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Found 27 results

  1. Hi We are moving to Perth next year on a state sponsored 176 visa. We will be selling up everything in the UK – which won’t be a great deal, but we’re hard workers and preparing to start again with the aim of providing a better quality of life for the whole family... However, we have a stumbling block that needs sorting because the worry is starting to take its toll: 6 years ago we bought a very small village house in Spain, purely as a pension for us. For the last 3 years we haven’t been able to let it (there are hundreds of empty houses and apartments in this area now after a huge building spree) and after 3 bad tenants we decided to put it up for sale. Unfortunately, the recession has hit tremendously and there is no work there. Houses are being sold for half their value maximum. The exchange rate has crippled us as we are making monthly mortgage payments. We can’t sell it despite it being on with 10 agents. The last year we have negotiated an interest free period which we have had to pay for by taking an extra evening job. The bank is not helpful and there are thousands of people like us in the same boat. Now we are at the end of the road. After going back and forth we cannot feasibly take this mortgage to Australia. If we hand back the house, we will still owe about half the mortgage due to the huge slump in property. Even when we sell up in the UK, we wouldn’t have spare money to put towards it. We’re trying to do everything the ‘right’ way, but we don’t know how things will pan out. What we really need to know is how this could affect us in WA. We have read that mortgage and finance companies don’t/can’t look at foreign debt and that credit is built up from scratch? But, what really concerns us is that because we are on the 176 visa we will have all our details available for the first 2 years. Would a default be traced? Or even something put on our passports if we travelled back to the EU that might show? And, how about in 4 years when we apply for citizenship? It’s all ‘what ifs’, but the whole thing is just a hugely bad experience. We don’t want to blow the best chance we have of changing our lives by this. Any advice, information or relevant stories would be really useful. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Harpodom

    What do you sound like?

    Borrowed the idea from stl's thread on the queens English. I think I sound much the same as I did before I left the uk 3 years ago: bog standard south east England estuary accent, but occasionally I hear myself talk to a local and I say something like "howyagoin?" or "hulllllllllllllloiiiiiieeeee!" and my subconscious habit of mimicking people around me kicks in...... What sort of accent have you got? Are you afflicted by a semi Australian drawl, or have that irritating habit of ending every sentence on the up? Or do you have one of those unplaceable accents?
  3. I've been comparing purchasing a house in Sydney versus keeping my house and just renting it out One of the items that jumped to my mind was the actual interest rate that Banks are charging. is it the same as what is online or are you able to negotiate a better rate How does the Stamp duty work ? I can see depending on the site some are giving 6 or 7 percent interest? Alan.
  4. All's well that end's well but for 24 hours my brother's family were all distraught. I thought I was pretty blase driving over there to help look but, as I got to within a kilometre of their home i started looking for little bundles by the side of the road & wondering what was in the bins. My nephew put posters up all over Picnic Point offering a reward and someone rang up. They had had her in their home overnight. My sister in law said that Amy (her daughter 22) will probably sleep with Tinkerbell tonight! I took my brother's other dog - 'Daisy' - out in the bush behind their house hoping I might find her there. All I found was a Black Snake (I think) - gave me a turn but it rushed off as quickly as I did in the other direction. That was the first time I've been for a walk with the dog and not enjoyed it.
  5. Aceman88888

    Does this sound cheeky?

