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Found 15 results

  1. dear all, greetings! i'm a 475 or temporary visa applicant and i want to seek advice from every one. my query concerns the three year prescription period being given to a 475 visa holder to secure permanent visa. my question is when will the clock start ticking is it from the time the visa was approved or it is the time of your actual first entry to OZ? I asked this because an applicant is given a year to enter oz following the visa grant. thank you and God Bless Us All. 3jps.
  2. http://www.garp.org/risk-news-and-resources/risk-headlines/story.aspx?newsid=36310
  3. knew it was too good to be true, my parents were being very positive and upbeat since we had our visa but now weve booked our flights its all change and the guilt trip, mood swings and negativity starts. they know we have to rent the house out as its not selling and say they agree its a good idea given the market and also if we need to come back but obviously we will have to save like mad from now till jan so my dad says were stupid going with not enough money and no job etc etc which yes i see his point but its like they think we havent thought any of this thru or that im incapable of making correct decisions for myself and my family. i love them and will miss them and cant wait to be able to show them round australia but at the same time im happy to finally be able to cut my apron strings, i just dont need the negativity and attitude it hacks me off:no:
  4. sneeze100

    The journey starts

    As of tommoz I am starting my trip to Perth and we are looking forward to it start tommoz with a stay over in Newcastle then a flight to London on Monday morning. The Monday will be spent at Australia house signing paperwork for my new job. The the hard bit starts on Tuesday with a flight to singers with a 2 day stop over then onwards to Perth.
  5. For those interested in a bargin or stocking up for oz M&S have a massive spring sale starting today.
  6. Greetings all, We had an account on here a while ago but it dissapeared so now we have started another, so an introduction , Myself i am jonny have been granted a migrant subclass 100 visa with my wife (Donna) as my sponsor , Welsh born she used to live in Perth as a child been been living in England for the last 12 years we have 2 children Imani and Saffron aged 4 and 1 , so i got my visa through friday and we are off next Monday to Brisbane, managed to get a place in the Samford valley for a couple of weeks to start with , with the option of turning this into a long term rental. but i think we may live up the sunshine coast or in the hinterlands. So super excited we are all extatic see you wednesday Australia !
  7. PommyPaul

    Footy starts tonight

    Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!! :notworthy:
  8. Guest

    So the real fun now starts

    Funny how the 'next' decision often feels like the biggest one! We decided on making the move to aus last May and then had all the fun of working through our visa options etc. Because it was such a big unknown the visa application seemed like (and probably was) a major process. As it turned out we got our visa's relatively easily due to the fact we were eligible for the RSMS visa and got our application in the week after the September changes (making our application top priority). Back then it seemed like we had plenty of time but over Christmas and New Year it suddenly dawned on us how quickly it will be June when we are moving and just how much still needs to be done. I'm sure those of you who have already made the move have long forgotten that feeling of having your visa but it suddenly dawning on you that actually the journey is only now just starting - the visa is not the end!! Funnily enough it was watching wanted down under last night that made me realise afresh just what we are doing!! Probably more poignant to us as the family was from this neck of the woods. I have to admit that a few tears were rolling down my face making me realise just how this is all hitting me - Are we mad?? - We love Scotland, we are happy here and have everything we need but we are deciding to upsticks and go to the otherside of the world! This is hard to explain but we are probably a bit different to most on PIO in that we are not moving in the hope of a better life or more money etc, or due to family. To be honest it could just as easily been Timbuktu - As a pastor our decisions for this kind of thing is based on sensing that that's where God wants us for the next season of our lives. As I write that I can imagine a few of you raising your eyebrows but hey, we've all got our reasons and reading many posts on PIO, I know that mine is not the craziest!! Anyway, To get to the main point of this Thread, now that it's the New year I spent this morning arranging for three estate agents to come round tomorrow and three removal companies to come out on Monday (Doree Bonner, Crown and Pickfords). It's funny how these decisions seem just as big as the visa one - are they??? or is it just because they are the next decisions in this roller coaster of a emigration process? Daniel
  9. rgrangana

    MODL Starts?

    Hi Im new to this forum. Can any one tell me that will MODL starts in this month?:unsure: Thanks rg
  10. if you dont know already - the new series of wanted down under starts on jan 5th 09, hosted by nicky chapman this time. we have our visa and we can't wait to get there - just need to sell the house before june!! Happy watching Bonnie:yes:
  11. Hey! 2nd Series starting soon on itv called No Place Like Home. Does anyone know when it starts? My auntie's friend is on it and I don't want to miss it!! Cheers to anyone who can help..:yes::v_SPIN:
  12. Guest

    Look what starts this week.

    YouTube - Land of Hope and Glory - An Anglo-American Tradition :notworthy::notworthy:
  13. We only made the decision to apply for visas in March. We appointed an agent on 19/3 and today they submitted our application online!!!!! We are so excited, but now the waiting starts :twitcy: We are not actually in any hurry (or I didn't think we were until today - now I can't wait). "Are we there yet" might get said a few times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. All, It has now been announced that the new Citizenship Act will commence on 1 July 2007. Slightly more details here: http://www.ptlabs.com.au/articles/?id=6 Peter
  15. Guest

    The Journey Starts

    Hi All We have now started the application process and I am planning a trip see what is available Late May I would appreciate any assistance which you can give me in making my visit very worthwhile I will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne, already got one interview for Sydney and looking for more in both regions Has anyone got good contacts who would help in finding opportunities - I specialise in Change and Performance Improvement Management Would also appreciate contacts for getting local information on schools, places to live as well Many thanks for any help I get :notworthy: