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Found 56 results

  1. Charlie Chuckles

    will cancer stop visa

    cancer diagnosed feb 2004, clear dec 2004.could this stop us.tra sent yesterday
  2. Hi, My husband has mono-reactive arthritis. Does anyone know what effect this will have on us applying? I would rather know now before we get further into the application process. Still Hopeful, Tracey (35), Richard (39), Danielle (2), Oliver (5 months).
  3. Brightfamily

    Recommendations for our stop over anyone?

    Hi all.. Our flights are now booked and we are leaving the UK and heading to Sydney on the 1st Jan. We have booked a stop over for 2 nights in Singapore, so looking for any tips on must sees etc! We have 2 small children aged 2 and 1, thanks in advance!! Hayley x
  4. Hi all My wife and I will be moving from London to Melbourne mid January with our 2 daughters aged 4 years and the other 6 months. Can anyone recommend a decent stopover that will be suitable for children of this age? We would be looking at 1 to 2 weeks? Look forward to your responses Cheers Shane
  5. theimprover

    Where to stop over?

    3 of us are heading to Brisbane from Ireland in March and are looking to break our flight. We want to travel with maybe Emirates/Ethiad/Quantas as they seem to be the best of the lot. We did want to stop over in Bangkok but Quantas seem to be the only one of the three that fly to Brisbane from Bangkok and Singapore airlines are just to expensive.The other alternative is to maybe stop over in Singapore or Dubai but then we are bringing expense on us with these destinations, don't know about Singapore with how expensive it is. One of us has been to Bangkok a few times so knows there way around and as we all know it is very cheap there, it seems we are in a catch 22, we could go with China airlines but i have been told to stay away from them. Any advise:wink:
  6. Can't decided on how many nights stop over to do ??? Looking to go end of Nov. Anyone done the Singapore airlines stop over deal ? Is it worthwhile getting the attractions package?? We would like to go to the zoo etc but not sure if the ticket they give you included night safari etc. anyone done this package and shed any light on anything about it?
  7. Why can't these two companies grow up and start working together. A few weeks ago Apple won an order to stop Samsung with their galaxy and now Samsung are coming back at Apple:wub::no: Maybe we should look at legal action between Mc Donalds and Hungry Jacks, because they both sell burgers:wideeyed: SOUTH Korea's Samsung Electronics says it is trying to block the sale of Apple's newest iPhone in Japan and Australia, escalating its legal battle with the US giant after several setbacks. Samsung said in a statement on Monday it had filed for preliminary injunctions in courts in Tokyo and NSW, seeking a ban on sales of the iPhone 4S on the grounds it infringes Samsung's technology patents. It said it is also seeking a sales ban on the iPhone 4 and iPad2 in Japan. "Apple has continued to violate our patent rights and free-ride on our technology. We will no longer stand idly by and will steadfastly protect our intellectual property," the company said.
  8. I think it was even an old Transit - must have driven overland from UK? I've seen ice-cream vans around the 'burbs but usually they sell in bulk not by the cone (99?) He got a few customers too - but more 'groovy inner city types' than 'kiddie kids.'
  9. Hi, I am new to all this and have come on here to try and help out my friend who is in the process of returning to the UK. However, her partner and her don't see eye to eye .. and he doesn't want to come back. They have 4 children ( all minors ) and there has been verbal abuse from him to her and the kids ( and she has Dr's letters etc to prove ). To cut a long story short can he stop her coming back here with the kids? Help help help ....
  10. Hi, I'm 38 with 10 years IT experience (mostly 2nd line / some 3rd line Support) although no recent IT qualifications (never been a requirement thus far), apart from HND from 12 years ago! Although getting an MCSE etc would be fine. I've seen a number of IT jobs on Seek that I could fill, but going through the visa wizard it's probably unlikely I would get a visa despite easily being able to fulfil a role out there? My wife is 40 and has relatives in Brisbane. Should I stop before I even begin to look into this further??
  11. we are hoping to go to australia in october 2011. looking to fly with either United Emirates or Singapore Airlines. We have a 3 year old girl, so want an airline good with kids, good flight times. also want to have a stop over for a couple of days. has anyone done this and if so, where did you fly to and where did you stay. My OH wants somewhere our little girl will enjoy. so what is there to do for a few days break. any advice would be great cheers nicola
  12. Lauren82

    layover / stop over

    Just looking to book flights in August. A stop over would be lovely but to be honest I think we'd rather just get there. I noticed the singapore airlines flights have between 6 and 16hour layovers though in Singapore. Just wondering if you have to sit in departures for this time or are you free to leave the airport and explore? I assume all of you baggage stays checked in anyway.
  13. Of course they were aware this man was in the Country. Tears for Bin Laden: Mourners take to the streets of Pakistan as furore grows over £650m we send to country that harboured terrorist mastermind Pakistani Religious Group Burns American Flag And Pays Homage To Bin Laden http://www.businessinsider.com/in-pakistan-a-religious-group-pays-homage-to-bin-laden-2011-05
  14. Guest

    stop or not?

    Hi all hopefuuly in june this year we will be making the move we've always dreamed of to perth with our two children aged 4 and 9. I have been thinking about stopping at Singapore for a day to break up the journey and make the most of the experience. Is this very expensive and worth it or should we go straight to oz? Fingers crossed we sell our house.:smile:
  15. so with the days ticking down too the end of my notice period and plans for going bush and travelling to Perth i find that i can't stop thinking of the sunny coast! i think my heart wants to head back up there and give it another go ( the only reason i came down to where i am now was to earn cash to head back upto the sunny coast anway, just seem to have sidetracked myself with other ideas). ugh!! what to do:goofy:
  16. Hi being the born worrier that i am my mind is working over time and would be grateful if any one has any thoughts on my problem :idea: When i was looking through the form for the medical it has a statement " have you ever had government financial assistance for a medical condition " My husband back in 2004 hurt is back at work then 12 months ago had to go onto the sick as due to the repetitive heavy lifting of a ton of profile every day , and his company has since gone into in solvency April 2010. After an MRI scan and referral to an orthopaedic specialist he was found to have a slight protrusion of a disc and advised to find other employment which would not have such physical demands. He was also referred to a pain team for management, but found benefit in acupuncture and alternative remedies and so was discharged from that service. He does not take prescribed medication and due to having extended time away from the heavy lifting he has now returned to general fitness and now does occassional permitted work as a tai chi instructor. My worry is that he maybe refused his visa due to claiming the benefit. He is now able to work and plans to teach tai chi in Australia as he does here in uk. He has now been discharged from all orthopaedic and pain services since June this year, but we have contacted his consultant for a letter to say he is able to work and that he will not require any surgury in the near future. OMG !!!! im really stressing and would appreciate your help :hug::hug::hug: Thankyou in advance Migration agents if you out there please advise. Annette
  17. Dear Pre September 2007 applicants, I have asked DIAC to stop processing my VAC refund on the Cap n Cease bill. I request all pre September applicants who have asked for a refund to write a email and also send your request by registered post as well. This advise was rendered to me by a migration agent and also by a Accredited Migration Lawyer. So, please come together. The bill of Cap and Cease has been lapsed in the parliament. Cheers
  18. mrsindecision

    Stop me from becoming a ping ponger

    HI all most of you will be familiar with our story about returning to Uk for better opportunities and education for the kids and ourselves. We know it was a head decision and had timing not been critical we might have stayed for another couple of years. But I was afraid the longer we stayed the harder it would be to leave and you start to compromise on yourself. So we're back and things here have changed - thankfully. We have moved to a town 20 minutes away from where we last lived with the kids (20yrs).Its a beautiful part of Uk. Unemployment extremely low, near London good job prospects. Friends and family are really happy to have us back and truthfully even family have changed and improved ( maybe its my rose tinted glasses) or maybe I have changed and am less judgemental but we are having lovely times hanging out with them and I love having my Mum near by. But I really do miss the blue sky and cleanliness of Oz more than anything. Not the heat flies etc. I keep wanting to run back to a place of safety ( which I thought UK was) but realise this is a bit of a fantasy in my head. It might help to know that we have left our eldest out there and I am pretty bereft without him. The kids here are up and down as would be expected. 15 year old better as she has hooked up with some old friends and really enjoys being with her Nans and cousins but misses her friends in Oz badly. My 19 year old is bored - hooked up with a few old mates but most have moved on and he is just waiting to start uni in September. I just keep wanting to make everything right for them but cant - we all have to go through this period of re-adjustment. I am sure everyone goes through it to an extent after about a month - I am hoping it's not just us destined to live in limbo land. I just keep telling myself we have to be here for four years to see the kids through their next stage of life and then we can go anywhere including back to oz if we want. Hoping others have gone through something similar and can tell me how long it can take before felling some kind of normal again.
  19. Dick Smith (an Australian entrepreneur) offering $1 Million for anyone who can stop immigration to Oz. Now showing on Channel 7's Today Tonight.
  20. Anyone with kids about 5 and 8 that have stopped off at Hong Kong, I was wondering how you found it, also was interested to know any ones thoughts on flying Cathay Pacific compared to Singapore Airlines. We did make out reccie trip via Singapore but we feel maybe we should this time go to Hong Kong as the chances of getting the opportunity to do that sort of trip again are pretty slim. Any thoughts, ideas experiences that you have had with the airlines and both countries would be most welcome.
  21. Hi we are going to be heading out to Perth at the end of August, one way only :biggrin: and would like to have a stop over for a few days on the way, we have been to Singapore before so would like to try somewhere different, I was thinking maybe Hong Kong, does anyone have any suggestions or some websites that show deals with stop overs, I have had a quick Google but so far no luck, all suggestions greatly appreciated:hug:
  22. I am an Australia Citizen, my Partner is on a student visa (exp 2011) but hasn't studied for over a year, he stopped studying at the beginning of 2009 due to depression but never went to the doctors to prove. We went to a migration lady and told her the story, she advised the only way for him to stay was to get married and that they wouldn't kick him out of the country. and she would do the application for us. I have a few questions I would like to ask and appreciate your soonest replies.... - We want to get married but I want to know if we do get married will he be able to stay without goin back to his country or will he have to go? - If he goes how long will he be away for and can he come back? - If he comes back what type of visa can we apply for? - Is he illegal because he hasn't studied? - What if I still marry him if hes illegal? Will immigration come looking for him as soon as we get married to deport him straight away? - If government support isnt needed (example govt pays for his flight back to his country etc) and he returns independently paying for his own ticket etc back to his country whats the fastest way to re-claim and what visa? - would it be easier and faster if we both go back to his country and get married there then apply for him to come back to Australia? Will he have restrictions or problems? We live together but with my mum we have nothing under both our names but I have been saving money it isn't much and most likely will go towards the wedding + rings etc.... do i need to have alot of money also?? we do have alot references that can prove and say we are a couple nothing is fake all is legit just hoping we have good news..... coz i realy dont want him to gooo... just thinking about really kills me :cry: Ive been told that he shouldve gone back already....... and ive been refferred to this site to seek better advice.............. pls if some one can help and give their best advice.... we have been together 8 months but knew eachother about 4 months before
  23. My husband has stopped smoking for the like 5th time since we got here.... Anyway he has tried the patches, the tablets from the doctor (where you choose which day you stop) they worked until he ran out of them :wideeyed: SO NOW we are thinking of hypnosis as he obviously has NO WILLPOWER!!! We are on the peninusula in Melbourne but would travel anywhere really!!!!!!!!! Please give all views both positive and negative or what worked/didn't work for you. BTW I stopped 5 years ago, cold turkey and never looked back so i am at the end of my tether with himmmmmmm:mad: Thankyou xxx
  24. Hi everyone. Fab forum from the short time I've spent on it, I'm hoping it will prove pretty invaluable for me. I'm a midwife and I'm married with three children. I've thought about emigrating for the last ten years and the only thing that has kept me here was my close relationship with my parents and their love of my children..... mum said "You will break your father's heart if you leave". You get the message lol. Very sadly for me mum and dad have both passed now, and so I'm gong to fill this ambition to emigrate and start the wheels turning. I must admit that I haven't got the foggiest clue where to start, hence I searched google and found this site. I look forward to reading and chatting with you especially (but not specifically!) if you are a midwife who has gone through the emigration process. If this is anything like the midwifery forum I moderated, I hope there will be some "debating" too? (Presuming that goes on on every forum? lol) jx
  25. Hi i am in Melbourne bridging visa 485, i plane to go overseas six months so i have to apply bridging b visa . my question is when i go out off country my application will process or not ? when i come back is i have to do overseas police clearance again?( HR country ) pl give some advice !!! otherwise i will plane less then 3 months thanks Dhani:chatterbox: