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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everyone My boyfriend's working holiday visa is due to expire soon. After a brief trip home he's hoping to return to Australia as a tourist and continue his travels. Have you had any experience of that - is it fairly straightforward? Or a risk of being turned away? Many thanks
  2. Hello all, I've just returned to Brisbane, after training as a teacher in the UK. I spent 2 years there and nearly ended up staying, but saw the light and returned to Brissie - just in time for the floods! I've always found the Aussies to be a friendly bunch but conversationally a bit hard going, as my knowledge of big engines, AFL and fishing is somewhat limited! I never thought about looking for like-minded Brits before, who might be up for a few beers and a bit of banter, as well as sharing costs of the occasional weekend trip down to the 'Goldie' or up the 'Sunny'. I like a bit of surfing every now and then, although as soon as I try and stand up you can tell immediately that I'm a Pom! :-o Any information on regular meet-ups in the area would also be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Matt.
  3. Guest

    straight answer

    I did badly with my IELTS I am retaking if I get 7 (was aiming on 8 but not going to reach it)the agent said will have to do regional (as 10 points) and not state(which is 5 point) application. can someone tell me how to find out more have googled around don't seem to find an answer. (iam applying under childcare manager/co-ordinator):arghh: Is finding a child care job an option? I only have until Jan due to the clause working 1 out of two years in profession so have be do IELTS or more IELT (found some good you tube help)
  4. Hi this is something from the telegraph, which makes you wonder are you in the same boat, or have you got it covered "Geoffrey Boycott, the former England cricketer Thousands of homeowners’ plans to leave property to their heirs could be hit for six by an obscure legal definition which Geoffrey Boycott, the cricket legend, has described as “double-Dutch”. Mr Boycott went on to lose a test case in the High Court about the ownership of a home in the millionaires’ resort of Sandbanks, Dorset. But with the average house price now exceeding £161,000, according to the Halifax House Price Index, questions about who has legal title to property could have a major impact on much more modest households. Now lawyers say many people – especially unmarried couples or those who have contributed unequally to the purchase of a home – may be caught out if they are unaware of the distinction between owning property as ‘joint tenants’ or ‘tenants in common’. No wonder the straight-talking Yorkshireman suggested the difference was difficult to understand. But the legal jargon could mean other couples’ plans to bequeath or inherit property are stumped. The Court heard that Mr Boycott bought a three-bedroom house overlooking Poole Harbour for his “friend and confidante” Anne Wyatt in 1996. Mr Boycott told the court he allowed Mrs Wyatt to live in the house rent-free, although they were no longer partners, for as long as she lived. They were listed on the deeds as joint tenants. But when Mrs Wyatt died in 2009, aged 82, her half of the house went to her estate instead of to Mr Boycott. To his “huge surprise”, he discovered that Mrs Wyatt had changed the agreement in 2007 to a tenancy in common so that she could leave her share of the property to her heirs. Andrew Goldstone, head of tax and wealth planning at Mishcon de Reya explained: “With a tenancy in common, when one joint owner dies they can leave their share to whoever they want in their will. That’s a big advantage where joint owners are neither married nor in a long-term relationship, since they won’t necessarily want their share to go the other on their death. Tenancy in common also makes sense for couples who each have their own children from an earlier relationship. “It is possible to convert a joint tenancy to a tenancy in common but not the other way round. The technical term for bringing a joint tenancy to an end is called “severing the joint tenancy” and it’s very easy to do. It can be by mutual agreement, in which case the joint owners will usually document in what shares they will then own the property. “However, it can also be done by just one of the joint owners giving written notice to the other. That sometimes happens when a couple are splitting up and one of them wants to be sure that if they die, the whole property won’t go to their ex-partner. This can mean that what was intended at the time of purchase can be overridden by one party alone. Once notice of severance is given to the other party it is too late to change.” John Condliffe, a partner at Hogan Lovells, added: “In this case, Mrs Wyatt ended the partnership by serving notice on Mr Boycott, whose arguments did not push the boundaries of legal principles. If property is owned by joint tenants the owners together own the whole property equally and do not have individual shares in it. If one owner dies their share automatically passes to the others, and therefore a joint tenant owner cannot leave their share to somebody else in their will. “By contrast, property owned by tenants in common entitles each person to a distinct share of the property, and their shares may be unequal. If one owner dies their share can be left to others in their will.” This distinction is no longer as important for inheritance tax (IHT) planning by married couples and members of civil partnerships as it used to be, now the nil-rate band of £325,000 is automatically transferred to the surviving spouse or partner on the death of the first spouse or partner. That means even married couples and members of civil partnerships who have made no plans to utilise the first spouse or partner’s IHT nil-rate band effectively enjoy a £650,000 threshold for IHT. However, the different forms of ownership remain relevant to many others; including unmarried cohabiting couples. Clare Rant, a property litigation specialist at Irwin Mitchell pointed out: “Disputes frequently arise following death where the ownership of a property has not been correctly identified at the will writing stage. A disappointed beneficiary – someone who is left an interest in a property under a will but where the property passes by survivorship to the joint owner – may also have a claim against the will writer. “The distinction between the two interests is not just relevant to death. This is of particular importance to co-habiting couples, as they will not have the benefit of legislation which can redistribute property.” So the legal jargon can prove more even important than the difference between deep square leg and silly mid-off. If in doubt, seek professional legal advice. :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  5. My husband has just started work and LAFHA was agreed as part of the package. They have said that he needs to earn above $48,000 before LAFHA can 'kick in'. Is this correct. Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Guest

    let me get this straight

    ok guys new to site.. little bit of clarification needed. Ive looked at soo many sites at this stage im even questioning my own name..We in very early stages of moving to Oz. Literally in past 2 wks have decided to make the move. Briefly my husband is project manager so he is on sol list, has 20 yrs experince, so indications are its 175 visa. Im trying to find out from a financial point what do diac look for..Have been struggling recently and money would be very tight we would just about have enough money to pay all visa fees etc and to be honest would be waiting for tax rebate to make the final move.......Financially what kind of questions are they asking? any info help appreciated
  7. derham

    Straight 8 on IELTS

    I need straight 8 on the four sections of the general IELTS, has anyone managed to get straight 8 and if so was it easy?:arghh:
  8. Hi everyone, I'm really in need of your help. Right I have told my husband of the countless threads & posts that many of you "in the know" guys have said that to equal our finances & lifestyle over in Oz we should work on the 2 - 2.2 x uk salary scale. But he's just not believing me ! Can you guys help explain it better to him than I can & set him straight & get him to realise its not just one or two folk that says that.
  9. Hi all, My hubby is waiting for his partner visa (offshore) to come through and I was wondering if they ever go straight to permanent without the temporary visa? We sent in the application 20/6/11, been married since 1/5/2010, and have lived together since May 2008. We included evidence of all of the above with the initial application and I'm just curious if anyone's been granted the permanent visa straight away before? Cheers!
  10. Here you go folk my latest penned poem that says it all! I shake my head in disbelief I stare at the status page Not because no changes have been made My eyes are stinging as I read the words out aloud* Pinching myself I feel so proud It says visa granted on this day The third of May Mixed emotions run around in my head I jump out of bed Elated, excited it must be said I so excited it is true Don't worry it will be you next* Who feels this way Stay strong and your visa will soon be on it's way!* :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. Guest

    Straight to visa

    GOT IT, GOT IT, GOT IT:jiggy::jiggy: STRAIGHT TO VISA ENTRY BY 14th SEPTEMBER Just thought I would check one more time before I go of to work, there it was everything met. A big thankyou to all my friends on PIO, you've been a great support through all the bad times, to all of you still waiting they really are cracking on with this now so GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: LOVE LESLEY:hug:
  12. OK folks a laugh is all. I know that there are many straight and a few gay people on PIO,:jiggy:. So my question is this. 'IF' you were go to either 'Dark Side', in other words straight people go 'gay' for a day, and 'gay' people go straight for a day who would be your ultimate partner. Strange question I know, but it is a 'IF' question, I'll go first. Too many to mention, :shocked:, but this fella would have done it for me in his younger days. Met him in a pub once in Regents Park, he was having a drink and me and my mate put Ant Music on the juke box, and all of a sudden up jumps Adam and with two forks he joined in the drum section of the track. Come on lets have a laugh is all. No offence meant as I hope you know.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. Following on from my earlier post about the time taken (5 months now) to even be allocated a case officer for my 820 temp spouse sponsorship visa application, I was wondering if I should ask DIAC about going straight for a 801 permanent spouse visa? This one is probably best answered by any of you immi agents on the forum..my wife and I got married last July, but have lived together since May 2009, and can evidence our continuous relationship from Jan 2008. When I applied for my 820 back in Sept '10, we clearly didn't have enough mileage on the clock to go direct for a 801 for me. However, DIAC are now suggesting it could be as late as May'10 by the time they get round to my 820 application. The DIAC guidance seems to suggest if you can evidence 3yrs+ continuous relationship (if no kids), you may be eligible to go straight for 801. It now looks to me as though I could now fall into this category....But the question then comes, what do I do? Should I ring DIAC and see what is involved in transferring my application into the 801 bucket, or wait a bit longer? Appreciate any guidance/advice/past experience you can share!
  14. Is validating your visa, just literally getting passport stamped through customs when you arrive in Oz? Why have i heard of people having to go to NZ to go straight back to oZ? Whats that about?
  15. Guest

    Straight to PR - skip defacto

    Hey everyone, Full story of what's gone on with my visa recently here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/96964-urgent.html Basically have recently lost my 457, and am looking at options. After job searching it looks like my only option is to go defacto with my partner. I spoke to a lovely lady from a recommended migration agency (off here) and she mentioned that in some cases when applying for a defacto that you can go straight to PR depending on how long you've been together etc. A friend of mine who's a migration agent also said you can do that, but usually depends if you have kids and have been together more than 5 years. We're on 4.5 years, 5 in February. No kids, but house, dog (he's like a son!), joint bank accounts etc etc. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has gone through this, or knows of anyone that has? Any pointers or advice would be fantastic! Cheers, Mark :cute:
  16. Hi all, just wanting to check I've got my facts straight about which visa to go for and when to apply. I am currently on a working holiday visa which expires in Feb 2011 I have a job offer (50 point occupation on the new SOL) starting in Feb, two days after my WHV expires. (I am currently working on short term contracts for this company and will continue to do so until the 6months WHV limitation kicks in). The company have said they will sponsor me for a long stay business visa if I need one. However, my partner is an australian citizen, so I can also apply for an onshore DeFacto partner visa. We have been in a serious relationship since Feb 2009, but unfortunately were stuck in a long distance relationship until I finished my PhD (We spent as much time together as our jobs allowed, skyped for several hours a day, have both met each other's parents/family etc, and have evidence of all this - flight tickets, join finances while travelling, photos, skype records, stat decs etc). So I finally defended my PhD in Feb 2010 and got on a plane the next day and we have been living together ever since (again have plenty evidence, both our names on the lease, official post to same address, joint health, car, contents insurances, joint finances etc). From reading various posts on this forum, it sounds like I should be applying for the partner visa the week my WHV runs out in Feb 2011, such that there's no question about the 12month defacto requirement. I would then be put on a bridging visa A, which would mean I have the same work allowances as on the WHV (i.e. the 6months with my employer would restart) and I could start work as per the job offer while I wait for the partner visa to come through. Does that sound reasonable? have I missed anything obvious? would I be better to apply for a long term business visa anyway? Have already started the prelims, passport is off being renewed, and have sent off for the police checks. thanks, RockDr Oh and one more question: is it true that they don't do interviews at the Adelaide office anymore? so we can't put in the application in person? Where are the defacto visas processed - would it be worth going there to put in the application in person?
  17. Does anyone know the answer...I have an account still in the UK but have hit a problem with statements missing, due to rental moves. To avoid these issues again I am keen to have a PO Box set up here for all my post from the UK to be delivered to...then I do not have to worry every time we move with change of address. This is the problem I have asked Barclays if I can use an Australian PO Box number and they seem very vague with their answer. Just need yes you can or no you can't. I do not really want to have to use someone elses address in the UK as I do not want to give them the hassle of sending post to me monthly. At the moment I am about 3/4 statements behind (its not an account I can have internet access with either) my previous rental agents say they haven't got them, bank says they were sent. I only moved out 15th May so the last 3 would have been while we were there. Oh and they want to charge me for resending these statements!!! Can anyone shed any light on this. Thanks Sue
  18. Hi we are looking to fly out with Sinapore airlines in August and are undecided whether to fly straight through (obviously there is a stop for a couple of hours at sinapore) or fly to sinapore then stay over in a hotel then fly to Brisbane the following morning. Our girls are 7 & 4 and would love some peoples opinions as to what they did with kids and would they have done it different. Thanks guys Ange xx
  19. Guest

    straight jacket time!

    Hi all, Flying to brisbane on Tuesday and have forgot everything you have taught me!!! Someone please tell me (and i will copy and paste it -to my HEAD) where i go for tax number, have been searching forum for last hour as know ive read many posts about it, cant even mind if its a TRN or a TFN?? and then- My stuff is NEVER going to fit into luggage, my boxes were supposed to be picked up yesterday and weren't! Told my job i had visa 2 weeks ago but have still heard nothing (though took them 2 weeks after interview to get back to me) Im still no wiser on where to live in city and i cant even remember the rest of questions that ive forgotten the answers to!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH think my head is goin to explode, though brain will be perfectly preserved (not that it is currently any use) as it is being slowly pickled in alcohol from numerous goodbye drinks!!! Yes time to get the straight jacket out of the cupboard me thinks!!:goofy: Smiles Tracy ;0)
  20. Guest

    No straight answers

    Hi all, Can anyone help as i am unable to get any straight answers from anywhere on the web or from certain companies, can a qualified bookeeper obtain a skilled visa. I run my own buiness and have qualified as a bookeeper i will also be starting a diploma in this field next week, i would like to know at what level i would need if any to obtain a skilled visa rather than sponsorship. Also does being married makes a difference to a visa, me and my partner have been together for years and we both want to go to oz with our kids. Does that bit of paper make any difference
  21. Hi all, I really am struggling to get my head around this whole process of emigrating. Maybe im just being a bit dense, but i really could do with somebody ansswering a few questions in lamens terms for me if they have a spare minute or two... i am an electrician but my partner has a sister that is an australian citizen. We are hoping to go over on my partner's visa. My questions are as follows... 1, What is the first thing we should do? Visa first or trade assessment type stuff? (baring in mind we have already gone throught the process of seeing if we qualify, and were successful) 2, Should we use an agent, if so do you know any good ones? I have been reading through threads but i just dont seem to be able to get to grips with what is the first thing i should be doing! Im so frustrated at it all, feels like im banging my head against a wall as we know we qualify we just dont know the best way to go about it all! Any help you can give us is much appreciated! Many thanks Jim
  22. Hi folks im sure someone can help us we wold like to know what you need and what you have to do to be able to buy a house when you arrive in oz we have a 176 visa we have thought about it and why pay loads on rental when you could put it towards a morgage many nthanks
  23. How do people get a job lined up for when they emigrate to Aus? My husband and I are looking into emigrating and will be applying for a visa very soon. I am a New Zealand Citizen and our 2 children are also NZ Citizens by decent so we only have to get a 144 relative of NZ citizen visa which we are told will take 12 weeks. However the biggest worry for us is finding a job for my husband ( I will be at home looking after the kids!). I have heard and read of people saying that they have got a job lined up. Are there any agencies in the UK that specialise in finding work for people in Australia and do the interviews here? Or do you have to pop over to Aus?! May sound abit stupid but it would give us peace of mind in we could line something up for when we go.
  24. Hi, just wonder if anyone has deposited traveller's cheques straight into an Australian bank account. Is it possible and would the bank charge me for that? Cheers. Mel.
  25. Guest

    Straight or curly?

    Right, this thread really has nothing to do with Oz. I need the advice of other women (and men, if you wish) as I am in a right predicament about my hair. I have shoulder length hair that unless straightened makes me look like a banshee. When straightened it is lovely, but straightening it takes ages and lots of bits break off. So everyday I put it up in a pony tail, which I like but does get a bit boring. I have decided ................... to go for a perm. Don't laugh please. Not a tight perm just a loose tousled aussie surf babe kind of perm. It is either that or having short hair, which won't look good as I have a pudding face. Just wondered if anyone had any advice and what kind of hair you have and what kind of hair do you dream of having? Claire