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Found 9 results

  1. Smirfyduo

    Can you spot the mistake??

    Had to share this because it wound me up so much! :cute:
  2. hi all im hoping a few of you can offer some advice on the better locations to live in sydney. i have a good offer on the table for a job based in rosehill/parammatta. i have a beautiful wife and two young girls (both under 3) and would want to live within 30 mins of the office by car (so for the first time in my career i can enjoy breakfast and bedtime with the family in the same day!!) which puts living near the coast out of reach. could anyone advise the better places to live. schooling will soon become very important, as does a sense of community, amenities such as parks, shops and restraunts within walking distance and a great gym with chid care would be great. we have up $800-$1000 a week available for rent. we have researched around the west pennant hills, ryde areas, are we on the right lines or is better available? any help you can give will be gladly recieved regaards and thanks Geordie
  3. I know I keep banging on about some political issues, BUT. I am all for change etc, and the latest government we have in may do some good but it just seems to me that the Tories once again are showing their true colours, I know I am going to get slammed for this but it is only IMO. About four weeks ago Royal Mail, a great (sometimes) british institution was basically sold down the river. The government said that whilst Royal Mail would not be privatised they would still allow outside bidders to take over certain aspects of the running of Royal Mail. To me this means one thing and one thing only, sooner or later Royal Mail WILL be fully privatised and owned wholly by an outside force. When this happens the outcome is normally poorer services for the general public as any bidder will have to satisfy their share holders that a profit will HAVE to be made, and bugger the service delivered to the general populous. Yesterday it was announced that doctors services will for the most part be put into the hands of the doctors themselves. Where it will be down to the local doctors to decide on the best services to arm themselves with and pass this onto the local residents. Whilst this could be a great idea it is only a matter of time before an outside company comes in and bids on offering services to the doctors in question, in other words, privatastion. But there is a slightly more worrying facet to this latest 'policy'. By the government doing this they will/can in future admonish themselves completely of ALL responsibility when it goes **** up. We have seen it with the banks, rail industry, the list is endless. The government once again are trying to admonish themselves of any responsibility. Front-line service's should NEVER be privatised. Front-line services and industry are governments responsibility to ensure the best possible service is delivered to those that matter, the people of this country. Once again the tories have shown what they truly are, a party that for the most part is worried about profit before service. I am not saying that all their policies are bad far from it, but it does smell like the tories of old when services are a secondary consideration. Sooner or later we will have a government that can hold its hands up when things go wrong and say, 'Hey, not our fault, we no longer run the services you are worried about'. As I said, this government is doing a lot of good, but at the end of the day privatisation of certain key front line services and industry is inexcusable. Rant over. Cheers Tony:wink:
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar or can shed any light on this for me. I'm pretty peeved right now. I rented a red spot car from brisbane airport on my reccie for 7 days. On collection I was told all cars were fitted with an automatic e tag for deduction tolls, I could pay a daily toll fee for a 7 days of hire (I think it was about $60). OR I could not pay the fee, the e tag would still beep and deduct and I would incurr a charge of $15 for each toll use from redspot. As I knew I'd only be using the gateway highway twice, to and from the airport, I opted for the $15 option as at $30 it was cheaper. Today I've received 2 letters from redspot, one for each toll use. They received toll warning letters from the government and are deducting a total of $44 from my credit card for administration of sending me the letter and have passed my details onto the authorities. So presumably in a few days time I'll get some toll fines from QLD government too. I'm really not happy, I've sent them an email to try and clarify. I can only assume their e-tag wasn't working or else I was told a load of rubbish by their airport collection desk rep. Help? :frown:
  5. Guest

    Help - In a spot of trouble!

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help or has been in the same position. I have a Spouse Visa issued in 2001 class bc resident 640 sub class 100. Have not been out of oz for 6 years and on one months holdiay in the uk and oh boy it is freezing here. When leaving Australia I was told by customs that my visa had expired - very confused as there is no expiry date on my visa - just says remain indefinite etc. Now I have to get some Return Resident Visa £135, I have no documentation here and had no plans on travelling to London to try to sort it out - not what I need to be doing at the moment. Has anyone just gone back to Australia and sorted it out at the airport. I am just concerned that if I fly in I will be told to fly back or will be held for questioning. I have an ABN mortgage wife kids etc etc. If anyone could advise that would be great. George
  6. Hello All We just got granted our SPOUSE VISA ON SHORE within 1 hour!!!!!! :smile: Just wanted to share my experience this morning partly because I'm SO RELIEVED!!!!! And also to maybe help to reassure others as I have used this site for over a year for advice. My Aussie partner and I were granted our spouse visa (820) in Sydney this morning. After months of panicking it was all relatively straightforward.... I'm on a WHV - this did not seem to be a problem except for the fact that we applied 6 days before we have officially lived together for 12 months. Although they were understanding, they did ask us to change our forms to include holiday time for the two weeks before we arrived in Australia together. We gave over the forms, police checks, medicals, 888s and utility bills/bank statements. The were were asked: how we met, future plans and if we were working. No grilling at all. We then gave over photos, travel docs, invitations and cards etc... We were sent to the waiting room. Everything was reviewed for less than 20 minutes, we were called back, told it was granted and got the label stuck in my passport!!! We were also given back all personal things ie travel docs, photos and cards.... It was so simple and happened within one hour. Only bummer is that I'm back at work now and OH has the day off! The champers will definitely be out tonight!!!! :wacko:
  7. Two Qantas passenger jets have collided on the tarmac at an Australian airport in the latest accident to blight the airline. Related photos / videos Qantas Jets Crash In Latest Scare Both Boeing 747 planes were damaged as they ran into each other while being towed at the airline's maintenance base at Avalon Airport, outside Melbourne. One of the aircraft involved had already been damaged in a mid-air explosion in July when a gaping hole was ripped open in the jet's fuselage. Local television news footage showed the nose of one jet had caved in after hitting the left wing of the other, leaving a large dent. "Both aircraft sustained some damage, and the extent of this is being assessed," said Qantas general manager of engineering David Cox. The maintenance staff involved have been suspended from duty pending a full inquiry, he said. Qantas has not said how many personnel were involved but confirmed no passengers were on board at the time of the incident. On July 25, an oxygen tank exploded on board one of the jets, tearing a hole in the plane which caused rapid cabin decompression as the plane flew over the South China Sea. None of the 365 people aboard was injured and the pilot safely made an emergency landing in Manila in the Philippines. The plane was repaired in Manila and only returned to Australia last week, said a spokesman who wished to remain anonymous. It was undergoing final maintenance work at Avalon, Qantas' maintenance base for 747s in Australia before returning to service, he added. The collision is the latest in a series of accidents and malfunctions in recent months that have embarrassed Australia's' flagship carrier and have raised questions about its maintenance standards.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone used Red Spot Car Rentals as they look good value? Also am I better off booking in advance (possibly cheaper online - web specials) or just ringing up the day before? I'd be grateful for any advice on this one. Many thanks. Steve.
  9. Hi there I wanted to let everyone know that Western Australia are allowing for one day only, on the spot approvals for State Sponsorship. You MAY need to be available to come to London on Thursday 13th March. If you thinking of a State Sponsored Visa for Western Australia (this includes Business visa, Investor Retirement visa as well as Skilled Visa Applicants), then please PM me for more details. Cheers!