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Found 22 results

  1. Guest

    Street Justice in Chile

    A passer by witnessed this incident & filmed it on his phone. http://www.asylum.co.uk/2011/11/17/video-chilean-mob-justice-thief-naked/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cuk%7Cdl6%7Csec1_lnk3%7C85444
  2. A Chinese toddler was run over twice and ignored by nearly 20 passers-by in Guangdong Province in a case that has caused outrage around the world.:eek: It is a story that has deeply unsettled millions in China, posing troubling questions about whether three decades of headlong economic development has left nothing but a moral vacuum in its wake. It begins last Thursday when a two-year-old girl totters into a narrow lane in a wholesale market in the thriving industrial city of Foshan in Guangdong Province and is hit by a small, white van. The driver pauses, and then pulls away, crushing the child for a second time under his rear wheels. It is not the accident itself, but what happens next — or rather doesn’t happen – that has left millions of ordinary Chinese wondering where their country is heading. One by one, no fewer than 18 passers-by are seen on closed circuit television ignoring the girl as she lies, clearly visible in the road, haemorrhaging into the gutter. Not a single one of them stops to help. The first is a young man in a white T-shirt and trainers. He walks on past the prone form of girl who is by now bleeding profusely, without a second glance. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8830790/Chinese-toddler-run-over-twice-after-being-left-on-street.html Is this the price of living and being brought up in such an Evil dictatorship....sad.:dull:
  3. Just listen to these gems of wisdom from the bloody streeets of Sydney & Melbourne. 'It's an awareness campaign as much as anything. So many people don't know about the unequal distribuiton of wealth across the world, and the damage it does.' 'I'm here because society is broken on so many levels. Now is the time to push the revolution.' 'Imagine a brave new world without banks, stock exchanges, multi-national corporations?' 'A whole generation, with a new explanation.' 'Imagine the sensation of a teenage legislation?' 'Something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear, there's a man over there with a gun.' 'Ho Ho Ho Chi Min, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, we will fight, we will win.' I wonder what happened to all those teenage revolutionaries? I wonder how many are still living in poverty, if they ever were? I wonder where the next Stalin, the next Lenin, the next Mao, the next Kymer Rouge is hiding, somewhere in the bush, where Australia's secret police can't find them, just waiting for the opportunity to recreate 'The Killing Fields' on Randwick & Flemington Racecourses? Oh Happy Day!
  4. ....in Sydney where the auto dealers are? I remember seeing it but i'm stuck using my phone for interenet now and can't search easily.
  5. It was her red hair that did it but then I realized it couldn't have been her - not in the middle of the day!?
  6. I really feel sorry for people who are famous because you get so many people after them for their money, I'm not sure if he is guilty or not but a lot of time these accusations are made by gold diggers:no: Coronation Street favourite Michael Le Vell today vowed to clear his name after being arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a schoolgirl. Le Vell, who plays mechanic Kevin Webster in the ITV soap opera, was arrested at his £750,000 home in Hale, an upmarket suburb of Manchester, before being taken to a police station where he was held for questioning. With his lawyer present, the 46-year-old actor - a married father of two - spent eight hours answering police questions after a teenage girl made a formal complaint. He has been freed on bail until next month and is said to have gone into hiding to plan a vigorous defence with his lawyers. Today the actor issued a statement in which he said: 'I strenuously deny these allegations and will do everything in my power to prove my innocence.'
  7. I think it was even an old Transit - must have driven overland from UK? I've seen ice-cream vans around the 'burbs but usually they sell in bulk not by the cone (99?) He got a few customers too - but more 'groovy inner city types' than 'kiddie kids.'
  8. Yay, I have just booked medicals for the family and me. I got the first appointment which was 18th March and so anyone else looking at booking should expect a three/four week time lag from calling them to actually having the medical done. Anyone know how long it usually takes from having medicals done to receiving visa grant? Thanks:jiggy:
  9. Ours was better. :cute:
  10. tonyman

    Dalglish street cred

    a great performance from Kenny Dalglish verses Wenger during the penalty debate .......you tube have deleated it , a great shame as it was funny as , "it was a penalty" Dalglish said to arsene wenger arms going to the dozen........"oh p*ss off " Dalglish said to him ...Arsene didnt have a clue what to say or do after that comment ....was a classic ........
  11. I work near Roma Street station and I'm looking for an apartment for my fiancee and I. We are a young couple and like restaurants, cinema and relaxing in the sun. I don't want to travel for a long time each day. I'm happy travelling 25-30 mins door-to-door - whether that be getting the train or walking. We will be requiring a 2-bedroom rented accomodation and we would like a balcony. We have been thinking about Milton as it has a train station, and looks close enough to walk if I fancy it. Is Milton a decent area? Are there restaurants or bars there? Our budget is $300-400 per week, although I would prefer closer to $350. Can you recommend any other areas that we should consider?
  12. We are looking at moving to Melbourne in Feb and I'm desperately trying to find an up to date street map of the city and surrounding suburbs. I know I can use on-line maps, but i just find it easier to look at a book! I've searched everywhere and even contacted UBD direct to see if they have any UK suppliers. The short answer was no! Postage from Oz is extortionate and shipping will take weeks! If anyone knows of a secret bookshop or of one that is burried in their bottom drawer and is not needed anymore, please can you let me know. Thanks.:biggrin:
  13. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Fraser+Ave,+Perth,+Australia&sll=56.56742,-3.349677&sspn=0.007637,0.015879&layer=c&ie=UTF8&cbll=-31.958774,115.844023&panoid=AKYY0i670oG0K8BrDDF28w&cbp=12,73.29798922349039,,0,5.3356171389107665&ll=-31.954001,115.844564&spn=0.025816,0.055618&z=15&iwloc=addr King Park, Perth
  14. How very sad, that Kym Marsh from Coronation Street has sadly lost her baby boy, she gave birth 18 weeks early to baby Archie, who sadly died moments later. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Street star Kym Marsh's baby dies also Bill Roache who plays Ken sadly lost his wife of 30 years suddenly on Saturday BBC NEWS | UK | England | Manchester | Street actor Roache's wife dies can some one bring us some good news please Sarah x
  15. Guest

    Medicals-Harley Street

    Hey I am moving to Sydney in January on a student visa and my agent has just emailed me to say i need to have medicals done this week (no one had mentioned this before!) and they have suggested I go to London and have them done at Harley Street - has anyone been there before? and knows how much it costs? Its so close to Christmas so my wallet is definitely feeling the pinch!!! Look forward to hearing from you Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Good Luck for 2009 xxxx
  16. Guest

    Google your street

    You can now see a frontal view of your Ozzie house on google. So now, instead of just being able to see an aerial view, you can see the house from the front ! Good job so many windows have sun tints on them, only in Australia, no invasion of privacy ? I think it's great and can be a nice help to migrants looking at properties. Google Maps REDDERS :wideeyed:
  17. For those of you who, like me, spend hours trawling domain and realestate for properties in Oz, have you discovered Street View on Goole maps? What a fantastic tool to give you a clearer picture of a property, your prospective neighbours and the rest of the street! I have already 'walked' the length and breadth of Newcastle and have been able to rule out some areas that we thought had looked ok on Google Earth. Give it a go, who needs sleep? :SLEEP:
  18. Tried it today (here) and it's amazing. You can even read the signs in the shop windows. Would be a good tool for prospective migrants who want to check out the housing!
  19. Guest

    Street View

    Hi, has anyone seen the new Google Street View? We found it by accident through the Domain website http://www.domain.com.au/ore/Gallery/StreetView.aspx?adid=2006706213&st=1 All the roads marked in blue have been filmed from street view - you can visually 'travel' down the street and look at the houses. Most of Melbourne seems to be covered, I don't know about the rest of Australia. Be careful though - it's almost as addictive as PIO!
  20. tracy123

    Coronation Street

    Sorry i am sad, Just watching Coronation street and even Paul wants to go to Australia. Come on how bad can the place be? Geoffrey:chatterbox:
  21. Has anyone moved to Gosford and placed there child in this high school by any chance?
  22. Hi, this is my first post, I recently found this site and its helped me a lot so far just reading other peoples experiences, thanks! We ( my wife, 2 sons aged 16 and 13 and my daughter aged 18 months) are beginning the process (info gathering stage, book ordering etc) of possibly emigrating to the Victoria area. We are planning a trip for 2008 and if its favourable will begin the visa process right after. I've many questions, which I'll try not to bombard you too much with. First one being about any autorouters for PCs, I use Route 66 for UK street mapping running on my laptop with a GPS mouse plugged in and I've struggled to find any PC autorouting software which street maps Australia. When we visit in 2008, I plan to do a fair amount of driving around checking things out and its so much easier than using paper maps. Multimap.com seems very good but is online, I need a CD or DVD version. The data seems to belong to PSMA Ltd and MapInfo Ltd but neither seem to offer what I'm after. Even Microsoft don't seem to do an Australian Autorouter. I know there are these in-car units but I'm after PC software. Any suggestions? Thanks, NJ