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Found 68 results

  1. Hi Does anyone know the email address for second stage partner visa 801 in Melbourne please (for permanent residency)? I have seen a previous thread that has the following email address but I think it is just for the ACT: act.ssp.processing@immi.gov.au I'm in Melbourne so the Melbourne office would be processing it. I haven't been assigned a CO as yet so thought I would see if I could get an update on if I was anywhere near to being assigned one. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  2. meme78

    2nd stage partner visa

    is anyone going through the 2nd stage of the spouse visa? any ideas on info required and current processing times? i'm sick of not having PR despite having a child here who is a citizen....i'm trying to get onto a course and international fees are ridiculous.
  3. Hi everyone, hope all Visa lodgements are going well for you all! I applied for my Partner Subclass 309 visa back in March 2009, which was granted by June 2009 and I moved out here in July 2009, it was all fairly straightforward, we didnt hire a migration officer and I double & triple checked everything before it was sent. All that seemed to go through fine, and like I said I was on my way by July. No one seems to really tell you much information about the second stage of this visa, I was advised to contact Immigration 22months after I lodged the application, so that I could continue with the next stage, I have done that and I am waiting on the paperwork arriving, hopefully any day now. When I asked the lady on the phone what it actually is, she said just more paperwork to show that you are still together (which we are, and getting married in July!) :biggrin: Does anyone know what the paperwork is/what kind of questions? is it basically just the first process all over agian? How long does it take to come back? do you get interviewed? And is there another cost involved? Its quite confusing, as you sort of forget after being here for 2 years that you are STILL only a temporary resident! But it does present a few obstacles with things such as loans, insurance etc. Any help would be very much appreciated, sorry for the long post , thanks :wink:
  4. I have just done a dummy run of the application for a 175 visa because, when we actually do apply, we will likely be away from home. I'm trying to make sure I know exactly what we need so we have any required documents with us. I thought that you have to provide a statement/evidence of how long you have been together with your partner, but nothing came up in the online application. Is this because we're married? Or is it something the case officer asks for later? Anything else we need to prepare apart from the following: IELTS test score Skills assessment Work history Medical checks Police checks ???
  5. Hi all, has any1 applied for 2nd stage partner visa processing in Brisbane in Nov.? I have submitted my application for 2nd stage PR processing in Nov. on form 80 i wrote the names of my 3 office colleagues as contacts in Aus. if i resign from the company does it affects my PR? I mean if Immi calls thm n thy say tht i used to work with them and now i have resigned, can this have any -ve implication? Also if i resign, do i need to update Immi.abt my job status?
  6. Metoo

    Stage two of 309 Spouse Visa

    Hi All, Quick question, When completing the second stage of your 309 spouse visa has anybody been asked for a 2nd UK police check. Obviously I submitted one when first applying for my visa in 2009, now the 2 year temp PR visa is ready to be converted into PR 100, Diac is asking for a Police Check for any country I have resided in for 12 months or more during the the past 2 years. As I am still in UK does this mean another UK PC. I have nothing to hide but a 2nd PC check for UK seems a little strange. Thanks Metoo
  7. Hello I am not sure if anyone can help but we have received our 2nd stage partner visa documentation ...we hope to submit it tomorrow..we have only been asked for a police check, form 80 and stat decs. Does anyone know if we have to send in other stuff (proof of our relationship) or wait until we are asked. Also i was granted my last visa on the 12th January 2010 So have received the paperwork very much in advance does this mean they won't look at my application until after this date or if a little miracle happened could it be granted before this date? Thank you so much for reading this post
  8. Chris&Mel

    RSMS 119 - Stage 2 of Nomination

    Hello everyone, I have completed stage 1 of the RSMS (Subclass 119) i.e. approval from Immigration SA, stage 2 was lodged at Melbourne centre of excellence approximately 8-10th June. Im expecting or have been expecting an email from DIAC to allow me to proceed with submitting form 47ES for the final stage of the RSMS application. (suggested timescales for stage 2 are stated at approx. 20 working days). Is anyone else in the same position, or am i just becoming paranoid thinking that something must be wrong with the nomination?????? Do timescales seem to be slipping......anyone please. Thanks
  9. We are urgently looking for a Stage Gate Project Manager. Your primary responsibilities will be; • Lead multidisciplinary teams working with defined project schedules to drive results – ensure effective communication between key stakeholders to keep projects on track. Direct the milestone target activities of teams for the duration of their involvement in the project • Responsible for managing multiple projects simultaneously including project planning, estimating, tracking, scope and risk management, execution and reporting. Manage changes; resolve or escalate project issues through the use of red flags and scope changes. • Ensure project documentation is organized, updated and accessible • Ensure artwork generation, approval and management supports project delivery • Responsible for effective execution, maintenance and ongoing improvement of the Stage Gate process To be successful in this position you will have: • A relevant tertiary qualification • Pharmaceutical experience will be advantageous • 3 – 5 years Management experience • Experience in scoping, planning, organizing and directing multidisciplinary projects • Experience in use of Microsoft Project and Office • Managing budgets and cost schedules
  10. Guest

    2nd stage spouse visa timeframe

    Hello, My husband applied for a spouse visa in June 2010 and it was granted a few months later. I was just wondering when he will get the info for the 2nd stage processing? I have heard that it is a few months before the 2 year date (since application) so I'm guessing around March-April next year. Would it be possible for him to send in the info say a month or two early? He is really keen to get back to uni to complete his science and medical studies and we can't afford international student fees so I would hate for him to miss out by a month or so. It's a bit frustrating as well since we were 6 months off the 3 year defacto period (for straight PR) when his temp spouse visa was granted. Thanks
  11. YIPPEEEEEEEEE I got a letter in the post today granting me my second stage partner permant residence (801) Eligable date was 3rd sept. I got a letter from them at the end of June asking for a stat dec from my partner & I, a police clearance for me & a completed form 80. I sent it all in a couple of days later to Melbourne and received an acknowlagement card about 10 days later. Then heard NOTHING......until today granting me perm res. Thought I'd post this so those still waiting get can an idea of current timelines. Zoe
  12. Hi All, I know that two years from when you initially lodge your de facto application (for me this was off shore, in the UK in April of this year) but does anyone have an experience of how they view your time apart during that two years. I am hoping to hear about my visa by the end of this month...fingers crossed for good news as I might be jumping the gun! I returned here to apply as I had thought it was quicker and I could earn whilst we waited (my last 4 months in Australia I could only volunteer, as I had a tourist visa after my WHV to make up 12 months at the same residential address). I have been lucky enough to find work at home and it will even aid me in what I want to do in Australia, as it is a more responsible role within the trials field I was working in before. Given the experience my job is giving me (I am worried in returning to Oz on a temporary partner visa it will make it hard for me to find work) and the money I am currently able to put aside after spending my savings in Oz (I have moved back in with my parents seeing as we hope it is temporary), as well as the commitment I have to certain trials, I wouldn't go back as soon as the visa is granted. May next year (when a project closes) would actually be an ideal time to leave. Would this 13 months at different residential addresses be frowned upon when they come to review us in April 2013? He has had long service leave, so has been able to be here for 2.5 months, I am going to visit him for 2 weeks in November and then he has another 2 weeks here in February next year. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you :wubclub:
  13. Hi My wife just sent in the 2nd stage partner visa paperwork. We are both in AU and applied for the visa in AU. One part of the paperwork was a listing of all the times we've left AU since submitting the original application. Actually, we've both left the country for quite a bit of time - in her case about 5 months over 2 years. We were together for most of that (3.5 months) but I kept having to return to AU for work :mad: with only limited annual leave. My question is - do we have to have been living together *in australia* for two years since the application, or simply living together ... or is it simply 2 years from the original application!? Reason being, we don't know if PR will be granted to her in 1-2 months, or 6 months - and we want to book ahead to go see her parents again over Xmas (much cheaper to book now). regards cdewsxzaq PS I realise my question is not so important as many on here, my best wishes to those stressed about vital visa issues!
  14. for all those who are soon to be going for PR after having a temporary de facto visa, i have only been asked for 2 stat decs, a police check and character form. they have also requested this ahead of schedule, so things are looking good for turn around times in the Melbourne office right now.....
  15. Guest

    Newbie- first stage of process

    Hey all been reading everyones posts on here and its alll so scary! Me (21) and my bf (22) are looking to move to oz on a 175 visa he is a motor mechanic and im a hairdresser. Booking our english tests for august and booking our skills assesment as soon as so we can send our visa forms off! Does any body know where you have to go for TRA skills assesment and how its done (the process) the waiting times for the visas seems very dauntin how long is eveyone else waiting for 175 independent skilled visa? jenna x:wacko:
  16. _shel

    Second Stage Partner Visa

    My MIL tells me DIAC have sent the documents to her house for the second stage of my visa. I'm not there yet, still in the UK for 53 days & they've given me 60 days to get it all back to them! Oh what fun looking after a baby, organizing a move across the world & now doing the application too! Also not too impressed I have to provide yet more police check from Aus & the UK for us both. We've both only just done police checks for our sons visa! And I've never lived in Aus yet so why an Aus check? Do they send out standard info or is is personalised? Might we get out of the police checks because the others are still valid for about 8 months?
  17. I am an Australian Citizen and the sponsor for my husband's spouse visa. We got his 309 visa granted on Feb 2010. We live in Dubai and its from here that we had applied for his Spouse PR. We had actually planned to move to Aus but we are postponing it for now. I know that around the 2 year mark DIAC will request us to resubmit documents for grant of permanent PR. I just want to confirm a few things so that we can plan our next move 1. Can we apply for Subclass 100 (Permanent Spouse PR) outside australia ? 2. I was employed until recently and now out of work - since I am his sponsor am I expected to to be working and show pr0of of employment ? 3. We used a migration agent for the first stage - so will DIAC contact them around next year ? Your inputs will be highly appreciated as we will need to move to Aus if I need to apply from there. TIA
  18. Guest

    2nd stage defacto

    Hey all!!!! Just thought I post on here to let everyone Know I have just applied for my PR, sent the 2nd stage forms of yesterday to the Brisbane office.... now playing the waiting game again....once again! Has anyone recently applied? if so what was your wait.... I'll keep you posted on the process... fingers crossed!! :eek:
  19. laneyD

    Next Stage Complete

    Our Youngest had medical yesterday & both police clearance's in Visa application sent today anyone any idea's on the timescales for kids visa?.. Then all that has to be done to send us on our merry way is the house to sell!:err:
  20. Hello.... Just looking for a bit of advice... i ahev just received me 2nd stage defacto visa forms .... all seems very straight forward... but do I or do I not need to send through proof of my ongoing relationship... tenancy agreements etc... or do i just do what they've sent and if they require anything will they request the information? also... has anyone else recently applied?? if so whats the processing time working out to be.... ??? 6-8 months seems like a long time especially as there really isnt much paperwork... Any advise will be greatly received... Thanks:wacko:
  21. Woohoo Finally got my perm visa. Despite been warned up to 8 months took less than 3.
  22. Hi, Just been thinking about the following and wondered if anybody has an answer......If you are using an agent for the skilled visa process, at any stage can you just choose not to use them and go it alone for a certain parts of the process? Just that once you start using an agent, are you then obliged to pay their fees at every stage or if you feel confident doing part of it on your own with no assistance from them, is that ok...? Thanks guys
  23. Guest

    Stage 2 - De Facto visa

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some details on what is required for stage 2 of the De Facto Spouse visa? I have a temporary visa for the next 2 years, and after that I know that will re-evaluate my application and from there decide whether or not to grant me a permanent visa? Will we need to provide proof of relationship again from those 2 years in Oz? Like leases, and bills, and joint bank accounts etc? Thanks - any help on this is greatly appreciated!
  24. Guest

    2 nd stage spouse visa

    hey does anyone know how immigration usually contact when visa has gone through from provisional to permanent! thanks
  25. Just wondering - when we lodged last year (Nov 09) any future correspondence would need to be referenced with the old codes. Since the introdcution of the new codes do we need to correspond with the new code only, both old and new code or old code only? Like I say, just wondering but do really need to know. Ley x :unsure: