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Found 42 results

  1. Hi Folks, Urgently need your help in this matter! I am a 5.5yrs experienced IT Professional working for an Indian IT Major, who sponsored my UC 457 two years back. But now , due to lack of business, they are not able to send me to Australia. Is there any way I can find a sponsor in Australia (any location) and change my job sitting in India? Alternatively, if I leave my company here in India, can I travel to Australia in the 28 days timeframe without employment letter and try to find a job there? (not a good option I feel, but can it be an OPTION, what do you guys feel?) Need your valuable inputs, please help!!!
  2. Guest

    Family sponsors?

    Have any of u here managed to get over to oz on a family sponsor? if so what was the relation and how long did it take? many thanks
  3. Guest

    Additional sponsors ???

    I'd appreciate some advice. I'm hoping to be able to submit my Spouse Visa soon & I'm desperately trying to get everything right. I cannot afford for it to be rejected. Now I've mentioned before that my husband is looking for work & is currently on a pension. Today he told me that one of our friends has offered to Sponsor me finanically as she is in a better position than us. She is one of the people who has written supporting statements for my Visa application. I want to know if it's possible to have this extra sponsor as my Husband is my main sponsor & if possible what forms are required ??? Thanks everyone :wubclub:
  4. Guest


    hi there i have family in Tasmania, but i'm looking to move to Perth. could they help me and sponsor me?
  5. the randalls

    sponsors assets for 176 visa

    Hi there... My Aunt is sponsoring myself, my wife and my son. She has been requested to provide information on her assets/savings by our CO. As she is quite elderly and retired, her savings aren't huge. Does anyone know, to put it in simple terms, how much money she needs to have in the bank that would be deemed sufficient in the eyes of the Australian Government? Would appreciate any info. Many thanks Ted
  6. I have seen comments by some posters in regard to the difficulty of finding PR Employer Sponsors and thought that if people who have been successful in finding Sponsors from abroad, even if they did it with a Recce Trip, Posting a short description of their process or steps may help others.
  7. Guest

    Eligible family sponsors?

    Hi, having just found out that my hubby has only 100 points and not 120 (we were going to apply on 175), we are thinking about applying on 176 instead as he has an auntie out in oz. I am not sure though, but his auntie was only related to his mum by marriage (his mum had a brother who married, her brother has now died). Does this still count as related? If not, we are seriously in trouble as we have no other option but to go in the pool, and he is 44 this year! Any advice or links would be appreciated. Yours, gutted.. Jen x:sad:
  8. Hi all, we have recently applied to WA dep of Corrective Services for 2 posts, they are a big employer and are also happy to sponsor. We applied 5 weeks ago so called today to see how far forward they were only to be told this... "unfortunately we cant sponsor you unless you are on CSL. We have been told by WA Gov we are only allowed to sponsor applicants whose occupation is on the CSL. This may change but we dont know when that will be. I suspect most other gov agencies and even outside employers maybe the same?" So there you have it at the mo in WA it would seem CSL is leading the way even with employer sponsors, it is more than frustrating as corrective services want to sponsor us but have been told no by thw wa gov. im not sure of the full impact this has on other employers in WA but thought best to share it with you. Hopefully this will change with the new SMPs??? a very gutted Kelly:sad:
  9. Hi Everyone! My partner & i have been thinking the best way to approach possible sponsors is to call them directly before sending our CV's. I am going to go through the oz yellow pages & call the companies in our line of work. Has anyone done this before only i have been going over & over in my head what i should say to them! I really dont want to mess it up! How should i start the phone call & what kind of things will they need to know?:wacko: Thanks! Natalie
  10. Guest


    Please can anyone help We have sold our house but now we need a new sponsor we are looking for nice Butchers in perth who would like to spnsor my hubby hes a great butcher has been for 30yrs he can do everything and he can be with you in 6/8weeks , please PM me for contact details, Thanks everyone take care Andrea,Gary,Boys :arghh:
  11. Guest


    Hi there, does anyone now of any companies on the Gold Coast that sponsors excavator operators or water utilities foreman/ supervisor (certified)? I have been working in the water industry for nearly 10 years I'm also qualified to lay gas pipes and test them, I've been looking at a few companies but unsure of the termonology used in Oz, any advice or help would be appreciated. Matt
  12. Guest


    Hi to everyone looking for some help iam looking for a sponsership for the construction trade (carpenter) iam 51 years old and need migrate to be close to my grand childern also to give the rest of my childern a better life thank you jim
  13. Apologies to any dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporters and the humourless amongst us, both of whom should read no further- - - :policeman: First it was KRudd's needlework skills to stitch together a team of Labour politicians to stand together long enough to get elected. But since the GFC has bitten the world, KRudd's carpentry skills have instead come to the fore. He is the only person to ever make a Cabinet out of an a***hole. Now all we need is to find how to make the borer attack just one item of furniture in Parliament. Maybe leave that to the Greens and the Independents .... :yes:
  14. Guest

    176 State Sponsors

    Hi, Greetings to everyone. I am new in this forum and this is my first post. Therefore please forgive if there is a same question asked in this forum before. I tried browsing through the pages as much as I can and I couldnt find the right keyword to do the search. If there is one, please guide me there. thx. My question: Will the state sponsor offers priority/faster processing to applicants, who did his/her Uni studies back in their own state, over applicants who did Uni in other states? example: I am a graduate from a Queensland Uni 2 years ago. Now, I want to apply for the Melbourne Vic state sponsor with CSL. Will I be of less priority compare to the to graduates from a Victoria Uni or I will have just as good chance and same timing processing in Vic? Please advice. Thank you so much. Knf
  15. Kazzarazza

    ENS/RSMS sponsors - where are they?

    If this is Mr Evans new favourite, how does he propose to inform potential employers and what can he do or say to make it attractive for potential employers. I have been here 19 years and in that time made numerous business contacts. Because of all the changes, I have been making a point, over the last 3 months or so, of asking everyone I know how they would feel about being an employer sponsor. All, without exception, looks at me blankly as if to ask what I am on about. I know some of the larger health agencies, particularly interstate, actively sponsor but what on earth are all the other potential applicants supposed to do. On seek.com.au, over 95% of advertised jobs have a statement at the bottom which says "you must have the right to work in Australia to apply for this job". My step-daughter, applied for numerous jobs, and made lots of contacts whilst here but no-one would consider sponsorship with the job. Maybe, it is just Adelaide - but I would be interested to know where a person is supposed to go and how they are supposed to ask for sponsorship, to stand any chance of progressing in this never ending queue. Kazza
  16. Hi All Am just running through the 47sp and 40sp forms as I am an Australian sponsoring my UK partner. Not sure how to answer the questions regarding income/employment as I have been working as an employee of my own ltd company in the UK for the last 5 years. So for example on the form 40sp Q33 it asks about current employment status. Technically I am still employed under my ltd company and am getting paid a salary every month, even though my last paying contract finished up in August ('the company' therefore currently has no clients/income but is still paying a small salary) and as we're going to australia over xmas I have no intention to look for work in the UK until after we come back and whether we know my partners visa is granted or not. So, does that make my answer: 'In Paid Employment' and then do I just enter my ltd company as my employer and provide payslips and last self assess as my 2 years proof? or is my answer 'Other' - and that I own the company, ... then what do I put in the 'paid employment details' section in question 34? Confused! :unsure: are there any contractors out there who have already managed to sponsor their partner for australia? Thanks!
  17. Hey all My partner (the australian out of the 2!) is just finishing off her application and there is just one thing that is confusing us a little. We are using the checklist from DIAC and it only requests a statement if you have sponsored someone in the past but we have been told she must do one as part of this application. (She hasn't sponsored anyone before!) Does anyone know is there a form for this (not the application form) or is this done like a personal statement or is is done as part of the personal statement....??! Sorry lots of variables....just so close dont want to get it wrong now! Thanks Jen
  18. Guest

    457 - changing sponsors

    Hi all Have been over here just over a year on a 4 yr 457 visa and was sponsored by my employers. I am in the position now of potentially becoming a victim of the economic downturn and am applying for other jobs - I am a mining engineer by the way and there are still plenty of jobs out there! What I do need to know is can a new employer simply take over my sponsorship or do I have to go through the whole application process once more - medicals, police checks and all? Thanks in advance
  19. Just thought I would ask as there is WA thread on here but I cant find a QLD one! I applied for QLD SS in Feb 09, they ack'd 9 March and said 8-10 weeks to process. Has anyone received a QLD SS in 2009 yet? Just to check this time line? Cheers guys!
  20. hi all so much doom and gloom around! so i just thought it would be good to start a thread advertising any jobs available or people willing to sponsor people as it is hard when in the uk to find a job or sponsor. 1, what is the job for. 2, area 3, date advertised. 4 contact details thanks in advance dobba :hug:
  21. My partner and I are returning to Ozzie on the 20th May 09!!!! I am going on an ETA and plan to submit my Defacto Visa Application onshore. We are busy at the moment collecting all the information and supporting documentation but have a query regarding the 2 year tax documentation they require the sponsor to provide along with the application. Does anyone know how important a full 2 year history is? My partner lost all his tax paperwork in a flood in Darwin in June 07. But does have information from August 07 - April 08 (Australian tax) and then from May 08-Oct 08 (UK tax+ P45). He hasnt worked in England since mid-October due to the recession. He will have a letter from his new employer in Australia in May, do you think this is enough? Would really appreciate the help Thanks
  22. kellyjamie

    500 extra state sponsors every year

    hi, ive just found out that these extra visas are allowed to be used for jobs that arent on any lists? if so for instance, OH works with youths who commit acts of anti social behaviour and WA corrective services have jobs just like his and he matches their person spec, if they offered him a jobcould he get WA to sponsor him? many thanks
  23. Hi My hubbys cousin & wife would like to come & migrate to Oz only problem is he turns 45 next year & has been told the only way in is to be sponsored for his work as an electrican - can anyone please tell me if there is a list or anything similar where he can apply for sponsored jobs or is it a matter of just contacting as many companies as possible for the work. :unsurexmas: Many thanks stuju
  24. kellyjamie

    list of sponsors?

    i know this will have been asked at some point previously but does anyone know if theres a list as such of willing sponsors in different states? or is it a case of posting cvs to as many people as poss? would you also post to recruitment companies? thanks in advance kelly n jamie:emoticon-signxmas: