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Found 10 results

  1. TurnersInOz

    Singapore weather

    Hi there. It's less than a month to go, before we leave the UK - excited! Were doing a stopover in Singapore, staying on Sentosa Island for 4 nights/5 days. We have three children, 13, 5 and 10 month. I would love to hear what activities people think are worth a visit? Places to eat? etc Also what weather to expect? I have a weather app on my phone and Singapore has been thundery showers for the last fortnight - do we take raincoats and umbrellas instead of bikinis and shorts!? Thanks :biggrin:
  2. judyq

    stopovers for a family of five !

    hi, thought i would pick your lovely brains ! Have been on the net for ages looking at flights and stopovers! Think we may need a few days break before we hit the ground running the other end! Was wondering if anyone had managed to find a stopover anywhere that wasn't too expensive with a family? There are five of us but happy to stay in one room if allowed! Even happy to stay in an airport just a few days chilling before we arrive any ideas greatly appreciated!
  3. Looks like the big drive from Glandore SA to The Gap, Queensland, will happen on the 7th or 15th of January, so need to book some accommodation. Looking at driving over three days, so two stops. Going through Broken Hill on shortest route, I suspect, unless folk have other suggestions. Do need to complete the drive in the 3 days, with dog on tow. Any advice and links to accommodation very welcomed. Seabird50.:daydreaming:
  4. Guest


    Hello Can anyone recommend a good place to stop with two children under two. We'd like a small break on the way back to the UK. I'm thinking Singapore as been there before and know what it's like but we'd really like a beach break without any additional flights. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to get a ticket that would allow me to make two stops en route from the UK to Oz, spending a day or two in each place? I'm not particularly bothered about where the stops are... Dubai and Singapore maybe, but genuinely not too bothered - just looking to break the journey up into something a bit more manageable and do a bit of sightseeing on the way. TIA Tarby
  6. Hi Guys I booked my flights to Sydney last week and depart on 28th October and opted to fly with Singapore airlines as these looked to offer best value at the time of booking. The cheapest flight meant a long stay over in Singapore as my flight arrives at 07:35 and then does not depart until 20:40 the same day. Having previously researched the facilities at the airport which can be found at: Experience Changi I found that there appears to be plenty to do like a free sightseeing tour, use of swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Sauna and lots of other facilities (all of course for a small fee). being ever sceptical and in fear of ending up like Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal' I enquired directly from Singapore that my research was correct; which they did and confirmed that all I need to do is go to the immigration desk and get a social visit visa and am then free more or less to come and go, and I can still check my baggage in all the way through to Sydney. So my questions are, has anybody done this with Singapore Airlines (or any other to that mind), has anyone made use of the free sightseeing tour or used the facilities within the three terminals. or just gone it alone and visited the city on their own and if so what would you recommend if I were to do it with my grown up family. Thanks in advance.
  7. Guest

    Flight stopovers question

    G'day all, When you fly to Oz and have an 8 or 10 hour stop over, what do you do??? Not sure if you get a room or wait on plan or in airport??? Thanks
  8. We are hoping to make the move to Oz (Sydney) now at the end of December and we have been talking about flights. There are four of us, hubby, two children (aged 2 1/2 and 9 months when we fly) and myself. We will be forking out for a seat for our youngest. When we went there at the end of August we took a 12.15pm (midday) direct flight with Qantas. We found the air crew to be more than helpful, and just had a very quick stop (I think it was about 2 hours) in Singapore which gave us time to change the girls, wear them out again running up and down the travelator things, and to get a (very strong!) coffee. Once we actually got to Oz, at about 7pm, we went to an airport hotel and went to bed at about 10.30, got up as normal at 6.30 and didn't really suffer any jet lag, except our youngest wanting her dinner at 3am, but that was easy to deal with by fobbing her off with milk for a couple of days. However, we did find the flight a bit too long. The two legs in themselves weren't that bad, but the fact that we did the two together, whilst great to get there quickly, was way too much with the children. So, this time we are thinking of doing a stopover, but we wondered if anyone had any advice on the following: 1. Anyone who has done a stopover with a baby and a toddler, how did you find it worked? If you have done a direct flight aswell, did you think that that worked better, or was breaking the flight up an easier thing to do? How did the children react to having two flights with a stop in between? 2. Where is nice to stopover with small children? Although Qantas were good with us, we don't really mind who we fly with, so any recommendations re which airline and where to stop would be helpful. 3. In the places to stopover, what hotels etc are nice to stay in? As this is likely to be our last holiday (not counting going to the UK) for two or three years, we would like it to he a nice hotel that is family friendly with things to do nearby. Hopefully not too much to ask! 4. How long is the right length of time for a stopover? One, two, three nights or more? 5. For you, what was the best time of day to fly? We found that arriving at 7pm in Sydney was great becasue we could just go to bed, but leaving at midday from Heathrow was awful because the children were tired from getting up early to drive there, but not tired enough to go to sleep. They only cat napped the whole way and were awful! I was tearing my hair out by the time we got to Singapore and felt a bit like this --> :goofy:! Thank you! I can't wait until we are in Oz and giving out advice rather than asking for it all of the time :biglaugh:!
  9. Guest

    Stop-overs on route to Aus

    I was thinking about using our flight to Aus as a way of having an extended holiday before we have to get back into the rat race. I'm looking for some suggestions for stop-overs, I was thinking about having 2 en-route to Australia, maybe Hong Kong (used to live there as a child) and then a beach place for a few weeks. Here's the deal breaker though, me and my husband will be travelling with our 2.5 yr old twins and our 5 yr old - gulp:goofy:. So any ideas on a couple of family friendly places to visit on-route?? Thanks Angelcake
  10. this question is for the lucky ones already out there,,can anyone recommend an airline child friendly for the journey ,my terrors are 2 & 7 and cant sit still for 2 hrs going to spain ,i am so not looking forward to 24 hrs,a family member recently returned from perth and said a baby on board was looked after by an airhostess some of the time ,giving the parents a break ,does anyone know if this service is available to book ?, also any ideas on the best place to stop off for a day or 2 with two little ones ,,any tips or advice welcome ,,if not ,,any bids on the children considered !!!! thanks cal x p.s hoping to fly from manchester