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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! My partner and I moved here in July from UK Ross on Wye (both in early 40's) and are loving it. As he's currently working long hours and 6 days a week and as I've finished sorting the house out (!) I wondered of any forumites fancy meeting up to explore the local coffee shops round Bowral, Berrima, Mittagong way...can't do them all on my own:biggrin: Cheers!
  2. Guest

    southern cross personnel ...

    Hello, Just after anyone's views on southern cross personnel! Has anyone used this company before? Any feedback would be very much appreciated : Thank you :wubclub:
  3. From November 8 CSair start flying into Perth. Perth-Guangzhou-Beijing. It would be a 2 stop trip to UK but worth a look if it's cheaper. More competition for International flights in and out of Perth is good. Flight schedules are..... Beijing-Guangzhou CZ319 17:30 20.45 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Guangzhou-Perth 22:00 Next day 6:30 Perth-Guangzhou CZ320 9:55 17:50 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Guangzhou-Beijing 20:00 23:10 *During the initial stage after the flight course will be put into operation, adjustments might be made to the time to put the flight course into operation and the fight schedules due to the uncontrollable factors, such as government operating standards and airworthiness requirements. For more information, you can find the notice on the website.
  4. http://www.greatsouthernrail.com.au/site/backpacker.jsp I am sorry as a citizen I am a little jealous that backpackers receive such a huge discount on trips on the Ghan etc. For example from Adelaide to Darwin on the Ghan for a local it is $746 whereas a backpacker can get it for $330:no: Sydney to Perth for a local is $751 for a backpacker $299 If you can do this trip whilst you are backpacking go for it, I've never been able to afford for us all to do it, but if I win the lottery it will be one of many trips. I even thought of saying I was a back packer but the terms and conditions are: Terms and Conditions #Austrail Pass Terms and Conditions The pass is issued to and accepted by the person named on the ticket, subject to the Railways Acts bylaws, Regulations and General Conditions of Carriage in force in each Railway System to which the travel applies. This pass is valid for use on specified rail and coach services operated by the following Railway systems - Great Southern Rail (Red Service Seats); QR Traveltrain (economy seats); Countrylink (economy seats). This pass is not valid on any Metropolitan services of North Queensland Tourist Train services. Travel must commence with the pass validated within 6 months of the date of purchase. Travel must be completed within 6 months of the date of validation endorsed on the pass at the initial point of departure. The holder may upgrade to travel in First Class, Business Class or Red Premium Service Seats and sleeping berths on payment of the applicable upgrade amount. The pass is only available for purchase by bona fide overseas visitors to Australia. A passport must be produced at the first time of purchase to verify the passenger is a resident of another country. A reservation is essential prior to the use of the pass and entitles the passenger to one allocation on any service. The travel pass is a receipt only and does not guarantee travel. A reservation for each individual sector of travel is necessary to obtain a valid travel ticket. This pass must be presented with the passport of the holder at the ticket office of the departure of the initial journey for validation and endorsing the Total period of availability on the Pass document. The passport with ticket is to be produced by the holder for all subsequent journeys at either the ticket office or to onboard staff for verification. For full conditions and important travel tips please refer to the information provided with each operators travel ticket.The pass is only available for full adult fares no concessions apply. The pass is subject to a fuel price surcharge per sector booked on The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland. This Pass is not transferable. One passenger only per Pass. No refund is payable on passes that have been validated, nor are refunds allowed on lost or stolen passes. Applications for refund on unused passes must be submitted to the issuing office within 12 months of the date of issue and a 10% refund fee is payable. For passes purchased overseas, refunds cannot be obtained in Australia. ^*#All fares quoted in Australian dollars. ^*#All fares valid until 31 March 2012
  5. Hi, I along with my family is planning to move SA by Feb 2012 we are little confused how much amount we should bring along with us and what would be the cost of living for 2 Adults and 2 Kids. Also it would be appreciated if anyone can tell us the minimum wage rate that we can get by doing an odd job unless we get a required one. I myself is an Electrical Engineer and my spouse is a Microbiologist or you can say Medical Scientist. Regards Adeel
  6. Guest

    Southern NSW

    Hi. My husband and I are planning to move to Southern NSW, but have no idea where. He is an Artist and I am a Fashion designer, but we run a Ministry. We are also looking for a place where we would find a fairly priced country property. Any ideas please.
  7. I think I have sussed out why there are so many more Northern folk in Oz than Southern folk…..It is all to do with your weather, when the Weather comes on it says most of the time….it will be a “North South divide” when refereeing to the weather for the day or the week…Northern territory of England does not get the same weather as the Southern territory of England. So because the Northern parts of England are influenced from the Scandinavian Countries whereas the Southern territory is influenced from the air streams of France and Northern Spain it doe s not take a genius to work out that the Soutern England is warmer and much sunnier than the Northern territory…..and that my friends is the reason there are more North people in Australia than South people. That is my theory and I am sticking to it.:cool:
  8. Hi everyone. We are hopefully heading to perth at the end of July and although I know we will fall in love with an area we stumble across, I have started to look into the suburbs and rental prices. I know that everyone says you should try for ocean reef, freemantle etc but I just wanted to ask what is really wrong with the more southern suburbs? We want to move to a nice area with our children and we have never been city dwellers but what is really important is that which ever area we rent in long term, it must be an area which we can afford to buy in so we do not have to move the childrens schools again. I have been looking at areas such as Port Kennedy and you really do get a lot of property for your money. My husband will be working away so he does not need to commute into the city. Please could you let me have your views on this subject, thanks in advance :laugh:
  9. Hi Everyone We have just been to see a house in Southern River, and had a brief look around Bletchley Park Primary. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an insight into the area and school. It seems a lovely area and nice school, but its always so difficult to know unless you live in the area isn't it! Anyway, thanks for reading! Claire xx
  10. I have few very basic questions 1. Is there some fee for SS of Southern Australia? 2. Is there IELTS required before applying to SS for Southern Australia? 3. If yes for question 2, then either overall 6 band or 6 band in all modules required for IELTS? 4. I have also applied for Victorian SS and waiting for response. Should i apply for Southern Australia in parallel? Is there any issue? Please response. Regards, Imran
  11. Having read on this forum (time and time again) that the UK education system is better than the Australian one, I feel that it is about time to set the record straight. Australia was ranked 5th in the OECD for education in science ahead of the UK. I would also like to add that this isn't the only difference that I have noticed - Aussie kids are much more confident and UK kids who migrate here become more confident. Eduation isn't always about how well your child can tick the right boxes on a test, it is about how well they are equipped to live their life. I now step down from my soap box......................
  12. Hardline attitude aids migration: Abbott. Tony Abbott has moved to portray his tough border protection stance as pro-immigration, arguing that it helps to maintain public support if people think immigration is controlled by the government rather than by people smugglers. More mealy mouthedness, like Rudd, both are terrified of offending racists and legacy of the 90s demonising refugees as political football or wedge issue. Like Cosgrove's speech last week, if they used their authority and led on such issues they may find the perceived audience would listen and obey, rather than follow bigots misinformed by media and related think tanks. Right time for zero tolerance. Authorities need to cut through the waffle talked about incidents of race-related violence.... The kind of leadership we need on this issue came this week from Peter Cosgrove, who is the very antithesis of a black-armband handwringer on this or any other issue. But with straight talk and plain language Cosgrove said it is undeniable that there is a small and ugly section of the Australian population that is demonstrably racist, and that in some instances, it's been Indians who have been victims of this racism. ..... In NSW, the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has been forced to increase officer numbers for Australia Day after the sickening spectacle last year, where alcohol-fuelled yahoos draped in our national ensign were monstering passers-by for refusing to kiss the flag or join the Aussie Aussie Aussie chorus, a song so lyrically bereft that it's amazing anyone is prepared to sing it publicly. Aussie I love it, but leave me out of the flag waving. Mark Seymour asks why some Australians are so keen to show off how much they love the place. ...... "Australia. Love it or leave it" ........ I think Australia is pretty good, but not that good. Warwick Thornton says he's deeply concerned that the Southern Cross is becoming a symbol of racism for some Australians. The filmmaker, who has been chosen as the Northern Territory's nomination for Australian of the Year, wants people to spend Australia Day reflecting on the symbolic significance of the national icon. "Aboriginal people have used the Southern Cross for the last 40,000 years as a beacon guiding them to travel through country for survival, and I'm starting to see that star system symbol being used as a very racist nationalistic emblem - and that is seriously worrying me," Thornton said. "We don't want to turn the Southern Cross into a swastika - that's bloody important. Nationalists everywhere, including media, advertising industry and governments, have hijacked Australian icons. Past 15 - 20 years this has included flag, Gallipoli, ANZACS, bush myths, or inverting them e.g. scare stories about Republic, refugees, immigrants, stress upon English versus NESBs and multiculturalism etc.
  13. Those of you within cooee of Canberra, please think about coming to the largest second hand book fair in the Southern Hemisphere (OK so I have no stats to back that up but it would have to go very close!!!) from 25 - 28 September (next weekend) the Lifeline Bookfair is happening at Exhibition Park and it will be amazing. If you love books and want good quality second hand ones very very cheaply this is the place for you!!! All proceeds go to Lifeline Canberra - part of the Lifeline network that provides 24 hour telephone counselling for anyone. Also, if you come to the Bookfair, you can also catch Floriade which is a super flower show (for want of a better phrase) on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.
  14. Hi all. We arrived in Sydney in Jan this year. Settled in OK, kids happy in school, but it's just too expensive here, especially property. So, we're moving up to Brisbane in Jan next year. We'd appreciate any advice on the suburbs, schools etc....... We've been thinking about Burpengary, as we like lots of garden space for animals..... We moved out from South Africa, but I was born in UK (Guisborough just outside Middlesbrough), moved to SA when I was 12....... Cheers. Mike, Nicole, Liam 9 & Shannon 7.
  15. Hi Guys! Anyone coming to Gold Coast I would highly recommend it! We came 17 years ago and now have four kids 16, 14, 12, 10 ... great lifestyle, fabulous for kids, mine surf before school and after ... we migrated from Crawley and arrived here in paradise and have never looked back! We live on the southern end close to Coolangatta Airport, and it is very family orientated and friendly (only half an hour away from Surfers Paradise). I suggest any one thinking about migrating ... do it!!!! I know people who have gone back to the UK, had kids and it is their one regret that they never stayed ... especially when they talk to me! I reckon the whole healthy lifestyle is keeping my kids out of trouble! Would you like to wake up each morning and go for a power walk along the beach-front watching the ocean ...endless stretches of sandy beaches ... well that is what I can do every morning and that is what life is all about!
  16. Hi, My sister has just got a job at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and is looking to move up from Sydney. She has looked at Redlands Bay, Victoria Point and amongst others but she would like some advice from anyone who knows this area. She originally looked at Ormeau but has read that it is family orientated - she is single and looking for the right mix - she is too old for clubbing, but wants somewhere where she can go out (bars/cafes etc) to try and get a social life, but not to have families everywhere she looks. Ideally she will need to be a max 45mins travel from PA. Hope some of you out there who know the area can help with this dilemma. She is hoping to go up for a reccie at beginning of April with a view to starting her job at the beginning of May Sarah x
  17. kellyjamie