    There's very little on the forums that I can find as to what is a reasonable relocation/migration package from an employer sponsored job. Looking at some comments it seems that this is often 'down to negociation' after or during the job offer stage. It seems like there is a balance to be gained between not being cheeky and also getting reasonable assistance. So, with this in mind, (I'm currently on a final shortlist btw) is the following reasonable: Belongings- Full funding of a 20ft container and associated fees and costs Flights- Business class for 4 member family (Return tickets due to 457 visa rules) Pets- Funded relocation of our cat including all fees. Accomodation- 6 weeks fully furnished temp accomodation Car- 4 weeks car hire Others- Tax specialist session for LAFHA & Associated allowances (Employer offers LAFHA) Job is likely to be in a base range of $120-$140k in a specialist management position. Job will come with Car, Phone, Laptop etc etc. Anyone think of anything else I should try and get packaged in?
  6. So I am currently on GBP 65k in the UK and have been offered a job on AUD 120k in Sydney. No relocation package though. Salary wise, am I going to have atleast an equivalent disposable income at that level??? I hear numbers of 2.2 but that seems odd as average wage in Sydney is not 2.2 times the average wage in London etc... Know its an age old Q but any thoughts welcome!
  7. Hi everyone, So, I should be studying for my end of year exams right now, but as per usual I just can't get our potential move to Australia out of my head. I still have another 2 years until I graduate, but I want to be prepared and ready to get my visa applied for at the earliest opportunity. Is there anything I can do in advance of my graduation to speed things up? Btw, I'll need my degree in order to successfully apply for my visa.... Also, something else thats been bothering me slightly is my husbands age. He has just turned 50 and works as a wastewater planning engineer, however doesn't have a degree, just a hell of a lot of knowledge. As well, my step son is wishing to come out with us but will have just turned 18 when I graduate, but has decided to stay in education in order to try and get on our visa. Then there's the dog, do we or don't we bring her??? Such a hard decision....... The only simple thing that I can see with our move will be our 5 year old daughter who is very excited and laid back about the whole thing. So reading my situation, do you think our visa will be a complicated one and which type of visa do you think would probably be our best bet? My job role as a Podiatrist is on the shortage list for the whole of Australia and fingers crossed that will still be the case in a few years. I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts and in the mean time I best get revising for my exams or I won't be going anyware....:wideeyed:
  8. Hi there, please can you help? I recently completed the free eligibility assessment on migration expert Australia, and I was surprised to see my profession (TV sound technician) on their list, resulting in a total score of 130 points. I was delighted! But after checking the SOL, I'm don't think this profession really is on the list.. I'd love to move to Oz but I don't want to pay migration expert Australia $399 to assist me with my visa application if I'm not really eligible.. what do you think my chances are?? I'm 32 English Bachelors Degree in music 5 years full-time experience as sound technician Any advice would be very much appreciated, thankyou
  9. Guest

    Sorry if i sound silly!!!

