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Found 27 results

  1. Hi - does anyone know if we are required to obtain a Singapore visitor visa/pass for a 2 day stop over on way to Oz ? Thanks in advance for any help. Michele & Ian
  2. paulswin


    Hey guys does anyone know how to book one of those stopover rooms at singapore airport am thinking of having a stopover for 12 hours but cant find anything online to arrange a room!
  3. cartertucker

    Anyone had a stopover ~ Singapore

    Hi all :cute: Has anyone done the stopover in Singapore & if so, where did you stay & how much did it cost? :wideeyed: We are seriously thinking about booking 2 rooms at the transit hotel for 2 blocks of 6 hours Also, is there anything else I need to know or any advice you can give me? :wubclub:
  4. i know this is probably a daft question but, we are emigrating to sydney in october. flying with singapore airlines. when we check in at heathrow, obviously the cases go on the plane, but when we stopover in singapore for a couple of days before flying on to sydney. what happens to our cases. we dont obviously want them with us. our travel agent said we just tell the checkin desk at heathrow that we dont want our cases until we get to sydney. am just worried about where they will be sent while we are on our stopover. am i just being daft or what. nicola
  5. Hi We are heading over to Perth shortly... yippee and were planning on stoping over in Singapore as I dont fancy flying all the way with our two girls who are under 2 years old! Its mind boggling searching all the hotels and was wondering if anybody could recommend a "toddler" friendly hotel where we could stay for 3 nights that isnt too expensive. Somewhere not too far from airport would be great. Have looked at Sentosa resort etc but prices seem very expensive - a few hundred a night! We are flying with Singapore airlines but doesnt look as if they do their stopover deals at the moment...any ideas welcome...thanks :wub:
  6. Hi everyone, We have finally been granted our visa this morning yeepee!! After 2 1/2 years wait! Just wondering If anyone as had a stopover in Singapore on the way to emigrate and If so do you lose your baggage allowance? Were hopefully going in November and stopover in Singapore for a few day before arriving at Perth - I thought I heard on PIO that you can leave your baggage at the Airport in Singapore and collect it on your way back to Oz and not lost your Allowance is this true or has anyone been in the same boat! It would be great to hear back cheers The Tattams!!:laugh::idea:
  7. I need some help! (Well, a lot really, but that's another story...) We have to go back to the UK in July - can only spare 3 weeks but really don't want to come straight back without at least having a look around the place we touch down en route. Airline choice is really Malaysian (KL), Cathay (HK) or Singapore Air (Singapore). I know Singapore seems to have a lot to do in, say 48 hours, but what about Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur? Is it worth paying a little bit more for an airline that touches down in Singapore as opposed to one of the others? Has anyone stopped for a night or two in any of the three above places, and have any suggestions of things "not to be missed", places to stay, eat, etc (we have two teenagers - 14 and 16, so almost human - sometimes - but still big kids at heart!)? Think that's it for the moment - any help or advice gratefully received before I head to the Travel Agent.
  8. We are flying over at the end of November. My husband is a wheelchair user and we are staying for a couple of nights in Dubai and Singapore to split the journey up. Has anybody stopped over in these two places. We need a hotel that is in a district where I can walk to facilities. I know the train in Singapore is not w'chair friendly and it is best to use the taxis. I have been to Singapore a couple of times quite a number of years ago and at that time, I would not have been looking at it as being conducive to access with a w'chair. Thanks
  9. Guest


    Hello, can anyone recommend a good family hotel in Kuala Lumpur for a few days stopover. We would need a fridge and kettle in the room! Cheers
  10. we have booked our flights to melbourne with singapore airlines and this involves spending 11 hours from morning to night in singapore with two children aged 5 and 7. any advice on things to do to kill the time would be greatly appreciated (the singapore sling in rafflles is already factored in )
  11. Hi Because of our visa type we're allowed 50kg of baggage each when we fly to Australia, however if we choose to have a stopover with Singapore airlines do we not get this allowance? I'm sure i've read on a thread ages ago that if you break up the journey you lose the 50kgs, any help greatly appreciated! x
  12. I have been looking into a stopover in Singapore on our way to QLD. Previously we stayed at the Shangrila Hotel on Sentosa / Singapore and it was great for the kids. Unfortunately when we go for good this time its shut for refurbishment. Looking elsewhere in Singapore we couldn't find anything suitable for young children. My travel agent, Kate Skaithe at NYS Travel in York has found a superb alternative. We now are going Heathrow - Singapore with Singapore Airways on the A380 and transfer in the international lounge to a Penang flight and do customs only once! We get picked up and taken to a beachside hotel, Shangrila Penang / Malaysia - Golden Sands for 5 days and then back to Singapore and on to Brisbane. For 6 of us this is coming in at less than £5K. PM me for Kates details She has always got great deals for us in the past and has always been better than the internet or high street for us.
  13. roger2shirts

    Stopover in Singapore

    Can anyone recommend a hotel for children in Singapore? We are considering the Siloso Beach Hotel on Sentosa, any comments?
  14. Guest

    Stopover recommendations!

    Hi folks, we are a family of 5 moving to Perth in March. We would like to have a stopover for about 4 or 5 days enroute - preferably not a city break but more a "chill out" holiday. Any ideas??? :idea:
  15. Guest

    Singapore stopover hotels?

  16. Just wondering what a decent amount of time is for a stopover en route to Aus. Ive got a 5 yr old and 2.5 yr old twins and want enough time for them to run around and stretch their legs, but not too long that they start getting bored and life becomes difficult. Ive got two quotes so far, one has a stopover for 2.5hr hours the other 4 hrs. Just wondered what you think and how long you had at the airport? Thanks Angelcake
  17. Did anyone use Malaysia as a stopover? Seriously considering this as an option as Malaysian Airlines are the cheapest that I have found for a one-way flight. It's them or Singapore Airlines I think.
  18. Guest

    19hr stopover at singapore

    Has anyone stopped over for 19 hrs in singapore airport waiting for there connecting flight. we have read on this forum that singapore airport is great for a stopover, so thought we would take advantage of the biggest gap in connecting flight possible wich is 19 hrs. What happens to your main luggage? do we need to collect it and keep it with us? or does it stay in a hold somewhere for it to be loaded on the connecting flight. many thanx
  19. Hi, Will be travelling to Perth in October and was wondering if anyone could recommend a hotel to stay in Singapore with my wife and two-year old, Don't want to break the bank but all opinions welcome please. Thanks, this forum is great.
  20. Hi Just looking at Singapore airlines website and noticed great offer for stopovers. I think I may be having a :goofy: moment as not sure how to go about booking. Do you book in two separate stages from Manch to Sing then Sing to Brisb or just one booking from Manch to Brisbane then add in your stopover?!?!?! Thankyou for any advice!! A confused Dugong
  21. Guest

    Stopover in Hong Kong

    Thinking of taking the opportunity to stop over in Hong Kong for a few days on our flight over to Brisbane. Thought we could take the kids to Disneyland. Has anyone got any recommendations?
  22. Guest

    singapore stopover

    Hi all, we're coming over to Aus in January. We're hopefully stopping off in Singapore on the way. Does anyone know if its expensive here (eating out, drinking etc etc). Its either Singapore or KL Any ideas?
  23. Hi We are going over to Melbourne in April for a reccie - woohoo i'm so excited.:jiggy: Just wondered if anyone out there has done the Singapore Air 10.05pm friday night flight with a 3 hour stopover in Singapore?? Am hoping that the 3 hours will be enough time for maybe a shower and the kids to have a swim. Anyone know if this is do able? Cheers for any help L x
  24. We are going to drive from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Rd on the way to collect our 3 cavaliers from quarantine!!!! We will make the return journey a more direct route. I've asked about this briefly before and I remember somebody mentioned Fairy somewhere?? For all those who have travelled on this breathtaking journey have you got any must sees and also good places to stay a night or two on the way. We plan to leave on monday 10th or Tuesday 11th and we collect the dogs on the morning of 13th December. Any advice would really be appreciated Montyx
  25. Guest

    Dubai stopover?

    Hi guys We've just had our medicals, and we'll hopefully be off to Melbourne this September. Any thoughts about staying a week in Dubai en route? Any experiences / suggestions would be very welcome! Thanks