    southern cross personnel

    Hi guys im just wondering if anyone has any experience with this company? i emailed their recruitment department about registering to help find and employer and recieved an email from thier relocation department here in the UK stating that theres a very good chance they will find us an employer but that the process costs £2250? Jamie is very sceptical and has said no way but i just wanted your advice aswell? should we steer clear or is worth this money? thanx kelly
  18. Have been searching the site but haven't found any info on the Sutherland Shire/St George regions of Sydney. We're moving over in November with our 2 kids who are 5y and 2y. My hubby will be working in Port Botany so we will be looking for somewhere not too far from there but most importantly a nice area and with good schools. Any ideas anyone??? Thanks
  19. becky c

    Southern Vales Christian College

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know much about or have children at this school, either at Morphett Vale or Aldinga Campus? I'd really welcome some feedback as we're looking at schools in the Aldinga/Willunga/Maclaren Vales area. Or up towards Seaford way, any feedback would be great. Thanks, Bec x
  20. Go Walkabout Travel Insurance are now able to insure those who are leaving from Southern Ireland as well as those leaving from the UK to start a new life abroad on a 'One Way' basis. This type of cover is hard to find and Go Walkabout offers comprhensive cover for competitive premiums. Not only will we cover you for your journey, we will also cover you upon arrival for 21 days. If you wish to obtain a quote or would like some information then please contact me on 0845 3450327 or you can email me at adam@go-walkabout.com Regards Adam Taylor Go Walkabout www.go-walkabout.com
  21. Hi All, I am posted a message for my hubby (he doesnt know like)! He is a havid footy fan (Sunderland for his sins) and I am wondering if there is a footy fans in the area who go out watch the match's (ones thats not in the middle of the night) etc? He had a big network of friends in the UK and couple of best mates he went to watch footy with and have a couple of beers. It would be nice for him to meet some lads who like to do this and for some banter. The big Sunderland v Newcastle match is coming up so if anyone is up for it can u give me a shout I'd really like him to make some friends. Hope that doesnt sound to begging lol Em x