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Found 6 results

  1. My Brother has a Westpac account which he has opened in Perth. I would like to pay some money into it monthly (i'm nice like that!) but how do I do that. I have the "sort code" and account number and all his details. Im with Natwest and I have online banking but can't seem to find out how to set up a monthly payment from my account to his. Any ideas? xxx:err:
  2. Hi all Haven't posted for ages - but wanted to share, as I learnt so much from others when I was in UK. So we have clocked up the 6 month milestone - and doing OK. Kids phenomenally settled, both of us got work, (infact I am on Job No. 2!!) although hub had 14 weeks unemployment, hindered by timing as he applying for jobs, just when Floods hit Brisbane! I really feel that I have been the most unsettled - and wanted to talk more about this! I underestimated how much I would miss my mates, and although got new friends, miss the 'easiness' of old friends. Think that I did do 'crash and burn' in February - having been so mad, crazy hectic for a good 6 months before we came out, and solid busy for 4 months here, that once everyone at work, in school and sorted, the enormity of everything kind of hit me, and that nasty 'friend-sickness crept in'.:eek: However, we have given ourselves a 18 month deadline to settle, to ride the storm no matter what....and I came steaming out of the dooms and glooms in March ! :jiggy: My opinion and advise would be give your self a timespan to settle, and 'close the door to England' they day you leave - and don't keep hankering after the idealistic idea of it. It is very easy to regard your old life with 'rose tinted' specs when times are tough here, but noone ever said such a huge jump and change inlife would be plain sailing - there are SO many good things here, if we allow ourself to see them!! If you keep comparing prices to UK...it will needle you, at work if you say ' we did this in UK' ...it frustrates you, and if everytime you feel lonely, or have a crappy day, you consider ' we need to go home' - then the UK will become like an unwanted gatecrasher to your new life and thoughts. Having 'closed' that door, it makes it easier to get on with what without doubt is a Rollercoaster ride emotionally, but also a very fun one! Australia is without doubt a beautiful, safe, and awesome country and offers a great life - there are also a heap of fantastic expats here in Brisbane we meet regularly, happy to bolster you when you flounder! I am trying to give a balanced 'update' report because it is not everyone who comes out here, and never looks back, but thought I'd share what has helped me, when things did get rough. So hang on tight, enjoy the ride.....I know I did, and I feel happy to be here!! :jiggy: Good luck to everyone with their new adventures x
  3. From Michael Danby chairman of parliament's joint standing committee on migration. It's better for us to sustain skilled migration. "MY good friend Barry Cohen's combative contribution to the de bate about Australia's population policy (The Australian, February 2) is a reaction to the debatable claims that Australia's population will grow to 35 million by 2050. He supports those who argue that we should cut back our migration rate in the interests of our stressed environment and our strained infrastructure.........Migration contributes enormously to our economic growth ......Migration has been of great benefit to Australia in the past, and if we are smart it will go on benefiting us in the future. " Finally some sensible news coming out.....
  4. joetrac

    Time is standing still

    :arghh: I only have 9 weeks left and it feels like a lifetime. At this stage when I was moving over I was reall busy(might have been all the leaving parties right enough) but my goodness am I fed up waiting. Hope all the others hoping to come back are getting all there plans together.
  5. I am in the process of applying for a state sponsored skilled worker visa for SA. I am applying with an occupation from the SA occupations in demand list and meet all criteria except one. The sufficient standing resources rule which states you need a minimum in assets of $25,000. However, there is an exception to the rule that if you are a recent graduate a parent is allowed to sponsor/guarantee your application if they have sufficient funds. I graduated in November 2005. Will I still be classed as a recent graduate making me eligible to take advantage of the above rule or is it too late? Does anyone know the period after graduating before you are no longer classed as a recent graduate for the above rule? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. I'm trying to make sense of the Australian National Qualifications framework as well as the likelihood of gaining decent employment. Does anybody know what standing the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has in Australia? As a Graduate Member, should I anticipate any difficulty in gaining employment in the HR/General Management field? Also, my wife has the dilemma of having completed her teaching degree over three years. More recently she has completed the Effective Early Learning programme (EEL) - a programme of Professional and theoretical, work place focused, practitioner training. This was completed over a period of eighteen months and was led and certificated by WorcesterUniversity. (http://www.worcester.ac.uk/businessandresearch/specialist/1230.html) Do any teachers out there know if this is likely to count towards the extra years education for the purposes of qualification assessment? Any advice would be apreciated,