factor in rate increase when taking out a mortgage:sad:
  8. Guest


    4 kids and moving to australia later this week! Husband has turned into a complete d*^% head! Conversations are all arguments. Selling stuff is complete nightmare, giving stuff away thats worth hundreds! Shipping was quoted at 1k turned into 2k god knows how! They repacked everything with space probably! Not even had time to shower, kids are bored and playing up, I am exhausted, awake til 3am worrying. Saying goodbye to family sux. Logistically getting out of house, cleaning it so we can get deposit back, last week with no washing machine, fridge, car - how is this possible ? Too many suitcases to fit in car or to carry! how to get to airport-So stressed!!! Anyone else?
  9. I have worked for the same company for nearly 4 years, and I am being bullied by one person. It all came to a head this week and I want to go off work with stress. If I do and I get a sick note will it affect me when I go for my medicals? I’m not depressed just stressed out, I have never had a day off sick since I worked there and I don’t want to go off now but I feel I can’t carry on either. It doesn’t help that the person doing this is the union rep, and the popular one, plus I work in a male environment and have no one to talk to or turn too. I feel stupid I have never had this before. It’s not sexual harassment just a constant pick, pick, pick. Don’t get me wrong we both can have a laugh and banter but it doesn’t end there.:sad: God I’m waffling My question is will it affect my medicals if i go off sick and go to my doctors?:no: (not sure if this post is in the right place so feel free to move)
  10. Guest

    So much stress

    Hi I am just posting to tell my story.......I moved to Perth with my Aussie hubby nearly 7 years ago, i didn't really want to move, we had a great life here in the UK, family, friends, social life. I had a good job but he found it hard to get a good job in his field so we moved to Aus.....We had three boys, hubby got a good job (eventually) although had to live in rural WA...moved house so many times, just did not settle. I wanted to come home nearly all the time, had no help or support from his family when we had our children, in fact they have been pretty awful to us. We have agonised and agonised over the decision to head for Blighty...years and years...GFC, no jobs, better life for the kids in Aus, weather, bigger houses, its better, its better... I was so scared to move i talked us out of it so many times.."lets stay, it will be ok, i can live here and make it work" i would say. Then......after nearly seven years a plan.....lets go to the UK on an extended holiday (8 weeks in the end). See if we like it and can get work/good schools/nice area to live/nice house. My husband said no way will we do it...................... We did and have....in 6 weeks he had some fantastic job offers, we got our son into a fantastic school and he loves it...the weather has been just fine, we have found a nice house to live in, we have been busy with family and friends every weekend and its great. Don't get me wrong, i still look at some aspects of the UK and wonder about where it is going, but to be home with family and have a great job for hubbie is worth giving it a go here for! So, i have lost endless nights of sleep worrying about the decision, i have worried about everything..but do you know what...the Uk isn't really that bed (for us anyway). I have missed my family so much, have been ill with depression because i was away from the people i love and the place i wanted to be. I read post after post on here about how awful home was, how it had gone down the pan, the weather was awful and the place was full of losers/drug addicts and asylum seekers...well it isn't and i really want to say....from my heart...if you want to come home, find a way to try to make it work....don't stay in a place where you are not really deeply happy, you may pay with your sanity in the end..i did and i know it has taken its toll. last Christmas it was 46 degrees on Christmas day where we lived, it was disgusting, we had a lovely day all the same, but this year i can't wait to buy a real christmas tree, show my boys the lights/smells and real feeling of this magical time (especially as a child) and just soak it up. Sorry for going on, just can't believe how hard it was to try to come home, how scared i was of the unknown...should have trusted my gut all those years ago...still..home now and all is good. Take care to all of those who are agonising, trust your deep deep gut and dig deep inside and the answer is there. xx
  11. Hi just wondering what the job situation is like for joiner/carpenter in Australia at the moment, and what states are good/bad for work etc. are joiners in demand at the moment like they are here? Here in the UK my husband i think is ready for a breakdown!!, he's inundated with work, just took on two big contracts last week, thought he had people ready to start work next week , and now he doesn't, he's spent the last two days calling all his contacts for workers etc. and everyone is busy!, he's now got the next couple of hours to decide what to do and whether he can fulfill the contracts or not, last year he was stressed due to lack of work and now he's even more stressed at too much work!! I'd love to be able to go over there and it not be so stressful, but maybe thats just wishful thinking!!
  12. steen1976


    Bloody hell I thought this process would be tough enough but didn't quite appreciate the wringer it can put you through. The excitement of the job offer The decision as to whether to go for it Telling family - one half takes it well the other not so Registering with AHPRA - arrrgh Interview in the middle of the night Elation of getting the job Telling friends Shipping UK property decision Decorating UK property to rent it All the research "How expensive is Sydney!!" A whole lot more Worst of it being we were told a 3 month notice period could be a problem so handed the notice in early on the understanding they would be submitting the nomination after new year - they only got it in last friday and the missus is finished work in 3 weeks :mad:I would never have allowed it for a job here but made the exception for this. To make things worse the new employer has misunderstood the AHPRAs "eligible for registration" with the condition that she practices for 152 supervised. They were trying to say she'll have to work as an 'intern' for a month on nearly half pay. Nooooo. I also feared that could cause a problem with the visa. Finally seem to have got it sorted now and just waiting on nomination approval and then we've got the e457 to do. Sorry for the long post and I know folk will go through a lot worse but I'm just drained at the minute. Good luck to all going through it.
  13. Guest

    Final Year Stress

    Folks, Wanted to ask if other's could give us some feedback / advice on how they handled the final months in the UK? We have our visa stamped but now need to sell the house, clear some bills and then get away. How when you are this close do you handle it? We cannot tell the workplaces yet but feel so demotivated when people go on about their 3/4 year business plans etc and our involvment in them etc. We just want to get away but have to try and stay grounded - how did you all manage it? TA
  14. Guest

    DEFACTO Stress :(

    Hi Everyone, Here to vent & hopefully get some encouragement/advice from people with experiences.. I am currently in the process of applying for a de-facto visa as i have cancelled my student visa... as my student visa is cancelled I only have 28 days (21 left) to get my de-facto visa in with immigration or leave the country.. Here's my story - I have been with my Australian partner since September 2009 - We have been living together since this and have had our Relationship Registered as a precrisbed relationship under NSW law. I have the following evidence for my visa so far: Application forms Statement from applicant re history of our relationship Statement from sponsor re hisotry of our relationship Joint statment re household chorse, how we live etc Registration of our relationship certificate Certified copies of both our birth certs Certified copies of both our passports Australian police checks for both of us Uk Police check for me Medical check results 5 x statutary declarations from friends and family 5 x character references for myself 2 x character references for my partner Phone bills from September 2009 to present highlighting calls and SMS's to each other E-mails to each other Letter from our real estate stating they are aware my partner has been living at the property since 2009 and are currently adding him to the lease Supporting letter from us stating why he is not yet on the lease Individual Bank Statements showing shared finances - transferring money for rent, groceries etc Flight confirmation for a trip to Brisbane in December 2009 Hotel confirmation for a trip to Brisbane in December 2009 Tickets to a show we saw in Decembr 2009 Invoices and confirmation from 3x camping trips since Sept 09 to present Car insurance in both of our names sent to the same address My partners bank statements sent to the same address Joint bank account statement showing we opened this in April Supporting letter from me stating why we only opened it in April and have not used it let Energy Austraia bill to our address in both of our names Corrospendence to my partner at our address 3x A4 pieces of card with photographs at different places with dates and locations written underneath Christmas, birthday and valentines cards to each other Supporting letters for anything I think needed explaining Now, I think thats about everything... how did i do??
  15. PommyPaul

    job stress

    .................... :arghh:
  16. mrsindecision

    Coping with the stress of moving back.

