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Found 13 results

  1. So having moved over 3 months ago and found myself living in Roma I have got myself a new job in Southport in the Gold Coast. Obviously I can't wait to get away from the boredom and nothingness that is Roma and get down to the more exciting lifestyle down the coast but I have very little idea on where the best places are to live. My job will be in Southport and as yet I don't have a car so public transport links are a must unless any of you would recommend living in Southport itself? I don't want to be anywhere too mental but at the same time don't want to be too far away from all the action so any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi all! I'm a nurse looking at going for a job in Southport. We've been having a good look at some of the surrounding suburbs but want some real opinions from the real people who live/have visitied these areas. Only problem is OH drives but I don't (hoping he'll get a job quite quick as a greenkeeper so he won't be able to take me) so will need somewhere with good transport links to Southport. Any opinions and ideas will all be greatly appreciated. I've seen some nice looking places to rent in labrador but seen some bad reports on POI although the area does seem to be improving by the sound of it. Please help with any advice on the burbs! Thanks in advance to all you knowledgable peeps! Amy xx:notworthy:
  3. Hey My name is Claire I am 36 I have a 3 year old,I have been here in Oz for 5 years now and live in Labrador I originally come from Bexleyheath in Kent, I am on my own now and really would love some new friends. I can get quite busy during the week as I have gone back to studying, but hang out down at the broadwater in Labrador at the weekends, its pretty cool, great chippie, swing park on a beach with a man made lagoon which is def safer for the little ones. I have been through the spouse visa through to getting my permanent visa so may be able to help if you need some. I would love to meet up with brits, maybe we could organise a bbq or a meetup? If anyone wants to catch up give me a shout. Claire x
  4. marieh

    Southport..... unsure!?

    Hi there everyone Fingers crossed coming out in the new year just need to get this IELTS test out of the way (not looking foward to it!!) anyway, there are so many beutifal places to choose from i'm just stuck! I'll be coming out on a 457 visa to work as a midwife to stay indefinitely, I really like the look of the GC Hospital, so I would rent in Southport hopefully, I realise it's very close to Surfers but from things i've seen/ read i've been put off a little. I will be 23 and my best friend 22 (hes coming over on a working visa for a year). I just wondered if anyone had any opinions on southport, whats it like to rent there? Is Surfers really as 'tacky' and 'dangerous' as I keep reading?! Any suggestions of other places in GC area we may like? We are looing for somewhere we can settle, we hope to be close to a beach but this isn't absolutely necessary, we want somewhere lively where we can socialize meet new people - this doesn't haveto include alcohol but bars would be great. I'm just gathering info really so any advice would be really great! Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  5. We have been on the Gold Coast now for 7 weeks and enjoying it v.much. I need to find a good state primary school for my nearly 7 year old son. The closest school to us will be Southport Primary and I just wondered if anybody knows anything about this school - whether it is a good one to go to or whether there is any others they would recommend. Thanks all. Charlene
  6. Hey. Ive lived in southport for a while now but havent had much luck making friends as i am always busy! Tafe - Work Experice - Work!. If anyone reads this post and feels like a chat about anything just post a message. Would be good to here from people in a similar situation to myslef. Ryan
  7. LukeM

    Hello from Southport

    I thought I'd leave a quick note in here to say hi from Southport, Qld - I'm currently in Australia Fair. Hope everyone's looking forward to the weekend and that many more of your Aussie dreams come true!! What's the weather doing in the UK at the moment anyways? :jimlad:
  8. Hiya been to Sharky's for brekka this morning and noticed that they do Karaoke on a Thursday night. Anyone fancy coming? I know it is a work night but hay you only live once.:jiggy: Aprilxx
  9. Guest

    Moving to Southport in March

    Some views and opinions needed from those who live or have lived there. Thanks in advance.
  10. sandyhex

    Southport State High School

    Hi, Do any PIO member's children go to Southport State High School, my brother's 2 girls 14 (almost 15) and 12 and son 13 start there when summer holiday's end they are living in Labrador, they also have a 17 year old son (18 in July) they are all keen to make friends as they come from a very tight knit school back in the UK. The children are looking forward to starting school especially the 13 year old boy who is really keen on learning Japanese. My brother and his wife are loking for work both have had a couple of interviews but no luck as yet.They moved 3rd December and have taken a rental for 12 months to give it their best shot.Thanks for any information. Sandy
  11. Hi There Still looking into coming over on Student visa (above course intensive 1 year) with sponsorship from year 2. Does anybody know of anyone who has already undertaken this route? I have managed to hook up with people who are about to undertake this study option but am also keen to hear from anyone already on this course or even better, someone who has completed it and successfully moved onto the sponsorship stage. Hope someone can help. Trying to pull as much info together as want to make decision soon. Emma:smile:
  12. looks like the kids are going to go to st hildas in southport can you reccomend some suburbs or other schools other than st hildas? wwe just arrived a week ago and theres loads of work to do once you geet here is wwwhen the hard work starts.
  13. Guest

    southport au

    hi all has any one got any views on southport on goldcoast , any thing good or bad. we spent a couple of days there in march .thanks eddie and family