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Found 44 results

  1. Hi All, After a 3 month traveling trip in Oz in 2015, I am finally preparing to start the process of application for 189 visa for Australia. I believe this is the best visa option for me (please suggest otherwise if not) Location - I have narrowed areas to either Brisbane or Melbourne, but I am still flexible. About me - I am a Bachelors Degree Engineer in mechanical engineering with over 10 years experience, mainly in automotive and manufacturing quality. I have been working for my own company as a freelance consultant since 2015 I also used to be a mechanic but I do not have the official qualification as I opted for university instead. I am 35yo, single and solo applicant which should make things simpler. I have done quite a lot of research, however I am aware that the process and criteria is under constant change, and now covid has made it even worse I have tried a couple of agents but they have not been very helpful, and I have had big problems trying to book an appointment. I have also previously completed an EOI but I had nothing back and it consequently expired. Is anyone able to advise me next steps, or a well recommended agent? Kind Regards, Geoff
  2. Guest

    First steps

    Today we have been in touch with an agency who find SOL workers sponsors. We will have a proper interview with them tomorrow evening via Skype. It is exciting! I can be excited because we haven't done anything yet and it all seems very rose tinted at the moment! :jiggy:
  3. Guest

    Bright steps, newport

    Has anyone got any reviews - good or bad re: Bright Steps Educational Child Care 82/84 Blackshaws Road, Newport VIC 3015 thinking of trying to get my daughter a place thank you:cool:
  4. Guest

    Steps to 176 SS Visa?

    Hi all, Could someone tell me the first steps I need to take for applying for the 176? Do I have to have ielts results,acs results,medical results etc before I start my application? I want to apply under network administrator for south australia but I read that these are capped, is there anyway I can find out if there are places left as I want to kick off the process asap.... Any info much appreciated:)
  5. chrishardy

    The first steps, ADVICE NEEDED!!!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this after joining today after i spoke to one of my colleagues at work who's husband is a frequent user. Me and my finace met in Australia 2 years ago whilst both on Working Holiday Visa's. Now after 2 years back in old Blighty we want to make the move back down under and would love to hear from anyone who has any tips and advice. I am 23 year old trade qualified plumber and heating engineer and my fiance is a 22 year old trade qualified Hairdresser. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and reading your replies Thanks
  6. Hmachanick

    Finally taking the steps

    Hi all, Its great to be able to post on this forum after a few years of reading it and a few years trying to decide whether to take the plunge or not. So now the decision has been made - yay So myself and my husband (in IT) have decided to apply for the skilled visa based on his work experience. We are currently getting all the documents together for the ACS approval - has anyone done this before? How many years of experience do you have to prove? Currently we are thinking of Perth (as my brother lives there) but are a bit fearful of feeling cut off? We love nature and getting into the car and driving into it, so we still need to do research as to where we can do this best. Well thats my story, hope to be chatting with you all soon.:laugh:
  7. Hi guys, Im new to the site and would like to say hello to everyone. :-) Hope you can help me out with a few questions I have?.. I'm currently an Electrician in UK but really want to go to Brisbane for a couple of years in hope of a permanent move in the near future. I know very little about the options I have other than I can get a skilled visa! Just wondering how this is obtained, and if I have to do any sort of tests etc? Also is it just as easy as going to Brisbane and finding work as an electrician or have I got to have any special licences etc? I'm very keen to take my family to Oz for a better future but need some help from you guys. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you can shed some light on my situation. Thanks, Simon
  8. matimage

    First steps

    Hi All, First post here so be gentle :wink: Just starting the ball rolling on emigrating to Australia. My wife will be the primary applicant. She is a secondary school science teacher with over 10 years experience. I am a self employed graphic/new media designer but have eased up to be at home with our 2 daughters aged 2 and 4 months. We have family in Sydney (uncle and auntie and several cousins) who are willing to sponsor us and to help us out, put us up for the first few weeks, pick us up from airpot etc. We clear the 100 points mark (Visa subclass 176). We have been told that this visa could take 3 years. We have also been looking at Adelaide and seen on their state migration list they need teachers. So would a state sponsored visa be a quicker route or could that still take around 3 years? We are aware we are very lucky to have great relatives who are willing to help us so much so we would hate to not take advantage of that situation. Any opinions would be gratefully received. Also, hate to think about it, but my wife's uncle and auntie in Sydney aren't exactly spring chickens. If they sponsored us and something bad was to happen to them within the 3 year application window does that affect our visa?
  9. Guest

    First post, first steps...

    Hi folks, First post of what I hope will be many! Currently living and working in the UK but Myself and Wife have made the decision that our future lies elsewhere. I am Irish, she is British, and through a lot of research we figure that OZ is the place for us! So.... we are aiming for WA SS 176 visa on a timescale that is really "as soon as we can move we will" I work along the blurred boundaries between Business/IT so WA seems to be the place with the best opportunities for me at the moment so I intend to try and strike whilst the iron is hot. With the relaxation in experience required for WA SS announced in March, it brings me into the mix (I was a year short before) so whilst we would have been CAT 4 (through Relative 176) we should now be CAT 3. Skills assessment sent off to ACS at the weekend, paperwork posted on Monday, so fingers crossed in that respect. IELTS is booked for April, so I am going to hit the books over the next couple of weeks for a good score in that. I think our bases are pretty much covered, as with IELTS/State Sponsorship I would have 120pts currently, or 75pts in the post July world. Anyway, this is just a quick post to say hi, hopefully I can contribute more in the future rather than just reading and gleaming info from other people's posts. P
  10. Boesman

    Steps of migration

    Hi, just want to confirm a the next few steps. OUr state sponsorship application is in and will have to wait roughly 8 weeks to hear from the state. What will be the next step? Wait about 6 weeks and start the 176 visa application or getting the police checks done? Does police checks have an expiry date? It just feels so weird not stressing over some application form and was just wondering if there is something we could prepare in the meantime? Cheers
  11. Hi all, So, i'm still awaiting NSW to release their SMP. But, when they do - what do i need to provide? Can i just produce a copy of my skills assessment, or do i need more employer references and all that crap? I heard the skills assessment was the worst part of the application process, so hoping i don't have to go through that again... Any tips much appreciated! David
  12. Hi! As we have now been given the confirmation from our c/o that we will get our visa, the research has now properly begun! I am Sparticus' wife, Lou, and have begun looking into the housing department in Brisbane. Sparticus is too busy looking at the cricket at the mo lol! I have so many questions so I hope someone can please help us:confused: We know nothing about Brisbane at all. My first concern at the moment is when we arrive in Brisbane and need to look for somewhere to rent (long-term), where can we stay?? Are there places that are rent out for short term periods that are not atrociously priced? I found some on ourbrisbane.com that were very expensive. Has anyone been through this already? What did you all do? Can you reccommend any agents that deal in this type of thing? The second thing is which Suburb? I have already read many posts regarding this but none seem to help me decide on how to narrow it down:err: ! We would like a suburb not too far from the city but also one that is self contained and has everything you need there and possibly the opportunity of employment. I really appreciate any advice at all you can give us, I've got such a headache from trying to choose an area (North, East, South, West, although for some reason im heading more towards the North) and where will we live when we get off that rather long flight and need to house hunt!:wideeyed: Thanks again, We need all the help you can offer.
  13. hello, what are steps to be taken to become a contractor? I have the eployer, the contract and the visa, what remains to be done? create a cie? register somewhere? and uch would be taken on ,y gross revenue? Thanks a lot for your precious help
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to say hi as i will, no doubt, be looking for advice from a few of you in the near future. I've applied to the ACS for certification and am now trying to gather all the documents required for the SS for ACT. Doing my research for the cost of living in Canberra at the moment, so as you can imagine, a bit confused :err: Anyway, i just wanted to say hi, Harry.
  15. Guest

    What are the next steps?

    Hi All I am applying for a GSM offshore visa under the accountant code on the MODL. I also have a relatively high score on the IELTS banding (above 7 in all categories) so should qualify for the CSL, but I am unsure as to whether this list will exist going forward. I received the following e-mail a few weeks ago and would like to understand if it actually means that I will have a case officer assigned, how long it will take to move to the next step, or whether this type of e-mail will in any way be superseded by the current amendments. The e-mail is in response to a request to move onto the CSL. Thanks, "Dear Client, Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. Your enquiry has been referred to the Manager of the area processing your visa application. They will follow up and have a case officer allocated to assess your application. Once a case officer has been allocated they will conduct a preliminary assessment on your visa application to determine if they require any further documentation to process your application. Once this assessment has been completed your case officer may contact you if they require any additional documents. We appreciate your patience in this matter."
  16. Guest

    baby steps

    Hi All, completely new to this. as of 2nd of january this year my partner and I decided that we would like to try life in Oz. Actually she decided about 6 years ago, but it has taken her that long to talk me round. we have set ourselves a (flexible) deadline of about a year to make this happen. At the moment we have no real idea of which area we would like to live, it really depends on the working situation. I have skills (IT - databases and unix) which i have been told are in demand and have already had some tentative contact with some companies who would be interested in me. My parner is an accounts administrator and i am confident she can find work as well. We have no children. We think a year is a reasonable timescale , as we will need to sell our house, but as it seems the market is picking up we would like to do this towards the end of the year. If my financial planning is correct we wont have a huge amount of money to get started (£10-15K), but we will have no commitments in the UK. We see this as a completely fresh start, and it is our intention to start small and work our way up. I am constantly amused by TV programs which show people hoping to move to Oz and them looking at property and lifestyles which would probably put them under huge pressure financially. so thats the basic plan - sell up everything, take a few suitcases with clothes and some other stuff, settle all our commitments here, and leave. sounds like a plan eh ?
  17. Guest

    What should my first steps be?

    Hi, We've decided we'd like to move to perth. I have been looking at what we need to do. My husband is a joiner, and I thought we should maybe apply to state sponsorship from the WA goverment. Do you think this is the best idea? Also, I know my husband would need to have his skills assesed, by vettass, they have a practical test in june2010. We are at the very begining. What is the procedure? I have read everything on the vettass site, and I'm thinking he needs to take the practical test first before he even submits his application for the state sponsorship. Is this correct? Any help you anyone can give me is greatly appreciated! I've have a 2 year old hanging off me and I'm 6 months pregnant, sometimes I think I'm not taking in what I'm reading on the sites! We're in Glasgow. Thanks Bebe
  18. Guest

    Visa Steps ???

    Hi All, I am a new member to this forum and i need help to find out answer to my queries. I have lodged application to ACS for PeopleSoft ERP Category on 19th Oct, 2009. I am planning to give IELTS in January 2010. I wonder if some one can explain or direct me to some link or blog for the lodging VISA application to DIAC?
  19. It's been 10 years since i've been to oz and it still eats away at me of how great the lifestyle is out there.. so i'm taking the plunge and going for it. I want to move to perth as have heard alot of good things and have a few friends there. I have no trades under my belt or close relations there, so I am assuming the other way in is to get a student visa and study. There are lots of agents that help wiv this but they seem to charge alot of money for their service. Does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to get to perth on a student visa and enrol on a trade course there, if this is my only vice. Many thanks in advance for all help and tips given..
  20. mipi

    Migration Process

    Hello Thank you for the advice and website info yesterday. I have found that my oh's occupation is in demand and we meet the points test. My initial thoughts for the migration process is as follows:- - Get oh's trade recognised via TRA (downloaded forms & info) - Apply for skilled state sponsership - If successfull, apply for 176 Visa, medical, police checks, etc. - Then sell house Are my thoughts in the right direction? If so, as someone who is fairly organised, would it be possible to complete the process without an agent? Thanks for any help. Michelle
  21. Elliott-Family

    little steps...

    another thing to cross off the list, we have now booked our medicals for 29th May in Nottingham. Ever hopeful that one day in the near future we may get a case officer. Total cost for two adults and a child £705 - more pennies to find. Worth noting that they have advised us to have x-rays for our son, he is 10 and will be 11 on 8/6. We thought we would get away with it as he was under 11 but they have advised us as he will be 11 when Sydney process our medicals they would request them anyway, cheers Claire x:smile:
  22. Guest

    First Steps to Migrate?

    :wink:Hi all, Could someone please give me some sound advise as my family and myself would like to move to Australia following recent visits to very close family living there. I am a floor layer with 21 years professional experience and level 3 NVQ. I have been advised that the TRA no longer assess floor layers and ARTO is now the assessing body. Can anyone please advise where i can get my qualifications and experience assessed in this country!!!!!! I know through recent visits to Oz that i am able to get lots of work once i am out there, I just need to get my work assessed!!!!
  23. Guest

    First steps

    Hi guys Ive just joined so I'm new to this. I just want to know some basics on how to start the process of getting a visa etc. Myself and my boyfriend are nearly 24, I'm a legal secretary and he is a plumber. We really want to move over to Australia but have no idea where to start! Do you go through a migration bureau? I have got a full immigration check form to fill out and want to know if I'm going the right way about it there is also a cost for this of 130 pounds is this right? Sorry for the long message I would appreciate some advice! Many thanks, Jenna.
  24. Guest

    first steps help????

    Hello im a single mum, 3 children and a 3rd year student nurse, i need help PLEASEEEE???? I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the following..... getting a job as a nurse in australia and how i would do this from the uk? finding a house to rent in perth money issues? the visa process and where to start? how much money would i need to save to move to oz? and everythong else really?:frownxmas: