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Found 201 results

  1. In mid November the company I was working for went into liquidation after 2.5 years there on 457. I was immediately offered a job by a new firm. I was asked to relocate immediately and did so at great cost. We went to the visa agent and I had all of my details complete, but the company dragged its heals to get all the paperwork done. I was sitting in a new home unable to work for 6 weeks, waiting on this company to sort out the 457 visa transfer. Yesterday I found out the member of staff that was dealing with my employmemt had been fired and the company would withdraw the offer of employment. The company had their own guy who would start in the position I had been offered immediately. I had signed a contract and was ready to start but now that's gone. I spent 6 weeks waiting for this company to get the 457 transfered and now have a lot less time to find a new job. If I bring all the evidence to immigration can they reset the 90 days? None of this was my fault.
  2. Well it is finally going to happen me and the kids are starting the journey to Oz on Monday, getting scarry. Hubby wont be joining us until begining of Feb as he left for work in Angola yesterday. Been a really stressfull few days, my mother has ended up in hospital on Saturday with a broken leg and today I took the dog to the vets as she hasnt eaten her food for the last three days, tought she had maybe sensed we we leaving and was having a sulk (as she did when she didnt get her own way - typical bitch as my hubby says), but total shock when vet seen her told us nothing they could do she had cancer and only had days to live so had her put to sleep before she began suffering. Kids are gutted and them on Saturday the 2 cats are going to there new home. So all I can say is role on Monday. Best of luck to all others who are in the process of getting visas - well worth the wait.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help in providing information on the licensing requirements for painters and decorators to work in NSW (over and above the requirements for visas)? I am trying to find out exactly what licensing is needed to actually start work in NSW as a painter and decorator, and how to go about getting this. I have found a lot of information on TRA certificates, etc. for visas, but after doing some research, I know that a trading certificate/ license and blue card will also be required to actually start work. Does anyone have experience of this and could tell me more, or could refer me on to someone/ somewhere for help? Most websites also refer to the Australian qualification of BCG30603 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating being required in order to get a trading license for NSW. Is a TRA certificate be acceptable instead of the BCG30603 Certificate when it comes to getting the trading license? Any information would be appreciated - it's all v confusing! Thanks
  4. buckbuchanan

    Starting a business

    Hi. I am just after a bit of advice. I am moving to Australia on a Skilled Independant visa. My wife is named on my visa. She wants to start a business when we get there (it will be just working for herself for the first year or two). Will she be allowed to do that? Thanks.
  5. Hello to all readers! I live in Ormiston, Bayside, Queensland and I wondered if anyone would fancy joining me to start up a book club in Cleveland? There is a coffee club (coffee shop) that opens reasonable late so maybe once every month we could meet up, have a coffee and cake and share our thoughts about a book that we all read. Maybe we could all take it in turn to decide on the book for the coming month? In the Bayside Bulletin there is also an offer of buy a coffee and get a coffee free most weeks so we could have a couple of coffee's over a couple of hours and only pay for one! I appreciate many Mum's or full time workers may find it tricky to commit to a couple of hours so I am happy to be flexible on the day and time of the club to suit others....morning, afternoon, night or weekend? I am a Private Tutor and work from home so I am free during the day until 3.30pm and after 7pm. I am also free weekends. For this reason, I am fairly flexible so I hope to include all those who simply fancy a couple of hours out once a month for a light chat! If anyone likes to read, eat cake, drink coffee, have a natter with other readers and fancy a couple of hours a month light chat - let me know. I will collect numbers and Private Message all those interested and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you soon! Kip :arghh:
  6. Everybody seems to be in a christmassy mood but ive just not been able to this year! maybe its been the unusually mild weather and the fact that i havent been working thats put me off, i was dreading buying presents :sad: but now that im working i seem to be a lot better! some muppet at work was singing a xmas song earlier n i actually found myself humming it to myself on the way home :cute: going to get all my xmas presents in when i get paid and try to stop being such a scrooge! think it upsets my mum a little when im not that bothered cos she puts a lot of effort into it and who knows.. maybe this will be our last xmas together if i move! oh and todays weather definitely made it feel like proper winter.. rain, hail, sleety snow ( seriously!) and its freezing!! dave txt me saying it was howling with snow at his work, i thought he was winding me up untill i got out from work and it was even snowing a bit in Wishaw! everybody else in the xmasy mood? :jiggy:
  7. Hi, I'm just about to start the migration process myself and will be (mainly due to money) completing the application myself. Please excuse the many questions but can you point me in the direction of when to obtain the initial informtaion? Also, I would also like to state my circumstances and ask a few questions if i may. Im a 32 year old male who has worked in the catering industry since leaving school. I've many qualifications in this area and worked as a chef up until the last few years. More recently, ive started working as a training officer and (NVQ) assessor. I'm assuming that it will bet VETASSESS who would still complete my skills assessment? 1) As i am not currently working as a Chef, am i right to think that i cannot apply to migrate as one (due to the lack of payslips,tax returns stating etc.) and that it would have to apply as a training officer/NVQ assessor? 2) I am divorced and have a 5 year old daughter in the UK. My ex-wife is happy for me to migrate as long as i continue to provide financially, for my daughter. Is this likely to cause any issues at all? 3) What is a rough estimate of cost involved (although i do appreciate that the information I have provided is a little vague at this stage) Thanks in advance
  8. I was walking to work today in the hot and humid weather blah blah blah and text my wife to say how lucky we are to be living here away from the cold and wet UK...blah blah blah. She phoned me back to say that we are lucky and its going to be a nice Summer and blah blah blah, so I emailed her later to say that it doesnt feel like Christmas when you live here in December blah blah blah and then it dawned on me how boring I must sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin::laugh::tongue:
  9. These guys have established a business to help business owners move to Australia. They can do all the visa paperwork, set up your Australian company, find you an office, phone system, accountant and more. Worth a look http://www.youraustralianbusiness.com.
  10. Hi All, This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/ Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for? I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome? Thank you for your time, Mark p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.
  11. emmaroo

    Starting Over-How much $$$

    Right, So I am moving back to Scotland next year and when I do I have decided to return to studying ( mature student). I will get myself a part time job but I do want to go back with some money but just how much is the question! If it were you doing it how much would you be looking to take back. I wil need to cover rent & bills and living costs for first few months and then hopefully I will get work! Any ideas? Thanks emma :wubclub:
  12. Please PM me if you are interested in any of the following - we are located in Manly, Brisbane. Ritz hot stick power pole fuse remover and attachements - 3 months old. This is used in Queensland by Electricians to remove power pole fuses. GORILLA fibreglass extension ladder - 12 - 21ft - 3 months old. Mitsubishi Express Van (white - 2008) only 30250km on the clock
  13. Hi, We are hoping to emigrate in the next year or so and have a daughter about to turn 15 (plus 3 younger boys!). She has just started her GCSE's and is in Year 10. Does anyone have any advice as to the best time to try for the move? Should we wait until July 2012 when she will have completed her GCSE's or would it be better to get there asap so she has more time in Australian education? Has anyone emigrated with similar aged children? Is the transition from the UK educational system to the Australian one easy at this time of their lives? Any help greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi all, Iam Pradeep and i have just decided to start immigration process to australia and i am preparaing for it. Iam totally new to this process. I would like to get useful advise on how can i submit my skills assessment to ACT (Australia Computer society). I would like to know the doucments i would need to submit and if possible the format in which i need to produce them. My friend recently migrated to Australia and told me that i could submit skills assessment to ACT even before i apply for IELTS exam. Please guide me with the process and iam would be really thankful...
  15. Dear All, After spending eight years living in London along with some backpacking, I was offered a new job in and moved to Sydney last June. I have settled into the new job with plaudits about my performance and a 457 visa, and have managed to make a few friends since I've been here, but am single and would like to get to meet someone. However, I find I'm being held back because of the following - 1) People here seem to be much more sporty, well dressed and affluent than anywhere I have seen before, even London strangely enough. It seems that everyone is almost middle class gentry here. It makes me feel really self-conscious in that I have only just moved here and am beginning to find my feet in terms of my career and my interests. This intimidates me a bit as I come from a northern, working-class background in the UK, of traditional socialist roots, where social class is still very important and decide outcomes in life to a degree. As an example, I was invited to and went to the Royal Randwick horse races yesterday, and I found being surrounded by the people in smart suits and designer handbags and hats, quaffing champagne, with the kind of suave confidence that a private school upbringing gives being quite intimidating. I also live in an area that is very trendy and hipster, with very tall, slim metrosexual guys being the fashion - an ideal that I can't really emulate. I'm starting to get the impression that I've nothing to really offer women here, either in terms of my modest looks, personality, social status etc. 2) Despite the fact that I've been treated well since I've been here, I've found a few people making very derogatory statements about the English along with other nationalities, which makes me feel that I can't be accepted here. 3) With the exception of Rugby League which I played thoughout my youth and in my adult life until stopped by injury - and some mountaineering and hillwalking, due to geography rather than anything else I don't have or have never had a chance to develop the interests that people take for granted, like surfing, bushwalking, windsailing, skiing and snowboarding, Australian Rules Football, triathlon etc. When people discuss these topics, I feel like an idiot that I have nothing to say. I suspect that many of these ideas have no real grounding and I have psyched myself out, but I cannot get over them, and lost my confidence as a result. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi all Unfortunately I have just separated from my wife and I'm feeling pretty Cr*p. When we got together she said she would live in a tent with me no matter where it was. After 4 years this has changed I'm told and she no longer wants to have kids either. I got my residency out of it but its little consolation to me to be honest. I'm fed up with Sydney and fancy a sea change but my wife would not even discuss this which ultimately led to our break-up amongst other things (long story). I've been in Sydney for two years. Ive always wanted to live in Tassie even before I visited there. We went a few weeks ago and It confirmed everything I suspected - it really is a special place. Anyway, I'm going to buy a car in the next 3 months, pack up my stuff and jump on the ferry to Tassie. But where do I go? As an overview, I'm 39, healthy and a Graphic Designer by trade but I'm open to any kind of work. The Huon Valley looks interesting, as does Cygnet or maybe launy but I'm still looking. I have some savings that could get me by a month or two until I found me feet. Siam Susie (hi) was always helpful in the past when I had questions about Tassie but I'd be really delighted to hear everyone's views. The whole prospect is scary and exciting but it feels right. Do you think I'm mad?
  17. Every so often, could be a couple of weeks, but this latest time, it's been over two months, it won't start. Key in ignition, warning lights comes on. Sometimes I ring the NRMA, sometimes I just leave it for a while. Two NRMA guys thought it was the starter motor because they had to hit it with a tool but another thought it was the inhibitor (which tells the car it's in Park not Gear?) Once, whilst I was waiting for them to come, the car started again. The bloke came and had a look, started a few times perfectly then it didn't again. (which saved me the loss of face as I'm sure they think I've just left it in gear!) I've taken it back to the (NRMA approved) garage a few times. They did in fact change the starter motor which is still under warranty. They have kept it for couple of days checking it (no charge.) Should I ask them to change the starter motor again? But what if it STILL screws up? Come to think of it the guy told me to keep driving, see if it starts to happen consistently which, of course, it hasn't! I've got a feeling that the garage doesn't feel it's worth the extra work/money for an old car like mine (305,000K) Last night it would not start, rang the NRMA, bloke came out and tried the battery then hit the starter motor. I drove home, turned off the engine, tried to turn on again. Nothing! But, today, started perfectly, tried turning on and off a few times, no problems. Last night was the first time since 10 July! Now, I've got to hang about outside the underground garage for someone to let me in as I left my own security key in the car. (I took it out of my garage and left it in a visitor's parking space - that is NOT allowed!)
  18. One week away from shipping all our stuff. Two weeks away from moving out of our house. Three weeks away from signing to sell our house. Four weeks away from flying out to Sydney. I'm starting to freak out a bit! So much to do and I'm sure I'll forget something along the way. I think I need a drink.
  19. Hi there my partner & I are starting out on looking to move to WA. Looks like we might be able to go out on a 457 visa as my partner has the huge possiblity of work with someone not far from Perth. However we got to get past the task of asking the father of my son from a previous relationship for consent to take my son. We have sought legal advice & have decided to go with the option of me asking him first before using solicitors, but I have no idea how to ask him, what to say & what to do All I would appreciate is a little advice from some people who have been in the situation & had to ask & how the dealt with it............. The other thing is do we need his permission before we start the process of getting our Visa's?? I have asked Visa companies & haven't been able to get a straight forward answer :eek: would really appreciate it if someone could help
  20. Hi We are emigrating over from scotland in a few months, my wife Julie is a a singer (very good) and im a guitarist looking to see if there are any expat musicians interested in starting a band. Got a few songs on my youtube page if you want to have a listen its geetarmanbaxter. Cheers steven
  21. My daughter is in Year 6 and will be entering Year 7 next September. There is an awful lot of hype already about joining Year 7 and being in Senior School. I'm just wondering what effect it will have on her to be doing this about a month after arriving in a new country. It's different for my youngest as he's in Year 4 so has some primary years left. I've just found out that there aren't any places left in the school we wanted them to go to when we arrive which has gutted me tbh. The school would have allowed them to remain together until Year 12 but it looks as though they'll have to go to different schools:sad: Any experiences would be much appreciated.
  22. Guest

    Starting own business

    Hi all, Wondering is my self and my husband can start our own business when we arrive? We are coming on a 176 visa, I am an interior designer and he is a builder, he had his own company here in dublin. We wanted to get together and go into property developing. To do this though we will need to buy property. Is there a certain amount of stay in the country before we will be allowed to do this? Can we register a new business fairly quickly? Any insight into this would be great. Thanks in advance guys.
  23. wishfulthinking

    starting nursing? Question?

    I'm heading back to perth next August next year but was gonna start a nursing course over here in the uk, if i did a year over here on the course training as a registered nurse, can i follow on the course over there and do the last 2 years in perth. Hope you understand what i mean. Cheers
  24. OzzHammer

    Starting High School

    :confused:Hi there, Dont really know if anyone can help with this.We have made the decision to move back to Uk & our kids our 10 in Sept & 12 in Jan. Hope to have house on market in the next week or so & have a dog who has had his rabbies shot,however cant go anywhere for 6mnths because of the dog & even if I arrange for a friend to organise the dog to come out after - if we can go before,I still think with all the things we need to sort out we would not be in Uk before Sep when kids go back to school,so this means missing 6mnths of a very important & first year of high school & if we end up going next year say feb its going to be hard for our son to suddenly be in high school. Does anybody know if you can hold their child back a year in Uk like they do here in Oz Any suggestions appreciated:cute:
  25. Guest51810

    starting to have hope

    As most of you guys know me and dave are desperate to start 2012 in Australia and start a new life. We are having a bit of a hard time trying to make it possible to get into oz but things seem to be looking up. We were at glasgow expo and the man from skilledmigrantjobs.com was there, he was very helpful and told us he has lots of big companies back in oz telling him they are desperate for machine operators from the UK and theyre all trying to push for them to be put on the sponsorship list. Also in touch with a company called Blue tongue recruitment, they were at the leeds expo. they also say theres lots of companies looking for operators. I was a bit worried about using this company incase they were just after money but they say that the employer pays the placement fee, visa and flights. i just hope things change. Anyway sorry for rambling on im just excited and starting to have hope that one day i might get to oz!! :jiggy: