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Found 35 results

  1. Hello all A newbie here with a question to which any advice would be much appreciated... I am a Permanent Aussie resident living in Sydney, I have been here 6 years but as of yet have not got round to organising my citizenship yet. I am married to an Aussie. I have one sister (44) who lives in Dublin with her husband (57) and 1 daughter (8). Both our parents are deceased. Without going into the nitty gritty details, things are seriously tough for them financially and my bro-in-law is having to close down his shop (he works in food retail). My sister runs a small design business which has been financially hit badly too. They are seeing little way out of their work situation and now considering other options previously they wouldn't. What are my chances based on my above info. of getting them out to Oz to live? Based on their age and employment situations, is it a total no-hoper? I am guessing it is the latter but interested to know if there is any glimmer of hope what I could pursue? Thanks in advance
  2. Found this whilst looking for work for myself on Seek. Thought there might be someone out there who would find this useful. Here's the link to the advert. http://www.seek.com.au/Job/auto-electrician-sponsorship-available/in/melbourne-melbourne/21055108
  3. Hi there, Please could you let me know where I can find the State Sponsorship list for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) - 323112 I have tried searching the DIAC but getting nowhere fast. Thank you for your help :cute:
  4. Howdy all, the missus and I are sorting out a Partner Visa and we have children... I am the sponsor and am filling in the Form 40SP Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia which has to accompany the missus's application for a visa: subclass 309 and subclass 100. We are lodging from the UK (offshore) I have read a fair bit here and on other forums and advice places as well as the 'Partner Booklet' provided by the Autralian Immigration people and of course the guides and info that come with the Form 40SP. I am rather baffled by the question about if I am sponsoring a child under 18 years old (Question 41) Notice it asks: Are you sponsoring a child aged under 18 years? No/Yes Notice it asks, "a child"? OK... earlier in the Form, at the very first question and also question 19, I have already stated with my answers that a) how many children are included in the sponsorship application, and b) the children's age and other details. So, why in question 41 am I being asked if I am sponsoring a child aged under 18 years? Some of what I read indicates that the question might be referring to the children included in the application and yet in other places it might be read that the question is about the partner I am sponsoring. Also, why is the question asking about "a child" rather than children? All very confusing. (perhaps this is one of the reasons it takes so long to process the application.... because confused applicants put different answers which the people who process the applications then have to work out what the answers mean???) I have had it suggested that I should put down Yes as I am sponsoring the missus and children. But that question has already been asked earlier as I just explained, so it doesn't make sense why the question is being asked if it is about the children already accounted for. I can't help but think that question 41 must be referring to the main person on the application being the Partner I am sponsoring. As she is quite a bit older than 18 (though she likes to think she's still 21!) I figure the answer would be No. But, then I consider the whole thing and wonder if I am blind and have totally missed the point somewhere.... and so here I am writing about it (again). As I am sure that I am not the only bloke who gets stuck on this question, can someone please add to this thread as it may help clarify matters for a few others as well as for me. Some very kind members here offer advice from their angle but I suppose I am after some concrete answers. After all, a concrete step is always preferable to a muddy one and if we want to climb the stairs and get the visa, it helps if the questions are clearer than mud! I am sure the Australian people are doing the best they can, but maybe they need some feedback or something and it might be that by raising points like this that they might see that there are a few slippery bits on the path to migration and if we are to be honest, all the confusion costs everyone time and money, including the Australian government as it must take manhours to sort it all out and sift through the many different confused applications. Anyway, please add as much as you can about this and if anyone knows for sure exactly who question 41 is referring to, please, please, please reply! I heading back up the gum tree... cheers
  5. Hi, Im hoping to get my application sorted this weekend for sponsorship to Canberra, just wondering if anyone has any jobs available or fancies taking a punt and sponsoring me?!!!! I have 18 years experience and can provide a cv and references if needed Thanks Steph
  6. Guest

    Sponsoring family

    Hi all I am an Aussie citizen and want to sponsor our nephew. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in sponsoring step family, our nephew is not my brother in laws biological father but has been his dad since he was 6 months old. My brother in law and his partner have never married and I wondered if my nephew would still be eligible to be sponsored as our step nephew as they have been in a de facto relationship for 21 years or if the fact that his mother and step father never married would make a difference? Any advice gratefully received. Cheers
  7. does anyone know of any good big buildingin companies in PERTH, my hubby as been working within insurance claims for building for ex : fire & flood damage and also has a contract with b & q doin kitchen and bathroom intsallations, we are lookin to start a new life in Perth but ideally would like a job to go too. any help or info will be wicked! lisa
  8. I have only recently qualified as a Permanent Resident on a Contributory Parent Visa and hope in time (around 4/5 years) to become accepted as a Citizen. I am still married but my partner did not apply as he was not prepared to make the leap and leave the UK. So I live in Oz and he is still in the UK. Please can anyone tell me if I am correct in thinking the following? If I eventually become a Citizen and if he one day decides he misses me and our children and would like to join me in Australia, is it a simple case of me sponsoring him after 5 years and then him coming over on a Visa which does not cost the price of a mortgage?! Currently, as he is not certain if he ever will want to come and live in Oz it makes no sense him going down the route of applying for his own Contributory Parent Visa as if he then decides not to come after all it will be many thousands of $ down the drain. Your knowledge would be much appreciated. Just a bit of general info. It is hellish expensive in Oz. The cost of living, accommodation, food, clothing and everything in between is crippling. It is a beautiful place of course and the people are wonderful - and I do hate to do the whinging Pom bit - but it is undeniable that living here you need to really earn or be prepared to say goodbye to your savings! Thanks and hope someone can guide me:-)
  9. Are there any limits to sponsoring a person for the General Skilled Migrant Visa Subclass 176? For example If I sponsor a relative, will that prevent my spouse from sponsoring another relative for a family sponsored visa within a given time frame say a year or a couple of years? If you have any references you can point me to, that would be nice. Thanks!
  10. Maniek

    Self sponsoring

    Hi Can I run business in Australia and thrugh this company sponsor myself? Is this possible? Anyone did something like this?
  11. Guest

    Sponsoring tilers from the UK

    sponsoring tilers from UK Hi everyone I am a self employed tiler in the UK, just going through the visa application having done my AQF3, awaiting TRA. I was wondering if anyone on here knows of any tiling/building contractors who may be willing to sponsor a top class tiler from UK. Cheers, John Newlands Ceramics - Wall & Floor Tiling - Doncaster
  12. kissofthegypsy

    Sponsoring Sister

    Didnt really know what to put in title so tried to make it simple :wink: I have been in oz now for 20 months and have Permanent Residency through a sponsored 856 visa. I have since split from my partner and are now engaged to an awesome girl from Tasmania, we get married in February next year. My sister who is 35 has been to visit 3 times and wants to come out here and see if its for her, working part time maybe, studying with the option to go back to the UK if she doesnt like it. (She currently works on the line at Jaguar cars and has done for 10 years) I have searched around for visas and found the sponsoring last remaining relative one which is not appropriate as my mom is still alive and well. Hence does anyone know if I can use my residency to sponsor my sister in anyway, or will she have to look at a WHV (may be too old..dont know) or Study Visa?? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sean
  13. Hi All, I hope someone out there can help me. I came to Oz on a working holiday visa in 2009. Soon after moving here I found a job and worked for 6 months. following this I applied for a 487 visa (regional-sponsored skilled migration - sponsored by my sister) as I wanted to remain in Oz. I was then granted a bridging visa A. In the meantime I met someone and now we're getting married in May. My fiancee is currently living in England (He's not a British citizen) and we want to settle down in Oz. What are my options in terms of getting him over here in May as I realise that I can't sponsor him as I'm only on a bridging visa and I won't be granted my 487 visa for at least another year! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!
  14. abz123

    Sponsoring parents

    Just looking for some advice as to options to get the in-laws out here. FIL is 60 so too old for skilled migration and I understand too old for 457 sponsorship now. Been told that balance of children test fails as he has a daughter by a previous marriage (no contact but in the UK) and then my wife has a brother who is also in the UK. Question really is if MIL has two children of her own and FIL technically has three then MIL passes the balance of children test i.e. 50:50 so why can't they come out here? What other options dowe have? They have a few bob in the bank but don't want to lodge the amount of money required to perhaps never see it back again so are not financially dependent on us and are both still in good health so no physical dependency either. They spoke to a migration agent here in Perth when they were over on holiday last time but he had nothing positive to suggest for them. Really looking for a second opinion.
  15. k8bug79

    sponsoring a spouse visa

    HI, my huaband is a citizen by descent and we are hoping to move with me getting a permanant spouse visa, as we are married and have dependant children. I am about to apply for a job, if I was lucky enough to get it everything could happen much sooner than we expected. Money would be tight etc. My husband said "well you go on a head and I'll stay here with the kids" apart from the fact that I wouldn't want to am I right in thinking that they would not allow this? Do spouses visas need to be validated whilst my husband is with me or in the country first as most visas require? I searched the overview of the visa but all it says is the sponsor must be a citien or a permanant resident. It doesn't say that he must be resident on Aus at the time.
  16. I am looking for State Sponsorship from any region or state of Australia which can sponsor me. Asco code assingned in the my Positive Skill Assessment by ACS is 2231-11 for System Manager. I have researched alot to find the sponsoring state but all in vain. Just NSW is sponsoring this code but they demand 7 each in each module of Ielts. Kindly suggest me any alternative to solve this problem. Is there any other state which can sponsor me either for regional area or other. Moreover, Southe Australia is sposoring code 2231-79, I want to whether I am eligle for sposorship from South Austalia or not.
  17. scoots

    sister sponsoring

    hi there, does anyone know about family sponsoring you??my sister is a citizen and we heard that she may be able to sponsor us!!has anyone gone down this road before???if so can they advise us with any information?any help would be fantastic. thanks stacey.
  18. kissofthegypsy

    Sponsoring family member once PR granted

    Hi all We are here on 457 just going through the ENS sponsorship to gain PR (missuus has to stay in role for 3 years, no dramas). Can someone tell me how long it is before I can (if I can) sponsor my sister to move to australia. She has been looking and says se has to be the last living relative for this to be possible? (Sorry Mom :cry:) Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Sean
  19. RobandCatherine

    "settled" for sponsoring parents?

    Apologies in advance as it may get confusing, My sister in law bought an aussie husband back with her after backpacking in 2002, in 2 weeks time they are returning to live in Victoria and following our 176 ACT sponsorship we will move to Canberra in the New Year. Mother & father in law also want to move out (both mid 50s) and are considering contributory parent visas, because sil is married to an Aussie citizen will they have to prove that they are settled at the time of application or could they apply sooner? Also as mil & fil will have both daughters resident in Aus are any other visa options open for them, they will be holidaying in Aus next June & I think would ideally like to stay from then if bridging visas etc allow, we have not used an agent but is it worth investing in one in these circumstances? I am hoping Gollywobbler will read this as she seems to be a bit of a specialist with CPVs etc. hope someone can advise.... Rob.
  20. Hi all, We received visa 176 sponsored by WA. Can we reccie Victoria and get our visa validated there? Second question, for the purpose of visa validation, is it true that the whole family have to travel to OZ together? I.e. If I am the main applicant, can my wife and children enter OZ first without me traveling with them? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Peter
  21. Guest

    Family member sponsoring

    I was just wondering about being able to be sponsored by a family member already out in Australia in regards to being granted a visa. My step-dads aunty and uncle are living in Austrlia, and I was wondering if anyone knew if they'd be acceptable sponsors since they're not blood related?
  22. yumimumi

    are nsw sponsoring boilermakers

    am slightly confused. am in the process of gaining references for the TRA. my oh is a time served plater/boilermaker. we were originally going to apply for the 175, but after hearing how long it is taking we were considering the 176. can anyone please help me understand this. 1. can we apply for both 175 and 176 and see which comes up first. oh trade is on the MODL but has been removed from the CSL 2. how can i find out if NSW are sponsoring boilermakers, we really wanted to go to NSW as all of my family are there. :arghh: thanks
  23. Hi there, I have a friend who works for a large company in Oz who have one of the special arrangements with DIAC and have one of those special arrangements for fast tracking employee sponsorships themselves. Well he's just told me that his company have been told by DIAC that they can't renew the sponsorships they have which will expire after their 2 years is up due to the curent climate. He sees all sorts of issues with this both for the individuals (who have moved home etc) and for the company who relies on them. However, at this point he says the direction is clear they cannot renew on expiry so will be sending people home ! Just thought this is worth knowing for anyone considering an employer sponsorship, selling their house etc.
  24. Well, after a long hard slog, we have our visas granted... I thought we would be jumping up and down with excitement and on a high for days but we are basically numb... and a little terrified. Anyone else feel like this or are we completely weird?? Dont know if it is because of the current economy - we will be putting the house on the market but there are 3 other houses same as ours for sale and have been for the last 6-8 months with hardly any interest at all. Also, the exchange rate has dropped again and we are taking our little boy with us. Our families are already not too happy about him being uprooted and moved to the other side of the planet so they are now even more worried... I think this is just putting a dampner on things when we should really be over the moon!!! What a sadsack eh? :noxmas: I think I am just looking for some advice from those been there/done that or going through the same thing (I know there are LOADS of us in the same boat). Sorry for being so negative!!!
  25. 02 December 2008 SUBJECT: VERY VERY VERY URGENT!!! - UGGENTLY LOOKING FOR A SPONSORING EMPLOYER FOR ANY IT JOB TO SECURE MY SUBCLASS 457 VISA... Dear Everyone: I was sponsored on a skilled migration visa by Mackay Computer Services in Mackay. I have been in Australia since the 1st of August 2008 and have worked in my current position since then. My visa details are as follows: Australian Visa, Ref. 1593176643T1 UC 457, Sub Class 457, Duration: 14 July 2008 to 14 July 2012. Due to unforeseen circumstances in respect to my family, I was unable to continue my employment at Mackay Computer Services and as a result have amicably ended my employment here in the hope of securing a position in Australia. However, Australian immigration regulations require me to be placed in employment and with a new sponsor within 28 days of my termination with Mackay Computer Services. This period is effective as of Friday, 14 November 2008. Failure to meet this deadline will result in me and my family returning to our country of origin, being Bangladesh. This is not a viable option as the procedure to re-apply outside of the country is financially demanding. I am urgently looking for assistance. I am working to a deadline (already 17 days gone from the deadline and I have only 11 days left) and appreciate if anyone can assist me to find a sponsoring employer to provide me a suitable IT job before this period is over. I am a diligent and loyal worker with over 19.1 years experience in the ICT field. Eagerly waiting to hear from anybody with kind, sympathetic and sincere cooperation.... Best regards, Md. Farhad Kamal Senior Technical Engineer Mackay Computer Services Pty Ltd 31 Milton Street Mackay, QLD 4740 Australia Telephone Number: 0421506521 (Mobile), (07) 4951 7777 (Office) Email: farhad.kamal@gmail.com, farhadkamal@mcs.com.au