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Found 11 results

  1. Ok here's the deal--I've been hearing a lot about bad drivers in Aus--by bad I mean people who show very little courtesy to other drivers. This I think is very much evident and distressing for those coming from the Uk because we as a nation love to follow rules and generally are very courteous on the roads(I'm sure people who live in cities like Birmingham may have a different story to say)--it almost gives us pleasure to give way for others, to wave back to those who've done us a good turn, and so on.( actually I sometimes give way just to get me in a good mood :laugh:--call it feel good factor or something) So actually I've been thinking for a while that we need to design a poster sticker--you know the kind that says Dogs are for life not just for Christmas--well that kind of thing!You get the gist I hope. So if we were to design such a sticker the aim would be that we distribute it amongst ourselves--anyway there are tons of brits out there who are used to the way things are here----back to the point---the sticker should be cheerful and say something that would make the guy behind you smile as well as think as well as encourage him to give way more. So lets try to be inventive...it might just work you know!
  2. Hi PIO's AS you know we have just got our visa and this bascially is electronic through the VEVO system. I always thought we would have to either send our visas to Oz House or go there in person to have a sticker put in them. The Visa Grant documenmtation states that only some Visas require this sticker. Im assuming that as our grant letter doesnt mention we need it then basically we dont. What do you lot think ?? For a 176 sc is the sticker required ? Thanks Shane
  3. Hy does anybody knows from whr to stamp the sticker for Permanent Residency for Australia in Pakistan. Please let me know and how much time it takes. Cheers
  4. Hi, Do you have to collect a granted visa sticker (for your passport) in the country where you lodged the application, or, can you pick it up elsewhere (but not in Australia- as application was offshore) ? we will be in singapore and going back to london where the application was lodged from will be a big waste of money if we have to do that. anyone have any expereince of this iissue ? thanks.
  5. Just to let you all know i put a question on here a few days ago asking if anyone had gone into Australia house and got the visa put in there and then.Well we went and it was so easy and quick and the kids got to spend the day in London which was fantastic as they have never been we now fly on the 7 of oct its starting to hit now everyone keeps crying on me then i start i feel so sad saying goodbye and i know there is more tears to come xx
  6. Guest

    New 5 yr PR sticker needed?

    Hi folks, We have been living on the sunshine coast for 2 years, our 5 year PR visa has now expired, how do I go about getting new ones? We got caught out coming back from our UK trip in September, didn't know they had expired so we had to buy tourist visa's at Heathrow. ALSO ... Anyone advise me on Returning Residency Visa'? we are heading back to UK after Xmas and just "want the option" - we are hoping not to be ping pong brits, but I think it would be a safe option. Any advice on both questions would be great - thankyou Sally
  7. Dawny

    Magic golden sticker!!!!

    Ok then guys question for all of you that have already that golden visa sticker, What does it look like, Yes i know i'm impatient but what can i say, so come on spill, Photos are acceptable lol, :wubclub:
  8. Morning everyone, Quick question please as I believe there's a few experts on here.... I'm in Australia and was on a fiancé visa but we have postponed our wedding due to my fiancé's mother's bad health so I have now transferred to the de facto spouse visa. I got a letter yesterday saying I'm now on the temporary subclass 820 visa in lieu of the 801 being granted after the 2 year (22 months) qualifying period. I understand all that. My question is, will I now receive another sticker in my passport to state this as currently my passport shows only the fiancé visa and that expires soon, or am I supposed to keep the letter with my passport if I travel? Thanks. Igor
  9. Ok !! I do want to go home and cannot because my kids are 11 and 9 and their dad (my x )is a aussie....I want a reply to that sticker " If you dont love it leave it " So far Ive come up with " if I could I would " Any ideas ???? :goofy:
  10. Guest

    Visa sticker on passport

    Hullo everyone !!!! Just a quick question, our migration agents said that the passports need to be sent to London (Australia House I presume) then they have to send the stamped passports back to us here. Can we go in and get the stickers on the passports, in person ???? Yes, we are getting frustrated with this - whats more annoying is folk in the street, supermarket, by email constantly asking us why we are still here, why arent we in Australia and saying Oh I thought you had your visa - when is it you are flying out ;-) LOL. Never mind, it ll happen soon and then we will have hectic days before we leave - isnt it weird how nothing happens for ages then all of a sudden you are rushed off your feet????? Momentum s gotta pick up soon ;-) Thanks for the suggestion Gill ;-) We are doing okay - packing is therapeutic and with the weather not being so bad we ve been out and about a lot :-) Got myself some new togs too - all Ive gotta get is big shorts lol in October! hee hee. Daisydeeds
  11. Guest

    sticker in the passport

    its been a month of activity since I got my 175 granted - I now have my passport back with the all important sticker inside - woo! Last day of work on 14th, shippers are coming on the 18th, leave my house on the 19th, spend a week or so with my kids, sell the car and then I'm off to Perth at the end of August to finally get to live with my fiancée properly. so much to do in the meantime, work, tax (arrrgh) pensions, jobs, packing, selling furniture, car, get some photographic work lined up for Oz, blah blah.. no time to stop and party yet, probably wont get the chance until the day before I actually go.. hope everyone is fine and dandy ttfn