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Found 34 results

  1. My nephew is in court on Wednesday for dangerous driving..... Speeding at 130 kmh in a 60 on a motorbike. He is a student in Sydney doing a degree and was driving on a UK licence. Reading up, it looks like he could spend some time in gaol.....probably deserved...but it would screw his life chances up quite a lot. He is hoping to settle in Australia once he has graduated. He is full of contrition and wants to represent himself and plead guilty....... I think that he needs some legal advice first. Does anyone know of a good lawyer they could recommend? I know he's a pratt! thanks.
  2. My Nephew is in Australia, and studying at Uni in Sydney. He was caught speeding on a motorbike (45k over the limit in a National Park) He is on a Student Visa, and apparently might be kicked out of the University and country. He will have to sell his bike to pay the fine, which is a pretty good lesson for him. But eviction from the course and country sounds a bit harsh! I wonder if anyone has any ideas?
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has advice or maybe experience of this before.. I was in Australia in 2005/06 on a working holiday visa, seeing as I was driving under a provisional license at the time i decided to sit my driving test while in Australia, which I subsequently passed! Everything was good until the end of my trip, while on a road trip around Australia before I headed home I managed to pick up 2 speeding fines and some toll charges! (which I didn't know about these until the end of my trip when I got a call from the house where I used to live). Seeing as I was heading home in a couple of weeks anyway I decided to take my chances and not pay the fines. The problem is that now I'm looking to go back to Australia under a 176 visa and I'm worried that these unpaid fines/charges could come back to bite me when I get to Australia or worse still prevent me from being granted a visa. Does anyone know if this is a possibility or have experience of anything similar? Thanks in advance, Johnny.
  4. Guest

    Speeding Tickets Victoria

    Hey All, Wonder if anyone on here will know the details for this. Basically I've just moved over from the UK to Australia and I have an an Australian + British Passport, I haven't been to oz as an adult but lived here as a young child (which got me citizenship) Anyway arrived and rented a car from Melbourne airport (on a British License), 2 months later I get two charges on my credit card from Thrifty car rental and I've just phoned them and they are two speeding charges. Quite disappointing as I haven't had a speeding ticket in the UK and have been driving constantly for 5 years. Anyway likely it was me (lets blame new country and speeds) and the two charges are just "administration charges" from Thrifty for sending back my address (in the UK) to Victoria roads (nice of them eh?) First, Anyone know what a normal speeding charge is? and secondly now I'm settled here I guess I'm going to need to move to an Australian driving license at some point (living in Sydney) I was going to go to NSW road and get it transferred but now I'm wondering will it be a problem as they will see two tickets on my UK license which would have points if It was an Ozzie license?
  5. barnabus72

    Speeding Fines

    Hi we came over for a reccie in August and managed to pick up 3 speeding fines during 6 days in Melbourne on a road which we NOW know is notorious for them ?!?! The fines are huge ! What are our options ? We are intending to come back to live just as soon as my partner can get a job, this could happen in the next 6 months but may not happen at all! Can we argue them ? Ask for proof etc ? Thanks
  6. Beddy

    motorway speeding offence

    we are at the final stages of our visa application and just sent off for the police checks.My 21year old daughter has just been pulled over on the motorway for speeding at 100mph:policeman: Although she deserves the punishment she is going to receive which will probably be a heavy fine and disqualification will this affect our application?
  7. we fly to sydney in 6 weeks. yesterday my fella was driving my car, and reckons hes been clocked by the police on the motorway for speeding. when questioned and rollocked by myself he claims he may have been travelling at around 100mph. he already has 6 points on his licence for speeding, and obviously under normal circumstances if in the uk he would accrue another 6 points and a possible ban and fine. i am not prepared to take the rap for him, my licence is clear. even though it is my car and obviously the fine will come addressed to me. i am just worried what to do. my oh isnt really sure if he has been clocked or not, reckons they could have been monitoring traffic on other side. but if we have been caught, the letter wont come through before we go, he says dont worry cos we wont be in the uk, but i do. i cant help it. how would it affect our uk licence if we are in australia. and what happens when we try to change our licences over to oz ones. i am really worried and dont know what to do. please help. nicola we are going to nsw by the way. dont know if that makes a difference.
  8. Hi Guys, in 2002 my girlfriend and i backpacked around australia, somehere up the coast i got a speeding ticket and didnt pay it. fast forward to 2011, my now wife and i with kids are in the process of a sponsorship application, surely this speeding ticket wouldnt show up or cause us problems? Im pretty sure all the cop got was my uk driving licence, and i now have a nz one. Surley???:SLEEP:
  9. I've recently returned a from a trip to Geelong where I spent around 10 days looking at different areas and properties and covered nearly 2000kms during this time I didn't see one mobile speed camera, all the speed camera's I did see I made sure my speed was within the speed limit when I passed the camera. On returning I've now received a number of speeding fines through the post all in the region of 107kph in 100kph limit. My dilemma is do I pay the fines......................... Bearing in mind I am considering living and working in Geelong later this year. When credit checks are carried out in Oz will I have show/give my last address in UK??? I would be interested to know people's thought's on this, I can't be the only person who has visited the state of Victoria on a reccie visit and get speeding tickets.
  10. gaz n family

    Points for Speeding.

    I have been lucky enough to have the police write me a letter. They say i was driving a little too fast. I have looked at doing the speed awareness course, but it looks like we wont have that option as the courses are fully booked till after our departure date so it looks like i will have to accept the points. How does this effect the hiring of a car, or swapping your driving licence over?
  11. hi hope someone can help. We now have a case officer and are in the process of sorting the police checks. My fella is up at court next week for a speeding offense. Not sure if i should complete the paperwork now and just add a line at the end stating he is at court and for what. Or should i wait until hes been to court and got his punishment and then declare it. Is this type of thing classed as a criminal offence. Do i tick yes or no to this question on the form. Is he the subject of outstanding criminal proceedings. Yes or no. Am really panicking now that we have got to the co stage, that my fella is going to fail it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks nicola
  12. Cots

    Unpaid Speeding Fines

    My Dad got a speeding fine sent home after a trip to Oz in 2003. Rightly or wrongly, thinking he would never go back he didn't pay it. 8 years on we are emigrating and he will be visiting us, can anyone tell me what the repercussions of this unpaid fine might be? Will he have a problem getting a tourist visa or be pulled up on entering Oz? thanks for any info!
  13. Guest

    speeding on police checks

    Does anyone know if you are supposed to put speeind tickets on your police check form, where it asks if you have ever been dealt with by any reprimand? I don't mind putting the speeding fine down, I just wondered if you are supposed to. Thanks!
  14. Hi We're just starting out on our journey of applying for a skilled migration visa, having finally made the decision to emigrate. Under the current points system we would be looking at approximately 115 points, which is probably a bit low, though if we wait until July 2011 this will be between 65 and 75. It seems more sensible to wait until July to lodge an application but I was just wondering if there was anything we can do now to speed up the process before we make our application such as skill assessments, medicals, etc, so that as much as possible is in place before then. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. blobby1000

    Speeding ticket!

    Whats the deal with speeding tickets in Victoria? I hjust got zapped doing quite a bit more than the 60kph limit.....only been here two days! Can they enforce it if I have no permanent Australian address? Does anyone know how big the fines are? I heard you get banned for doing 40kph over the limit....dont think I was but that would be especially bad!
  16. pylchung

    Speeding up second stage visa

    Hi all, My second post here, but have read a lot of posts on this forum. Is there any way of speeding up the second stage application for a partner visa? I applied for onshore partner visa (820/801) in May 2009 and was granted a temporary partner visa (820) in July 2009. Since then my wife and I have had a baby daughter. Does this count at all towards getting PR? I ask as my wife isn't working, and I, being a temporary resident cannot get a car loan (transporting 4 month old bub in an old three door car is tough!). So, is there any way of shortening the wait period before I can get PR? I originally applied to the Adelaide immigration office, but Melbourne is handling the second stage of the application. Thanks all, Phil.
  17. nickyc88

    Points or no points?!

    My OH just got a speeding thing through the door :policeman: just when I was about to get my lovely clean licence back. We thought we'd have clean licences for Oz. Turns out you can opt to pay an extra £70 and go for a day long course to learn not to speed any more, and then not have the points. He can't decide between the cash or the points... How bothered are they in Oz about speeding points? Does it affect your insurance there? Nicky
  18. markntracey

    Caught speeding on Reccie

    Hia we were caught by a mobile speed camera whilst on our reccie. We were going with the flow of traffic but probabley about 10 km over the limit. We didn't see it til it was too late (they don't make themselves as noticeable like they do in uk lol) We know we'll have to pay a fine but what happens about points. Can they still put them on? :eek:
  19. There is no reasonable excuse for speeding (especially in areas where there are children) but we all drift up a bit at times especailly on Perth's wonderful roads - you should see what the (on-going) winter weather had done to the road surfaces in the UK before we left lat month - but what is an "acceptable" breaking of the speed limits in WA? I know in the UK that most police forces will accept 10% + 1 e.g. 34 in a 30, 45 in a 40 zone etc. Is there a similar tolerance in WA? There are certainly plenty of drivers who don't seem to stick to the limits.
  20. Melbourne - 114k in a 100 zone and I was ticketed. I was told by a friend to write in and beg to be let off (new to the country, first ever speeding fine etc.). They let me off with a warning. Just thought I'd share this with you all. And of course I don't condone speeding. .
  21. Proview220

    Speeding fines in oz

    can some one give advise on this: when on holiday in australia in 2003 i was caught speeding twice, both times was stopped, i was told i would be repoerted for this. i was told to pay both fines before we left oz, this never happened i have since told my agent about these fines, he has put them on the application for my visa to let immigration know we are not trying to pull the wool over there eyes. will this affect my visa in any way and will i have to pay them when i return to oz if and when we get our visa regards Proview
  22. About 13 years ago I got stopped by the Police and given a speeding ticket. The copper said as I am holiday and leaving the country in a few weeks not to bother paying it. Can't remember if he said, 'that's if your not going to return". Anyway I didn't pay the fine lol! Now I'm worried it will affect my visa application and our holiday to Oz after Christmas, does anyone know? Also I got hitched in the mean time and took his surname.:biglaugh: Will they not let me in or arrest me on landing ? :policeman:
  23. Hi all, Wondered if you had any advice for me. I visited Oz back in April to do a bit of house hunting and general recce to decide whether emigrating would be the right things for us (an overwhelming Yes - hopefully in 2-3 years time). However, all these months later I find a letter stating I'd been clocked at 85kmh in an 80 zone. As I was in a hire car over there I don't really have a chance to query the accuracy of the speedo in the vehicle, and am a bit miffed at being fined for going just 5kmh over the limit. So, shall I just pay up and forget about it, or accidentally drop it in the shredder :wink: ? Cheers Smiff
  24. I'm back on my "I don't speed" pony I'm afraid!!!! I posted last week about the fact that I got a speeding ticket and wasn't sure what to do about getting the demerit point as I am on a UK licence. BUT - I was sure that I wasn't speeding as I was being overtaken at the time..... and being a bit bloody minded,I asked for the photo from Vic Roads. and guess what - there is a 2nd car in the photo, in the other lane, ahead of me!!:arghh: ie the car that WAS speeding and was OVERTAKING me!!!! Question is - What now??!?!? Do I just phone Vic Roads and have the argument? It's $150 and 1 point - neither of which are really that big a deal - but it's the PRINCIPLE!!!!!!! I have a clean licence and have had for over 12 years!!!!! As always, advice and sarcasm welcome!! Cheers Jules :wubclub:
  25. Guest

    Speeding ticket on UK license

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if you can help? I've just been caught speeding in my company car and have subsequently given my UK license to my boss for Vic Roads - I'm on a temporary spouse visa so have not swapped over to OZ license. I know I'm going to get a fine but will I get points now or when I hopefully get full residency and swap my license over will they be added then? Has anybody been in this position before? Thanks for you help in advance Surrey John