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Found 26 results

  1. hi all, we were just wondering if anyone had any experiance of this dilemma.... my husband has a 16 year old daughter, who since the age of 4 has lived a 50/50 life between us and her mother. There has never been any formal custody arrangements as it was a mutal agreement with contact drawn up during the divorce, and therefore there has never been any finacial agreements made. We have always paid for what she needed when she was with us, and her mother when she was there. School uniforms/trips etc have been split or eneded up us paying them. Her mother gets all her child benefit etc for her. However, now we are on our way to oz, our daughter has been included on our visa with her mums permission but wants to stay and finish her schooloing in the uk. Now her mother has brought up that she wants maintainance for her as she would be living with her full time. We would love nothing more for her to come with us straight away, and wouldnt ask for a penny from her mother, just pleased with the fact that we had her with us. And as a mother, cannot understand why her mother is not just pleased to have her all the time. Sorry to go on, but my question is, how does it work with payments if we refused to pay? We have already said we would send our daughter money regularly, but i begrudge sending it to her mum, as she would spend it on herself! and not our daughter. Would the CSA chase us in oz for not paying her mother or what is a resonable amount to pay her to keep her sweet? any ideas? Thanks
  2. Danmon

    Would I stand a chance ??

    Hello everyone, Is there someone out there who could give me some advice ? I'm looking to emigrate with my partner and two children but I'm very confused about visa's etc.. Sometimes when I look into it I think I will be able to get one and other times I think I have no chance. I am a overhead linesman by trade, served a full apprentiship and had 15 years in the electrical supply industry, finishing up as an electrical engineer / project manager. The only qualifications I have in regards to my trade are those needed for my apprentiship (City and Guilds). All other training was done in house so I have no formal Electrical Engineer qualifications. Overhead Lineworkers / Electrical Enginners seem to be on the skilled occupation list for most states. This is the occuaption I would like to go back to. The fly in the ointment so to speak is that I have been a Police Offcier for the last 10 years and haven't had any hands on experience back in the industry for that time. Some web sites I visit say that I need a certain amount of experience in the last number of years to enable me to get a visa and other sites don't mention it at all. I'm sorting out some work experience with my old company just to gel up on current practices and procedures so this may help. Before I start contacting agents is there anyone who has had this same dilemma (returning to their chosen occupation after a number of years) or knows someone who has done it? I'm going to an Expo in November so hope to find out a bit more about it there as well. Thanks
  3. Hey! I'm heading to Melbourne in November on a WHV. I've got 5 years experience after uni of working in Human Resources.....will I stand any chance of getting a job in this profession when I arrive in Melbourne? I appreciate that I can only work for the same employer for a maximum of 6 months which is fine but I just wanted to know if I would be able to secure employment relatively quickly on arrival or am I being naive?:err: In an ideal world I'd love to arrive in Melbourne, secure a temp job and impress my employer so much that they offer sponsorship but I know that this may be just a dream...
  4. Hi all, glad I found this forum otherwise I really don't know what to do and who to tell. I am now in a serious depress mode because I seriously don't know what to do, here's my situation: I have a defacto partner and we have a 15-months-old daughter. I am a PR and I've applied for her and our daughter to come over to Australia, so now both of them are holding a 457 visa. She's from China and so was our daughter born over there. So now she's been here since May 2011 and she wants to split with me. She requested the following: 1) She wants to bring our daughter back to China. 2) She wants child support from me. 3) She wants me to agree to changing our daughter's last name to hers. I think these requests are unacceptable so I would like to propose to her that she moves out from my apartment but not leaving Australia, we share custody of our girl and I pay child support. I wonder if I am fair to do so? I realize that she does not speak much English and she's a stay-at-home mum so I don't know if she will have difficulties finding a job here. I realize a lot of example in this forum here are UK-AUS matters so English is not a problem. She has some savings though. Also, since she is on a temporary visa I don't know if I should let immigration know. The last thing I want is the immigration to cancel both of their visa and they have to leave the country. What should I do?? Also, what if I could not agree to her requests and she could not agree to mine? How should we proceed? I am so lost now and really need help~~~
  5. The Stand Up Comedy Thread Post youtubes of Comedians or sketches you find funny...
  6. Hi I'm new here & this is my first post :wideeyed: Excuse me if I ramble too much :wacko: I'm from the UK & married my wonderful Aussie Husband 19 months ago, in Australia. we met online & I travelled to OZ initially on a tourist Visa as advised by the Visa authorities. We married & enquired about a Partner Visa & I was told there was a huge waiting list & advised to return to the UK & apply from here. My husband returned to the UK with me for three months, but had to return for an operation he'd been waiting for. Unfortunately when he got back to Oz his operation was delayed & then our circumstances turned upside down when his Landlady had drastically & suddenly altered her plans & effectively made my husband homeless. Aswell as having no accomodation this halted our being able to submit my Visa. After endless battling my husband was house after ten months. Also during that time he had his operation, which didn't go as planed & further surgery was required, delaying his recovery & ultimately search for work. Atm he's getting a pension but he desperately wants a job. As soon as he was recovered he started voluntary work at a charity depot hoping to get taken on as an employee but he's been there for four months & they haven't given him a proper job as yet. I'm not currently working in the UK. By trade I'm an Artist & this is not something on the skills list. I can work as a specialist in the interior design end of painting & decorating & have many skills & talents that dont fit into any specific boxes on the skills list. I DO NOT expect to claim anything whilst in Australia. I have every intention of establishing myself as an Artist & will ultimately start a small business but until that can be established I'm happy to work in retail or anything else. ATM my husband & I are not in a great position financially, all the delays aswell as our wedding, flights back & forth, my medical checks now have to be redone & are causing additional expense, the Visa itself, shipping costs, & flights back to Oz , aswell as maintaining two households for us whilst apart has pretty much wiped out all we had. I'm concerned my Visa will be rejected on financial grounds. We do have a friend who said they may offer additional sponsorship if required but we'd rather not have to rely on anyone else if at all possible. My husband took our documents to an immigration lawyer who said we should submit our application, but I'm very nervous incase its rejected on financial grounds & we'd be back at square one having invested all we have. I haven't seen my husband for a year now, even though we speak everyday by phone & computer. Our relationship is very loving & solid I had no thought of moving to Australia before meeting my husband. I just hope our current lack of finance will keep us apart much longer. We are so desperate to be together & start a productive married life but we keep getting caught in catch 22 dilemas. I'd appreciate hearing if anyone else has had similar experiences or any advice to offer ? Excuse the really long post :unsure:
  7. My 15 yr old son ( who is 16 in August, yr 11 ) will have just done his last exam before arriving in Tas. He is in no way academic so, if he comes away from the Uk with very few passes, which is seeming to be highly likely, where will he stand re the Tasmanian education system? Will he go back into the education system re the secondary school, or would it be to a college? He seems quite happy to go back to school so it wouldn't be a problem to him, but would prefer college. I'm under the impression that he will have to go back into education, unless he can get an apprenteship, is this correct? I've reckoned to do some research on this, but can't quite seem to get a definative answer. Chris
  8. Phil & Vikki

    How do we stand with shop law?

