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Found 43 results

  1. Hi, Having read the immigration website five ways from Sunday before applying for my spousal visa I was aware of the two step process, apply for a temporary visa, and two years later finish the process with an application for the permanent visa. Our temporary visa was issued Nov 2012, and having just recently arrived in Victoria I have revisited the immigration website to determine my Medicare allowance. I have come across the following information regarding what I may do if the permanent visa is issued: 'travel to and from Australia for five years.....after that time you will need another visa to enter australia' Are you kidding me! How did I miss this! Is this new? Do I have to do the whole thing again or simply apply for an evisa when I want to go home? It stands to reason a person who was granted a visa to live in Australia comes from elsewhere and may actually want to visit home from time to time, why the requirement to apply for a new visa after five years! I'm fuming.
  2. I've currently got a 457 highly skilled visa, sponsored by my company. The role i'm in is likely to be made redundant very soon which could provide a bit of a challenge unless i find another role to transfer my visa to very quickly. As i've lived with my Australian partner for 18 months (and we're getting married in 10 months) can anyone recommend the best visa i can apply for which ensures i'm not exposed to the risk that potential redundancy can bring about? I'll be applying from within Australia. The prospective marriage visa is only valid from 9 months prior to the wedding - this could be something to consider next month once i am eligible. The IMMI page also has the 'Spouse with transitional Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa (EETV)' - could this be an easier option seeing as i already have a visa? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks all.
  3. Hi, I recently requested asisstance with putting together my visa application but since then things have cropped up and I have a new question. My wife is Australian and we live in London, I am applying for the 309/100 visa. My wife may or may not be pregnant, the reasons for not knowing are not the issue at the moment, but what it did raise was the issue that she feels I am more determined to immigrate to Australia than she is to return home. I have always been of the opinion that we settle there before having children, hence my instance on getting the visa, but she admits that if we are to have a kid soon she is happyto have it here, with my family around her, and then do the move at a later date. So my question is, if we apply for the visa, and assuming its granted and I or we go to Australia for a visit to activate the visa within the 12 months, are we then obliged to actually immigrate at all or within a specific period of time to keep the visa valid? From my reading of the website I understand the only requirement is that I enter Australia within 12 months of the date of the Police Cert or medical, whichever is oldest, and then within two years they will consider granting the permanent visa. Do we have to show we have lived in Australia for that permanent visa to be granted? The website says I can come and go as much as I like but it says nothing about us having to have settled in Australia for the permanent visa to be granted. In which case we apply now and when the time comes we move? I would like to thank the person who mentioned the new six week validity of Statutory Declarations from Australian friends and family with regard evidence of relationship. I have been working on an older booklet where that was not mentioned. Three of the stat decs I have are now out of date, and one is three weeks old. We have to get another and have the application in the post within three weeks!!! Cheers
  4. Hi everybody! Could someone please help me with this one: I am an Australian citizen, currently in Europe - I've married an Austrian(not Australian girl, after few years of knowing her. I need to go back to Oz. And we would like to stay together. We heard for that 'Onshore Subclass 820' solution (or is it a 'solution'?), but we don't know how it actually works. Does it work at all? Could she enter Australia with me, then we apply for that Subclass 820, and wait for the decision while we are both in Australia? She could stay in Australia for three months with her Austrian passport/tourist visa, and decision about the Subclass 820 takes much longer! What to do? How to do it? Please help. Desperately in love, and desperately wanting to stay together.
  5. Guest

    filling in spousal form query

    hi, I'm just filling in my part of the forms to sponsor my wife ready to emigrate to oz. One of the questions asks for my last 2 yrs of employment details, should I be providing proof of income or is it just to proove that I havn't be sat on my back side for the last 2 yrs? I've been self employed and in employment on and off so its being a bit of a pain to gather all the info however will be worth it in the end! Are imigration wanting to see if I can support my wife when we get there?. To start with she will be the one with the main income with me finding work when we get there. Sometimes we find it hard to know what they expect when answering some of the questions, hopefully we're filling it all in correctly, fingers crossed! cheers Andy
  6. We're thinking of emigrating next year after Crimbo next year, and I'm wondering how long in general it took everyone to get theirs. Also, my OH (the Aussie) said we can apply for it whilst in Australia? If so, does one get the visitor visa first? It would just save us about $1000 so would like to do this if we can.
  7. Hi, Just signed up :0) I'll be relocating to Oz on December 31st (flight leaves LHR at 10pm), on a spousal visa. I found collating the supporting documentation more of a drag than the actual form filling itself! Good luck to others that are migrating too. Bookedwormuk
  8. Guest

