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Found 11 results

  1. Hello guys! I am new to the forum and just wanted some advice! I am planning on moving to Australia for a year once I have finished my final year at Uni here in the UK. I am studying a Hispanic Studies Degree (BA Hons) and me and my Spanish partner are interested in coming over in Sep/Oct 2015 on the working holiday visa. I just need some more info on how things work. Are there many translating jobs in Sydney? Is it relatively easy to set up jobs/interviews before-hand? Would looking for a job be my priority rather than looking for an apartment, as I would love to be able to work in Sydney but live around 20/30 mins away so things aren't too expensive. Advice would be much appreciated as we are now beginning to research into everything! Thank you!! :smile:
  2. Hello all, Got a few questions regarding getting into Australia for me and my girlfriend, but think this maybe a bit of a strange case compared to normal. A few years ago my mother got a 136 subclass visa for our family which expired in 2011. Only my sister utilised it and is now a citizen. This is part 1 of the puzzle. I think by not using this visa, and visiting Australia in March 2013 will now mean that I need a new visa and will need to start from the beginning again. The second part of the puzzle... I now live in Madrid with my Spanish girlfriend who has a sister studying in Melbourne under a student visa. We both want to move to Australia and start a new life. We'd prefer to go independently rather than sponsored in order to have a faster route towards citizenship. Our first thought was a working holiday visa for a year and extending to 2... Spaniards don't have this option available to them. The other option. Getting a 189 visa (I'm an electrical engineer so will have no problem entering), and taking my girlfriend with me as my partner. I think the second option is more viable. We've not been together for 12 months yet, and have only been living together since November, but I think we could get away with saying it's been since August which is when I moved here. If I was to apply for the 189 visa for myself would it be worth doing it as soon as we've been living together for a year? Or to apply for me alone and as soon as it hits a year, apply for a partner visa? My questions are... Are these options viable? What would be the best solution? 189 + partner at same time or 189 then partner? Would it be worth doing it on my own or through an agent with this scenario? I hope this is clear enough and somebody will be able to offer me some advice. Thanks a lot, Ryan
  3. Guest

    Spanish Police Check

    Hi Does anybody know where to get paper work for spanish police check? I followed the website trail from DIAC website to spanish police website and unfortunatly my spanish isnt all that !! I phoned the spanish embassy in london and was informed that if i was not a spanish resident i couldnt have a police check done !!!:arghh: So im back at square one and very confused !! Can anybody please lead me in the right direction. Regards Ed.
  4. Does anybody know how long a Spanish police check takes????? DIAC are obtaining it on my behalf and I think its the only thing holding our visa grant. I am really starting to think that I should book myself a tripto madrid to get it sorted out myself. DIAC have had our form 80 since the end of May 2010 so I presume they would have contacted the Spanish authorities in early june PLEASE - IF ANYONE HAS HAD DIAC PROCESS A SPANISH POLICE CHECK PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK Thank you!!
  5. Hi, My fiance is a Spanish secondary school teacher in the UK. Is it true that Spanish is not taught in secondary schools in Oz? Please advice job prospects. Kind regards, Pep.
  6. brucewayne

    Spanish Restautants - Melbourne

    One of the things that I'm really gonna miss from Europe is being able to have a decent Paella. I know that a good curry house is also gonna be needed but I will need a Paella fix and it would be a bit of trek coming all the way to Valencia to have one. Any tips would be heartily received!
  7. Guest

    Spanish Police Check / Form 80

    Right Guys, All my documentation and health requirements have been met in my application for a State Sponsored 176 visa. However, my partner requires a Spanish police check and this is currently being undertaken by DIAC and she had to fill in a form 80 with the relevant details. Has anybody ever had a Spanish police check undertaken by DIAC? If so, how long did it take to be completed. Thanks in advance
  8. Elizabeth

    Spanish in high schools

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help with a query my daughter has put to me. She is currently studying for her GCSE exams in the UK and is doing extremely well with her languages, particularly Spanish which she loves. She has expressed that she would like to continue studying Spanish but I'm unsure if this is one of the language options in the schools. Is anyone aware if there are any schools who offer Spanish as an option?
  9. Well having used poz to confirm that the only option open to us is the retirement visa one, I am now asking what do people think of my intentions to bring my car from Sapin to Perth. I better explain, it is two years old, we bought it new in 07. It is a very good car with full service history, we know exactly where it has been and what it has done. It is a Toyota Hilux 3.0 turbo diesel, automatic with a top cover over the pick up bay. I am thinking of importing it into Perth and then having it converted to right hand drive.... Silly question as I can imagine the replies but does anybody think this is stupid? I have looked at the costs of buying another one once we get feet on the ground in Perth and to me it seems a close call as to what would be the bigger loss, shipping, importing and converting my car or selling it here and buying new again in OZ. Please be kind with the replies Thanks Spain2oz
  10. Guest

    Spanish Inquisition

    SO OH and I went for our meds today. Didn't get to bed until 2am this morning cos I was so excited from finding out we got our CO on Wed (though I only realised that on Friday night) so was feeling a bit knackered. OH went in first and I had to go hunt for a photocopier cos they needed copies of our passports (though they never told me this when I was asking them over the phone what I needed to bring...:nah:). By the time I got back it was my turn to see the doc. He basically grilled me on every single point on my forms, even correcting my very neat handwriting and asking me why on earth I wanted to leave this perfect place that was Singapore!! He finished the examination by telling me that I would be back and I felt like telling him where to stick his thoughts. Got outside and asked OH if he's been given a 'thorough' onceover and he said that he wasn't asked a SINGLE question!!! I know that this is a necessary part of the process but when you get a person like that quizzing you on how exactly you broke your leg when you were 10 and telling you that you'll be moving back before you know it, it doesn't half make you blinking frustrated!:arghh: