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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice/discussion... We are back in the uk and have a fair amount of aud to transfer back. We joined Moneycorp recently but are not sure when to do the transfer. The exchange rate is pretty rubbish compared to say early 2013... is there any chance of it returning to those levels or should we get out now? I've been reading a lot about the current climate and it seems like it's not so great at the moment, and there is a key RBA (?) meeting next week which could impact the value of the dollar. I'm not really that clued up on all this stuff, just wondering if anyone with more knowledge could give me their opinion? many thanks!
  2. I am currently living in Oz and plan to return to the U.K. in June 2012 I have put my Oz dollars in to Sterling and have it in an off shore account with Commonwealth Bank. Given the global banking problems, I asked the bank how safe was the money and basically ITS NOT !!!! APPEARS ITS ALL CARE NO RESPONSIBILITY Where can I put this money and know it wont dissapear/be frozen etc. Is my only option to but it back to Oz dollars with a government guarantee????:unsure::unsure::unsure:
  3. Are there any new immigrants to Australia, i am talking in the last few months currently living on pounds Sterling. I ask because i found it costly at 2 to 1, whereas currently at 1.5 to 1 and taking into consideration an increase in living costs since i last lived in Australia over two years ago. I am wondering how you are finding it, in terms of affordability...................
  4. Guest

    Sterling bank accounts

    Any one got a stirling bank account ??? If so who with, Is it worth it?
  5. I sure there are more than a few here who still have property and or savings in the UK and will be reluctant to move any of those assets across to Aus due to the current exchange rates. I was given some information lately that you can park your money in a sterling account and use the this cash to raise a mortgage here, has anyone used this option and what are the positives and pitfalls, the obvious advantage to me is not having to exchange the cash in the current enviroment.
  6. Hi there, We have an Ideal Family Caravan at a Bargain Price !!! for sale. It is a Jayco Sterling 5 berth caravan (2007), but was first registered in April 2008. It comes with the following: Annex Brand new unused awning Full bathroom with toilet and shower Washing machine Flat screen TV DVD/CD/MP3 player with speakers aircon and heating Dometic 3-way fridge Microwave Gas hotwater system Full stainless steel oven with one electric hob (the electric hob is a real bonus at caravan parks - it means you don't have to use your own gas) L-shaped dining room Queen size bed Triple bunks It comes with all hoses electric cables etc. Exterior 240V outlet A great family van. Absolute bargain and has all the creature comforts. We can email photos for those who are interested. It would be a great van for the big trip around OZ or just for holidays. We wish we could keep it, but can't. We paid nearly $60000 for the caravan and annex. We're selling them for $48000. Phone (07) 4045 3401.
  7. The News that it is a hung parliment is bad for the people who are waiting to hear if there on the new SMP's( If they ever now come). But there is now a flip side to this as now tommorow when the markets open the dollar will be marked down... untill a coalition is formed and some sort of unity is made.. my friend is trader in the mile and said on the phone earlier what i have just said. if you have then get your sterling ready to change in the coming days/weeks.. now is the time to buy AUS dollars and it was indicated to me that it could go to 1.87Aus/ 1GBP.. its got to be better than the crap rate we have had... The shoe is on the other foot now... more buck for your luck...:radar: cheers Nick..
  8. 1.72495 wow its out of the 1.6's. Wonder if it'll last or even (god forbid) get better?
  9. Guest

    Bloody Currency!

    Okay my visas in, the flights are booked, accommodation and hire car sorted the other end. Hell I've even got a job to go to! Problem is when to change the currency? My Moneycorp account has been set up a while now, waiting for a never coming rise in sterling. I'm going to be watching tomorrow unfold with some Interest as i suspect the currency will be all over the place. Clear winner and we might see a rise, hung parliament and it might even go down further! It will probably swing from one to the other throughout the day as the exit polls are read out. What is everyone else up to? waiting?, buying now?, even delaying your move? Andy
  10. Given all the noise made by the markets over the past few months about the UK needing to show it is serious about cutting the deficit, do people think that today's announcements - list of cuts next week and emergency budget on 22nd June - will eventually improve sterling's exchange rate? It seems to me that it should do, but I'm no expert in these things so wondering what others think?? It would certainly be perfect timing for us if the rate started improving at end of June following the main budget, but I guess these things will take time to work through the system - and I suppose there are still the issues with the euro. Though on the point of the euro, it seems that it is the trouble with the euro that is about the only thing keeping the pound at a (cough) reasonable level against the Aussie dollar at the moment. Seemingly, investors leave risky currencies and apparently the Aussie dollar is in this group.
  11. We are just about to recieve the Contributary Parent Visa 143 (permanent) We are retired (ish) We need to move our money to Oz over the next few months/years. From a tax point of view when is the most efficient time of year to shift money down to Oz? Cheers, Ron
  12. hello I will be migrating to Oz in November on a temporary 'Partner' visa. I've got a decent amount of cash to move into the country, and am obviously concerned about the demise of the value of my Sterling. After sniffing around on these forums, I am aware that, depending on visa type held, one may have to pay tax on any gains made from currency movements, from the day of entry into Australia. I.e., if I leave my cash in the UK hoping for Sterling to strengthen, once I've moved, the Oz government may tax any currency gains made. Considering that my visa type is temporary (first stage partner visa), would I still be liable for the gains described above, from the day that I enter Australia? Even if I'm not working for the first month or two? Or am I only liable from the day that I receive my 'full' partner visa? Any recommended loop-holes to avoid taxes here? Please only respond if you are genuinely in-tune with the current laws. Thanks! :biggrin: Your help much appreciated! Nick
  13. Just heard on the news that the UK is finally officially out of recession, does this mean that sterling will get stronger? Thanks
  14. Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hello all, Another good week for the Pound against the Australian dollar. Appreciating 7 pence last week, the GBP/AUD cross has the possibility of continuing the trend this week. Investors late last Friday got the jitters and dumped the ‘risk sensitive’ currencies in favour of the perceived safe haven US dollar as consumer sentiment was down in the US and another 9 banks were forced to close their doors. Both the Australian dollar and the Pound got sold, but the Aussie dollar was hit hardest, and thus the reason the GBP/AUD has improved. Markets very nervous at the moment and until such time as we see some positive sentiment and with it some stabilisation, the Aussie dollar will continue to feel the pressure. As for this week, the Reserve Bank of Australia announce their official lending rate tomorrow. A rate hike of at least 25 basis points is expected and has been factored into the current exchange rate. Who knows – maybe they’ll use the cover of the Melbourne Cup to spring a 50 basis point rate rise on the market, as they are certainly concerned about inflation…. If the forecasted rate hike does not happen, expect the Australian to lose further ground and the UK pound to appreciate further against it. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.8290 Low: 1.7690 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.8450 Low: 1.7950 Click here to view GBP/AUD charts Talk to your currency provider about placing an order in the market to take advantage of positive market movements. Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  15. Guest

    how much sterling can we take

    We are actually leaving for Oz on Tues, does anyone know how much money we can carry with us on the plane? we understand that we can take up to 10,000 AUD or the equivalent each but does this includes children as well? can we just take sterling to change up in Oz as uk exchange rate is not so good. Has anyone done this? Thanks for any advice:confused:
  16. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hello all, Against all predictions, there was a bit of respite for the beleaguered UK pound. Financial markets are always nervous. The recent trend has been to sell the safe haven currencies in favour of the likes of the higher yielding currencies such as the Australian dollar. The result of this sort of trend is the Australian dollar appreciates and generally the currency crosses such as the GBP/AUD get worse for those looking to repatriate funds from the UK into Australian dollars. However - some fairly shabby data out last week gave the currency and equity markets the jitters globally and the question was asked; “ how long is it really going to take to get out of this recession? “ The answers were not as clear-cut as they were a few weeks ago and the demand for the Australian currency lagged. As with last week, there is a heap of economic data due out this week (Bank of England rate announcement – expected on hold) and with it comes a good chance markets may feel the pinch of some fairly nervous investors. This being the case, I would expect the GBP/AUD cross to remain at around these levels or even improve slightly. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.8390 Low: 1.8170 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.8550 Low: 1.8100 Click here to view GBP/AUD charts Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  17. pez2008

    £ Sterling in OZ

    Hi. Just wondered what sort of exchange rate i would get in Oz. The reason i ask is that when i went on holiday to Egypt this year the banks there offered a better exchange rate than here. Im not talking about mega money about £4000.
  18. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online– Moving Money Made Easy GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead Hi all, The UK pound made a slight recovery against the Australian dollar last week. Both currencies appreciated against the weakening US dollar last week. The GBP gained ground at a greater pace than the AUD and thus the reason for the slight improvement in the UK pound against the Australian dollar. What will be of interest this week is the UK unemployment number due out Thursday and the UK retail sales figure due out the following day. Both these numbers will have to come out on the positive side if we are expected to see the UK pound continue to claw back ground. Overall though, it is what it is, and as mentioned last week, there is a greater likelihood the Australian economy has a lot more going for it than the UK economy at the moment. The potential for a quicker economic recovery downunder and the ability to unleash all those minerals when China gives the nod, still gives good support for the Aussie dollar. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.9328 Low: 1.9138 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.9350 Low: 1.9100 Talk to your currency provider about how to best manage your currency needs. Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online– Moving Money Made Easy
  19. Hi all, Firstly, thank you for reading and any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. We are moving to perth this saturday and land early hours of australia day. We have opened a westpac bank account and will pop in to 'show our faces' on the tuesday and get the account up and running. Our dilema is that our parents are wanting to give us cheques to take with us for deposit on long term rental etc, but when we have looked on westpac website it quotes it can take between 6 - 8 weeks to clear a british cheque !!!!!!!!! And can take upto a week to transfer cash !!!!!!!! I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and is there any other way of quickly transfering cash or cheques. I have also spoken to Natwest in the UK regarding my wages being payed into my current account in the UK, how do i get it out once in oz. They didnt know, and sugested visiting an atm once in oz and drawing my dailey limit over a period of days. Surely this way will cost ME money i.e. crap exchange rate at ATM plus charges for using a different bank. Seems like madness but i am only the thicket that earns it lol Cheers Paul:frown:
  20. The pound is making a rally against the Aussie dollar. Good news for anyone transfering money. LATEST 2.099. GO ON THE POUND!!:jiggy:
  21. Guest

    sterling chqs

    does anyone know if you can bank a sterling chq into an ozzie bank a/c? i have to send a deposit of $50 to oz and my uk bank going to charge me £25 for telegraphic xfer. i know nz banks accept sterling chqs and wondered if anyone knew about the ozzie banks. thanks a bunch