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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All Any advice or info on taking lap-top, external hard drive & memory stick thru airport security and the X-Ray machines. Thanks
  2. mrcatania

    Stick a fork in me... I'm done !!

    After 16 months here, I am putting myself out of my misery and heading home… in 3 weeks time I will be back in London. It has been one hell of a ride, let down by a mixture of personal issues that many of us go through,like homesickness, loneliness, regret, 8 months of unemployment…couple those with the excruciating exchange rate (that ultimately was the nail in the coffin) along with rocketing property prices = a deficit of $230,000 before I had even started. For me, one of the key reasons for the move here was more 'bang for your buck investment'. The exact day I arrived the exchange rate just disintegrated and this just turned out to be imposible. I just ended up resenting the place, finding every single negative to complain about, and so did not put the effort in that maybe I should have, and so the vicious circle began dragging me spiraling downwards. Following a recent visit back to the UK 3 weeks ago, I met up with my old boss who said the position I had ,and loved, before I left was available again and would be happy to take me back, simultaneously my old flat was back on the market …. Hmm, that popular game show sprang to mind… after everything that’s happened to me in Oz ( or not as the case may be) I looked Noel Edmonds square in the eye and said ‘ Thank you Mr Banker… Deal!’. In this particular game, the 250k was still on the table, but amongst other rubbish boxes, this offer was one where the contestant just had deal. Who knows, I may have had the 250k in my box in the end, I guess we will never know now if/how things may have panned out here. I have been down here many times and loved it, I spoke highly of Oz to friends and family, and said I would never come back to the UK prior to moving. I am still going through the ‘Hows’ and ‘whys’ as to why I am heading home, a seasoned gambler would not have put money on this outcome. In some ways I feel fate did not want me to come down here, everything has been against me, then on the other hand, with a bit of sheer luck on the 10th hr and 59th minute in April, I was offered, out the blue, a great job on a plate, after 8 months of depression and job searching… but it was just too late, the damage was done. I said I would do it for 6 months, and now exactly 6 months later I was offered everything back that I used to have. Maybe this was fate’s way of saying ‘ Right, make your choice’. I always said if I could have my old life back, I would go back. I hope I can just move back easily, but at the end of the day, I had a dream, then I dreamt of what I had…. Somehow I think I will end up dreaming of what should have been. We shall see. Good luck to all going through this, it is the hardest thing I have ever done.
  3. Got a dilemma - Ive been offered a 457 visa through a job, not the area I particularly want to live, but it seems nice enough (just west of melbourne). Anyway the agency that has offered the job says the employer will sponsor. i told him I wasnt prepared to take the gamble without PR. He tells me you can apply for PR after about a year and its really no hassle. Is he just trying to fill a position ?? I know you have to be out of Australia when a 176 is granted. Apart from a 121 employer sponsored visa (I dont really want to pin all my hopes on that) are there any options for a PR visa when you are there on a 457?? Any advice would be really really appreciated. ps my ovens electric so even thats not going to work. Thanks Gary
  4. Guest

    who is going to stick it out???

    I know that this may seen a bit of a silly thread, but after reading many of the comments post sept changes and the look of the 2012 and 2013 timeline, I was just curious on what people are planning to do? :eek: 1) Carry on and wait and hope to be processed before.................. 2) Look at other options and if there are other ways around this pathetic situation................. 3) Pay more out money in the hope of another way works and those rules don''t change. (Like I have already done and again been hit!!). 4) Look elsewhere instead, eg New Zealand? 5) Demand a refund esp those who have been asked for medicals and police checks, and will it now seems have to redo them in 2012?? 6) Hope for another rule change (which will prob happen!!). I for one cannot stay in the UK much longer as it is driving me mad!!! We began this process when my son started in reception, and my daughter a baby but the time 2013 comes he will be at high school and my daughter not far off.............not at all what was planned. Comments, views and ideas appreciated. Thankyou.
  5. Hi there, We applied for 175 in Jan 09. oh is a carpenter, but taken off csl list in March. Decided to apply for ss to qld just last wk. i understand that qld now no longer wants chippies, and even if they did, if we were to get sponsorship, we'd need proof of financial funds now too. We were banking on the equity from our house, but from what i can see, most of the states want to see proof of money in your account, and equity in house no longer sufficient. I took a look at another option of sponsorship in SA, but again we'd need to come up with $40,000!!!!! as we have 3 kids. Our house has been on the market for the last yr, but no luck in selling for the forseeable future. Unfortunately we have no rich relatives with that kind of money to lend us either.......i dont see any other option for us now but to stick with the 175. Is there anyone else out there given up on the ss option, and having to stick with the 175? I am so disillusioned with the whole process, are we living in cuckoo land even thinking now that we will even get the 175 anyway, the longer this goes on, i am becoming less and less hopeful. E :unsure: e
  6. Hi, If all goes to plan & they process your SS application in the time scale they say :skeptical: How long until you actually get your visa? Im just looking for rough ideas please For example: We applied for SS to WA on 23/04/09 they said to expect at least a 3month wait.....So lets say it takes 4months (hopefully worst case scenario)..... How long there after until we would get our visa? :unsure: