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Found 59 results

  1. Guest

    Visa Stamp

    Hubby is desperate for a visa stamp in his passport. While this is no longer necessary it will make things easier on arrival. Does anyone know, can he just turn up at Aust House and ask for one, or if he can post his passport and how long this might take/cost? Cheers Tracey
  2. Hi I've been told that 1st time home buyers do not pay any stamp duty in WA? Can anyone confirm if this is correct or have i been led up the garden path?:skeptical:
  3. Hello everyone, I am about to send off our passports but I only have just over 12 months left on my passport, should I renew my passport then get it stamped or should I just send it off anyway. we hope to fly oneway in April / May next year. Passport runs out jan 2013 can anyone see any problems. Thanks in Advance:notworthy:
  4. Guest

    Visa Stamp

    Hi All, I have been granted my visa after 2 years waiting. Im wondering whats the situation on getting my passport stamped with my visa. Do i just send my passport along with a letter to the Australian Embassy or what should i do. Thanks in advance
  5. Help - I'm so confused!! I am due to settle on a piece of land on Monday and I keep reading/hearing different things about stamp duty concessions - I keep ringing my Conveyancer and e-mailing but she's either never in the office or sends e-mails back without answering the actual question. So I'm hoping someone on here may know the answer:- We have had properties before in the UK but they have been sold. The letter from my Conveyancer more or less reads that if we have had properties/land anywhere in the world before then we are not eligible for the stamp duty concession, however, then we read that if this is vacant land and we are to build on it within 2 years and it is the first land we have had in Australia then we may be eligible for a concession? Anyone know the answer? Thanks in anticipation. Kat :biggrin:
  6. Hi Everyone, My husband was granted his Visa about a week ago.. We are due to fly out 13th August with Etihad. We are flying from Dublin to Abu Dhabi and then onto sydney. My question is this... I asked my CO if hubby could get the stamp in his passport before we head but CO said it wasnt required and if needed for anything in OZ we can get it done over there.. I know its all electronic.. Im just worried that when we get to Abu Dhabi, me and the kids have Australian Passports and the hubbies is Irish with nothing in it to say he has a PR subclass 100 VISA.. On the VISA approval letter, it says the VISA will activate when we arrive in Sydney, so will it not be on the passport untill we get there? Therefor meaning it will not be on the passport in Abu Dhabi? Wouldnt wont to get stuck there or have any trouble? Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Ronan20

    Visa Stamp

    I Just want to confirm something: I got conformation of my 457 visa this morning. As a citizen of Ireland I assume that I do not need to go to London to get my passport stamped. I just turn up on the flight with my passport and when I arrive in Australia I will need to have a copy of my visa grant number and paperwork?? Am I correct?? Ronan
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if you can still get a visa stamp in your passport? When I got my PR I was told I didn't need one and they wern't issued anymore but now the RTA are refusing to issue me a license without one. I am very confused and not sure which department is giving me the wrong info. Thanks Karen
  9. Guest

    advise on visa stamp

    Hi, I need my passport to be stamped with my visa. Could anyone let me know the procedure please? I am in the UK Thanks in advance,
  10. Guest

    To get VISA stamp or not?

    Morning all!! i know this has probly been covered before so sorry for being lazy and not just having a good root around for the info... :wink:We are flying out the 13th August and are due our PR VISA mid July.. We are going to Sydney. I know VISA's are electronic and its not essential to have the stamp/sticker in your passport. BUUUTTTT i read somewhere (cant remember) that if you want to exchange your driving licence in N.S.W. you must have the stamp in your passport? Can anyone tell me if this is true? Also, if i want to just get it before we leave, do you think i might be cutting it fine? as dont want the passport getting lost or delayed and then miss our flight!!:wacko: Dont need any extra stress!! LOL!! Mabye there is somewhere in sydney you can just get the stamp when you get there? Appreciate any advice, thanks:biggrin:
  11. dferri2000

    ACT Stamp Duty on cars

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I'm only connecting by phone at the mo... What is the stamp duty on cars in ACT? I know its 3% in NSW and we are wondering whether to buy one while we are still travelling or whether to wait until we get to Canberra. Thanks! Sent from my HTC Wildfire using Tapatalk
  12. Hy does anybody knows from whr to stamp the sticker for Permanent Residency for Australia in Pakistan. Please let me know and how much time it takes. Cheers
  13. or do you have to make an appointment, Many thanks
  14. Is that really the case I tohught it was electronic now a days? We are on a 176
  15. I have been searching the DIAC site (as directed by Auspost website) for information about getting visa replacement stickers in renewed passports but can't find the actual link. Does anyone know where I can find out how to go about this as will be renewing the kids passports for a holiday next year? I would really like them to be allowed back into the country with us!! - although on second thoughts lol!!:biggrin: Karen
  16. Guest

    getting Visa stamp in passport

    Do you have to make an appointment or can you just go there
  17. so got the visa, renewed passport. completed and sent form informing of new passport details. when can i send passport off to get visa stamp? do they let you know they got new passport details? Any advise appreciated.
  18. if so can you just post it or do you all have to go in person? or can just one person go ?
  19. christopher

    Stamp Duty in the UK

    I am just wondering if anyone on here knows the rules with Stamp Duty in the UK. My wife and I will be buying a house outright on our return next month, now I have had 2 mortgages in the UK, one on my own and one with my wife but we sold up in 2008. Now I have heard that if you haven't had a home loan (or your names on deeds) in the last 3 years you are actually classed as first home buyers and the stamp duty limit goes up to 250,000 pounds instead of 125,000? is this true?
  20. Guest

    Stamp In Visa

    Hi I have been told that I don't need a stamp in my passport as it is all now electronic! However ... I have been told that rental companies will want to see a stamp, and one jopb agancy I have approached said they wanted to see the stamp in my passort!! ( I am getting the impression that there are the odd forgeries out there!!) So how do I go about getting a pretty stamp in my passport? I emailed my CO but he is on leave until April.... after I leave!!! Ta ever so Kevin
  21. Guest

    Visa stamp in passports

    Hi all, we had our visa granted 2-3-11 but haven't sent off our passports to have the visa stamp put in. Our 2 sons passports run out july 2012 so iwas waiting till may/june time to renew them as you get the extra time put on. How soon do we have to get the stamp put in and what documents do we have to send? Many thanks for your answers.
  22. vbulsara

    VISA Stamp on Passport > INDIA

    Hi Any one who is from India, and Got the VISA? Did you got Visa stamp on Passport via VFS ? or Just Took Electronic visa and went to Ozzie
  23. Hi We will be moving to Mandurah as new residents. Does anyone know if we will qualify for a discount in stamp duty on the purchase of the house as we will be first time buyers in Australia? Many thanks
  24. Guest

    Visa Stamp in passport...?

    I know I have seen a thread somewhere about having your Visa Stamp in your passport, now I can't find it! Do we need to send our passports off to London to have them put in or, is this no longer required if you have done your visa electronically? Thanks Leila :chatterbox:
  25. John Gilfillan

    Advice required for visa stamp

    Hi All, I am hoping some of the more experienced members can help with my question. We have been told by our agent that we are in the Pre Grant stage and have to leave Australia for 8 working days for our visa to be granted and the stamp put in to our passports. We are going to a relative of mine who lives in Dunedin, New Zealand and as I believe, the office which deals with the stamping of the visa etc, is in Auckland which is the opposite end of New Zealand from where we will be. My question is, Do we have to go to the embassy in person or can we use a courier whilst in New Zealand? If someone has used a courier, can you tell me how long it took? Regards, John