    HI all we're in the final run up to returning - in July. House is on market OH got a job, friends and family looking forward to us returning exchange rate brilliant. But we are both stressed beyond belief. I think it really boils down to fear of messing the kids around too much. Having moved here less than three years ago now going back and starting again (or in many ways picking up where we left off). Think OH is really properly depressed about the whole experience - blames himself and really struggling to accept it hasn't worked out. My daughter is desperately unhappy about moving back but has started seeing school chaplain to get it all off her chest which I think is a good thing for her. Wish OH would talk to someone - but blokes dont really do they. I swing between getting excited about what we can buy overthere and kids going to good unis etc. with fear of leaving what has now become familiar and the few comforting thigns here ( friends, house etc.) I am hoping this is a normal part of the process - cos I really can't see any future for us staying here. But the upheaval feels mammoth. :no:
  17. Hi Everyone We have been back just over a month from our reccie/validating trip in Melbourne. The flight was great we flew with Emirates and the in seat entertainment was great for the children ( 6yr and 3yr) although watching Bolt nine times was a bit hard The kids didn't sleep at all on the flight out there so we felt like death by the time we reached Melbourne. We booked a hotel in the city centre and collapsed on the beds as soon as we got there. The first few days we did the tourist bits Melourne zoo (fab) Melbourne museum (great when raining) the aquarium and the Botanical gardens. The children loved the trams and even got to sit in the front of one to ring the bell which they are still raving about. We then went out looking at areas, we had already decided which areas to look at after research in the Uk. So we looked at Frankston, Point cook and highton (Geelong). All the areas were nice and we would have been happy to live in all three but we loved Highton and it offered us everything we were looking for and the people were so helpful and welcoming. We booked in to visit a couple of schools in Highton and they were both great schools and it made my little boy very excited. One thing I didn't expect was that the teachers mentioned that it is harder to get a kindergarden place than a school place!! We looked at the show homes and land packages out there which were an eye opener they are so big that I would worry that I'd never see my children..... actually that sounds great! We found Melbourne as a city was a very lively young place to be it suited us as a family down to the ground and I'm sure we would have many years of fun there. The flight back was hell we had two stopovers which was not mentioned on the ticket and my little boy got plane sick ( i always wondered who used those sick bags!):confused: No sleep again!!!! But on arrival to London everyone wanted to go back. So the stress began..................My mum was devasted that we liked it and were going! The house went on the market and we had so many people viewing in the first few weeks that I almost became like a robot...kitchen.....bathroom and so on. After three weeks it was under offer which we were amazed about we were expecting months. So now I've given in my notice at work and busy sorting out the house. Today it's my little boys leaving party at school which makes me feel awful as the children are so upset he's going!! Where as my little girl keeps telling her friends they can come to tea at her new house in Austraila:wideeyed: So fingers crossed the sale of the house goes ok, surveys done and no issues so hopefully exchange in three weeks. Sorry so long, good luck to everyone else and maybe see you in Oz!! Jackie xxxx
  18. rainyc

    Older kids causing stress!!!

    Hi there, wonder if anyone been in similar situation?? Have 18 yr old daughter who was all for coming to Oz till she met boyfriend, now def not coming, is moving in with him etc etc.....she will be on our visa so she will have option to come should she decide at a later date. I have sort of got my head around this but now probs with 16 yr old son who too has a lovely girlfriend, totally besotted by her and point blank refuses to discuss Oz, says he not going anywhere with us and we are selfish etc etc.!! Fact is he wanted to 6 months ago, is realy sporty and would love it but cannot convince him of this in any way, shape or form!! He is 17 in March, does anyone know legally where i stand. i could not go without him. He is a young 16 year old, typical male!! If anyone has been in a similar situation or can offer any advice then it will be greatly received. Feel like this is all for nothing at the moment!! :sad:
  19. Guest

    Hi major stress info needed

    We are at the begining just started online vetassess and starting to organise all paper work,i have not posted many threads but have read many and hope someone can help. My oldest son is not my husbands and we have reshearched that we need a statory declaration from his biological father. we have had no contact with him since my son was five months old, i no where he lives and was going to make contact and ask for the stat dec i thought that as he has had no intrest he would just sign and be done with it, but sods law he has bumped into a friend of mine and now is asking about contact. im not sure excatlly what he wants i have emailed him and had no reply,but im now worried because he seems intrested after 7 yrs that he is going to refuse to do the stat dec.What can i do if he does refuse as it seems so unfare after 7yrs he could come and mess our whole future up. Also my son does not no about him as he was so young when we split he only nos my husband as his dad and allthough we will tell him he is still a bit young to understand.:arghh:
  20. Guest


    It's been nearly 8 mnths since we submitted via agent so I asked for a status enquiry. Good news is we have a case officer bad news requested more info really bad news some of requested info we took to Oz when on reccie and handed to agent but C/O not got it our police checks and middle daughters passport bio and BC scream waiting to hear from agent bout that will be calling C/O in am. Also need bio of my eldest girls fathers passport he hasn't got an up 2 date one so I have to pay for renewal so can send. Wouldn't know any of this if hadn't requested agent to do status enquiry still not even on front page when check on line app with DIAC. Feel like I'm going insane. Hope agent will pay for police checks if lost by them.:arghh:Anyone got any advice pleeeease.
  21. Hi everyone We finally got our visa at the end of Oct after an 11half month wait. We were very excited. We were all set to move over on Nov 28th - tickets booked, shippers organised etc. We were going to leave our house on the market till Spring and if it still hadn't sold we would rent it out. Well in the last week everything has changed. OH seriously stressed at thought of leaving house and not having any capital when we move - he was making himself ill with worry. So now we are still flying out on 28th. Going to validate our visas, have a holiday with family for 6 weeks and come back mid Jan. We'll go permenantly as soon as the house sells (who knows when that will be!) It sure is a rollercoaster ride!! Have been very upset at the change of plans but for us it is the most sensible thing to do in the current climate. Alex
  22. Guest

    ENS stress!

    Hi there Does anyone know if your company can legally tie you in to a year or two after they've sponsored your residency? I've paid my own fees, but still my company made me sign a contract to stay for a year. I'm starting to get itchy feet - does anyone know if it's legally binding? Or if leaving may threaten the security of my ENS?? Thanks so much D
  23. Hi, as a newbie to the site we are just getting everthing together for my OH ACS application. We have instructed Peter Chiam PtLabs who is great. Only problem is the amount of problems getting the various HR departments to write even a standard reference as they have been taken over by larger companies since he worked there. We can't even apply until we get all these together so I am feeling that we are not even at the starting gate! Just wanted to share my frustrations and I am sure it will be like this until we get ther!!!:wacko:Julie
  24. Just thought I could start a fun thread to try and relieve our stressful wait for those visas, or for those who just want to join in... I will start a story with one sentence, then everyone else adds a sentence and lets see where the story takes us........... It was a rainy day in the UK and the Cooper family were wondering yet again when there visa would arrive; then there was a phone call.
  25. Hi all Just a couple of little tips for anyone who may be feeling down about the move or upcoming move. .... 1. Journal.....I suggest keeping a Journal, write down all your fears and worries. Just writing them down helps to release some of the tension. After a couple of weeks have a glance back at the things you were worried about and note all of the things that have since been resolved or that didn't turn out as badly as you feared. The point is that eventually you will see how many things we worry about that get resolved without a problem and you may be able to let go and relax a bit more. 2. Diary..... When you are moving or have moved there is so much to keep track of and it can cause stress. keep a diary of everything that needs to be done and choose certain days to complete certain tasks. Don't try to keep it all in your head as you may find yourself going around in circles. Hope this is of help to some Kama