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Found 24 results

  1. If you are moving to Queensland and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Life in Queensland.
  2. If you are moving to Adelaide and want to know about schools in the area, suburbs or need help finding accommodation or friends in the area, then why not take a look at our sister site: Poms in Adelaide.
  3. pandv_2000

    Specific work experience requirement

    Hi Reading the DIAC's requirements for specific work experience it states for 10 points: - If your nominated occupation is: worth 60 points and you have been employed in your nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation listed on the SOL, for at least three of the four years before the day of your application. Now I am applying as Management Accountant which is on the SOL but for the past 5 years my occupations have been Finance Manager and Finance Director which are not on the SOL. Does it mean that the nominated occupation (Management Accountant) must be on the SOL or does it mean that the closely related occupation (Finance Manager or Finance Director) must be on the SOL? Thanks in advance
  4. Ive scanned the SOL ive checked the forums but im still none the wiser... I work in a grade one listed building in London doing what they call Fabric maintenance. My job includes pretty much all types of building works, facillitys, install, carpentry, plumbing, lock picking!, etc etc... I am c&g quallified plumb & chippy, but as my job title is neither in particular does that mean im off the list or what? I dont really want to go back to site work just to make my job title suit, I would be willing to do site work when I get to Oz tho. Any ideas?
  5. Hi all, I have been doing research into my husbands trade, he is a fully qualified and registered Plumber who has been running his own business for 20 years here in the UK. From what I have read, UK plumbers dont seem to to very well in AU. He is on good money here and we are not rich but live a nice life here in the UK. I understand he will need to retrain and resit all his exams to get qulified in AU for around a 6 month period. That is ok, but after that I believe work is quite scarce without years of AU experience and many plumbers end up doing just about any work they can find to get by. Is this true? We dont want to move to the other side of the world and life becomes a struggle! Many thanks in advance. P.S. If i should post this on another section please let me know!
  6. Hi Everyone, I am new to this and would like to ask your advice on a slight problem I have I have gotten WA sponsorship and applied for my 176 visa however in my application i ticked the 'specific work experience', however i then realised that I didnt need to claim these points as I already had more than enough without them!! I would just attach the documents anyway except I am already in Perth on a 457 visa and I no longer have any payslips etc to prove the full 3 years - it would be quite a hassel to try get references etc so................my question is if I just dont upload any of the documents will they just take the 10 points off my application and process it on what I have submitted or would they cancel the whole visa??? Im sure you all know how stressfull visa applications are (Ive done 3 now at this stage and they dont get any easier!!) so im hoping someone out there can help settle my brain on this one Thanks so much
  7. Guest

    Specific work experience points

    Hello PomsinOZ members i have just received an email from Engineers Australia that i will be recognized as Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914 I have been working in my company for the past 6 years , by which i am supposed to earn extra 10 points in the " Specific work experience " The thing is , the HR letter provided by my company , only specify the current job position ( which i undertook 2 years ago ) , the yearly salary , and that i have been working for 6 years As you may see it is lacking some of the requirements mentioned by IMMI , like - being temporary or permanent - full time or part time - 5 duties undertaken If you may , can you please guide me with a form or a doc file that you used which IMMI considered successful to earn you the 10 points
  8. All right, this is something that's been in my head since I uploaded my employment certificates. There are a couple of things in fact that are bothering me: The form asked for employment details for the past four years: I started from when I was first employed back in 2003. I think this really won't matter, I guess DIAC will just ignore the references prior to the recent four years and the Team assigned(hopefully soon) to my case will make a mental note that the applicant is a complete jackass. :wacko: This is a bit more concerning. The recent four year employment reference from my current employer that I've provided has a glitch - not sure how big. The address mentioned on the footer of the letterhead bears the address of the previous location(detached main office) of my employer. The previous location still belongs to my employer but all the people that will verify are now at the new location(integrated departments now). I've mentioned the new address where they ask for the address of the employer in the application, but will it matter with differing addresses? (PS They didn't have the updated letterhead printed when I requested the certificate and am not sure if its even printed as yet):wideeyed: Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  9. cutiemcprettybobbi

    visa grant notice and specific conditions 176

    hi, can anyone help decipher this? Visa granted 9th feb, very happy, whoop whoop. Was so excited yesterday i could barely read the grant notice letter, but just been through all again, Grant Notice document has a bit about Visa Conditions, and it says 'no conditions', for 176 VE skilled sponsored, doesnt mention state. the i have a grant notification document, same visa 176. but the third doc - visa grant important info, says 175 visa. There is no mention on any documents about ss and being obliged to live in sponsoring state. What is going on?? have i had my original visa granted?? any knowledge appreciated, ta muchly x:err:
  10. Hi Everyone As per the Australian immigration website they asked me to provide five main duties during my employment. I applied for ACS with a reference letter which contains very detailed information on all projects and its nearly 5 pages. Do I need to mention all those details in my Specific work experience and recent work experience letter? Does anyone have the sample format? Please help me.
  11. Hi everyone For the skills assessment evidence I should send all the documents to the Australia immigration which I sent to the ACS. I dont have the employer reference copy with me which i sent to the ACS. If i ask my employer again for a reference they will give me the reference by putting the new date. But the date in the reference letter which I sent to the ACS is different. 1. Do I need to send exactly the same employer reference copy to the immigration office? 2. Do I need to get different reference for the skills assessment and specific work experience?Because I am in a new project after applied to the skills assessment. 3.Will it be a problem if they included any other project to the reference letter for both skills assessment evidence and specific work experience? Thanks a lot for helping me out.
  12. clairerichie

    Specific Work Experience HELP

    :arghh:Really need some help on this one as not to sure what to do!!!! MY Other half is a bricklayer and we first started doing the process for his Vetassess my OH was working for a company, this was two years ago, so he had ample work experience. Its taking us so long with all the changes that have been going on for him to get a positive skills assessment which he got in June of this year and now unfortunately his work experience is no longer Valid, and our agent has now told us to not wait around and go the the provisional 3 year visa as we get a 120 points, My OH has been working as a bricklayer as he is also classed as self employed,although we have some receipts etcc... we dont have a huge paper trail of information as he does it as a side earner really as oppose to running his own bricklaying company, am really frustrated as am now feeling we wont have enought for acceptance from DIAC and we have speant nearly two years on this now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi All It is just gone 01:00 in the UK and I am tired and heading for bed. I made a last check of my e-mails and discovered that there is a Hearing today about the Migration with Disabilities Inquiry - which is a subject dear to my heart. I can't find anything about that, despite clicking on the link in the e-mail. However I discovered that the Joint Standing Committee on Migration either has met or soon will meet in order to discuss a Review of State Specific Migration Mechanisms. The link is here: Parliament of Australia: Live Broadcasting Does anybody know what it is about, please? Is it significant to the applicants who are about to apply to migrate to Oz? Joint Standing Committee on Migration: Index Hmmmm! Well - I'm pretty sure that I have found the right committee but the only thing that it is discussing seems to be the migration treatment of disability? I did not think that the Joint Standing Committee on Migration is dealing with the Disability issue, though? Also there is no reference to State Specific Migration Mechanisms, so I am now thoroughly confused! Is there a typo in the APH website or am I just too tired to work this out properly, please? Many thanks :notworthy: Gill
  14. Hi Everybody Can Gill or George or one of the gurus on this site please take a look at the following scenario and advise if my wife qualifies for the 10 points given for 'specific work experience'. My wife is an accountant (been assessed all OK) and has been working full time since she graduated in 1996 ie 40 hours per week. In 2007 she took 4 months maternity leave, from 1st September to 31st December 2007. She remained employed by the company on maternity pay. She took another position with the company still as an accountant but in another division and worked shorter hours, 25 hours per week from 1st Jan 2008. In 2009 she took 4 months maternity leave from 1st September to 31st December 2009. She remained employed by the company on maternity pay. She worked a notice period for January 2010 and left the company on 31st January 2010. She never broke service with the company. My question is: Does she still qualify for the 10 points as she has been out of work for 8 months of the past 4 years?:confused: We will be lodging during March 2010 after IELTS tests to get onto CSL. I do have an agent but would like a second opinion while I stew away until Monday when I can talk to her as she is doubting we get the 10 points? If anyone can provide advice from experience then that would be great.:smile: Thanks
  15. Hello, After successfully navigating the application process, can you decide to move to another state that wasn't on or thought of within the original application? (non-state sponsored visa type) Thanks in advance. Nick.
  16. Hi all, Has anybody had a quote for a sole 20ft but you can put what you want in??? We thought all long that Groupage was as it is shared and certain quantity but only realised this week when started getting the quotes in that they actually state too how much eg 700 cu ft in sole 20ft and if we put more in it will cost us more even though we have sole use? Really shocked when we realised that.:frown: Thanks
  17. Hi I am trying to gather the documentation required to prove my specific work experience for the 175 visa. It says that I have to provide evidence that I have been employed in my nominated occupation for 3 of the last 4 years. If I have worked in my occupation for longer than 4 years, is it worth getting an extra reference from my employer from 5 years ago? Any advice would be much apreciated Cheers
  18. Can anyone please clarify the difference between SPECIFIC WORK EXP. and WORK EXPERIENCE. I think for bith we have to provide work references, pay slips, employment contracts etc. Than what is the diff. between the two.
  19. Hi, Anyone know if paid maternity leave will count to the 3 out of the last 4 years to get the 10 points for Specific Work Experience? Cheers B_er_B
  20. Hi folks. I submitted the oniine visa last night. Need to now attach all the documents that go with it, (which will probably take me about a week looking at the volume)! Where it says proof of specific employment, it says references, pay slips, contracts. Do you need to send them all or will, for example, just references suffice? I already have references handy from submitting skills assessment to the ACS so that would be the easiest. I'm just trying to cut down on the amount of stuff I am attaching as I am not the quickest that that sort of thing!! What did any of you include? Thanks for your time. Rachael :notworthy:
  21. Great site, loadsa info for OZ but very thin for info on NZ. Can anyone point me at websites or people who I can aim specific questions at please. BTW you guys really look to be very supportive of those going through the "wobble days",. It's good to know that as our dreams of reaching NZ hopefully come to fruition, someone will always be there to rant to/cry on their (virtual) shoulder/share success with. Looking forward to being part of this.:yes::yes::yes:
  22. I have heard from somewhere that certain Australian states have certain rules when it comes to cats settling in their area... for instance i have heard that certain places do not allow cats out between dusk and dawn... i have also heard rumours that in Melbourne cats are not allowed out of their own garden and there is a fine if they do get out... can anyone throw any light on these rumours for me and if they are true...what does WA Perth have in terms of these cat rules... thanks x
  23. Hi all Things progressing slowly (oh when, oh when will we get our acknowledgement letter for appl submitted end August?). In the meantime we are heading off to Perth for a month in January to do some research & look at schools, houses etc. Problem is don't really know where to start. We are working on the idea that Graham will probably be working somewhere around central Perth (based on the number of job adverts for brickies in this area). He is happy to commute upto around 45mins each way. Thinking probably head inland rather than towards beach as we live pretty close to beach where we are now & not essential to us. Looking at houses etc we can afford roughly what we want (4+2+pool) in Guildford, Midland etc areas but can't seem to find any info on what its really like to live there - ie are crime rates high, how long does commuting take etc. Once we've figured this out we can look at schools and then move forward. Does anyone know of any good websites that give real peoples views on certain areas/neighbourhoods? Many thanks
  24. Can anyone help me...am bit confused about the 'recent work experience' and 'specific work experience' requirements for the 136 visa.. Is it true that you need BOTH 12 out of last 18 months AND 3 out of last 4 years??? I have the first but not the 2nd and have 125 points..I dont need work experience refs for my skills assessment so that isnt an issue If anyone can clarify this I would really appreciate it.... Thanks a million..