    Hi everyone.. Well got me case officer today.. its DP... VERY EXCITING"!!!:biggrin: Just wanted to ask... We front loaded with Police/Garda Report, but not the medical. So he has asked us to submit the medical which is grand, but he said my hubby never answered Question 80 (when looked up, it a tick on one of them questions about criminal records, the question that you just tick yes or no to!!) feel stupid now!! So he just gonna send it back to me to fill in and send back? has this happened to any of you?? and also, when you got your FIRST email off your C/O, did you email back anything?? just say thanks or something?? or just leave him to it?? thanks!!!
  10. Also posted on PIA Hi We are currently looking into migration to SA. We aren't planning on using an agent as I think my application should be fairly straightforward but just wanted some opinions on the following plan and to see if some of the assumptions I have made are correct. My husband is an Information Security Specialist and we could probably get around the RPL with the amount of qualifications he has such as CISSP/CISM/MCSE however he has extensive experience in this field and some of his qualifications were gained too early for ACS to recognise them. This being the case we have opted for the easier option of applying for the visa under my skilled occupation of management accountant so the plan is as follows: - Both CPAA and SA require me to have a minimum score of 7 in all areas of the IELTS. CPAA require me to pass the academic version and so I have booked to sit the exam on 12th Feb. Hopefully I will get the result I need within 2 weeks so by the end of Feb will be able to apply to CPAA for my skills assessment. As far as I can see all that CPAA require from me are my CIMA membership certificate (as CIMA is affiliated with CPAA and therefore they have already assessed the suitability of the syllabus) and a copy of my IELTS report. If I am wrong please correct me on this front! CPAA reckon the skills assessment takes 10 days. I'm assuming it will take longer because I have to send docs to them and mail is slooooow. The next step would then be for me to apply for SS with SA. Now, Management Accountant requires a minimum of 3 years experience. Looking at the FAQs it states that this must be post qualified experience. My CIMA membership certificate is dated 7 May 2008 so I'll need to hang fire and apply for SS after this date. Now the question is that as far as I can see SA are not asking for references as back-up documentation for my nominated occupation. Am I correct in thinking that SA will assess my application on the basis of the skills assessment from CPAA and my CIMA membership certificate? The reason I ask is that I have just been made redundant whilst on maternity leave (completely illegal but that's another story lol) so I'm currently not gaining any experience between now and May if I don't find another job. Whilst SA are assessing my application I should strart getting my documents together for the 176 application so that I can lodge very quicly after getting SS. Am I correct in thinking that this is the point I will need references? I can see my old employer being slow about sending them out as I have contested their decision to make me redundant and they are slow responding to everything! I am hoping I don't need references before this point so that if I request them now then even the slowest of companies would have sent me them by this point (famous last words!). Sorry for the long post. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.
  11. ...just how bad is 'the Cockroach Situation along the Sunshine Coast. We are planning to be there mid-late 2012. Of course, its not ME thats worried (!), just the OH. And the rest... FB
  12. Hi, We are heading out next February and I am currently putting a budget together and one cost (and the biggest cost) to take in to account is our dogs. We have two young Staffordshire Bull Terriers and this price from Air Supply Shipping is the best we've had for both dogs. Shipping - £2300 (Air Supply Shipping) Vet sealing at airport Export certificate part B Crates Flights Airline fees Transit We are only going to do the basics through a firm and do all of the following ourselves. Is there anything I have missed or hidden costs in any of this areas that I have not factored in? AQIS - £300 Import Permit (valid for one year) Quarantine - £1540 Quarantine entry Vet inspection All paperwork Accommodation Vets - ?? This vet bill is the only bit I haven't got a quote on yet. I know the boosters are going to be around £80 for both dogs but I have no idea what the blood tests, 2x parasite treatments or completion of Export Cert A is going to cost. What have other people been charged just so I can make sure my vet doesn't rip me off! So minus the vet bills I am currently at £4100....inc the vet bills £??? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi Guys I've not been on for a while been really busy, so we had put this on the back burner for a while plus we were going to wait until the new SOL came out. Can I please have some advice, answers to the questions below, i'm totally confused now (well even more than I was at first) :confused: Am I correct in thinking that the new SOL list is out? O/H is a qualified electrician has done his apprenticeship years ago etc and is doing his 17th Edition update later this month. He has though for the past 10 years worked as a Contracts Manager/Project Manager in the construction trade but for electricial companies/fire alarm installation companies. In this situation what would be the best way forward for him to go for a skills assessment i.e. as a electrician or a Const. Project Manager (which he would prefer) he doesn't have a degree etc but has 10 years experience of t',his. If he were to go the electrician route would he have to get a AQF III instead of going through Vetasses.............this is now driving me mad! I'm wanting to get everything ready/prepared and take my time before we do any applications. We are going to Oz in February next year for a family wedding and are going to look around at schools/areas etc before we put in any application (I think this is probably wise before spending too much money). But then the other burning question is he will be 45 in January 2012 so will we still have time to get the visa application in? I know these have probably been answered elsewhere but I would be so grateful if someone could advise me. Thanks guys, I do appreciate all your time and especially patience with me. Oh, last one would it be better to have a family sponsor (my step brother) or a state sponsorship i.e. Victoria? :confused:
  14. dave and ange

    Doesn't Sound Good!