    Temporary Spousal Visa Question

    Hi All Does anyone know if you can set up your own company on a 2 year temporary Spousal Visa? Thanks
  9. Hi, My British husband is on a temporary spousal visa which he activated by entering Australia in July 2010. This means we have to wait 2 years before applying for his permanent visa. I am now 7 months pregnant and due in August 2011. I thought that once our baby is born, my husband could apply immediately for his permanent visa, and we would not have to wait the full 2 years (and as a family have the security of his permanency). We have spoken to others in the same situation who got their permanent visa early (thats what they told us anyway). I called Australian Immigration, the man I spoke to seemed vague and unsure, but said he thinks my husband still have to wait the full 2 years to apply for permanency. Can anyone offer us some advice? Once our baby is born can my husband apply early for his permanent Aussie visa? Thanks for your time! Fredandginger:confused: If it is possible, what branch of Aussie immigration do I contact?
  10. Rock Lobster

    Spousal Visa help!!

    Hi there! Just looking for a little bit of advice/reassurance etc I suppose. It's a long old story.... Met my wife 2 years ago in good old England, she had to move back to Oz the following year (2010) due to her WHV expiring. Upon her return to Australia we discovered within days of her getting back she was pregnant! Now....Fortunately I'd already proposed so much less a shotgun wedding and more of a 're-evaluation of timeline..' We decided to get married in September in Australia. The problem there being I had a criminal conviction from 5 years previous. I got sentenced to 8 months (serving 12 weeks) for basically being a complete and utter idiot. I did the right thing, I applied for a 676 visa as opposed to coming in on an Evisa, it took 3 months to come through but eventually it was granted. Everytime I have come into the country I have ticked the little box that says 'has criminal convictions' and took over to the quiet corner for them to check out I have declared it. I did all this just to make sure that when applying for the spousal visa there was nothing there that they didn't already know. I'm not that person anymore and just want to be able to support and look after my wife and child. We flew back to the UK for a while and then decided that the best place for our family was Australia. My wife would have a good support network and the little one would get the sunshine. Currently I am here on the aforementioned 676 visa, it doesn't have a no further stay exception and when I went into immi and asked them whether I could apply for an onshore spouse visa and would this prejudice it, the answer was no. Now, to completely cut a long story short will the criminal conviction result in a rejected application? I have been open and honest at all junctures and just hope that this will be enough. If you managed to get the end of this post THANK YOU!! Thank you for your help.
  11. Guest

    spousal visa

    Hey guys, Anyone know who long it takes for a spousal visa to be granted? (roughly) thanks,
  12. Guest

    Spousal Visa with a Child

    I have a question regarding spousal visa and what if a kid is involved. Basically I have a daughter with my gf and I have applied for spousal visa so that she and our daughter can come over. She recently got the visa granted however a lot of signs of her shows that she might not intend to live with me after coming over here. I understand that the visa is granted on the condition that we are still in a relationship for at least two years. Given these circumstances I would like to ask: 1. If our relationship ends, what will happen to the visa? Is her visa going to be cancelled? 2. What is the visa status of our daughter if our relationship ends? Thanks. I am only concern that if somehow our relationship ended she will block my access to our daughter.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping that someone can help, I'm getting absolutely no where with immigration and the visa expert at my work doesn't explain things very well, and end up confusing herself let a lone me! OK, My problem is: Has anyone ever moved to a spousal visa before the end of a 457? I moved to Sydney 4 years ago and was sponsored 3.5 years ago. current visa runs out in September. I'm getting Married to an Ozzie in August and we're about to put the visa in and start the ball rolling because, as we all know, these things take MONTHS!! Other problem, is that I hate my job and am desperate to leave. I've been advised that until my spousal visa is approved, I can't get any other visa that would allow me to work in Oz. Is this right? My original plan (as I was advised by immigration) was to resign (thus cancelling my 457) submit the spousal visa, and then job hunt on the bridging visa of the spousal. I've been told that the only way to get more work, even with the spousal visa in, is to be on a 457. So... Is there a better option of visa to apply for?? I've been with my Australian fiance for over 3 years, so I do qualify for defacto... Any help would be great!! Might even be a beer in it for you!!! (See, I'm almost an Aussie!!!) Cheers Phil
  14. Guest

    Spousal Visa Question

    Hi all, I am a Dual UK/British citizen after being born in Australia and Mother born in The UK. I have 2 x Passports. I have lived in the UK for 5 years. My Partner is A British Citizen and we have been together for 3 years. Our Daughter is 16 months old and I am told that by birth she is also a Dual citizen. If I were to move back to Australia as a family, what VISA would my partner be entitle to and are there any restrictions on it. I look forward to a reply!
  15. Hi there We can't believe it, lodged 6th August for spousal visa sub class 100 was told 5 to 6 months in our letter, taking us to a minimum of January 2011!! Agent, Mr Les Mighalls, I know we don't name names, but I tell you, he is a diamond, he called my missus today to say, tell Nando, he needs to learn the words of SKIPPY THE BUSH KANGAROO!!! My OH thought, who in the world is this, dodgy call, they got over the shock and that is it, got the email confirmation, we are going to Australia!!! In Oz for Xmas if we can find a flight, stamp in the passport tomorrow, flight checking tomorrow, my girl is going home, I am up for the adventure, I love her so much, she is my diamond, what a way to go, happiness, health and the best news ever!! Our friends and all in PIO's you have been our crutch, big time, hanging on the good news, making friends and the support has been huge, thank you all, and we will be sure to keep you in the know!!! Thank you all, and Les Mighalls, of Migration Assistance agency in Melboure, if you are reading as we know you are registered here, thank you for everything, you are a diamond, you were upfront and honest, and cheaper than agents in London!!, LOL, but a true professional, I can't thank you enough, thank you, my girl, well I have never seen her so happy to go home, and I can't wait to be there, it will be heaven, and it is all thanks to you!!! I have never seen my girl smile as much as you calling her to tell her, get on the plane and teach him the Skippy song, thank you and I will see you in Melbourne!!! Thank you all Hugs Nando XX :biggrin::notworthy::notworthy::hug::hug:
  16. Hi there Is anyone having trouble opening the last page of the summary: spousal visa thread, have tried 5 times and it keeps throwing us out of PIO and comes up with an error, we can open other reads just not this one!! Thanks guys, have we missed something................. Any advice appreciated:confused:
  17. Hi PIO! Can anyone tell us if you can check the progress of your spousal/de facto visa 100 subclass, on the DIAC site? We have a reference number on our letter and not sure if this is the same as a TFN number (not sure of the title of this??) Can you check all types of visa applications or only applications you applied for online? Thanks Nando65
  18. onecrankypom

    Onshore spousal 801

    Evening i'm wondering do you think it would be ok to ask the DIAC what the latest is on my permanent Visa application is as I coming to the end of the 2 year period and have to contact them in December to see what the situation is with my application if I not heard anything I know that is over a month away the last time i heard from them was to confirm they had received my change of address. Does any one know the processing times?
  19. Apologies for what is probably a very dumb question... I am an Australian citizen, and will be marrying my partner in mid-October, and then applying on-shore for spousal visa for my partner. I have a child from a previous marriage. My child is an Australian citizen, and my ex and I share joint custody. My partner does not have any children. We're having trouble working out whether the various questions about dependent children on my partner's form 47SP, require us to list my child as a "dependent child" for purposes of this application. My child isn't migrating, and my partner has no official legal responsibility for my child (although he does, in practice, act as another parent) - if something were to happen to me, at this point, custody would go to my ex, rather than my current partner. The form says, on the one hand, that "A dependent child may be your or your fiance(e) or partner's child or step-child", which sounds to me as though it should include my son. On the other hand, it asks for a court document to prove that there is a legal obligation to care for the child - which my partner won't be able to provide, since the custody arrangements were negotiated between me and my ex. My child isn't migrating - he's already in Australia, and a citizen by birth. He's not a dependent on my partner in any direct way, although since the household finances are combined, my partner does help support my child. Just a bit confused about what's required... Any help would be much appreciated...
  20. Hi there, Just joined moments ago... would be grateful for some answers about the visa process. Im an australian living in london with my partner who is british. We've been living together for 5 years. We are packing up in November this year to move to my hometown Melbourne for a few years (hoorah!). I believe there are two visa application forms to complete but just need confirmation as to which forms? Ive emailed the embassy but its been weeks and no reply. Secondly, once we send off the application forms, do we need to send our passports with the application? What has been the response time in coming back with a decision to grant/not grant? thanks for taking the time to read my request. Happy New Year Helen
  21. onecrankypom

    Spousal Onshore Visa

    Can any one advise me if I require to get my UK police check again as i will soon be applying my perm spousal resdiency visa and am aware that i have to get one from the Australian Federal Police regarding the last 2 years here in OZ just want to have everything ready so i can hand everything in at once
  22. I'm Australian living in London and my husband has just submitted his temporary spousal visa (a week ago). We hope to fly out to Oz in early October and have made quite a few arrangements. We just heard back our case officer saying that they need more information from us but plan to grant him a permanent visa instead of a temp. My question is, will this take longer? Our case is pretty straight forward ( married, one baby and I've just found out there is another one on the way) The email from our case officer said current processing times are 3-4 months but that seemed to be a standard issue estimate. Does anyone know if this is likely to be the case and can my husband enter Oz on a tourist visa if we run out of time??
  23. Hi. I have just become a member but have been reading a lot of peoples information and gathered so much advice from everyone so thanks. We (I'm Australian and partner is British) are hoping to move to Australia before christmas this year however still haven't applied for the visa yet. I have everything in order (I hope) but I have one question. We are applying for the Defacto visa 309/100. I presume that we will get the permanant one as we have been together for over 5 years and have a 1 year old son together. My question is regarding Form 80???..We have had the medical done and waiting for the police report to be returned (hopefully today as it has been over 2 weeks now). Do we also need to do the form 80? Things we have: Form 47 Form 40 Birth certificates for all (Me, Partner, Son who is a dual citizen) Passport copies (need to get certified with Birth Certs) 2 Stat decs from close friends 2 Letters stating relationship from both me and partner. Evidence of living together for the last 5 years Photos of our life over the last 5 years. Medical and Police checks My employment history and payments for 2 years joint bank statements, joint AA membership, other letters regarding our son to the both of us, other bills in both names at the same address. Does anyone have any other ideas or something we have missed that you could warn me about before sending it off...hopefully by the end of March. Thanks in advance. Kirsty
  24. Hi I'm new to this forum so bare with me, My husband applied for his Australian Spousal Visa in February 2010 at Australia House in London. He has completed his medicals and we are now waiting on further news. We are really struggling to stay sane because we are missing each other terribly as he is in London working I am in Australia working. Our caseworker has told us that visa waiting times are 4-5 months from the time of application, and would not give a clearer time frame of how long we have to wait. I have turned into a lunatic checking all the time our email for news, and being apart from my husband is a living nightmare. I am considering going to see my husband in the UK for a few weeks but do not want to book the flights just in case his visa is granted and he can come to Australia. Could anyone give me any feedback on how long it took for their Spousal Visa to be processed? Thanks for your time!!
  25. onecrankypom

    Spousal 820 onshore

    It been a year a half since i put my onshore spouse visa in at the DIAC and haven't heard a peep out of immgration i know it can take 2 years and have been told 100 different things in regards to the process i know i have to contact them soon around December time regarding my application if nothing been communicationed. Has anybody had any experience or knowledge of the process