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Found 14 results

  1. I am 74 and my wife is 65. Both our children live in Australia, in Adelaide and Melbourne. We are hoping to go out on a subclass 143 Contributory Parent Visa which on average takes about 18 months to process. I understand that the initial visa application charge is A$1735 covering both my wife and I, and that the final visa application charge is at present A$37965 each. We would prefer spending as much time as possible in Australia while we are waiting for our visa application to be processed, so how can we go about this legitimately. On our visits we were issued with the normal electronic holiday visa which lasts 3 months I believe, and our purpose of visit stated “holiday”. Can we extend that visa once we are out there or do we need the Tourist subclass 676 visa for 12 months which costs about A$100 each. Would we need to go offshore near the end of the visa if we wanted to apply for another holiday visa? Finally, our state pensions and private pensions are paid into our banks in UK. Do we wait until our Contributory Parent Visa has been approved before we open an Australian bank account
  2. Hi, we're soon to be coming to ACT and all we seem to do is keep looking at the internet at houses and areas to live in and really would appreciate some inside information. We're quite keen on some houses in Forde, Amaroo and the general Belconnen area, but get more confused each time my fingers hit the keyboard and that website is turned opened We would appreciate any guidance on these areas in general and other suburbs, both North and South that we should consider. Commuting time isn't a major issue as anything is going to be better than the daily commute into London each day that we endure at the moment. While our preferences are the more modern home, we want some space around us, so ideally want a slightly older property on a decent sized plot. We ideally are looking for a 4 bed property for ourselves and our six year old daughter. Schooling will be an important issue in finalising on an area. Our budget keeps changing depending on the house we see, but tops I don't want it to be more than $650-700K. Please help or my PC screen will be permanently have a shadow of realestateaustralia:) Thank you.
  3. Are there any new immigrants to Australia, i am talking in the last few months currently living on pounds Sterling. I ask because i found it costly at 2 to 1, whereas currently at 1.5 to 1 and taking into consideration an increase in living costs since i last lived in Australia over two years ago. I am wondering how you are finding it, in terms of affordability...................
  4. Should Britain be spending so much on "International Development" when they are slashing public sector jobs at home? International Development - DfID Spending 'A Catalogue of Waste,' Paper Says
  5. Is this the right time in spending money in real estate ?I planing to buy a Vila in Kyrenia near to beach with sea view part of Vila i want to give to the holiday makers for rent ?
  6. I have just been looking at the Go Matilda forums website and am cheekily copying this in here as it provides another positive view of the benefit of migrants and was good for my spirits. Alan Collett of Go Matilda posted a link about this on the 25th Jan - so the credit goes to him and the Go Matilda team. Migrant spending a great stimulus to economy during crisis - Topic Powered by Social Strata also from the article"Research by Bruce Chapman at Australian National University shows that, counter-intuitively, migrants create more jobs during a downturn than during a boom.When migrants arrive, they have two effects on the labour market: they compete for the existing pool of jobs, while their demand for goods and services creates job vacancies elsewhere." It would be good to see this reported in the general press as well as business press to encourage the voting public to desire us. Sorry all should have posted this to the News section
  7. janine the party queen

    Where are you spending New Years Eve

    I was just wondering what other people were up to on New Years Eve. I have my daughter arriving xmas eve and we wanted to do something special.We will be in Tweed Heads for New Year at the RSL in Coolangatta.
  8. Allyboy

    Intiial spending cash

    Whereis the best place in UK to get some initial aus dollars for first few days after arrival?
  9. Guest

    Spending money

    Hi All, Probably sounds like a daft question but when you go on holiday to Australia how do you take your spending money??? When we travel to Europe we take so much Euro's cash then the rest on a holiday payment card. What is the norm in Australia to take for a holiday??? Thanks
  10. getus2oz

    Reccie spending money

    Hi all, I've just booked flights to Perth for a reccie and to validate our visas. I was wondering if we should open a oz bank account here before we go and transfer some spending money into it for the reccie? Or do we just exchange some £ for $ at a travel agents because it could be a while before we move out for good and I don't know much about bank charges in Oz? Any views would be helpful, Cheers x Jo
  11. WOW what a week!! This time last week we were trying to work out when to start looking for employment away from hub's current employer as it looked like moving to Oz with them wasnt a possibility and now.........we have a 12 secondment starting on the 27th Oct :spinny: I will be handing in my notice at work tomorrow and then the madness starts, trying to sort out a pet sitter, flights, christmas presents!!! We told hub's parents last night and they agreed that this trip was just too good of an opportunity to miss (all expenses paid) but we were told not to enjoy it too much as they didnt want us moving out there perm during their life time :err: They dont know that this is our plan ..... baby steps and all that. I think reality is now starting to set in - yeah! We will be spending Christmas In OZ!!! So excited! Thanks everyone for you kind words or advice and encouragement! Emma x
  12. Not sure if this service is available at all quarantine stations but our were in Sydney and we managed to pay someone to go in and spend some quality time with our dogs three times a week. They were exercised in large grassed exercise areas, groomed, given toys and balls to run around with and the lady who did it for us emailed us photos from everyday she spent with them. This was a godsend and definately made the stay easier on our dogs. It was so nice to see pics of them having fun and running around. I wasn't aware of this service until I personally phoned the quarantine station to check on the dogs after they arrived. So I guess not many people are aware of it. The service is not from the quarantine station staff but external individuals and you have to given written consent to the station before they will allow it. The quarantine staff don't have time to do anything other than clean out cages and feed your pet so it makes for a very dull stay. It only cost us $20 each day she exercised our dogs so was very reasonable and definately money well spent! Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that this service is available but not really made known to you so do enquire with your quarantine station. I hope this helps someone.
  13. I leave for Australia exactly 5 weeks on thursday, and trying to spend as much time with the family as possible b4 we go. Unfortunalty my Grandma was diagnosed with 2nd degree cancer of the lung (she is a non-smoker by the way) and cancer of the bowel a few weeks ago, and is going for the op 2day to take a piece of her bowel away, So fingers crossed with that. Preying for you nana Xxx So I am spending as much time as possalbe with my grandma and grandad at the moment. I have also booked an over night stay in a hotel Spa, for me and my mum. We go on Thursday and it is an Mother and Daughter package containing lunch, evening 3 course meal and breakfast, also a facial, body wrap and hair treatment over the course of the 2 days, We will be drinking Champagne and doing sweet F.A the whole time. Some quality mother and daughter time. And last but not least our leaving party is booked for the 4th October, we have over 70 friends and family coming,up from London and over from Ireland, we have hired out a private bar and party in2 the night. I think I can safey say I will have left the U.K satisfied that I have said my goodbyes. Any way it isn't goodbye forever just see ya for now Xx:wubclub:
  14. shazney64

    spending too much time on here

    i am spending way too much time on here. Loving it though! Although not replied to that many posts, check it out daily, often more than twice a day! With deadlines looming for essays to be in, and court day to prepare for, you would think i should know better! Tim can i become Plat member for the amount of time i log on lol? Bit shy with the posts hmmm believe that, believe anything. well i must be more strict with my time, will go quiet for a while but will check you out maybe once daily. Keep up the good posts, be back soon. sharon x