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Found 10 results

  1. just wondered how many guys on pio have decided to give up smoking, as a new years resolution,and how there getting on.--has anybody got any useful tips,or suggestions on how to make this easier.--sometimes you just need a bit of support,or understanding to kick this disgusting,and expensive habit,not to mention the health issues.--personally i smoke,and have tried many times to give up,but have succumbed to the dreaded weed all the time.--------so i thought id put a thread on as a bit of self help to see if i could give it another go,and to encourage other smokers to give up.
  2. Has anyone been planning a return to UK but postponed or even completley cancelled a move back to the UK due to the precarious state of the economy? If you have postponed- when will you go back? Or will you go back? :eek: Emma
  3. Hi everyone! Just wondered if anyone can remember when the DIAC stopped processing new applications for visa's in 2010 when the new rules came in. Could this possibly work the same for the new test in 2011? Same boat as lots of others at mo in race to get everything together and aiming for 30 June 2011 which may be a bit of a waste of time if they close early!! Look forward (as always) to your replies Lugalugs x:wink:
  4. Guest

    Niece in UK stopped breathing

    I am feeling really upset and useless today. Here I am living in Australia, and today i had a message from my sister. My 10 year old niece caitlin went into the lounge, and saw my 11 month old niece , Ava-Mae had turned blue.Caitlin picked her up and rushed her to my sister. Ava Mae had stopped breathing, her eyes were all glazed and she was going blue. As an ambulance was being called my sister was trying to see if Ava mae had chocked on something etc, and tried reviving her. It worked, and by the time the ambulance arrived, Ava mae was crying and breathing. it seems she might of had a fit of some kind. I cried when i read the message, being so far away, I am totally useless. this happened Saturday night (uk time), and i found out today. As well as being unable to hug my nieces etc, and now realise i am no longer a priority, after all what can i do? Thankfully Ava Mae is fine now, under going tests, but i guess when I emigrated 12 thousand miles away, I had to realise that I am no longer able to physically help, or give a hug when needed....but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.:sad::sad: On a good note though, my mother in law arrives on the 7th January for 5 weeks. Flying Air Malaysia, really looking forward to that...and my cousin is pregnant with triplets
  5. We have been in oz just under 2 years ,long story short ,other haft went back to uk for holiday with kids .Our little one (5) had visa stamped in passport ,Had to get new passport as old one was running out.So other haft was at airport ,and was held up for haft an hour (in oz still) as they were not happy that new passport did not have visa stamped. She was told that on her return ,she will most probably be held up again.She was told that while in uk ,that she should get new passport stamped with visa. Oh well i can be late ,then when i pick them up.
  6. Hello everyone, I've noticed this paragraph in the weekly newsletter received by aspc.processing, I actually don't totally understand whether they meant that they stopped processing visas recently received, or they delayed processing visas received during july and august 2007 !! I wish if somebody can interpret this ... Regards Roky Please note that during July/August 2007 the ASPC received a large volumeof applications due to legislative changes which commenced on 1 September2007. Applications will continue to be allocated as usual however theseallocation dates may appear static until all applications received duringthis period are allocated.
  7. Guest

    Cops stopped me for speeding

    In my boat . The great ozzie police stopped me for speeding in my boat of all things , but Aldo guess what they let me off. I was speeding out side of a marker that i should have known about lol. I think the cops here are great . This is not a wind up they got me . eddie :jimlad:
  8. the hutchies

    just stopped crying!!!!

    hi all had a really bad couple of days! we "sold" our house in feb, hoping to be in oz by sept this year only to get the dreaded phone call on tuesday telling us things didn't look good from our buyers side, he couldn't get the mortgage he originally applied for he has p****d us about for all this time and then casually told us he could go no further. had to tell every one now house not going through which set me off again,:cry: back to square one now house back on market dreading all the time wasters just being nosey. but fingers crossed for us this is our last stumbling block. time wasters should be fined they shouldn't be allowed to get away with building peoples hopes up then shattering them. :policeman: lisa
  9. Im sure this has happend to many, loaded car full of car boot sale stuff, only to have to unload again due to rain. The biggest bug bearer though is, never had much to drink last night mindful that up early for car boot. I hate rain ...... More important why cant i find somewhere local that has indoor market lol AND you can set up around midday so can go out night before. :arghh:
  10. Hi, does anyone know what is happening with getting 5 points for capital investment that has just been stopped? We put in our application a year and a half ago and was 5 points short so we made it up by agreeing that we would invest some money into an Australian bank for one year. We have been told by our consultant just before Christmas, due to some fraudlent cases they are stopping this, therefore we are now 5 points short again. Our consultant has told us to holdfire and wait and see if the Australian government will change anything as there must be quite a lot of people in the same situation as us, it just seems a bit unfair to change the goal posts after our application has gone in, not to mention the time and the money we have spent. :arghh: As anyone any thoughts on this, or knows anymore? Thanks, Tracey