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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, Just trying to get a feel on renting and how much to spend to rent a wk and live comfortable. If i was taking home about $875 a wk how much would you spend on renting a week?
  2. hi i came into the country on a 457 and moved to 856visa , that 13 mnths on 457 and a year on 856 , i am curently having problems and am thinking of leaving , but now am suffering in decission because someone told me that if i decide to leave the employer now , the employer can report me to immigration and they will revoke my visa saying that it was fraudlent due to the short time i have spend with the company , so my question is how long should someone stay on an 856 visa before leaving for it not to be termed fraudlent , please help , coz its stressing me up :arghh:
  3. ausdreamer

    How will you spend your Christmas?

    Another year has passed by and with it great change has unfolded in our lives, some for the better, but for some it has also brought sadness and disappointment. Christmas and the holiday season are normally a time for being together as a family, when relatives from all over the country and abroad come together to celebrate and catch up. It can be the only time of the year that everyone is together. But what if you can't make it back home for the holidays? Sometimes it's just not possible for you to travel or your loved ones to travel, whether its for financial reasons, work is getting in the way or simply that they have other commitments or, you just live too far away now! Even those who do plan to fly back to the UK for the holidays may find their best laid plans ruined by snow and ice on the runways? To all of you at home and in Aus who are separated from their fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, children and any other family member and friends, I wish you every happiness that Christmas can bring. May the new year carry us towards our dreams and those that are living their dreams, may they continue.
  4. Hi I obtained my SS and showed them 75000 dollars in my bank account and that is real ( not fake) Now I would like to buy a house in my home land and will be able to gather another 25000 dollars before my 176 visa application is processed Is that possible ? Will they ask again for proof of funds in Australia ? Regards
  5. As we will be arriving at night (not booked the tickets yet LOL) we will be waking up in Cowes, Phillip Island at my brother’s holiday house (where we are staying until we get our house sorted). So we will be waking up and having a coffee on his balcony watching the waves lap in, then we will head into Cowes and have a cooked breakfast on the beach front (while shooing away the bloody sea gulls!!!!) After that I guess we’ll have a look around and then head back to our own private beach! (Well not really private, but where my brother lives only locals can park so not many people can get to it) Then I guess we’ll retire back to the house and cook some great steak a cold beer and watch the sun set over the water...... Pure bliss. In reality we’ll most likely wake up have coffee and toast and then laze around the house all day, jet lagged, and finish it off with a takeaway......
  6. Hello All, My name is Ryan i am Australian and currently living in Brisbane. I have a Spanish girlfriend we met in London 3 years ago, while i was on holidays and have lived, travelled and worked together all around the world, though this has been on and off since she studies in Spain and so have i in Australia, so we have had gaps in between living seperatley at various occasions. As we have lived seperately and kept in contact via skype,emails etc for months at a time, we are now looking into her moving to Australia permanently and starting a life here with me. As we do not have sufficient evidence to support a de facto visa, though have carried on a committed relationship for 3 years, as i see it our only options are for me to move overseas for the 12 months and fulfill all the criteria to get a defacto visa or spend large amounts of money for her to come study here, in which time under her student visa we can meet the 12 month requirement and apply for a defacto visa. Or besides for loving eachother very much, be forced into a situation where we are forced to marry. Your help would be muchly appreciated, as i think im missing something, since this seems to be a very hard situation to be in. Kind Regards Ryan
  7. As you may know I'm currently in the market for a house in Kent and while surfing the net looking for somewhere suitable I came across this place. Wilderness Road, CHISLEHURST, Kent, 7 bedroom detached - 451927 - Zoopla! it's a bit out of my price range I'm afraid but it got me thinking,if you had that sort of money would you spend it on a house? And if you would whereabouts would it be ,in Chislehurst or somewhere more exotic?
  8. Ok so it's a fair amount that you have to spend to get free delivery but maybe you can get together with a friend. I know there are alot of sad PIO's people like me who miss M&S so now is your chance to get a fix. I have ordered from them several times, including glasses, crockery, clothes it comes within about 2 weeks and so far nothing has been broken. http://www.marksandspencer.com/International-Delivery/b/183243031 Happy shopping :biggrin: Michelle
  9. I've been really bored tonight so spent hours on PIO, Facebook etc. Is this a waste of life or a constructive hobby? Was I this bored in the UK? Has anyone been on their computer for more than 2 hours tonight?
  10. I have to spend an initial 5 months apart from my fiance, then I get to spend 3 months with him... then visa gets sent off... and have to wait however long it will take for that to process. Up to another 5 months!! I just don't know how I am going to do it! Probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am dreading saying goodbye at the Airport next week, knowing this is all ahead of us. I would love to hear some positive advice to keep me going!
  11. i am moving out to OZ and trying to work out a budget for Rent. Have seen some stunning places but not sure they are affordable. Hope someone can help on this. I expect to be earning between 6-7k after tax per month. The difference between spending 700 on a place and 900 in terms of quality seems huge. would love to have a nice place but want to make sure its affordable before committing to it. has anyone any idea whats the most I should look to stretch my rental budget to on 6-7K per month? thanks for you help
  12. Hello all from North Warwickshire Well what a perfect start to March, beautiful warm sunny day, can't remember seeing the sky this blue in years so early in the year! Kids playing hide and seek, trampolining, football etc, had lunch on patio!!!! Me, hubby and the in-laws spent all day in the garden enjoying being outdoors pottering about. Just about ready for a large glass of Pinot, mother-in-law has beef in my oven with all the trimmings. Feel peaceful and content. I am treasuring this day, it has been lovely and has made a break from the worry and fretting of waiting for news about our visa etc. How did you you spend your Sunday? Best wishes to all Aareth xx
  13. Guest

    Where to spend wknd in Perth?

    Ok guys.......we will be spending 2wks in Perth as of next week (28th Nov)...it's a last min thing and we would like to spend our middle weekend somewhere with good bars and a bit of life (as we'll be spending most of our time looking for work, schools and area to live for when we eventually make the BIG MOVE next year!) I'm thinking of booking 5 or 6 days NOR and same SOR with the middle wknd somewhere more lively?? Freemantle maybe? Any advice welcome! Lisa,xx....P.S. Any party invites welcome!! HAHA
  14. Hi, I'm moving to Oz in November and doing some travelling up to xmas and new year, I'm undecided about where to spend xmas though, should I come back to Sydney, Cairns or Melbourne? help?? all suggestions welcome?
  15. We arrive in Brisbane on 30th September, and after a few weeks in the company apartment we will need to furnish an apartment in the city centre. Our relocation allowance can cover the following items, can anyone recommend some good department stores where we should be able to buy these items? Or are we better off going round a few different places? Any advice is welcome. Furniture: Bed and mattress Bedside tables Lounge Suite or sofa Dining Table and Chairs Electrical: Refrigerator Washing Machine Clothes Dryer Microwave Television DVD Player Stereo Vacuum Cleaner Fan
  16. Ok its one oclock here in rainy old blighty, so that means its Saturday night over in Oz, so tell me whats your favourite way to spend your Saturday evenings?