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Found 67 results

  1. Cashew

    What type of spider?

    Just wondering what type of spider this might be? Sorry about the picture, you might have to zoom in for a better look.
  2. Venomous Victoria

    Australia's various venomous animals

    Gday all, after speaking with a few backpackers from Ireland recently i was asked to become a member of the site and offer some possible assistance to anyone with venomous Australian animal concerns or enquiries. I have included a quick rundown off what/who we are and feel free to contact with questions of concerns. Venomous Victoria has been involved with venomous animal safety, conservation and education since the early 1990’s, offering a professional and personal service that combines proven experience and knowledge with above all a common-sense approach to dangerous animal management and control. From the backyard, to the bush, to the beach Australia and Victoria are home to some of the most venomous creatures known to man. The commonly found four Victorian snake species are ranked in the top ten of the worlds most venomous species, the Southern blue ringed octopus possess one of the most powerful venoms known to man. Two Victorian species of spider have been recorded to contain venom that causes tissue destruction, and one species has caused human fatalities. Venomous Victoria is not about asking people to love snakes and spiders and other animals that nip or nibble, we only ask that consideration and common sense are taken into account when dealing with them. In the case of the commonly found four potentially deadly Victorian snakes: Lowland Copperhead (Australaps superbus) Eastern Tiger snake (Notechis scutatus) Eastern/Common brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) Red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) Deaths are quite rare and often caused due to the mis-management of the bite and inappropriate or ineffective first aid treatment. As recently as 2009 Australian studies revealed “that application of the pressure bandage technique, by both the general public and even health professionals was "poorly done” and importantly, “crepe bandages rarely generated optimal pressure compared with elasticized bandages” * “Education about the PIB method (pressure immobilization bandage) in Australia appears to have been inadequate, with people commonly not applying splints, or even neglecting any attempt at first aid at all” * · Emergency Medicine Australasia (2009) 21, 184-190 The pressure/immobilization technique (P.I.B) illustrated can also be applied to bites from the funnelweb spider family, the blue-ringed octopus, the various species of cone shells found in northern Australian waters & extreme reactions to bee sting. When comparing the common brown and tiger snakes of Victoria, Australia and the numbers of human fatalities recorded by these species against that of the Indian cobra (Naja naja). The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene reported in 2011 that the Indian Cobra (Naja naja) is responsible for approximately 46,000 human deaths every year. The Indian Cobra would not rank in the top ten of Australia's most venomous snakes! Victoria’s Common/Eastern Tiger snake’s venom is approximately 4times more toxic than the Indian Cobra and the Common/Eastern Brown snake is approximately 12times more toxic than the Indian Cobra. Annually in Victoria there are on average of 375 hospital admissions and more than 1,100 emergency department presentations as the result of venomous bites or stings. The majority of Victorian envenomations are associated with bee/wasp sting and spider and snake bite. There is evidence of an increasing trend in hospital admissions, between 1987 and 1996, related to venomous bites and stings, particularly spider bites and bee and wasp stings. The incidence of snake bite has remained constant over the same period. Hazard (Edition No. 35) June 1998 When encountering a snake/spider please remember that the animal you are dealing with relies on highly primitive behaviours and traits that have seen these species successfully survive over millions of years. Some of these animals have a brain the size of a grain or rice or less, limited eyesight and hearing and do not wish to have any contact what so ever with the human species having learnt the encounter normally ends in death. In all the years I have been dealing with various ‘aggressive’, ‘dangerous’ or ‘deadly’ animals, one thing I have learnt is they only ever bite out of food or fear. For any enquiries about venomous animal safety, advice or education please feel free to contact us 24hrs a day 7days a week with any Australian venomous animal concern or query. Regards Steve Venomous Victoria
  3. Would anyone let the spider & snake issue put them off making the move to Australia? :unsure: Those that live in Australia, how many times in a day do you 'have' to think about these potential killers? :eek: I realise that most Australians take this in their stride, as its all they have ever known :yes: But I see babies crawling on the grass, children running barefoot & wonder....Will I feel confident for my Family to do that? :shocked:
  4. GM89

    Spiders in Perth?!

