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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Does anybody know if there is a bus/train that will take you from Spotswood Quarantine Melbourne to the Ferry port in Melbourne? Also how far is the airport to the quarantine station and is there a bus/train for that too? Only six weeks to go now!!!! :biggrin:

    That ANZAC spirit

    I was watching All Blacks v Wallabies at Rose Bay RSL this evening. At 6pm, right in the middle of the first half, Aussies pressing hard, they dimmed the lights, turned the TV down and everybody, young, old, drunk, sober, stood and faced the flame. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. It always brings a tear to my eye. You never hear any catcalls either.
  3. Both Free Spirit and Geoffrey Nathan are 3rd party companies who are used by some prospective employers as third party employers when applying for a 457 Visa. (This is normally for smaller companies who don't have experience with sponsoring and don't want to deal with the administrative hassles) Does anyone have any experience of dealing with these companies? Any advice or tips I should consider? I'm still job hunting but a few recruiters have given me the heads up that working with either of the above will broaden my prospects - any advice you guys have will be great.
  4. Hi folks. Me and the good lady are seriously considering buying a new dog, I have always owned dogs and wouldn't be without one. We presently have a terrier cross, who sadly is getting on in years. So we were looking for a dog to keep her company in her old age and to look to the inevitable when it comes, God forbid. We want a dog that doesn't require a LOT of exercise as I am busy and the better half can't walk that far. We have always if you like looked at the more unusual breeds and being Brits thought that a Bulldog may suit our needs. Its many attributes are that it is extremely loyal, great with kids, does not LIKE a lot of exercise and is an all round great dog, BUT. It also suffers from a degree of flatulence. It is one of those dogs that everyone else can blame when a fart sneaks out, and the poor dog is sat in the corner blameless, but in all honesty they do fart a lot. They also suffer from a tendency to slobber when they eat. Snore incessantly, no matter the time of day. Are extremely lazy, would rather sit on its rug that entertain the idea of EVER going out. They HATE the heat, and by God do they always look miserable. So in summation they, Fart a lot, won't go out in the heat, dribbles a lot, snore at all hours of the day, are very lazy, look miserable, and for all intents and purposes they are a dog that look as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders and refuse to change, SO. Just what the hell was the idea behind having the Bulldog as one of the UK's icons. Surely this breed cannot show to the world what we are all about. Who in their right mind would have chosen this dog to be a national icon.:biglaugh::biglaugh: I know before anyone else says otherwise. They also have immense spirit, loving and never give up. I am not knocking the sentiment behind such an icon. After all the Bulldog breed has been with us for centuries and in someone respects shows what this country is all about, the old 'Bulldog Spirt', but surely someone should have looked at the dog's negative as well.:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony:wink:
  5. I have to say that I have changed my opinion on Australian people from the way that people have reacted to the disaster in Victoria. I now see that people in this country are very strong and supportive of each other apart from the dick heads that are looting and making false charity claims to gain from it. I still do not think I could live here much longer as I am not happy here but it is good to know that the majority of Australians are good people.
  6. I just felt I had to share this with you all - makes me feel extremely humble and overwhelmed.. amazing! From the ABC website this afternoon: The flood-affected residents of Ingham in north Queensland are putting their own problems aside the help the victims of the Victorian bushfires. The clean-up and recovery in Ingham began this morning after one of the worst floods in the region's history. About 200 residents lined up at the community recovery centre this morning to receive financial assistance from the Queensland Government to replace items lost in the floods. Many of them have lost everything but say their plight is insignificant compared to the loss of life and damage caused by the Victorian bushfires. Communities Department spokesman Peter McCarthy says many of them are giving their grants to help bushfire victims. "A lot of people are coming through and while they've suffered loss themselves and are understandably upset at their loss and the damage that their property might have suffered, a lot of them have made comments to our staff that 'we're not as bad off as the poor people in Victoria', 'thank God we're not in Victoria'," he said. "Some of them have even said that they plan to give some of the money to the Victorian bushfire appeal." Mr McCarthy says one concerned man in Ingham want his recovery money directly donated to the appeal. "And he said 'I'm going to give this money straight to the Victorian fire appeal so you may as well write this cheque out to them, not to me'," Mr McCarthy said. :hug:
  7. Hi All - When we make our move to Oz, it is likely to be to the Sunshine Coast. We are going on a reccy visit at Easter and we have rented a great house in Alexandra Head as a base to explore the differing areas on the SC. We are a very friendly and sociable family and one of our issues ( although certainly not a problem ! ) is that the whole of the SC from Noosa to Caloundra looks fab but we would certainly favour a town or area that has a good friendly vibe and sense of community spirit. Does anyone out there have any experience of places with this trait ?? Any opinions good or bad would be very welcome. - Thanks Iain H :goofy:
  8. in oz is the bubble on a spirit level on the bottom of the glass instead of the top
  9. Lancashire Lass

    Message from spirit world!!!!!

    I know there will be loads of sceptics out there but I'm buzzing from something that happened last night and need to tell you about it!! Me and my OH went to a theatre in Blackpool last night to see Colin Fry the psychic medium off "Sixth Sense" on the telly. Anyway, he did his show and gave lots of really good detailed messages to people in the audience. Then right at the end of the show he said he had a man who had been trying to get through to him all night and he wanted to give a family member a message. He said his name was Lawrence and he kept looking over in our direction. My Grandad was called Lawrence. Eventually, when nobody else in the theatre responded, I put my hand up to say I knew a Lawrence and Colin said he knew it was for me and that this was my Grandad. He said that Grandad just wanted to say that people can either just live their lives or they can take a chance in life. He said that Grandad had listened to what we had been talking about for the past 3 months (it is exactly 3 months since we started researching the move to Oz!!) and that I was being cautious. He said that it would mean us putting absolutely everything at stake but I shouldn't be so cautious because my husband is big enough and strong enough to see this through. He said whatever we decide upon we should just "GO FOR IT" Colin Fry said that he had no idea what Grandad was referring to but said that we would know what it was. I was absolutely gobsmacked. My husband was a real sceptic until last night. We only went to the show out of curiosity. This has given me renewed energy to crack on and get this Aussie show on the road. Mandy:jiggy:
  10. Hi Is anyone else new to Australia this year struggling to get organised for xmas I KNOW I AM :arghh: Normally in the UK I would have done all my xmas shopping by now but I haven't even started its just tooooo hot. I walk into a shop & see xmas decorations etc & I think nah its not happening not in this heat :biglaugh:. I would love to hear others stories of your first xmas experiences. Janette