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Found 34 results

  1. Hi So our boxes have arrived. We are only renting so will be moving in about 7 months (not going to request to extend lease). We're not going to unpack absolutely everything however don't have the room to store it all in this rental. We have a garage that has a roof, two walls and the roller door. The other end of the garage has a wall built half the height of the other walls so quite a bit of access to the elements. Does anyone have experience with storing boxes practically outside? We can keep them to the side of the garage where there is a roller door and walls, however, the rain does come in via the other wall (not flooding and not reaching the roller door end). So the boxes should stay dry. However, coupled with humidity and the fact bugs etc. can access our garage I wondered if this was is foolish to even consider this? The boxes have books, paintings and other associated household products.
  2. Has anyone had to have there stuff stored in Australia while they found a house, how much did it cost?
  3. Hi, we're leaving Melbourne, after only a year ;-(, in September. Going to spend 6 months in Brisbane with my partner's family and then on home to the UK. Can anyone recommend a good removal company who will pack breakables as well as storing 80% of stuff until shipping back to the UK. Or also know of separate storage in Brisbane. 20% will be coming to Brisbane and then going on to the UK. Thank you.
  4. We are moving furniture from a large house to another large house via a smaller, medium-term rental that only has two bedrooms but does have a spacious and dry, non-flood prone garage very nearly the same size of the container. I have identified the garage as a useful medium-term store for stuff that we want to bring in container but don't have room for until we buy a three or four bedroom house. But I am investigating how humid Melbourne is throughout the year and concerning myself how things like sofas would cope in a dry, relatively well ventilated lock-up garage with no heater. I've looked at weather statistics so I have seen average humidity data for each month of the year. Statistics are all very well. Does anyone have experience or views about such storage in the Melbourne climate and the wisdom of it. Mildew and mould would be fairly disastrous for some items. Spiders etc: we could nuke with appropriate concoctions. Advice appreciated.
  5. Hi - just wondered, has anyone use the vaccum storage bags for shipping? I've been advised by one of the shipping companies who came out to do a quote that due to sections of travel where the temperature is too high, the heat can cause condensation, hence moisture in the bags. any experiences?
  6. Guest

    Storage & insurance

    Hi. We are moving from London to Sydney with a houseful (20ft container) to do a split delivery from the shipping company as we're crash landing in our flat so we need to store half of our stuff. Are the shipping company's storage rates the best? The one-off handling fees per cubic foot are huge, and then there's the monthly cost plus insurance. Any insight greatly recieved!
  7. Hello, My husband and I plan to rent a small self-furnished flat while we find our way in our new home of Melbourne; I'd like to know how much, per month, we should expect to pay for storing the contents of either a half or full 20ft container (we've not decided what to go for yet). All helpful replies keenly welcomed! Thank-you.
  8. Guest

    Shipping plus storage

    Hello, We're currently at the beginning of our journey back to the UK so all is very unfamiliar. If we sell our house here then we'd like to have a month or two in Oz before heading back. However we're unsure as to what to do with all of our stuff. Do we: a) ship everything back to UK and get the shippers to put it all in storage b) put everything in storage in Oz then ship it back nearer our return date? Initially when we return we'll live with mother in law, then look to rent somewhere so we won't need our own furniture for a bit. So many things to organise- wish there was check list or a fairy to whom I could delegate the entire task!
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know of cheap self storage places? The places i'm looking at are crazy expensive ($400+ p/m)! We only need a room that would fit 3/4 full 20ft Container We should only need it for a couple of months (4 max). Thanks, Stuart
  10. NATMAN

    Television storage unit

    I have a large television/storage unit for sale that doesn't fit in our new rental property so it must go. It's in dark wood and you can either store a tv (around 32 inches within the cabinet) or any size on top. Amble additional storage for dvds, music etc also. Currently in Melrose Park, Sydney collection is a must as its a fairly large and heavy piece of furniture. Photos available on requested and open to sensible offers. Please private message me
  11. Hello, Has anyone got any experience of storing there belongings before shipping. I am trying to work out whether it would be cheaper to store our stuff for 2 months before we leave and therefore save on the rent and move in with the in laws
  12. Morning all!! Just want to ask a few questions!!. We are flying out from Dublin to Sydney the 24th September... Moving out of our house though at the end of June so we can move into me mams:mad: LOL!! so we can save!! We were going to ship our stuff around the 1st Septemeber. So we need to store our stuff for July and August!! Now ive spoken to Careline,(a shipping company) and they said they would store our stuff untill we ship for €32 a week.. BUUUUTTTTT im worried of stuff getting ruined or damp?? itll be about 5 months all together that our stuff will be in storage and on the sea!! what are chances of stuff getting mouldy or damp?? not just while its getting shipped but while its getting stored aswell? would appreciate any advice or tips!! thanks!!
  13. Guest

    Sydney storage??

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any long term storage facilites in the inner western suburbs of Sydney? We were supposed to have found a house by now and have our container delivered direct but our plans have changed a bit due to lack of work! Thanks Mark
  14. Hi All, First post so bear with me ! Hoping to move over towards the end of this year, but ideally send furniture,belongings etc on some months ahead of us. Does anyone have experience of charges for storage of say a 20ft container, any figures would be a start !.
  15. Hi all, We move out of our house into a relatives at the end of April hopefully, and am trying to decide wether to ship our container over to Aus, and pay storage charges dockside, or pay for storage of the container while we are still over here, whichever works out cheaper. Does anyone know how much they charge per day over there? Thanks Chris x
  16. Guest

    Compact Cheap Storage

    Does anyone know of any cheap temporary storage such as the lockers like you find in European train stations? Handy to drop a bag somewhere when off trekking to collect a week or so later.
  17. Hi there Anyone know of any good storage companies that doesn't cost the earth to look after my stuff?? I have no furniture, it's just clothes, tv & computer..... I'm just trying to get an idea on costs :-/ Many Thanks Caz
  18. Hi Everyone, I've been doing my research on shipping companies as we need to ship a few boxes (clothes, shoes and a few sentimental bits), aka excess baggage, out to Adelaide. Every company I have come across use cardboard boxes to ship stuff out in. We have a few empty plastic storage boxes we are thinking of using as they will come in handy once we arrive in Australia. Has anyone used these for shipping before? If so, how'd it go? Would you recommend using them? Would they have a higher chance of breaking or what? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi Guys , wondering if anyone can help us? We are leaving our tour of Oz from the 7th dec until the 9th of feb for a quick detour to NZ :biggrin: We have a ford falcon wagon and would be most grateful if we could park it up on someones driveway while we are away. it is very well behaved lol and does not leak oil etc. You will be well imbursed with beer of your choice ..... in advance thanks a million x
  20. JuliePaul

    Storage in Brisbane

    Hi there Our goods are due to leave the UK in approximately 3-4 weeks time (shared container), by the time they arrive in Oz we should have just landed! As we have a holiday let booked for 3 weeks, we wont be able to have the furniture etc delivered until we have found a long term rental (hopefully in them 3 weeks). Does anyone know how much they charge at Brisbane Port for storage and how this all works...? :biggrin: Cheers Juls x x x
  21. Hi Just wondering if anyone has any advice on who we should ship our belongings with? We dont have any furniture to ship as we have sold it all, just have boxes of household equipment like kitchen stuff, bedding, towels, pictures, dvds, and extra clothes that wont be travelling with us, along with two bicycles and a few other items. Looking for any advice from people who have shipped part loads and whose belongings arrived safely and with reasonable costs. We are not moving over until the new year so we have no rush, especially as I have heard part loads can take a while. Also, has anyone used any storage companies in Perth if their goods have arrived before them? Would be grateful for any answers and advice. Thanks Nic :jiggy:
  22. Hi all, In 5 weeks we fly to Brisbane for a month and when we get back we will be looking to ship our house contents probably sometime late september, all depending on when our house sells. So, I've had some quotes from various companies and the prices really differ form £2K up to almost £5K, some offer storage and some don't and we will need one that offers storage at the other end. What are peoples experiences of shipping companies and who should we avoid! We don't mind spending a fair bit as long as everything gets there in one piece! Tanks! :jiggy:
  23. emmaroo

    Storage in Perth

    Hi Can anyone recommend affordable storage in Perth? Thanks Emma
  24. FlappyChicken

    Removals and Storage to Brisbane

    Can anyone recommed a good removals company that provides storage facilities in the Brisbane area. We are looking at removals from Wollongong, NSW to Brisbane. Ta FC
  25. Sids Dad

    Storage Charges

    Just a tip for anyone who may need to keep their shipped goods in storage while they sort out accommodation etc. Beware of the hidden charges of having your stuff moved from the docks ( Charged handling fee both for the delay at Xmas and moving into the warehouse), put into storage entails paying for storage rental at about $52 per week and then there is a storage handling charge of around $280. Of course when you do find somewhere you then have to pay for unstowing and redelivery charges at whatever they may levy. Lastly if you need to access any of your gear during storage time you have to pay for a storeman/storemen to unstow, retrieve and restow!! There is nothing free folks, they all want a slice of your pie!