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Found 53 results

  1. Kaleem

    190 Tasmania

    Hello I am new here and this is my first post. Can anyone tell me what is the current timeline for state nomination for 190 visa, from Tasmania. I applied for state sponsorship on 11 June 2018 under the category Overseas applicant, Job offer (I was able to get a 4 year contract from an employer). I know it says on the official website that the processing time is between 2 to 8 weeks , but I was hoping that they might offer an expedited service for applications with job offer. Please guide. Occupation: Mechanical Engineer EOI Points: 65+5(for state sponsorship) English: Superior (PTE,15/5/2018) EOI lodged: 2/6/2018 (Tasmania) State nomination application launched: 11/6/2018
  2. HI everyone, I applied for state nomination 190 from Tasmania on June 11 2018. I was able to secure a 4 years contract with an employer in my occupation. I have not received any contact from the state yet. Meanwhile I talked to my employer and asked them if they can sponsor my visa, to which they agreed. My initial thought was that sponsor from an employer will speed up the process, but I am quite surprised and, to some extent horrified to learn that employer sponsor visas actually take longer than skilled migration. Now I am confused about which option i shall adopt. Shall I wait for state nomination or shall I go from ENS 186/187 ? Has anyone got 186/187 visa quicker than skilled migration or they are all taking 24 months now My occupation is mechanical engineering and I am on 65 points currently.
  3. Hi All, Could anyone advise on which one is the better option...... success/processing time/priority etc? I'm looking at Queensland and my brother lives there so family sponsorship is an option but wanted to know if they give priority for one over the other. If anyone has any experience or knows of the pro's and con's I would love to hear them. Cheers Gordon
  4. Dear All, Need guidance and advise for my EOI.Will this take this much longer waiting period ? It has been around 13 months. Is it the trend for ICT occupations in NSW ? Just Curious EOI Status below : EOI Subclass 190, aiming for NSW, Occupaion - ICT Business Analyst, EOI lodged on 20th December 2016, PTE Scores - S-84,R-73,W-82,L-78 Thanks
  5. Hey we are applying for visa with nsw state sponsorship. All got lodged today so just a waiting game now as to whether visa gets granted. Do we actually legally have to live and work in nsw?? Husband is a bricklayer and we aren't sure if there is enough work in that state. Also we preferred the temp and look of Brisbane?? Any one got in on a state sponsorship but didn't stay in the State?? I know it's only a moral obligation
  6. This is my first post, although I've read tons of threads on this great forum. So my situation: We've just lodged our State Sponsorship application with Tasmania (through a MARA agent). I have 75 points (80 with the 5 points for state sponsorship). While I provided evidence of at least eight vacancies that I would be able to apply for. I did not have a job offer (I did get a couple replies which stated that they could not consider me as I do not yet have a work visa. I provided these as part of my state sponsorship). We have close friends living in Hobart but no family connection. I've read a few threads of similar situations (but not the same) where 190 hopefuls were offered a 489 visa sponsorship if they didn't have a job offer. We're not keen on the 489 visa as, in our opinion, it carries to much risk (this is a personal opinion and I'm not bashing those who have taken this route). The question is what are our chances? We don't have any of the three key requirements but have high points and a genuine intention of settling and contributing to Tasmania (which I hope I communicated well enough in my statement of intention). Our MARA agent has been pretty vague saying 'they have lodged before without a job offer' (whether those lodged were successful or not is another question). Would be keen on hearing any similar situations or advice.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm just starting the NT nomination process. I need some clarification. After submitting the EOI successfully, do I need to wait for some approval before proceeding with my NT nomination application? From what I read, there doesnt seem to be a reason to wait if I have all docs ready for NT nomination application. Any clarification on this would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi All, After looking at this website on a daily basis for many, many months, my first post... Submitted our application on 21st January and had a CO allocated on 25th January. We front loaded our medicals and police checks and the CO hasn't requested any further documents. My question is - how long is it likely to be before we get the visa granted? Or is anyone else in the same boat as us and checking emails every 10 minutes?!
  9. I don't recall seeing this discussed on the forum to date, but those who have or who are lodging an EoI should be aware of the following provision in the recently published migration regulations: The applicant’s score, when assessed in relation to the visa under Subdivision B of Division 3 of Part 2 of the Act, is not less than the score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa. The score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa will be based on the EoI - so if it subsequently transpires upon the submission of documentation and assessment by the DIAC case officer that the points claimed in the EoI were too high the visa application must be refused, whether or not the actual points are 60 or more. Areas that are likely to be particularly prone to error and overclaims are work experience and qualifications, where it presently seems the information in the pop up boxes of the EoI are insufficient and some would say misleading. Relevant work experience (for example) is an area where it seems there is insufficient detail. For those who are looking at a State Sponsored subclass 190 or 489 EoI/visa application I would encourage a cautious approach to claiming points, as you should receive an invitation whether you claim 60 or (say) 75 points. Those who are lodging an EoI with a view to a 189 visa being granted are in a more difficult position, and unless they are across the issues technically - particularly in the work experience area - should almost certainly be engaging a competent migration agent. Unless things change at a legislative level - which I suggest is improbable - I fear we will see quite substantial numbers of applicants being unsuccessful in the coming months, as the general prioritisation of EoI's with more points means there is an inherent bias which encourages overclaims by intending migrants. Best regards.
  10. I wondered if anybody has received a positive skills assessment for contracts administrator? I really don't want to spend all of the money (and time) on a skills assessment if I don't stand a chance and should be trying an alternative option! My work history is working as a Paralegal within contract law and I have a degree and postgraduate qualification in law. I am hoping to apply for state sponsorship in the NT and gain employment in a commercial contracts role. My previous role duties and tasks match at least half of the description for the ANZSCO description for contracts admin. However there are seperate categories for legal executives and legal clerks. I have read all of the information on the Vetassess website, but wanted an idea of just how strict they are. Particularly in what they deem 'highly relevant employment' as even after reading the key terms section it still leaves a lot to interpretation. Any help would be much appreciated :-)
  11. Hello, everyone. We have applied for a 190 Visa, sponsoring state is ACT. We are currently abroad, waiting for the invitation letter. Once that arrives, we will return to Australia and hopefully recieve our visa. The big question we have is: what happens then? We have read that those who get certain kinds of Permanent Resident visas will get an email asking the visa holder to inform the ACT government when they arrive in ACT so that they can begin filling out the 6 Settlement Surveys (sent every 6 months). Are there any other things that visa holders must do, such as in-office interviews with the ACT staff? I would really like to hear from anyone who has recieved this or other kinds of State Sponsored PR visa regarding how these Settlement Surveys are sent out and what kind of information is asked in them. Are there other kinds of inquiries or monitoring done by the ACT government, such as home visits, phone calls or spot checks? And do the surveys change over time? I would think that this kind of "step by step" breakdown would be valuable to many forum readers. I will admit, one of the reasons we are asking is that we are considering splitting our family up so that I may work in Canberra while my wife stays in a different state with our daughter. This was to allow her to go to a specific religious school in a neighborhing state (3 hours away from Canberra, I would be there on weekends). We really weren't sure if we should inform the ACT government of this arrangement or simply fill out the forms listing our only address as the one in ACT? Knowing what to expect of the settlement surveys and the specific details of arrival, registration and monitoring would be incredibly helpful. Our immigation to Austrlia has been such a long road. We are so excited to finally settle there, thank you so much for the help and all the shared knownledge and experience of this forum.
  12. Hello Expats, Fed up of waiting ? Well, I thought about starting a new thread for those expats who have been waiting for quite a long since lodging their Visas. We can be a guide and a provide each other advices and support in this matter. I have been waiting for exact 108 days today since lodging my 190 Visa. My timeline is: Code: 261314 Software Tester ACT SS Approved : April 29th 2013 190 Visa Filed: May 6th 2013 CO (Team 31 Brisbane): June 1st 2013 Medicals: June 11th 2013 Grant: One Day - Someday How about you guys ? Looking forward to hearing from you Ishaan
  13. Hi Everyone, Im new , please be nice! Im just starting the process. Ive filled out my VetAssess form and now compiling all my documents to send by carrier pigeon to Melbourne...My head is completely fried. Ive decided against using a migration expert and im going it alone. I may or may not regret that! Just testing the water and seeing who else is going through it and maybe can support each other through the blood sweat and tears... So far today ive spent around £500 on the application and my kettle has just packed in... reaching for the wine while I spruce up my CV.. :confused::wacko::arghh: Would be great to hear from anyone....anyone at all.....:cool: Sarah
  14. Hemantarora4

    Time for Victoria State Sponsorship

    Hi Everyone I have got positive ASC assessment under 261313 (software engineer). My IELTS score is L7 R8 W7.5 S7 O7.5. I am ready to submit my EOI but confused with state preference. I want to apply for SS for Victoria, but my agent is saying Victoria SS process is too long. It takes time and still you are not sure. I fulfill all the requirements of Victoria including experience and IELTS. Kindly guide me through the process and time taken. Many Many Thanks in Advance.
  15. Hi there,I was just wondering if any of you have applied for state sponsorship for permanent residency whilst working on a 457 visa in another state? i.e. working in NSW on a 457 when you apply for state sponsorship for SAIf any of you have done this did it cause any issues? I have spoken to Immigration on this and they advised that there wouldn't be a problem, however when looking at the SA specific criteria you need to be in SA at the time of application if on a 457 Visa.Appreciate any insights from users who have experience with thisThanks!E
  16. For those considering a State Sponsorsed skilled visa, here are the number of available State Sponsorships for the year to 30/06/2013, and the number of Sponsorships actually issued as at 10 days ago: WA - 3,850/1,283 VIC - 3,700/414 NSW - 2,600/228 SA - 2,400/750 QLD - 1,850/36 ACT - 1,100/178 NT - 600/66 TAS - 150/16 TOTAL - 16,250/2,971 Clearly the rate at which Sponsorships are issued is going to have to accelerate significantly over the next 6 months. As an aside, has anyone who has a trade occupation received an invitation to lodge a subclass 189 visa yet? It seems to me that only Accountants, Engineers, IT occupations, teachers, and medicos have received invitations thus far => those with trade skills really ought be progressing State Sponsorship applications if they want comfort as to a positive visa outcome. I have the numbers for the new business innovation visas too - anyone who is interested should send an email to me. Best regards.
  17. Hi all If I was to get State Sponsorship, I would sneak in with a score of 65 points. By getting State Sponsorship, will my application get any preferential treatment or will my application (with its minimum 65 points) still be subject to the SkillSelect selection process leaving me hoping it makes the cut in the next round? Many thanks, haydenp
  18. Hii.. I've applied for my state sponsorship of Victoria on 15th November 2012 and its already been 12 weeks. Is anybody aware how long its going to take ? Ive applied for 261314 Software Tester Category :embarrassed:
  19. Ishaan

    State Sponsorship for Victoria

    Hii.. I've applied for my state sponsorship of Victoria on 15th November 2012 and its already been 12 weeks. Is anybody aware how long its going to take ? Ive applied for 261314 Software Tester in sub class 190 Category :wacko::err:
  20. bristolianpasty

    EOI?? Skill Assessment?!

    had a look online about starting the process, and all i could make out from it (other than going around in circles being overwhelmed with paragraphs of rubbish) is i would have to register an EOI?? i tried doing this via the skillselect website, but now its saying i can't register as i need to do a skill assessment...?!:mad: iv looked everywhere online about these assessments and cant find any info on them?!?! does anyone know how i go about it? and if it can be done from the UK? im an electrician looking to move to adelaide area.. thanks!
  21. Hello everyone! I got my 176 PR on the basis of SA sponsorship. When applying for the sponsorship, I read on their official website that " Applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in South Australia and a commitment to live and work in the state for at least two years by:". Also, in the "Sponsorship Application Cover Sheet" I have signed and posted to SA, one of the items under "Declaration" is "Sponsorship is being granted on the condition that I will migrate to and live in South Australia for at least two years." Besides, the "Visa Grant Important Information" sent to me by DIAC says: Your visa has been granted on the basis of a nomination by a State or Territory government. States and Territories providing nomination require applicants to agree to: ● remain in the State or Territory for a period of at least two (2) years; ● keep the State or Territory government informed of changes in address details before and after arrival; and ● be prepared to complete surveys and provide information as required. From the above wordings, can I take it that the 2-year commitment does not require me to stay in the sponsoring state for the very first 2 years? Or, can I go to Sydney first, and then move to South Australia after a couple of years just to fulfill the 2-year living commitment? If so, will I be taken as not performing my "moral obligation" and be sued? Thx in advance. Kagga
  22. barnsey10

    In Two Minds .....

    One for the forum here !! I was invited to apply for a 189 Visa on the 3rd December and i posted my application to my migration agents (ASA Consultants) mid Dec. Because of the Christmas postage shambles (confirmed delivered 3rd Jan) they havent been able to begin the process of checking the paperwork. Now that time is tight the say that they will need to 'Priority Process' the documentation and it will cost $500. Tony, Sandra and Luke. Originally from West Cumbria, currently living in Central Scotland. Questions are: 1. If i make the payment and my application is lodged before the EOI lapse date (3 Feb) what are the chances of getting the Visa by mid October? 2. Can i still apply for WA State Sponsorship or do i have to wait until the EOI has lapsed (or could i use the existing EOI number on the SS application and resubmit the EOI with 190 ticked once lapsed?) and the WA SS only costs $200. Any other suggestions - job may depend on getting there by last week in October. Thanks Tony IELTS 27/4/12 R9L9S9W8 / EA CDR Submitted 27/7/12 - Positive 19/12/12 (Engineering Technologist) 189 Visa Posted 10/12/12
  23. BTM

    Victoria State Sponsorship

    Hi - Just wondering if anyone has recently been approved for Victoria State Sponsorship and how long the process took? I submitted my application on 25/09/2012 and received an update on 05/10/2012 advising that there was delays in ICT application processing, but haven't heard anything since. I have a reference number and was going to request an update.... but they don't seem to like this! :-) Thanks Brian
  24. Hi All, This week I submitted my EOI for subclass 190. After it was submitted I had a look at EOI Points Breakdown PDF and it had awarded 5 points for me for "State/Territory Nomination" even though I have not submitted an application for State Sponsorship. My worry is if they would refuse my EOI for claiming more points. The only thing I can think of is, in the EOI form "Preferred Location within Australia Screen" I selected Victoria. Is this normal for points to be awarded even before applying for state sponsorship? Thanks
  25. Guest

    What to do after EOI

    Hi All, i am new to this forum, just took my IELTS with L:8.5, R:7, W:7, S:6.5 and Skills Assessment for 'System Analyst' to be positive for 9 years and 10 Months. Lodged the EOI. can anybody tell me why to separately apply for South Australia State Sponsorship when EOI is there and all states can check the EOIs and EOI itself offers to apply for state sponsorship (Subclass 190) then why do we need to apply for state sponsorship separately. also please tell me how long will the state sponsorship take........... applied on 07/08/2012. Thnx!!!!!