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Found 13 results

  1. Guest

    Perth standard of living

    Hi I have just been offered a position in Perth on 35 AUS dollars per hour and was wondering if this is enough for a decent standard of living in Perth. I am single with no dependents and as I am fairly young would like to live somewhere central and be able to go out a few nights a week, is this feasible on this wage as I know that a pint of beer in Perth is around about £6.50? Thanks in advance
  2. scotsaway

    standard box size?

    Hi guys! So we are roughly 3 weeks away from moving (no flights, accomodation or shipping sorted yet - eek!) and I was hoping that someone could tell me if there is a standard box size used by the shipping companies? I can't work out how I am to get a good estimate for the online quotes otherwise!:wacko: Thanks in advance!
  3. Hiya I have read on the Acro website that it costrs £35 for standard and £70 for premium. Is it really worth twice the price for premium service? I'm sure ive read on here somewhere b4 that the premuim took just as long as the standard? What are u doing? Thankjs
  4. We have been here 9 months now and couldn't be happier. I have been musing, and pondering and thinking etc about the move and the changes in our lives, and thought I would share a bit in case it might help those who have yet to make the move. It would also be interesting to see if any others agree or disagree with me. We had a small semi detached house in Berkshire with a small mortgage and quite a decent income as OH was working as an IT contractor. We haven't always been so well off but we were better off that we had ever been. We sold the house with a small profit and moved over last December. It has cost a HUGE amount to get us, the dog and what stuff we chose to keep over here. And we have eaten into our capital since we arrived by buying two cars, loads of furniture and everything else. I still do not regret ditching all our furniture as it wouldn't have suited the larger house we have here, but there are one or two little things I regret not keeping. Nothing major though. We are renting a large house for less than $400 per week but there are no similar properties around which we could afford to buy yet. We are honestly of the opinion that the cost of living is much the same as in UK. Some things cost more, some cost less. I feel certain that it evens out. So....standard of living....... Financially:- I have to say that ultimately our standard of living is set to drop at some stage (when we decide we no longer want the insecurity of a rental), and once we get the mortgage we will have far less money to spend than we do now or had in UK. BUT.......... Overall our living standards have improved beyond measure. We live near family now which we have never experienced before and we love that. We have been accepted into the community. Within our first week we were meeting people we knew in town and stopping for a chat. We love being able to go out to the fantastic free activities near here - loads of festivals and markets etc. We love visiting the beach. Not just to swim, but to walk the dog etc. We love the parks with barbecues and meeting friends there for a day out We love the ease of entertaining here where everyone brings something and we all just muck in and share We love the warmer weather in winter even though I don't really love the hot humind stuff in the summer We have all joined some kind of group: pottery classes, SES, Boys Brigade, Gem club, ??Naval Cadets?? Sorry it's such a long post - I just wanted to share my thoughts. When I first realised that financially we were almost back at the beginning I felt a bit sad, but then I started totting it all up and realise that it's a price I am very happy to pay. Maybe our situation is unique. My mother was an Aussie and although I don't remember her (she died when I was 2) I always felt proud to be "half Australian". Now I feel as though I have come home. Then the family here in Gladstone is from my husbands side. They came over in the 60s and have really settled here. We have a ready-made community really. Also, we came over prepared to do anything to make this work and so far it has! I don't care that someone has cited this phrase as one of the PIO cliches, I DO love it here!!!!!:biggrin:
  5. DIAC introduces ANZSCO on 1 July 2010: ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations)
  6. kellyjamie

    Are medicals a standard price?

    Hi all just wondered are medicals a standard price? Or do different doctors charge different amounts? weve just been quoted £220 per adult £120 per child and £87 each for x-rays? Thats nearly a grand for a family of 4?? Cheers k:wubclub:
  7. Hi Is there anyone outthere pls that can tell me what sort of salary you would need to earn in Auz to have the standard of life we have in the UK. My husband is waiting a job offer on a temporary residence visa with the view to getting permanent residency we have a little boy of 4 and baby girl of 4months. So far we have a very good standard of life in UK the reason we want to move to Auz is so my we can spend more time as a family and he does not have to work 7 days a week. We never want for anything so I am wondering what you would need to earn in Auz to have a good standard of life? Any info greatly appreciated? Many thanks
  8. Guest

    Standard of Education in Oz

    We have two boys one just three and one coming up to seven. The, perceived, change of lifestyle offered in Oz for them is a big factor in our potential move. Both are bright kids, the youngest has yet to start school but the oldest is doing surprisingly well at an inner city school with a pretty poor reputation. Any way to cut short my ramblings :rolleyes: ... What is the general feeling about education and the schools in Oz. Is the standard of teaching better, the same or worse then in the UK? Are the standards of literarcy and numeracy better or worse? Are parents happy with things? I'd be grateful of any feeback. Tom
  9. Guest

    Standard of Education Oz -v- UK

    Hi guys I went to primary school in Oz, coming to UK age 11 (1977). When I started high school here I hardly had to do any work for the first year because I had already done it in Oz! Now we are planning to return to Oz and I'm concerned that my 12 year old son's level of education may not be the same as a 12 year old over there. Is the standard of education still the same and is it possible that he will be held back a year? If anyone can help I would be really grateful.:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    standard of living ?

    Hi all The question is could 4 of us live on $51000 a year before tax and have a normal standard of living. I've been offerd a job in brisbane on a 457 work visa and would be bringing about £10000 in english money but after about 6 months my wife could get ajob for about $30000 would this be a good move for us help please:unsure:
  11. Hi, We are going to submit “Skilled Independent 175” online very soon. However, there may be a possibility that an employer is willing to sponsor me on 457. Are there any restrictions on applying for 457 if you’ve already applied for 175? I’ve read both 457 and 175 on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship site. It doesn’t say anything specific about the above situation. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/index.htm http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/index.htm Thank you CD
  12. Guest

    Standard Occupation List

    Hi, Does anyone know where the Standard Occupation list(SOL) can be found please. Thanks Jo
  13. I have been researching the Contributory Parent Visa for my mum to join us in migrating to Oz and I am getting more and more concerned as I research. My mum is retired but only 63 (and a very healthy energetic 63), she has some equity in a house so if she sold up and paid for Conributory Visa, she would not have enough to put down for a house. Therefore she would probably have to rent. Her UK pension would be frozen at the rate she left the UK and she would not be eligable for an Australian pension for 10 years. Basically she would not have the lifestyle that she has here and would have to downsize in order to maintain a "normal" living. I do not think she would be entitled to any health care so that would also be another thing to worry about. She would be happy to work part time, but I can't help feeling it has taken her a long time to get to the position she is in (i.e a month long holiday round the USA this year, china last year), to take a step backwards. Has anyone got any ideas -or is this just the way it has to be!