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Found 35 results

  1. MORE than 115 leadfoots a day are being snared by a new fixed speed camera on Kwinana Freeway in Como - the latest cash cow for road-safety coffers. WA Police statistics show that 3597 drivers were issued with fines in the first month after the camera was switched on in mid-July. Of those, 120 speedsters were travelling at more than 20km/h over the 100km/h speed limit, including eight hoons at speeds of 41km/h or more. The Como speed trap is the state's second fixed freeway speed camera. The first, on Mitchell Freeway in Innaloo, has nabbed a staggering 14,759 people since January. But, unlike the Innaloo camera, the Como device has been rolled out with little fanfare. State Traffic Operations Commander Michelle Fyfe said police would continue to target drivers who risked their lives and the safety of others. "The speed limits are there for a reason. They are there to keep everybody safe and to make sure everybody gets to their destination safely," she said. Late last year, WA Police bought several German-made metal cabinets to house speed cameras on freeways and highways. Previously, the only fixed devices were dual speed and red-light cameras at intersections. Other fixed freeway speed cameras are due to be installed on Kwinana Freeway in Success, Roe Highway in Willetton and on Mitchell Freeway in Stirling before October. The rollout comes two years after Monash University Professor Max Cameron mooted fixed speed cameras and point-to-point for WA freeways and highways as a key road safety measure. Police Minister Liza Harvey said fixed speed cameras were part of the State Government's $30 million enhanced speed-enforcement program. From July 1, all revenue from fixed speed and red-light cameras goes to the Road Trauma Trust Funds, which aims to reduce death and serious injury by upgrading roads, increasing alcohol and drug testing and extra police traffic enforcement. Kwinana Fwy near Como and South Perth is one of WA's most favoured speeding stretches, with 20,283 fines netting $3 million issued in the 2010-2011 financial year. NABBED: THE COMO FREEWAY CAMERA'S FIRST MONTH OF OPERATION. July 12 to August 12, 2012. Under 9km/h: 2620 :mad: Between 10-19km/h: 857 Between 20-29km/h: 92 Between 30-39km/h: 20 More than 41km/h: 8 Source: WA Police
  2. Help! How long does import approval take. We are leaving 24 Nov and now officially panicking as I hadn't realised this needed doing in advanceand haven't done it yet! Will we make it??
  3. ali

    Gary Speed RIP

    So sad to hear that Gary Speed has died - 42 years old. Tragic loss.
  4. Currently, G3ers are excited about the CO/Approval speed, but it says the speed will be slower after 7.1. Possible reasons are as below but I am not sure: 1) DIAC is now using the rest head counts rapidly for G3. After 7.1, there will be head count re-arrangement and there will be not as many head counts for G3 as it is for now. 2) There will be more G1/G2 coming in after 7.1, which would be slow down G3 process. But how many will they be? Do you have any ideas about the G3 processing speed after 7.1? Will G3 be frozen for a while?
  5. After what we thought was the show stopper when my skill was removed from the SOL in the July 2010 changes, I logged onto the DIAC site yesterday to be greeted with the news that my 176 for myself and my family has been approved! Can’t believe how quickly it went through in the end since SA released their state sponsorship scheme in Jan. The heartache of believing it was all over in July was worth it now as we would have never gone down the state sponsorship route. Now all of a sudden the activation end date of May 2012 looks so near. Better start making lists of what to do next as I didn’t want to jinx the process and make one before. Best of luck to all those still waiting to hear. Today is a good day! :biggrin: Here's the timeline if anyone's interested. ACS Application 24-04-10 Suspension of GSM applications 08-05-10 ACS assessment passed 22-06-11 Skill removed from SOL 01-07-10 SA releases State Migration Plan 05-01-11 SA SS online application 13-01-11 SA SS granted 24-03-11 176 Visa Application 31-03-11 CO assigned 02-05-11 176 Visa granted 10-06-11
  6. Hi all, I completed a Bach. of Engineering (Electrical) on 7 Dec '10 and qualified by Engineers Australia (skill assessment agent) as Electronics Engineer (included in SOL). My visa expired on 15 Mar. '11 and I applied for Subclass 485 (TR) on 12 March '11. Then applied for Subclass 886 (PR) with assistance of my relative in Sydney on 13 June '11. Does anyone know which one will process quicker information given by immi is pretty confusing to me...:mad: In fact, I'm a little bit doubtful too as to whether I am eligible for 886 since it is said that it is for people who graduated in the past six months; while I also see somewhere that says people who held a student visa in the past six month may be eligible too... Anyways, it would be sweet if any of you who have a similar case to me could give me some idea :smile: Thank you very much in advance!!!:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: Schwarz
  7. Hi all, I am new to this but have been lurking for a while and have found some excellent advice on poms in oz, I wonder if anyone could shed any light on something for us? We decided to look at moving to Aus back in Feb, we are looking to get over on a employer sponsored 457 with my husbands job (civil engineer). We attended 2 different expos in March. One of the expos in London was really useful and my husband met 6 different potential employers all of whom were interested in his experience and told us they would be in touch within a few weeks with interviews etc. Aside from this my husband has also applied for a number of relevant roles over the internet. The expo was end of March and so far we have had 2 responses, but both saying they are still reviewing resumes. Is this normal? He has only been rejected from 1 job on the basis that he doesnt have a visa in place, all the other applications are still reading under review!!! Its driving us insane, but dont know if this is normal practice? We have chased all involved and received no replies to the chasing. Wondered if anyone else is experiencing this/ or does it mean they are not interested. Obviously we expected to get rejected emails if he is not suitable. Thanks for any advice!
  8. http://www.adrenalin.com.au/fighter-jet-flight-save-790/vic-melbourne/air/14624 someone talk me out of it haha!!! anyone else done it?
  9. MIA Notice: “The good news is that all Accountants with Competent English are now in priority group 3, as are all motor mechanics. For the team here it means that we have a lot of applications going back to July 2008 that we can now begin processing in priority group 3. We would like to extend the offer of decision ready processing, with signed checklists, for all those applications previously lodged that can now be processed. Wayne Riddle, the new Assistant Director of GSM, Brisbane, is prepared to accept applications for decision ready processing where documents may have previously been emailed in, so long as any future documents are scanned and uploaded to e-visa, i.e. new health and character or other outstanding requirements. The process will be the same i.e. once the application is decision ready, and it falls within priority group 2 or 3 above, send a signed Decision Ready Checklist to the Brisbane Agents mailbox and we will allocate the application within 48 hours of receipt of the checklist. I am attaching new decision ready checklists to this email for 487, 885 and 886 applications.” Note: Currently the application allocation period is about 2 weeks (instead of 48 hours as stated above) Please also note, DRC can only be done by registered migration agent. Paul (registered migration agent) MARN.0848959 Recently approved application:
  10. Hi there, dear POMS! Would you be so kind to help me? Thank you! I have an ongoing 175 application. Now there is a chance of getting me a job offer from an Australian company. The question is: will this job offer automatically switch me to Category 1 with my ongoing application or I have to lodge a new application with ENS? So far, from the information I have found at DIAC's site, it looks as if I have to lodge a new visa application (ENS 121)? But, maybe I missed something...? Does anyone have similar experience with getting a job offer while having 175 in progress? Thank you all and have a great week! :hug:
  11. :confused:Hi, how long do you have to hold your breath in NSW to know if you got caught on a speed camera? Not sure about one over the Christmas period.
  12. inpeace

    is there a way to speed up TR

    it's been 12 months .and my case has not been allocated.is there any way of speeding it up?i want to get it before christmas holiday/can a migration agent ,speed up my TR application.
  13. minnie659

    What speed is the Internet?

    Hi What speeds are people getting? My husband has x box 360 he wants to know how fast it is. If it interferes with xbox live gaming. Thanks.
  14. ughh! on the way home from the shops i passes a marked police car on the side of the road doing speed checks, was well within the limit and carried my way on then about 20 mins down the road i see a 5 year old random car parked at the side of the road, no camera signs anywhere but as i get close to it i get a single camera flash from the front bumper area...... arggghhhhhh! looked down and i'm doing 115 in a 100 zone! So that will be a well deserved 3 demerits and $200ish fine i guess i did balance out the bad by picking up an elderly couple who'd broken down 10 mins further down the road and giving them a lift to their home.
  15. sleepywombat

    Mobile Speed Camera Locations...

    Mobile speed cameras Safe driving folks Cx
  16. Guest

    Typing Speed & Spell Check

    This could only be me, BUT. Have you since becoming a member of PIO found your typing speed getting quicker? I used to be about 40/50 words a minute, now since a member of PIO I am up to about 60 on an average. Only problem is this. My speed has only gone up to this count when I read a post that really gets on my goat and feel the need to reply quickly. You know, the old red mist comes down, veins sticking out from your neck, snapping and bitching at anyone in the house that dares to interrupt you, beads of sweat oozing from every pore on your body, a migraine coming on, and for all intents and purposes you become a humbug to all those around you.:biglaugh: My kids often say to their mum,' Is dad posting again, and if so is he annoyed'. They can normally tell if I am getting wound up as I snarl and bark, 'I'm just replying to a post, lleeeeaaaavvvvveeeeeeee it' (In a typical Ray Winstone kinda way).:embarrassed: Only problem is this. After you have finished and read the post back that you realise because of your temper and eagerness to get the post written it then takes spell check a further fifteen minutes to check your post and correct it because it looks like ancient arabic.:jiggy: And then because spell check has taken so long you find the post you wanted to reply to has been deleted or you read it completely wrong in the first place. A couple of aspirin later and several drinks normally calm me down though. My mrs (God bless her) wipes away the sweat from my brow, and her own indomitable way says: 'GET A LIFE YOU T..T'.:biglaugh: This is tongue in cheek by the way, well nearly.:cool: Cheers Tony
  17. Hi all Im new here, me and my wife is Cat6(885), recently got case officer allocated on 8/6/2010, but all materials still shows 'required' on website so far.Is it normal? We really want to speed up processing and get PR approval before cap and cease coming. So any advice will be appreciated, thank you in advance Our case is a kind of special, we lodged application on 2008, but didnot get BVA due to eGSM error until we realized it and called DIAC on 2010(that means we lived in austrlia 'illegally' without any visa for 14months,and also process hadn't started before CSL annouced), thats why DIAC allocated a CO for us to correct this mistake after we wrote complain letters to them. I think DIAC should process our case asap after such a mistake they made(we could get into big trouble if we didnot realize we didnot have any effective visa)...Maybe I should send more enquiries to them but Im afriad things will be going into bad way if I push them too hard.
  18. I'm aussie and my hubby is english... we live in Sydney, and he is on a temporary residency (permanent due to come through November 2011). We had a baby in December, and i was wondering if anyone knows if this is a factor that could speed up getting permanent residency? It's just that we want to buy a house now, and you can only get the first home owners grant ($7k) if you are both permanent residents or citizens. Hmmm, i doubt they would, but if anyone knows i'd be grateful!
  19. hi all, Has there been any cases you heard of, or do you know if you have uploaded everthing they need(MEDS,POLICE CLEARANCE RECORDS) to process your visa will they look at you quicker? cheers.
  20. Guest

    Speed cameras in UK

    Thought you might be interested to know that following the UK Government's freedom of information act you can now get access to ALL speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months. Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera, even 1mph over the set limit, it is registered and put on a database? You only get a ticket if you are way over the limit or, (this is the bit that I didn't know) if you receive over 10 near misses, you will be classed as a serial offender and get a ticket the next time you go just over the limit. This is why you hear of people being done for 34mph in a 30mph limit area, whilst others doing 39 do not. You can check what has been registered against your vehicle at the following web address: http://www.i-database.co.uk Then click link:- 'Click here to check your registration'. Then view picture of yourself when it happened. UK Speed Camera Database. Check to see if you have been caught speeding UK Speed Camera Database. Check to see if you have been caught speeding Speed Cameras are a common part of every day life and serve to deter the motorist from speeding in areas with high accident rates. Following deregulation of information, you can now check online to see if you have any impending Speeding tickets coming your way. ...
  21. Hi, this is my first time on Poms in Oz and Im looking for a little help!!! I have submitted a Skilled Migration (175) visa application and understand that I may be facing a long wait now!! My question is... I now have a job offer in Queensland and I want to know if this can somehow be added to my exising visa application to speed up the process time or should I go down the route of a sponsored visa application?? Please help me if you can!!!!!!
  22. woodymcfc

    Job Offer speed up process ?

    The OH sits her IELTS exam this Saturday for the ANMC (nursing), hopefully with a good outcome we'll send off the skills assessment a couple of week later, with the timescales mentioned should receive that back in 3 months so realistically we could submit our 175 in April/May. Yesterday she received a job offer that she had an interview for just before Christmas, just wondering would this speed up the visa process in any way ?.............Thanks
  23. We sold our house to a guy who i used to work with. Bear with me........ We are not using an estate agent. He has been to the bank and arranged mortgage and the surveyor came 3 weeks ago. He has been contacting the bank and there was some kind of disagreement between them over who was paying for some costs ??(surveyor/searches??) which held things up for a week. This week he texted me saying he had a letter from the bank so i am going to ring him over the weekend as he works shifts to see what its about. He did not say it was the survey outcome When should i instruct the solicitor(conveyencing) to act for me? I have chosen one already. What order do things happen in? Will this speed things up? Naive i know but we have to be in Australia by 2.10.09!!!!!:smile:
  24. Hello everyone, I have applied for a 175 visa in June 2008, my points were 125, and my occupation was Computing - System Manager. I have been keeping an eye on the aspc.processing newsletters. Untill I shocked to see the changes made on 17-dec-2008 concerning allocating case officers ... According to what the bulletin says, my 175 independant application will lay in priority order no 4 ; all other remaining applications :mad: So my question is: Can I apply to a state nomination NOW !! and attach it to the already submitted applicaton so that I can increase my chance to be in priority order no 1 : Applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination. And if the answer is Yes, will this take effect if I finish the nomination after 13-Feb-2009 (the promised date to finish no 1 cases). Kind Regards
  25. We have a case officer:policeman: Validating trip here we come.