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Found 60 results

  1. Cootsy88


    Currently just passed the electricians vettasses with future skills in Australia! Just wondering where the easiest place is to get a sponser? Currently in Melbourne, but there's no work as it is! I was thinking Perth? If anyone has, any info on jobs? That sponser or any info atall that can help me, would be a great help! I have my electrical a supervised license... Cheers
  2. Looking for a couple of people who are willing to help me. I'm from Manchester and have a job opportunity in mountain creek sunshine coast. I need to do a trade test to impress and get the job. For this volunteers need to have a restyle or some kind one of which had to be a graduated bob and the other to be just any restyle. Also highlights are needed or a fashion colour. Please please help it's all free and will help me a lot. Thanks in advance. Sophie please pm me if you can help Also it's Wednesday 11th from 12pm
  3. Guest

    Changing Sponsor on 457 Visa

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone had been in this position. I've joined a company and started working in the coal mines in central queensland. I have been sponsered by the company for the 457 visa but i know really want to get out of this company. Unfortunately the company has demanded everyone working on this project to work 15days straight which is exhausting. I'm not the only one look to leave. I wanted to know if the 28 day limit of finding a sponser from leaving your current one applies from the last day you work on your notice period or is it counted from the ay that you put your notice in? I've been trying to find out but not had much luck. I was wondering if it was wise to leave a company and ty and find a new one as soon as possible, or to find a new sponser/employer before putting the notice period in? Any help on this would be great as this job is demoralising everyone. Thanks
  4. lisamic2009


    :wub: Hi all can anyone who lives in kalgoorlie get in touch as we will be moving there in november 2012 and it be nice to make some new friends before we arrive. So if you like get in touch. cheers lisa and michael fleming:rolleyes:
  5. Guest

    Search for sponser

    HI GOOD DAY TO ALL OF U , IM jj from INDIA , i want to workpermit for australia , i dont have much knowledge about it , can any one tell me that from where i can search for a employer sponsear for me , also tell me links about Victorian State Sponsorship list ,so i can come to austarlia ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz tell me , i will b great of u my email is royalguy7@gmail.com
  6. Hi, I am currently looking for a company to sponser me as a floor layer. I have just completed an AQF 111 in flooring technoligy to be reconised in Australia. I have been in the trade for 6 years and have excellent references,portfolio and cv. I specialise in solid and engineered timber flooring,design vinyl,ie karndean,amtico,laminates,carpet tiles. Im currently on holiday in sydney It is my dream to live and work in Australia any help greatly appriciated :biggrin: Oliver
  7. Guest

    state sponser

    hi all just submitted my state sponsorship online. Anyone had experience withi this recently? how long did sponsorship take to come through??
  8. Is there anywhere that I can obtain a list of all the hairdressers salons in Victoria that sponser hairdressers for 457 visa;:huh: I have my 457 sponsership already but want to leave as my boss is a nightemare to work for;
  9. Hi Does anyone know if medicals are required again, after 2 yrs on employer sponsership 457 visa, which is now going to be converted to empolyer sponser PR visa. Thank you xx
  10. Guest

    state sponser visa.

    Hi does any body know where i start looking for a state sponser. I want to go to the Perth area. :biggrin:
  11. Hi i was just reading through our paperwork and just noticed on Our state sponser form which we recived from WA ...they have spelt hubbies name wrong .... they have put Denis rather the dennis :wacko: will this matter . Can't believe i didn't pick this up before :arghh: We did lodge with an agent I will ask our agent when they are back in on monday :wideeyed:just wondered if it had happend to anyone else
  12. Guest

    can a cousin sponser us?

    Hi, we have an auntie and uncle in Perth. They are retired so i don't think they can sponsor us, but does a cousin count? My husband is an electrician too.
  13. Hi, My name is Donna, I am 30 years old my husband is 37, we have 3 children. I moved to Australia with my parents when i was a child and after 3 years they seperated and mum brought us back here, my dad is still their after 20 years and loves it, I have no family left in the UK and want to move to be near my dad. We are currently Hotel Owners/Managers which is on these lists. (1413-11) State/Territory Nominated Skilled Occupations List 485 Skilled Occupations List ENS Occupations List 457 Occupations List We have no degree or formal qualifications but we have ran a very successful business for 3 years. Before that my husband was a vehicle paint sprayer / panel beater / body repair worker for 17 years, some employed and some self employed. He again has no formal qualifications but is ectremely good at what he does and with 17 uears experence behind him. What he does is listed as 2 different occupations on the SOL list 4213-11 Panel Beater 4214-11 Paint Sprayer An independant Visa takes around 3 years and when we called Australia House we were advised that the best way forward would be to find an employer to sponser either my husband as a paint sprayer/panel beater or the both of us as Hotel/Motel mangers. Where do we begin to find a sponser? Many Thanks Donna & Matthew :arghh:
  14. Hello all!! Can any1 tell me how i would go about getting state sponser? cant seam to find clear answer on tinternet! , we would like to go to S.A as sparkys are on their list Thanks! Tx
  15. Guest

    sponser me pls

    Hi im a 24 yr old brickie looking for sponsership iv worked in wa before and also ireland and right now london iv got a gf over there and i want to go there asap i will do any kind of work i also have experiance using machinary in a steel drum factory
  16. Guest

    Employer Sponser - Family

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could help or advise.... I am 29 and a hairdresser by trade, my husband is a sign writter and is 36. We went over to Brisbane in September to see whether we wanted to make the move. There are penlty of jobs and when speaking to people in my industry, they said there would be alot of interest for a british trained hairdresser. They agreed with some of you on the site, that finding a job maybe the easy part - getting them to sponser you (work with the immgration dept) can be extremely difficult, and they are unsure as to time scales......as are we!!!!:unsure: My question is: My mum and dad are immigrating in June 2011 and she is also a hairdresser, she plans on opening a salon with in 1-2yrs. Can she sponser me as an employer or not, due to us being related????:confused: Or do we try Employers and hope one will sponser.... Don't know about others but we feel that Oz government is slowly closing the door to migration and we don't want to late. We have a 2yr old daughter and feel that Oz is the place to bring her up and are trying to think of all possible ways of getting there..... if it comes to it I would re train but hopefully it doesn't come to that.:arghh: We are trying to remain possitive, if there is a will - there is a way!!!:wink::smile: <Successful skills assessement end March 2010, sent 175 application end of April, Application sent back May 2010. IELTS over all 8.0>
  17. Guest

    sponser me pls

    Hi im a 24 yr old brickie looking for sponsership iv worked in wa before and also ireland and right now london iv got a gf over there and i want to go there asap i will do any kind of work i have also operated machinary in a steel drum factory
  18. Guest

    WA sponser question

    :daydreaming:If WA releases their SMP on Monday or Tuesday next week, what will happen to people which have received a sponsor from WA and not lodge a visa? My agent will complete my application and documentation next Wednesday, my code is on SOL 3. This is a major concern:mad: for me because I am presuming my occupation is not on their SMP list.:arghh:
  19. Guest

    De-factor Visa - AoS Sponser?

    Hi, My boyfriend currently on Working Holiday Visa and we were going to apply for 2nd Holiday Visa but don't know whether he can and then apply for de-facto after 2nd year? Does anyone know if you can apply for 2nd Holiday Visa if you are in a de-facto relationship? If we did apply now for defacto visa, i would obviously be his sponser but since getting back from England in Jan have been claiming off Centrelink (dole) for 3 months. As a sponser you need to have to prove you are financially able to support and currently I cannot prove that as I am unemployed. I want to know , as I am currently waiting for some enheritence whether that would be proof enough and how much in my account would be sufficent? Or whether anyone has had to have an AOS Sponser and they got their visa? Or should we just get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help am starting to worry he might not be able to stay! we have been together 4 years with a few months separation here and there to visit our familes!
  20. hi guys i am applying fo my spouse visa in the next few weeks and im worried as my husband has been living in ireland up until 2month s ago with no work he wont be able to sponser me..he is working in sydney at the mo but has only started..his parents are willing to sponser me and i was wondeing are they able to do that?ive searched everywhere but can not find an answer any help would be so great thanx so much Nicola
  21. Dear My name is kapil mittal and I got state sponser visa subclass 176 and i am living in adelaide can I move from adelaide to sydney if i got job in sydney or i have to stay here for two years can sombody guide me for this metter. thanks kapil:cry:
  22. hi my self is bhumika patel. my cousin brother was sponserd to his brother-inlaw for PR and he got PR 6 month before ,now he can sponsore me for 487 visa becoz he told me he did bond for his brother-inlow in immi, so he can't do sponsore to me for next 5 year ,so pleas give me advice and if u can give me some writen or can i see some were alse on internet webside or any law book than i can explaine to him, pls give me help for that.....
  23. Guest

    getting a sponser

    hi im a childcare coordinator level 3 and so need to get a sponser please could any one help me with advise and job offers put in the right direction. we applied for visa 175 in oct 08 but with all the changes its near inmpossible . t r a done been passed by nsw to do the job but just need a sponser help needed desperardo ,.
  24. nilocetak

    family sponser work visa ?

    Hi all, First post so HELLO!!!:biggrin: My aunt and uncle live in Australia, they are both permanant residents. My hubby and myself are in the final thoughts of deciding to take the plunge and get out of the UK. Hubby is on the SOL list, Hes an electrician, as far as we understand he has to do a vetasses coure here in the UK first, but as we would be going with Family sponser not state, would it be an easier/shorter process? than going via a state sponsership which ive read can take 3 years. We have children and would be moving as a family. Would I be able to work when we first move out there? We think we are going to go to a EMIGRATE 2010 show on next weekend to get as much information as possible. Just thought I would ask you experienced people first. Thanks in advance K x
  25. Hi there,does anyone know of any hair salon owners who would b interested in sponsering a hairdresser,i am 32yrs of age,no ties,been in the industry for 16yrs and am looking to move to oz aslong as there is work,would b nice to go to either wa,sydney,brisbane etc.can give more details if anyone is interested.Many thanks.