    I have not been on PiO for about a year as our initial plan for migrating in Dec 08 were canceled. We are now back on and flights are booked for 7th Oct but am worried that we are making a mistake. All i seem to be reading on here is doom and gloom - lots of people struggling to get work, running out of cash and wanting to come back home. Are things really that bad?
  15. We are in the process of buying a new car. The dealership said that they could arrange insurance for us and have come back with a quote for the two of us as named drivers $520 a year. We both have over 5 yrs no claims and the car is band new worth $24k. Does this sound like a good deal? We have done one quote on line which came out at over $600 but if you think its worth calling around, pls say. Any recommendations? Also, when we pick the car up, it will already have 6 months rego (???) on it, is there anything else we need? Many thanks Emma x
  16. Alright so... I went to an expo in London over the weekend and saw a migration agent. I said I needed help and advice on pathways into Australia, he said leave your email address and I'll put it all in writing for you etc. Keep in mind that I want to move to Melbourne and the agent was made fully aware of this. His response - From the information provided you would be eligible for a Subclass 176 State Sponsored Visa to Canberra. This is a Permanent Residence visa that will allow you to live and work in Australia. There is a tacit agreement that you will settle in Canberra for the initial 2 years when you arrive in Australia. There is however no stipulation that, should you be unable to find suitable employment in Canberra, you would be bound to live there. Should you find suitable employment elsewhere, the migration regulations will allow you to pursue these opportunities. I have no interest at all in living in Canberra - I want to be in Melbourne. Surely if I went in on a 176 to Canberra I would have to stay there 2 years or it would be a breach of my visa?? I can't just enter into Canberra and then go straight to Melbourne, and I'm not gonna set up home in Canberra just to quit within 2 years and move to Melbourne - waste of time and money. Can someone clarify this for me please??
  17. Hi All, Me, my wife and baby girl are in the process of forcing ourselves to make the scary leap through clouds of fear (in the form of leaving elderly parents behind, steady full time job, part time business, unsold house etc etc) before our residence VISA's expire in January 2010, and we loose the chance of a lifetime. Also, since we have not had time to sell our house in the UK yet we only have a small amount of cash to invest etc. Anyway, this is my strategy at the moment:- 1) First try:- start off renting a place to stay in Melbourne and try to find a regular job there (im a Software Engineer). If I get a pucker job then hey presto, we can apply for a house Mortgage and stay there and see if we can settle ok. 2) Secondly, if I don't get a job, or see no interest or interviews within six/eight weeks and our small amount of money will not last forever, then im thinking that we should buy a small business (I currently also run a part time gym/martial arts academy in the UK), either with attached accommodation via some kind of commercial Mortgage(??), OR buy a very cheap business and continue to rent accommodation until we can prove a regular income to the mortgage people. Also, considering our resources, im thinking that it will be harder to afford a business and rental accom in Melbourne, SO im thinking that it will be an attractive option to head for the regions ie south Gippsland perhaps, where we can hopefully afford a small business easier. Also I quite like the sound of the out of town location, and when we visited Melbourne earlier this year for fact finding I found the Melbourne traffic way worse than expected. What do you reckon ? All comments and ideas would be gratefully received please please please ! Thanks, Darren.
  18. pluto

    Does this sound right ?

    Hi All After much reading and looking and thinking , I think I have it sorted :swoon: Have now started the process of AQF , then after I submit to TRA , get results if all ok Then I apply for the Visa and also apply for SS or sit the english test. ( depending on the goalposts at the time of visa application) Is this right ? Thanks for any pointers :wubclub:
  19. Hy I apologise for not being on for a while but we've been here 3 months now and life is GOOD.............................. Anyway our furniture arrived today and all i can say is if you need a reccomendation then i cannot praise the Manchester branch of Anglo Pacific enough, from start to finish their service has been excellent. The guys at this end in Brisbane came today with the container and unloaded everything and never moaned once, they were fantastic. All items present and correct and nothing broken or damaged in anyway, my beloved 50inch plasma survived and is already plugged in. They took all the packaging away, we kept some boxes for when we move from the rental into ( hopefully soon ) a house of our own. Also for anyone just starting out we used Visa Bureau and again i cannot praise those guys enough, especially Marek our agent, all the way through he was superb. Well now starts the unpacking, ehh it's like christmas day opening presents.
  20. right okie dokie here goes i will try to explain this easily as it confuses me, this is advice given. I am a hairdresser, at the very start of the process and getting ready to submit TRA. I ws initially going down the independent visa route to PR but with all the recent changes and the fact that everything is so up in the air at the moment i rang an agent for advice and was given the following advice does it stack up and sound right to anyone on here with more visa experience than me: complete TRA and apply for 175 (think the no is right) independent visa, whislt this is being processed ( a lengthy process according to the recent news on here it could be Years!) whilst the 175 application is in look for an employer and then change it that way with more sway given to regional area etc. Once in Oz ( bloody long way off and a long shot in my thinking) the 175 could run concurrent granting PR. Now I am not well up enough on visa that run along side each other even if that can happen. can it? am i right in thinking that there are severe ristrictions on the employer sonsor visas? confused dot com i am thanks
  21. Guest

    this may sound silly

    has anyone flew to oz but never have been on a plane till then ?
  22. Hi We are going to be in the Perth area from the 22nd Oct - 29th October. I really really need your help here as the sole purpose for the trip is to decide whether we want to live in WA or QL.Can anyone offer some advice please: We are looking at spending around the $450'000 on a 4 bed house.We dont want to start a major debate here but we want to live in a nice area not too far (an hour) from the beach.Can we have some recomendations please as to where else to look at? So far we have Mandurah, Port Kennedy and Bunbury on our list. If you dont want to post for fear of flack then please PM us with your recomendations, good and bad. I can not stress enough that we need your advice as we have not been to WA. We only have 7 days in the area so are we better of having one base and travelling each day or are these places a logistical nightmare to get to and so would be better hiring a base north and a base south of Perth? Any recomendations for car hire? Any recomendations as to where to stay? We know we are asking a lot but this trip has to be right. This will be our last chance to come to Oz before we move there. We have asked Lisa's parents to come with us when we go for good on a CPV and although her mum has said yes, her dad is adamant that he will not be coming with us to oz when we go.BUT they have agreed to accompany us our on this reccie and we are just hoping that he falls in love with it and says yes! Thanks again Guys. I have found this site invaluable.:notworthy: Lisa and John
  23. mr luvpants

    need sound reccie advice please?

    Hi We are going to be in the Brisbane area from the 15th Oct (my birthday!!) - 22nd October. I really really need your help here as the sole purpose for the trip is to decide whether we want to live in WA or QL.Can anyone offer some advice please: We are looking at spending around the $450'000 on a 4 bed house.We dont want to start a major debate here but we want to live in a nice area not too far (an hour) from the beach.Can we have some recomendations please as to where else to look at? so far we have Jimboomba, burpengary, caboulture, pacific pines and north lakes on our list. If you dont want to post for fear of flack then please PM us with your recomendations, good and bad. I can not stress enough that we need your advice as we have not been to these places. We only have 7 days in the area so are we better of having one base and travelling each day or are these places a logistical nightmare to get to and so would be better hiring a base north and a base south of Brisbane? I have asked this before but any recomendations for car hire? Any recomendations as to where to stay? And a hotel (good price) near to Brisbane airport for our first night? We know we are asking a lot but this trip has to be right. This will be our last chance to come to Oz before we move there. We have asked Lisa's parents to come with us when we go for good on a CPV and although her mum has said yes, her dad is adamant that he will not be coming with us to oz when we go.BUT they have agreed to accompany us our on this reccie and we are just hoping that he falls in love with it and says yes! Thanks again Guys. I have found this site invaluable. Lisa and John
  24. welshfitter

    arrived safe and sound and sorted!!

    We arrived in Sunny Goldcoast 7 weeks ago now!!! and are settling in well, We would'nt have done it without the help of sarah at GOLD COAST RELOCATIONS . Thankyou Sarah for all your help and support!!!! Anyone moving to the goldcoast area and dont know were to start, try the goldcoast relocations website. :cool:
  25. rach28

    might sound silly

    Hi, We are applying for a 175 visa and was hoping somebody can help. It says we need two passport photos of everyone. do these need to be signed? also if your applying on line do you just scan the photos and attach to your application or do you post them off seperatley? Any help would be appreciated Rachael