    Last time we were in Australia, we went into a local shop and on the door, there was a notice saying something like; the management have the right to search your bags and or prams. When we got to the till the lady asked to look at our pram, which we agreed to as we did not know any better. In the UK, shops can not do that and you have the right to refuse. Also in the UK if the alarm goes of as you walk out the door, the shop does not have the legal right to look in your bag and you do not have to come back into the shop.What is the law in Oz regarding situations like this? Does the consumer have the legal right to refuse people to look in their property or come back into the shop if the alarm goes off or is it in the powers to do this?
  9. ok bit of a rough thread to warn people ....... my dads on his last legs , hes still in the uk and im in perth .. weve had our ups and downs and on the downs he decided to spend some of my inhertance ............ ie new tvs etc and a 2007 porsche cayenne. ( what a 72 yr old man wants with one of them is anyones guess ) . . hes only had the car for about 5 mths ..... so if he does pop it what are the chance of me being able to ship the car over to perth ........ ...... . harsh it may seem .. mom doesnt drive (except us up the wall )..... . he only does about 4000miles a year.... will there be complications .... dont thing folks that im a gold digger ..... im a car freak so its not to make money on ........ if my dad enjoyed it...... then i will follow in his footsteps and do the same . ive heard that a car has to be owned for 12 mths ............. but since i would not be the owner on the log book where do i stand .. would they do a act of compassion ?? help me folks please !
  10. Hello, I am new here and this is first post so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am currently in Oz with my husband and 2 children, we were pretty sure we wanted to emigrate but thought we should come over and check the place out first! So we are here on 3 month tourist visa and staying with my husband's Uncle who has lived here for 40 years. We had planned to apply for Visa 176 when we return to Uk in Jan, my husband is a Glazier - which is on the SOL list, he is 30 and has 15 yrs experience in this trade. I have spoken to an agent who said we would have to go to TRA, get his skills assessed and then apply for AQF III in order for his skills to be accepted as work experience was not enough anymore. Also, he would have to take IELTS test, which just seemed silly to me as he is English!! I am an English Teacher to foreign students in the UK and know how hard the IELTS can be if you do not use the correct language they are looking for! Anyway, we were going to go ahead and apply, and also ask the Uncle to sponsor us - though I was told this would make little difference to the time frame/costs - but may mean we could get rid of IELTS test as would not need so many points. This was all going to cost around 6k (GBP). Now. today, I have seen the new points system which will be introduced in July 2011. I can not make out if we would be better off waiting to apply after this. It seems that my husband's work experience may be more relevant after this date in the new system and that we would get 10 points for the Uncle and 30 points for my husband's age...but would still have to take IELTS? To be honest I find it all a bit confusing! I also can not work out if we could get state/territory sponsorship for his profession. It is on Schedule 4 SOL list - but I am not really sure what this means! Can anyone help?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance. :biggrin:
  11. Guest

    where do I stand?

    Hello all, A little help, please!! a quick recap on our situation. Our dumb agent forgot to attach our CV to our WA SS. so we were declined and now we are waiting like everyone else for the SMP's. My question is - we sent off our main visa aplication 176 at the same time we sent off our SS, been told by our agent not to worry, we will get our SS back long before they look at the main visa. So what happens if they look at our visa before we get SMP? our points break down is this 60 - Occupation 20 - Age 15- English 10 - Experience Total - 105 Also, if we sit the english exam, and get a pass mark over 7 we can get an extra 10 points, does this speed things along abit? we are still applying for jobs! Thank you all, Alan & Mary
  12. Hi All, I am seeking advise regarding my current situation. We have been renting a brand new house in Sanctuary Lakes for the past month. One of the main points for taking the house was a fibre optic connection. However, due to problems with the builders this has still not been installed. I had arranged for connection for the week we moved in, however, the Estates People informed me that they couldn't connect due to the cabling box not having been fitted. The property manager has tried to get things sorted, however, it appears as though the builders have buried the cables under the house. They don't want to dig it up and now want to employ specialists to retrieve the cabling. This is now 4 weeks into the lease, we cannot get TV, Internet or a phone line. We are having to rely on mobiles and a 3G dongle, you all know how good they are. I just don't know where I stand, and have no idea who to contact as to what my rights are. We paid 6 months rent up front and feel that because of this we have no leverage against the landlord to get it sorted. My family are feeling very cut off from home, one call home to my Daughter for an hour ran up a bill of $130. We cannot keep paying these fees just to keep in contact with family and friends back home. We really like living here and don't want to face the prospect of moving again, and I am not even sure what our rights are. Not sure if you can classify Phone, internet as essential services. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. i wonder if anyone know where we stand?. we had a contract for 12 months been in it now for 6months now ,had problems from the start cut a long story short 1: signed for rental with a pool table ,bar fridge,ornaments all in lease .moved in owner had removed items .after 3 months of complaining owner replaced items. 2:real estate agent gave our bond to owner of the property so month by month started to take it back out of the rent we were paying then made us in arrears, but has been sorted now . 3: had inspection gave note for repairs need doing and one is a fire hazard ,3 months later not done . 4 : owner does not want us to go to agent for any repairs go direct to him (he phoned us). he then phones to ask if we would like to buy ,we said no as was breaking lease as moving Perth with hubby's job and estate agent was going to re advertise for new tenant ,but now they can not because he is not renewing the lease so we are stuck with another 6months with no repairs done and it does not look like he going to do them. is there are way out of this for us ??. after inspection today the woman said the garden needs weeding etc ,i told her its in a better condition now than when we moved in ,but she said we are breaking the contract and you will be charged for it when move out. i could go on of everything what has happened ,can any one help !!! :arghh:
  14. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we were successful!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo happy to have something concrete and positive now. Now need to pass the IELTS and then see about state sponsorship in WA. Does anybody know when the temporary suspension on new applications to WA is to be lifted? Thank you :hug:
  15. Guest

    Where do i stand with my agent.

    Good morning everyone, you all have been so helpful to me in the past and im looking for your help again if possible. .... if you look at my previous threads you will see my long long boring disenheartning story, but because i knew it wasnt going to be easy we're STILL holding onto hope..... ok since all the changes it looks like unless we go to oz to get the equivelent butcher qualification (lots of money) as hubby no paper qualifications THEN look for an austrailian job offer with sponsor(recruitment/sponsor agent in oz wants 3000 pounds plus 10 % of years salary upfront and will only search for you for 3 months ) then ditch you. (or you can pay again) this guy was recommneded by our agent!!! so, (hang in there) our agent said why dont we look at New Zealand as he could get us there in 4 months NO problem. we reasearched and have now fell in love with the country. so we phoned the agent and told him we were wanting to follow that route. He's has just told us that we now need to look for a job offer. has went cold and told us to get back to him when we find one. which if we do need to pack up and go in 10 weeks. We have a house to sell and two kids to pack up also. THis saga has been going on for 4 years. What is going on with my agent. hes just not sounding interested and has in my opinion led us up the garden path and has our money!!! Please can someone give us advice on why our agent seems to be no support i thought he was highly qualified but hes given us the wrong impression again. OR if anyone has been granted a job offer in NZ and managed to actually get there? Thankyou so much in advance.:sad:
  16. [removed by admin at request of member]
  17. Hi not wanting to sound thick but do you think I may still have a chance I am a cook/chef husband carpet fitter ssfor wa granted 22/12/09TRA passed july 09 visa 176 lodged 12/01/10
  18. Hi All, I like many others have been affected by the new Priority Changes made on 23rd September:arghh: Have you been Requested to get your Medicals and police checks? Are you in the final stages of your application (all docs Met and Meds Finalized)? Are you going to lie down, or do you want to be heard? The more people that say something about how unfair it is to process our applications just prior to finalization and then put them on hold! The more likely he is to listen. After all he is a Senator, surely his actions should only be fair If you feel you should have a voice please join my campaign!!! I have decided and as advised by my agent to mount an Email/Letter campaign to: Senator Evans as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship He is the individual responsible for this!!! His Contact details are: Senator Chris Evans Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: 02 6277 7860 Fax: 02 6273 4144 Email: minister@immi.gov.au and senator.evans@aph.gov.au Please, Please, Please write we need to stick together. If you decided to contact Mr Evans please leave a comment to keep this thread alive. Kevin Rudd is next on my list!!!!!!! Good Luck to all caught up in this mess and thanks for your support
  19. Guest

    ACT PIO-ers! Make A Stand!!

    Hi all ACT PIO-ers! I know there's plenty of us still left back here while JacquiB, Samfire and Catherine and Rob are starting their new lives in canberra ! (Good on you all - hope you're having a top time and look forward to all your news ... we'll need you all to keep our dream alive for a little while now!!) For us left here and now looking like it will be another 3 years - PLEASE MAKE A STAND!!! I wrote to Senator Evans yesterday to raise my concerns on the way the new direction has been handled and pointed out how it was unethical and wrong to be asked by DIAC to obtain medicals and police checks only to find a few days later everything had changed and as the checks are only valid for one year etc etc ... I copied the letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and also copied in the ACT SS people for information - they seemed pleased that people are making a stand - If you are close to getting your visa and this has affected you - I would urge you to write and raise your concerns (in an unemtional/unpersonalised way!!!) - the more this point is raised - the better .... I have also raised my concerns with the Australian Govt Ombudsman too. I'm sure there will be people ready to 'put me down' for this thread but personally I don't believe in lying down and being walked all over - this is my money and my family life they are playing with ... Happy days!
  20. The Pom Queen

    Stand By Camper Vans on Special

    We are on the mailshot for standby campers and they have just sent through the following offers. They may be a cheaper alternative for anyone over here doing their reccie. School Holidays luxury camper relocations available for booking now: Brisbane to Sydney 4 and 6 Berth Campers 3 days for $5 per day Optional 2 extra days for $75 per day $110 Free Fuel Available between now and 7 October Melbourne to Sydney 4 and 6 Berth Campers 3 days for $5 per day $110 Free Fuel Available between 3 and 6 October Alice Springs to Sydney 4 and 6 Berth Campers 6 days for $5 per day Optional 2 extra days for $75 per day $310 Free Fuel Available between 24 September and 4 October
  21. Hi, in the late 80's I was told to opt out of serps, so I did. Has anybody on here been in the same position and how did you get on? I'm not even sure who to contact it was what seems so long ago. any help would be appreciated Regards Glynn:smile:
  22. Lanky Lad

    Samsung Black Glass TV Stand

    Samsung 3 tier Black Glass, silver pillars LVD TV Stand. Un Marked as new. Located The Central Coast ( ne The Entrance ) off the Sydney to Newcastle freeway. Costs about $550 + here - open to offers. Large selection of mutli plug adaptors and extentions - UK fittings!!!!!! PM or email for more details
  23. Hi, Ive posted on here quite a bit about our decision to stick with the 175 visa instead of switching to 176 visa but I am so worried. Reason we sticking is we cant afford to go till next year anyway and not selling our house so no pressure there. However Im worrying that they might remove my husbands trade of carpentry from MODL or something !! If they did maybe we could apply for state sponsership later, but then carpenty may not be available by then. We only want to live in WA as we have several friends living there, carpentry on the list in WA but I cant find any date if there is a cut off point like SA are doing. Also I have read on threads they ask about money you will take out with you, we have some savings so far but probably not enough. Has anyone applied to WA and do you need to prove savings ? Im assuming 176 visas will take a while to process now anyway with so many people switching and then we have a year to validate so that would suit us. Everything may change in July anyway- I dont mind waiting for the 175 as long as its not years !! ha ha, but just worried they might stop accepting carpenters !! Never been so stressed in my life ....:arghh:
  24. My OH and I hope to get PR in Sept 08. At the moment I am here as 'defacto' with my OH who is on a 457 sponsored visa. So, at the moment, if he decided to leave Aus (or worse leave me) I have no right to stay here. Anyone know where I stand when we get our PR? His company will be sponsoring our application. Am I still in the same situation, in that I can only live/work in Aus if he is here and we are together? I am not overly concerned as I doubt we will split up but my parents voiced the question as they worry about my 'stability' here and it got me thinking. We are not married. Any advice? Thanks
  25. Guest

    Workforce Solution Stand London

    Is it just me or was the guy at the Workforce solutions stand a bit dodgey? I spoke to him and told him what i did and he took my C.V and put it away and said i can offer you a sponsorship and get you there in 12 weeks. He even said for me to come to an interview in York in 5 weeks. But as i was at another stand he said the same thing to about 12 other people. Can this stand be trusted??