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Found 17 results

  1. I have inherited a motorcycle that is located in Hampshire, England. It isn't worth anything as it doesn't work. However, many of the parts would be useful to me as I am restoring a similar motorcycle at the moment here in Australia (Sunshine Coast, Queensland). I have contacted a few shippers now and no-one seems to want to help. I am not interested in all the hassle to ship a complete motorcycle as it is not registered in my name (not registered at all actually) so will strip it down when I go back to visit family in June and will either have to get someone like DHL to courier the parts or find someone currently living in the south of England but will be moving to Queensland in the second half of 2020 and may have space in a container. I know that's a long shot but is there anyone here that might be in a position to help? Cheers Bill
  2. Hi We are looking at prices for sending 4 suitcases to Brisbane and the prices are shocking!! Anyone sending a container that may have a little room for us??
  3. Hi Guys! Just after some help to work out how much of a shipping container will we need (I have no idea how you work out the size of your stuff!!) We have been in Oz 3yrs and still have bits and pieces at the in-laws in the UK. We still don't have our PR, although hoping to get this next year and we can't decide whether to send our stuff over now (and hope that our PR comes through) or put it into storage in the UK and send over once we've got it (as the in-laws are selling their house soon and we need to get our stuff out of the way!) The thing is we don't really have much stuff to send. Just a super king size bed, large beanbag/sofa thing, TV unit, coffee table, photos, frames and pictures. And I guess the rest is just boxes of kitchen stuff, DVD's and clothes. (although, I really can't remember what else we have back there!). How much room would we need in a container? 1 third?? or less?? Any ideas or help would be appreciated! :huh: Thanks
  4. The Pom Queen

    Virgin Galactic Space Flights

    Richard Branson: "The mother ship is finished... The rocket tests are going extremely well, and so I think that we're now on track for a launch within 12 months of today," So at $200,000 a ticket how many of you are signed up? If the price was right would you go?
  5. Guest

    container space

    any one west yorkshire area coming out to perth got a little bit of space in container .just bought old mg on e baybut cant put any parts in car .will be new seat covers ,carpets ,interior parts ,wheels chrome and maybe some panels all brand new .will trade pick up from airport plus lend u my car for 1 week <navara dual cab ute 4wd> we are down in mandurah
  6. There you go Lemmings! I am sure there could be a job here for you:tongue: The US Government is measuring up Exmouth as the site of a multi-million dollar space tracking station that will see Australia become a key partner in the battle for dominance in space. The Australian Defence Department confirmed yesterday that a US team left the Harold E. Holt naval communication station last week after a fortnight-long visit. US Air Force personnel were investigating WA's North West Cape for the expansion of the US Space Surveillance Network. The top-secret station would be a joint facility with Australia to address the limited space-tracking capability in the southern hemisphere. Ground-based radar and optical stations would b used to spy on foreign satellites and monitor dangerous space junk. The Harold E. Holt naval communications station, which is used by the US Navy, is believed to be the US Government's preferred location over two other locations - thought to be remote islands in the Indian Ocean. Russell Levien, manager of the Harold E. Holt station, said US Air Force personnel were joined on the visit by representatives of two American defence technology companies which are bidding to win the contract to build the space-tracking station. "They were here doing a site survey, looking at the suitability of putting a radar site here for finding space debris," he said. A Defence Department official said yesterday that the Federal Government was working closely with the US to explore opportunities to establish joint facilities in Australia to address limited space surveillance in the southern hemisphere. "The sensors would undertake monitoring and tracking of orbiting space-based objects using ground-based radar and optical stations," the official said. "Space debris has the potential to damage valuable satellites." Space is cluttered with $600 billion worth of civil and military hardware. The Defence official said the US and Australian space-tracking partnership would generate more defence co-operation with the US. Mr Levien said the US Government was expected to make a decision within a year. He said if Exmouth was chosen the station would be built by local contractors on defence land and buildings in the former US naval base would be re-occupied.
  7. Hi all, while uploading docs online for 176 SS visa, I did a mistake of keeping the spaces in file names. Can it create a trouble? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Regards, Harshal.
  8. Hi all. Just a question, you know those capsules that people bury for future generations to dig up, say in a hundred years time, well, what would you put in it, five items only if possible. Maybe very personal things, or things that may tell future generations about our lives at the present time. I'll have a crack first. 1. A wad of money, with a tag on it saying, 'Did Me No Good'. 2. A 'celebrity' magazine, to show how fecking shallow we had become. 3. A 'Help For Heroes' emblem, to show that we still cared. 4. A picture of my family. 5. And finally, the book, 'Animal Farm'. I know mine are a bit serious, but go for your lives, funny, sad, etc. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. ausdreamer

    Damn Nasa space foam!

    Hubby and I are having a slight dispute........in some cases you will arrive without your furniture and have to wait six weeks or so, surely you have to go out and buy a bed to get you through and other bits? I know hubby is attached to his NASA foam mattress which I might add, he still laughs at as there is always a bigger imprint of my butt than his....but have you regretted bringing it all? I can't imagine our stuff is going to fill one room or, look right, as we have cottage furniture (old fashioned)....
  10. Hi all, We are packing up in 3 weeks and putting our stuff into storage with Pickfords before we sort our visa's to move. I have had several shippers in to quote for removals and they all seem to have said various different things that I'm finding confusing. For example, Pickfords told us not to bother taking the fridge and freezer as they wont get cold enough over there. I have insisted that they take the fridge though they didnt quote for our small freezer. Is this true or an Urban legend? Also, for some bizzare reason, they have insisted to ship our huge IKEA bookcase assembled (and empty) rather than flat packing it to create more space?! Are we able to tell the packers on the day that we want it flat packed or just do it ourselves in advance? Surely they wont make us re-assemble it? My husband is taking his snap on tool box and Pickfords have said that they will remove all his tools and pack them in seperate boxes as the toolbox will be too heavy fully laiden? Some other shippers have said that sending it complete is acceptable? Why are they saying different things? To be honest, I think hubby will be happier with it all in the toolbox. Finally, did anyone vac pack their clothing and bedding to take over in the container? We were told that it is not advisable due to condensation or some other random fact? We have loads of clothing and I cant understand why vac packing is not recommended, esp as all the air is sucked out so there is no air to cause mold anyway? I do feel that the shippers are not really interested in space saving at all!!!
  11. Hi all, My wife and children are moving back to the UK on 10 June 2010 and we have arranged a 20 foot container to move all our household goods. We still have about 4 cubic metres of space left and rather than wasting it, we would like to know if there are any expats out there who would like to send any large items to the UK. The cost of the transfer will depend on the type and size of the item(s) and we will need to thoroughly inspect all item(s) to ensure that this will not breach any customers or immigrations regulations & laws, as well as having to formally declare each item on our manifest. Shipping insurance is also available on request. The item(s) need to be delivered to our home address in Heathmont VIC by Sun 6 June and this will be delivered to our address in Bromley, Kent (just outside of London). The ETA for the shipment to arrive at the destination port is 27 July and then it will take 1-2 weeks to clear customer & for delivery. You will need to be responsible for the delivery to Heathmont as well as the pickup from Bromley. We reserve the right to accept or reject any item. This is a great opportunity to get some of your things home at a much cheaper rate than you can find anywhere else. If you are interested, please send me your contact details via email before Fri 4 June or call or email me at dhung@transurban.com or 0408 149 748. Kind regards, Darren & Carmen
  12. The Ozcans

    £500 to Space and Back

    With a polystyrene box, GPS, a digital camera, and a balloon - 22 miles above earth...excellent!!:notworthy: British aerospace enthusiast takes NASA-style photographs using a helium balloon and a pocket camera | Mail Online
  13. Unfortuanately things have not worked out for me and I am having to return to the UK. I have 2 small toy boxes (plastic) and 2 other small boxes that I need shipped back from Brisbane, they are sentimental belongings and can be fully viewed before shipping for customs purposes. I am returning to Kent where my husband is posted with the forces am willing to collect from anywhere in the UK. I am leaving 10th March however do have friends that are willing to keep hold of these items until a later date if necessary! If you are returning to the Uk and have a small amount of space in your container I would be very grateful for your help at this difficult time. Thanks in advance Sonia
  14. I am moving back to the UK in 4 weeks and am just intending to take our clothes however my children have some pretty sentimental toys belonging to them which all fit into 1 toybox. I was hoping someone in or around the Brisbane area who is moving back may have room in their container for this box????:biggrin:
  15. Would you compromise space for location and also would you rent in an area that you most likely couldn’t afford to buy a property in? In the uk we live in a largish four double bedroom detached property, we brought it brand new in 99’ and love it. Despite there being just the two of us and a kitty cat we use the space well. One bedroom is used as an office; one as a guest room and the other spare room is my dressing room. So we don’t rattle around our home. Whilst were in Australia last year we rented a three bed apartment to begin with and then moved to a two bed apartment and again we managed and were comfortable. Now that our move is getting closer we have started to look at rental properties and the areas that we would like to live. We have short-listed the following areas (in order of preference) - Subiaco Freemantle / Cottesloe Mullaloo Mindarie As you can see all these areas are very different and we like them all for very different reason but the property options in each area are also extremely different taking into account our budget (max $650 per week). Subi – Love the small boutique style shops, the more village feel, the Larma bar on a Friday evenings for cocktails and all the other lovely bars, cafes and restaurants. We are a very young at heart mid thirties kind of couple, who really enjoy going out for drinks and meals. On a more sensible note, its very close to CBD and has free transport links. I doubt we would ever be able to afford to buy a property in Subi but we are not thinking of doing that for at least two years. The properties are old and small. I doubt we could afford a three-bed house but we may be able to get a three-bed apartment in a new complex with a pool. (Lulu is a house cat so no outdoor space isn’t an issue for her, although Im not sure anyone would rent to us with a kitty) Freemantle – We both just loved the relaxed feel of this area, again lots of places to enjoy an active social life. Having searched the rental sites most properties in central freo are older and therefore smaller, if we moved slightly south maybe to Hamilton Hill we would maybe get a four bed modern-ish property with a pool. Cottesloe – An amazing beach, golf course, tennis courts, a few nice restaurants and god bars but maybe we are a bit old for some of the bars. Also good transport links to CBD. Properties are old and very few have pools, also we could never afford to buy there. Affordable rentals are few and far between. Mullaloo – A wonderful beach, some fairly modern properties with the possibility of a pool. We found a couple of places to eat and drink too. A think the local community is more mixed, Brits and Aussie which we would like, the thought of moving to ‘Little Britain’ isn’t one that appeals. There are also some lovely parklands with bbq’s to chill out in on a Sunday afternoon. Mindarie – Very new modern properties that are very affordable. In fact we could really ‘live the dream’ house wise in this area. We could def afford a 4 bed property with pool, all mod cons, lots of space but there isn’t (as far as we could see) a lot to do of an evening, I know there is a marina area with the boat pub but that was all we could see there was? Also when we visited the boat we didn’t hear one Aussie accent. So my question is, would you downsize to live in an area you couldn’t afford to buy in but you really like the area. Or would you live the dream and live like youre on cribs? What would you do? Thanks Emma X p.s. sorry for such a long winded post!
  16. Only went away to Spain for a week and have come back to well over 6000 new posts and probably about the same amount of visa grants (well, maybe a bit of an over estimate there on the visas). Congratulations to all who have succesfully gained their visa's and to those who have finally been allocated a CO. No news for me as yet - still waiting in vain - I suppose I better get started on reading all the posts to see what everyone has been up to....... Gill
  17. Bod

    Space Invaders