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Found 25 results

  1. We currently have many opportuinites for Sonographers and Radiographers all over Australia. If you are a trained Sonographer or Radiographer or know someone who is please contact us on the details below. If you know any Brits back home who are qualified and are thinking of emigrating out here we can help them with their visa free of charge. Our positions cover all levels of experience with competitive salaries in fabulous locations.
  2. We are Australia's fastest growing home improvement company and are currently looking for a few key individuals to join our team hear in Perth. We are offer a very competitive hourly rate plus really exciting bonus structure.. Part time and full time positions available If interested please reply by pm for more details.. John
  3. Hi everyone, I'm going to a careers evening in London in a couple of weeks at a recruitment agency. Heres the information if anyone else would like to go. http://dmtrk.net/t/9FS-IP4F-D81E1L0D21/cr.aspx
  4. We are a rapidly expanding renewable energy company based all over Australia and are currently looking to employ sales staff in Western Australia to assist in the huge growth of our company.. We can offer the right person very flexible working hours and the potential to earn in excess of $100k per annum. We are also looking to hire some canvassers in the Perth area- North and South.. These positions will again be flexible but will be paid an hourly rate plus bonus structure... please reply by pm John
  5. Guest

    police staff

    Hi my partner and I are considering moving to Australia, he is a joiner/shopfitter but I'm a bit more complicated.....I have worked in various roles all of which have involved civilian investigation tasks- I worked in the fraud unit of the Identity and Passport Service for some time and have been employed for nearly five years by South Yorkshire Police again in a civilian investigation role undertaking all the statement taking, intelligence research, obtaining information from other agencies including obtaining Production Orders at court for financial investigations. I was just wondering if anyone has any sort of idea wheher there is the opportunity to undertae any of this type of work in Australia or whether it's all police officers that do these jobs over there. If all else fails I do have experience in general admin/office amangement and would be happy to return to that if it facilitated the move.
  6. I have heard of company incentives, but I think Ergo have taken it a little too far by giving it's top 100 salesmen an orgy.:swoon: A GERMAN insurance company rewarded its best salesmen by organising an orgy with prostitutes in a renowned Hungarian spa, the company said. About 100 top salesmen had been invited to the orgy, which featured numerous scantily clad hostesses and about 20 prostitutes, Ergo insurance spokesman Alexander Becker said. The event organised by one of its divisions in Budapest's art nouveau Gellert Baths represented a clear violation of the company's values, he stressed. "All measures have been taken to prevent a repeat of such an event," Mr Becker said. Those responsible for the June 2007 event - dubbed an "incentive trip" - have left the company, he added. Prostitution is legal in Hungary and Germany.
  7. Never let it be said you can't get a good bargain! My o/h decided the time was here to buy a new bbq, So off he trots to the local diy,So he finds the one he wants, only to be told they had been called back, something to do with missing screws! So off he goes again in search! He finds the same one only bigger priced £235.00 (eek) Display priced! He goes off to find the boxed one only to see its priced up at the same as the smaller one! with 10% off, good price as its also extra 10% day!! He thought he had better check! Manager said that someone had miss priced it! And he can have it for that price, So in the end John paid under £90.00 for it!! RESULT!! I have one very happy hubby,with a much bigger bbq than he wanted! And maybe some very unhappy staff at the local DIY!! :biglaugh:
  8. sleepywombat

    a MASSIVE thanks to RNS staff

    Hi All I made the unfortunate mistake of tumbling down a set of stone steps last week and making a huge mess of my shoulder. I kindly passer-by called for an ambo for me and I was whisked off to the Royal North Shore Hospital. I was operated on on Thursday arvo and then sent to recuperate on the orthopedic ward until I was fit enough to leave yesterday. I understand that the surgeon who took me on was one of the best in his field (which may have been necessary given the nature of my injury!) and he and his team were wonderful. I am now the proud new owner of a plate, a few screws, what looks like a tidy scar and a nice big box of Endone!!! I was completely amazed at the level of care that I received from everyone I encountered. The Ambo crew, the staff in Resus, Emergency and the ward, the operating team and even the boys trolleying me to x-ray - everyone was kind, warm, friendly, apologetic and patient. I have had many experiences of hospitals in the UK where I have felt I have been almost in the way and an annoyance.... Not here... Staff of all nationalities catered to everything I needed and made my stay an awful lot less distressing than it could have been. I only hope that as a holder of a reciprical medicare card, an Aussie-in-need in the UK is given the same attention and care as I have been lucky enough to have received here in Sydney. Medics - you are wonderful people - thank you....:hug: C x
  9. Guest

    Support Staff

    Is there anyone working or studying through them?
  10. Worth a read: Immigration boss begs for more staff - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  11. THE head of the Department of Immigration has made an "urgent" plea for additional staff, claiming his department is struggling to process the rising number of asylum seekers. Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has today released a letter written by the head of the Department of Immigration, Andrew Metcalfe, and addressed to the head of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Conall O’Connell, asking for his help to secure extra staff to process an increasing number of unauthorised arrivals. Immigration department head pleads for more staff | The Australian I suppose this could mean also a shortage of staff all round in this department.
  12. Hiya all Ive been qualifed for 6 months now and I am aware you need 12+ experience before emigrating to Oz. To all the nurses out there at present...... Is there any call/jobs for community staff nurses or do I need to change my job to theatre/surgical/medical/critical nurse in order to gain employment? Thanks :biggrin: Jules
  13. Guest

    Security Staff

    What is the going pre super rate for decent security staff? Not talking white coat car park attendants or supermarkets We have a site in Melbourne requiring 24/7 and quite frankly I am pissed off with our service with Chubb so looking to do it ourselves. As we already own the cameras, night vision etc
  14. good reading in thewest.com.au for peeps going to perth or wa, in the business section employers are worried that there will be a high stagg shortage within a year. makes good reading and keeps hopes of that all important job vancy high :wink:
  15. Promotional Staff required in Perth WA, to undertake wine tastings in various venues in the Perth Metro, North and South of the River, Friday and Saturdays, 3 hour bookings. Must have (WA) RSA Certificates. Good appearance, confident, and firendly personality needed Would suit working holiday visa holders. Part Time, students. over 18 year old. Own TRansport would be an advantage and a good knowledge of wine. Anyone who has all of the above contact Jan 9301 4488
  16. FROM: British Airways asks staff to work for free - Times Online Unhappy times at BA,however the crazy thing is that Willie Walsh himself has just been granted a pay rise. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/transport/article6474165.ece
  17. Hi are you confident and can conduct wine tastings and promote wine! Rsa certificate needed. (easy to get) work cover all perth metro. North and south. Contact jan at prestige perth recruitment for further details. 9301 4488 ask for jan
  18. I have to put a thread on here to say a Massive Thank you to Gollywobbler, George Lombard and his Staff for all their help and support in helping us get our Visa. Without them we would have given up our dream of moving to Australia. We were caught up with the Visa Connection carry on when they closed their doors on everyone and left us all in the lurch basically - and without Gollywobbler and George we would have lost everything. They are so professional - they know their stuff big style. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is wondering who to ask for help and services. THANK YOU :hug:THIS MUCH AND MORE X. The Taylors.
  19. Guest

    Wait staff wanted

    Hi All, I own a small restaurant in the Swan Valley Perth, and need at least 2 more wait staff for weekend and some weekday work. We operate very sociable hours (10 - 4.30 weekdays and 9 - 5 weekends). Work will be on a casual basis at Level 1 award rates. PM me if you are interested. We will train you. Cheers LL
  20. Guest

    Police staff?

    OH and myself are planning on moving to oz but i have a dilemma, do police civ ilian staff exist there? i am currently employed as a control room operator (basicaslly i send the bobbies when you ring!), i was wondering does that job actually exist in oz, or am i gonna have to fall back on my old customer service rep skills?????
  21. Guest

    Can't get the staff!

    I'm moaning guys, watch out! Ok so am a bit tired, working nights this week and not much sleep today. Have been waiting and waiting to get my certified docs back off an acquaintence (friend of a friend) for my nursing skills assessment. Thankfully picked them up today. She's a solicitor and director of her company so should know better - when she wrote in her contact details, next to 'legal title' she has written 'Miss' instead of 'legal practioneer' which is actually what they are after. Arrrrghh! So, OH has to stay up tonight and phone aussie nursing skills assessment department thingy and check if we can add her actual legal working title or if it needs to go back to her which would be a disaster cos she has dispayed no sense of urgency so far - why would she?! And breathe...............:sad: Bonnie x
  22. Hi everyone I have been away, my Dad has been desperately ill & I flew to Durham in the worlds smallest plane (BMI) OMG I hope the ones to OZ are bigger! - I dont think I can keep my eyes closed for 22 hours!! Anyway when Ive got back I had a letter from pickfords but OH says "dont use them" -he read that they have been sold off by their US owners & the staff has been made redundant & that they will not be the same any more? Has anyone else read this ? I was really pleased with their response to our quote queries & they where my front runner for shipping at the moment. Take care Rachel
  23. Hi, I own 2 British Shops in Sydney and am currently looking for people in other States as we continue our rapid expansion. A good knowledge and passion of British groceries is essential. Friendly and Trustworthy people please contact me on 0423296233 or visit the website at osCommerce Glen
  24. Guest

    ODA/ODP & Anaesthetic staff.

    Hi all, Just wondering if there are any ODA/ODP's out there working who could give me some advice on the job front? I am a new fangled UK Anaesthetic Practitioner (Non Medical Anaesthetist) but was an ODP before doing this training, my wife is an Oncology nurse and we are both desperate to get out to OZ. We are coming to perth and Adelaide in November, these are our 2 chosen states to find work, however we would like to hear from anyone in any state that was employed back in UK in anaesthetic/surgery/recovery roles as to how you are getting on. Any help from anyone in the OZ health service would really help us both. Many Thanks. Mark & Sam
  25. Hi everyone, Ive been trying to find my job on the SOL but am having difficulty and wondered whether anyone out there could assist. I am a member of police staff, employed as a Case Progression Officer, in Criminal Justice and wondered where I might find it or a related subject on the SOL. Nearest Ive found is legal profession but dont think this quite fits. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Candy