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Found 6 results

  1. Hiya, So I have submitted my Prospective marriage visa application (subclass 300) and today recieved confirmation of my case worker. She stated that it would take 8-9 months for the visa to potentially be granted. My issue is that my wedding is in October (so literally 8 months away). She said that if i got married BEFORE the visa was granted, i would have to inform them and they would change it to a spouse visa. I'm slightly confused as will this mean I will have to start the process again? I was hoping to return to Australia with my partner once we are married but I assume this would mean I would have to wait in the UK until the visa is granted. Also, one of the terms of the prospective marriage visa is that you must enter australia, before you ahve been married on this visa to validate it. What if i am granted the visa too close to the wedding and I am unable to fly? Has anyone else suffered this predicament? Help! Honestly, a wedding is stressful enough to plan- all this visa stuff is driving me insane! Thank you in advance!
  2. Tysonian

    Obtaining Travel History

    Hi everyone, A little conundrum here.... I am australian and my wife is Spanish having lived in the UK for 9 years. We are preparing a spouse visa for moving to Australia. Through this process, we have discovered that she will have to detail the past 10 years of her international travel... This would be fine, but she has travelled a lot, mostly between the UK and Spain, she cannot recall much of her travel. We have searched her email for past tickets (mine also), but are not sure if this constitutes all of her international travel. How can we obtain a complete list? Can the Home Office provide such information, or do we need to contact the equivalent in Spain? Thanks for your help, Tyson
  3. Hi all, hoping someone can help me out, is anyone aware of the current processing time for a spouse visa lodged in the UK? Also can I go ahead and get medical and police check done and submit with visa application? thanks al
  4. Guest

    Not any ordinary thread......

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! Sadly it is a quite ordinary post! I have flown through filling out, in draft, my 47SP application form having recently decided that making the move is the right thing. However, sending in the real version can wait a little until I have a little further information. What would the validation period be for my visa (I recently married my Aussie wife and we have been together for over 7 years so think a permanent visa may be granted, although being outside of Aus may mean this is not so) and how long after being granted/validating the visa do we have until the permamnent move is made and we set up home Down under? We are thinking of maybe living elsewhere or travelling very slowly on our way to Australia. Thanks
  5. Guest

    DIAC Address to send Form 80

    Hi All, this is probably going to seem like a silly question; but can anyone provide the Address for the Aus Department of Immigration and Citizenship so I can send my Form 80 onto them??? I honestly can't find it anywhere? You'd think it'd be written on the fact sheet (where to send it), or on the website?!?! Thanks heaps to anyone who can help :unsure:
  6. Guest

    off shore spouse visa question

    hello i hope somone can help, i have gone through the posts, and have not yet found anything that resembles my situation. i am out in australia on a tourist visa, i have a no further stay restriction on my visa, i am getting married in february before i have to leave for the uk. do i have to let the immigration know that i am getting married? me and my fiance knew each other when i was out here on a working holiday visa, when i came back here to continue my travels we met back up and he then proposed, i dont have any evidence of us living together as it is all in his name, and also i am not sure if i can open a bank account while out here as a tourist. any advice of what evidence i can collect would be appreciated, also we are not sure if he should come back to the uk with me to show we are in a commited relationship. or if he should wait and come to the uk, once i have been granted. my other question is, does my sponser have to be my fiance, as he is having very bad back issues, and is having to leave work, so wont be able to prove his finances. his sister how ever is quite wealthy and would be willing to sponser me if this is allowed. does anyone know if this is acceptable. i am very worried about the whole process if any one can help i would be so happy thank you.