    Hi all Not that I will decide not to move to Perth if there are spiders there and this probably sounds pathetic ........BUT......... I have arachnophobia unfortunately. What's the spider situation in Perth?? I am not that fussed about how deadly they are strangely but how big, hairy and fast they are!! Thanks!
  5. The Pom Queen

    Deadly Spiders in the UK

    It's quite funny that some people don't want to move to Australia because of the chance encounter with a deadly spider when they can also be found in the UK. A woman was recently bitten in the UK and nearly lost her hand:elvis:
  6. Peach

    Pest Control

    So, having nearly stepped on a red back that was building a web on my porch steps: I went out and bought some Mortein Barrier spray and gone around all the window sills and guttering. When I came outside a little later I found an even bigger red back dead, so the spray had done something. That said, with a three year old and a 11 month baby who is just becoming mobile I'm not convinced that the barrier spray is really going to kill everything that touches it for 'up to six months' especially with rain forecast. What do other folk do to keep nasties at bay during the summer months? I'm especially concerned about my toddler crawling around under the decking - that will have to stop!
  7. Guest


    As someone who is desperate to get to Oz, can someone assure me about the spiders. I know they can get big but i have it in my head you get loads of Huntsman in the house, lets just say im not exactly keen on spiders ha ha. Do you think its something i should consider before making the plunge? Richard
  8. Guest

    Dogs, cats, spiders and snakes

    We're about to move to Brisbane and i hope we can get a place to the south of the city with some ground around it but I was wondering how much of a threat to pets spiders and snakes tend to be. We have a Hungarian Vizsla dog that likes to run in grass and bush and the concern would be she runs over a snake or spider. How much of a problem does this tend to be with dogs? Our cat is used to living on 50 acres of farm ground here in NZ and hunting small animals so i guess the same issues apply.
  9. Guest


    Hi, I have a very stupid question that I can't seem to get a straight answer to! Mainly becuase when I ask it people take great pleasure in scaring me half to death and telling me all their horror stories about spiders in australia. I have a very real fear of spiders, however despite that we are considering moving to australia (the only place on earth that apprently has 13 of the most deadliest types of spiders known to man). I just need to know, do those of you living there come across them alot???:confused:
  10. gilliantay


    Have just killed a Huntsman using a whole tin of Surface Spray (only thing I could find in the cupboard). Am now suffering Respiratory Distress - can't bloody breathe !!! But I know I can move quickly when need be............... At least the thing is dead now - hope no more of them think they are coming in to join me tonight..... Ah, the joys of Australia
  11. I would like to take my kids to learn all about the dangers of Australias 'wildlife' (no, not to put them off for life:laugh:) So that they can be 'aware' of what to look out for & also to re-assure them that it really isnt as bad as what they are thinking We are going on a reccie at the end of this month & think it would be a great time to take them :wink: My Son (age 7) said he didnt want to move to Australia, when asked why (thinking he would say he'll miss family & friends) he said, I dont like the spiders! :swoon:
  12. Goochie

    Pets that catch spiders

    We have a Labrador cross and a cat who like to chase spiders in the UK. They act as a tag-team with the dog bopping the spider to render it helpless before the cat moves in the the kill. Occasionally the dog will part-chew it and spit it out onto the floor. In the UK this isnt really a problem and keeps the cobwebs down! However, we're a bit worried what will happen if they take on Aussie spiders? Are we right to be worried ? Do the nasty pet harming spiders come into the house often?
  13. Ok, I hate them, really hate them. In fact its putting me off coming to live in oz. Whats the deal with Spiders in Brisbane? Im aware of the Hunstman (horrid thing) Is it common to see them in your home? If i see one it will DIE! I will kill the fecker instantly! lol Nah..i will just run and scream like a girl Any of you guys any encounters with them whilst in oz?
  14. connaust

    Backyard Killers

    Backyard killers, welcome to Australia Lurking in backyards across Australia are deadly creatures...from snakes and spiders to bees and even crocodiles!:arghh:
  15. We've recently been considering a move from England to Australia, among the dilemmas is "where in Oz?" My wife is terrified of spiders the UK so we were looking at Melbourne as a slightly better option. However, she also has a circulatory condition whereby she has painfully cold legs in the UK winters - So we looked at Perth for it's hot dry climate. So whats the spider situation really like in NSW, particularly commutable distances to Sydney? Also, I remember seeing bush fires engulfing peoples homes on the news a few years ago - Is that an Oz-wide problem?
  16. hi everyone, well this is my 1st post as myself, husband and 1year old little boy will be moving out to melbourne mid november. Im so so excited as my sister lives in south yarra so were hoping to move to the bentleigh area or around there. my one fear is spiders ( prob stupid to some i know!!), ive tried gettin myself use to spiders looking at huntsmanns, redbacks u name it, but it just terrifies me and i end up just having nightmares after ive looked, the sheer size of theses creatures just scares me. Im ok when there outside but on the ceiling or just generally anywhere in the house jusr freaks me out, how common are they in suburbs ?? is it worse in the summer ? i need to get over it , coz other then spiders im so so excited !!
  17. ck10_9

    Spiders.. Yes or No

    Hi All Just posted Wildlife Wednesdy 5 on my photo blog (Huntsman Spider) and was thinking about the % of people that are scared of spiders. Who here would be able to deal with this guy if he were in the house or would just leg it? Australia Daily Photo: Wildlife Wednesday 5 I have to say that I am in the "Deal with it" camp, but only with a bowl and a magazine to slide under it!! (Don't beleive in killing spiders you see)
  18. Guest


    Have to say, now that I am moving back the UK, I am no longer going to be scared of the piddly little things you get over there, after having a huntsman in the house that was as big as my hand and redbacks all over the garden shed, I'm immune! Jackie
  19. So before we came down here , Sunshine Coast Queensland, all these poms were scaring the newbies off with "man, there's redbacks everywhere" and "I saw a 20-foot snake in my toilet yesterday" etc... Don't believe their nonsense. Are there bugs out here , sure there is , just like in the UK. How often do you see a spider in the UK ? Well, chances are that you will see less spiders here than in the UK. Are there snakes, sure there are, just like there's dogs with rabies in the UK.. chances are you'll get bitten by a dog with rabies before you get bitten by a snake here. The bugs you'll see most around here are ants, mozzies and flies. Mozzies are numerous in bad area's like Coolum and Twin Waters, duh just don't go there if you don't like em. There's plenty of area's that are free from mozzies, it's up to you to do your research. Flies will come for food, and if you leave your screens closed, you get fresh breezes without the flies. Leave cat-food out on your kitchen table : You're asking for it. Just use common sense, there's no more bugs here than in Europe, trust me. Sharks : There's a few hammerheads in the river here, so what, the last time someone got killed by a shark was in 1965 or whatever it was some 50 years ago. And there's millions and millions of swimmers. It's time that the nonsense of scaring people ends.
  20. Hi everyone, When I say I'm moving to Oz the first thing everyone does is pull a face and make some sort of comment about there being loads of spiders and snakes and how I will have to check my shoes before putting them on blah blah blah... I thought I'd ask you guys who probably know better than hearsay! What's the real deal? I'm moving to a rural area north of Melbourne. Are there loads of spiders and snakes? Do they come into the house? I normally scream, run around and then grab a shoe and squash any spiders I come accross back home!! Can I do that with the ones in Oz? Do I really need to check my shoes? I'd just like to know the real facts really and what to do... I don't really like spiders and snakes but it wouldn't stop me moving somewhere or doing anything... there just might be a lot of screaming involved!
  21. Guest

    Fear of spiders 'workshop'

    Hi, I have found this page whilst trawling through the internet. It may be of help to anyone who has a fear of spiders. Its Based at Dudley Zoo, West Midlands. Dudley Zoo Online Shop Arachnophobia Workshop There is also an online course to help with these fears http://www.feardrop.com/index.php
  22. An influx of the deadly Sydney funnel-web spider has taken hold in the Australian city of the same name after a spate of wetter than usual weather brought them scuttling into suburban gardens and sheds. The Australian Reptile Park, which makes anti-venom for funnel-web bites, has recorded higher than usual numbers of funnel-webs and warned the plague could get worse http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/australia/6951425/Deadly-funnel-web-spiders-invade-Sydney.html
  23. Hiya We are wanting to move to Perth. I am so excited, but have a fear of the 8 legged species. I have heard about this spray people use around doors and windows. Does this actually work? Also do you need to turn your socks out to check them everytime you put them on? Check all shoes before putting them on? Checking toilet seats etc??? Or it is the typical poms hyping things up, because we simnply do not know or understand Australia? Make out its more dangerous than what it is? I gathered the Funnel Web is mainly in Sydney areas. I might get away with that. Snakes I am not too concerned about. You can easily see them. At least I think you could. Unless my dog decides to bring one in. :shocked: How do you live with the spiders and snakes. How do you tackle it. Considering our spiders are pretty small and non venomous likes thiers. xx
  24. Guest

    Sydney Funnel Web Spiders

    Hi This is my first post and you'll probably think rather a silly one. We are moving to sydney, that is my husband and I and our two kids age 3 & 1 end November for two years. Probably looking to live around the southern beaches area. Someone mentioned spiders to me yesterday, which to be honest I'd not given any thought to until now...... and its completely taken over what should be time spent on planning our arrival. Can anyone tell me how often you come across these things? I'm particulary worried about the kids playing in the garden or asleep?
  25. Guest

    Funnel Web spiders in ACT

    I know we don't have the Sydney Funnel Webs and until today I thought there were no funnel webs in the ACT at all, but it turns out there are...... I saw a spider's web and I thought "goodness me, it is shaped like a funnel! Oh oh..........." I googled, and found this: Funnel-web spider (Fact Sheet) WHY WAS I NOT TOLD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else seen one here, or was I just "lucky"?