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  1. Hi All Just thought I would give my thoughts on our recent trip to Perth with WDU. The flight was long but was surprisingly fairly easy to cope with. We had gotten ourelves into the mindset that it was going to be tough but the entertainment and service of Emirates was superb and made the journey a whole lot easier. WDU - Absolutely shattering doing all the filming but at the end of the day we had a free trip to Oz and had managed to get our visas approved before we left so it also bacame our validation trip. Although not the best way to see Perth it gave us the information we needed to finalise our decision and we are booking our one way flights next week for on or around March 14th 2012. General - We arrived on the Monday evening and so didn't get to see much of the place on the drive up to the house the BBC had provided in Karrinyup. When we got to the house we were pleasantly surprised to see a four bed house with a pool for our use for the week. Makes life a whole lot easier when your 8 year old can still get excited after 20 hours of travelling and put a good light on things from the start. The day after we got there we had to ourselves so I had arranged a couple of meetings with recruiters. One in the CBD and one up in Mullalloo which was beautiful. The photo's my wife took of the beach while I was meeting with a recruiter are stunning. I had a salary level in mind that I needed to earn to make things work and was pleasantly surprised that It seemed I have underestimated things based upon the strength of my CV and qualifications. Being that I am going to be the only one earning means that my potential for a position over there is the ultimate make or break for us. Our only requirement for the financial aspect is that we are not so worse off that we cannot manage while we establish ourselves and overall my wife is a lot more confident than she was before the trip. During the trip we tried to get to as many places as we could to get an idea of the cost of living and would have to agree that in terms of thinking of exchange rates then it is an expensive place to live. However, once you start thinking in terms of earning in dollars then I guess it becomes much of a muchness. The other aspects of the day to day living were fairly comparible overall with some ups and some downs and this is nothing more than I would expect from two differing countries. My impression of the feel of the place basically reinforced a comment a friend made in that Perth is very similar to my home town of Swansea but with nicer weather. Pretty laid back and I was very surprised how easy it was to drive into the CBD and that it seemed fairly relaxed once you got there. Overall a fairly positive experience with some ups and some downs but what else would you expect? We feel that it is something we fancy giving a go for a couple of years to determine if it is for us longer term (family and friends is still a worry) and so in March I guess we are going to find out. Si
  2. Can anyone please confirm whether our household pine furniture needs to be sold off or can I bring it with us. Understood that wood could not be imported....or am I just confused!! Also, have a wonderful shell collection all disinfected in bleach....does it need to be given away? Steggy2
  3. This is a hello to the group. I am a Brit and Australian due to the fact that my Dad was born in Australia but I was born and brought up in Hampshire, UK. I have lived in the US for 30 years (last 20 in California). My wife and I are considering a year off starting with UK summer in Cornwall and then possibly Australian summer in Melbourne. We plan to take our 2 dogs to the UK which is possible without quarantine but apparently not so easy in Australia (minimum 30 days quarantine, so I may leave them with family in the UK. Questions re Melbourne; Does it get too hot/too powerful sun in the summer for a convertible which has no ac with the roof up? I am considering shipping an MGC from the UK and then selling when I leave. However they are commonly referred to as "roasters" here due to engine heat and mo ac. What are the tax consequences for a non resident pom/Australian selling an imported antique ('69) British car? Anyone sailing in Melbourne? I would want to rent a simple small house with access both to downtown/university, and sailing without driving miles. In fact we prefer to walk or bicycle. Cost of renting a small house?
  4. Hi PIOers I've been self employed since April 6th 2011, and am moving to Aus in a couple of weeks time. I have completed and been paid for all my self emp work for this year, and wanted to settle up with the tax office before I go but I just rung them and the girl I spoke to said I had to wait until next tax year before I could file this years return. Does anyone know if this is correct? Or if there is a special form I can complete so I can wrap up my accounts here? Thanks StS
  5. Guest

    Ned Kelly Lives (Sort Of)

    Just been confirmed that skelotical remains found recently are that indeed are the famous (infamous) Ned Kelly. I know some view him in different lights, good, bad or indifferent, but all the same, a unique part of Australian folklore and history. Only a menial thing in some peoples eyes, but as one who loves this sort of stuff I'm excited as an excited thing,:eek::jiggy: If any 'bones' start appearing on eBay make sure of the authenticity,:biglaugh: Cheers Tony.
  6. Guest

    What Sort Of 'Drunk' Are You?

    I should say firstly that my term 'drunk' is a little unfair, I should say 'What Are You Like When You Have Had A Few', so my apologies from the outset. But I guess 'most' of us enjoy the odd tipple now and again, and even though tea total now I have no problem with anyone having a drink and enjoying themselves, just for me I decided that I had enough is all. But would be interesting to find out how we react to booze, very often it is probably the people around us that should comment, because at times the dreaded booze can, how can I say this, alter our opinion,:goofy::biglaugh:. I wholly admit that I was at one time fairly reliant on the dreaded booze, but when I had a skinful I more often than not sat in the corner of the bar, pub, field, :swoon:, church yard, :yes::realmad: and found the most insignificant thing hysterically funny. I well remember once finding a cricket in Australia whilst wandering back to the backpackers putting him inside my ciggy pouch and naming him 'Derek', best mates we were, until I forget and the little bugger escaped. But I also knew a fella at The Retreat,:notworthy::notworthy::jiggy:(backpackers) that was the NICEST fella alive when he was sober, but after one or two drinks he became a wholly different animal, aggressive, arrogant, rude, a complete pain in the arse and the times I had to pull him away from another fight was unbelievable, (not easy when you have to look after Derek as well.:biglaugh: But he was a complete prat on the booze, but the next morning he would remember little and wonder why he was getting some rather stern looks from the folks he had met the night before. So in summation, does the old booze change your personality, good, bad , indifferent, and do you realise it has this affect on you? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. Has anyone tried to get some sort of compensation and if you have, did it work? We had our goods picked up by our shipping company on the 29th of June. Its the 4th of December and our goods have not even docked yet! The shipping companies website clearly states that we should expect our delivery even though its a shared container within 10 to 12 weeks! Now nearly 6 months later and we still dont have it. I rang in mid September because they werent answering any of my emails and the firl on the phone said " Oh you havent been sent any forms either, well your goods are due to dock on the 26th of September so I will send your forms!. That was the last I have heard from them. I got a letter from the shippers this side in October to cinfirm that our goods were now at sea :shocked: and they were very sorry that EVL had told us an earlier date but if I had an issue I would have to take it up with them as it was a different company! I went onto the ships actual website and it state that our container was loaded at Felixtowe on the 1st of October :arghh::arghh::arghh:. That means our wordly goods were sat at Felixstowe for 3 flipping months! And I was lied to when told they were now at sea in September. The companies website states it will be in regular contact and I will have my on consultant in regular contact:shocked: I didnt even know what ship they were on until a few weeks ago and I was given the wrong one first of all:mad: Is it worth complaining to Trading Standards in the UK, seriously I would hate for someone to have to go through this.
  8. Hi everyone I am due to fly out to Sydney in two weeks and will need to bring enough clothes to get me through whilst the remainder of our items are shipped out. Now I appreciate that this may sound like a 'girlie' question, but what sort of clothes will I need for the beginning of March until around May time? I only have a baggage allowance of 20kg so want to make sure I am bringing the right things. Any help would be appreciated! Cara
  9. Sorry that I haven't posted for a long time. :err: I last posted probably back in June whilst waiting for my visa. Well I finally got it after some 3 months (!) and arrived in Sydney at the start of September with two full suitcases. My company gave me a serviced apartment in CBD on arrival. However after a week they asked me to go and run a project up in Gladstone (central QLD) for 6 weeks so I repacked the smaller case and off I went. No time to settle in! Well I got back and then had time to start looking for rented accommodation. I was looking for a 1 or 2 bed apartment. Like a lot of people I fancied the eastern suburbs but like a lot of people I realised you could get a lot more elsewhere. Spoilt for choice as to where to live. Am over here on my own so not tied to schools or the like. I did set myself a 30 min cycle ride to CBD as a limit (want to get back into commuting by bike to the office - we've got cycle parking, showers, lockers etc so I am lucky there). I then literally stuck a pin in a map - came up with the Five Docks- Drummoyne peninsular area. I planned ahead and on the Saturday off I headed. I used http://www.domain.com.au to find places. The site gives you an idea of times between your selected properties. I naively thought the times related to walking time! DOH! it was driving time so I had to walk very fast between properties - I miss one - too late! That's right I don't have a car (though I later found out from work that I could "borrow" a pool vehicle at weekends if I ask nicely!). Anyway, I found one place in Russell Lea that had potential and character (didn't really want a boring box like flat). Agent said I could move in immediately but they wanted to change the blinds and cooker hob and give the place a thorough clean inside and out (it's ground floor with a wrap-around yard to three sides). Well I am still waiting for the work to be done despite chasing the agent (I won't name them just yet - I need to speak to them on Monday first - one last chance - then name and shame!). Didn't find the search for a flat as bad as I expected. Yes there were, at times, lot of people looking a the same time, but it was all quite amicable. I emailed over my completed form with copies of my documents and got it first time. They didn't even ask to see the original documents! Needed no references even though it was my first rental in Oz. Must have a honest face! So this weekend off spending lots of money on furniture etc. Get a settling allowance to help so money less of an issue. I had contents shipped over but no big stuff. Was interesting to see the dollar fall away as I negotiated for a bedroom suite from Harvey Norman (dropped by nearly 40% without trying) and whiteware package from Bing Lee (probably 25% reduction). Other stuff was bought peicemeal so no discounts on offer. Always worth buying from one place ot get a good discount. Shows how much they are making in the first place. Interestingly at Bing Lea their computer kept coming up with a warning that the discounted prices were below cost - can't belive that - they would go out of business if they kept doing it! So who really knows what their mark up is??? The only problem I had was with beds in that they are not kept in stock. I was hoping for delivery in a few days - no - 2-3 weeks if you're lucky. Not a problem if you are just replacing but if a first time buyer....So I had to chose a mattress that was in stock to get a quick delivery. I'll be sleeping on mattress on floor until the bed arrives (not the first time I've had to do this!). I'm going to wait until the Christmas / New Year sales start in mid Dec before decking out the living/dining area. Hope to get more for my money then. The risk is not having everything my Christmas. I'll be on my own over that time (:cry:) so not such a problem. Hopefully I'll get invited round to someone's house! I am finding Oz a pleasantly friendly place. People do help out and talk to you. Yes, there are the usual hoons but they soon pass in their "gaily coloured cars" with unsubtle exhausts!!!! It's just attention-seeking at the end of the day! Shopkeeper smile. I have sat at restaurant tables on my own and soon find myself in conversation with staff or other customers. I socialise with people from work but am slowly meeting people outside too. Can't rush these things. You get there in time. Doesn't help mind you when I keep going off outside the area. I really need to settle down for a couple of months! Well enough of my rambling. Hopefully some of my story is of interest/use to others. Still can't get over how great the harbour environment is and the exotic wildife! One of the good point about going up to Gladstone working in the bush is I can say I've already seen plenty of wallabies, kangaroos, snakes, lizards, birds, butterflies, spiders, flies and ants to keep me going for a while. Saw a solitary dingo to add to the list but no more! Oh yes and lots of cattle - central QLD appears to be the cattle capital of Oz! Anyway, hope to hear from others in due course. If anyone else is in Sibbick St, Russell Lea (Drummoyne/Five Quays) area pls feel free to make contact! I'll get the kettle on!!! :cute: Mark
  10. miffy82

    sort out my visa advise

    Hi Just wondered if anyone has gone with sort out my visa agency? They seem great just wanted to double check i am right. Any advise would be great thanks miff:jiggy:
  11. Guest

    What sort of PIOer are you?

    Hi everyone what sort of people like Australia? having been on PIO for 6 months or so, I've noticed a few distinct groups on here 1. working class families who slot nicely into Australian life and enjoy the BBQs, beaches and general banality of the place 2. middle class families who can somehow get over the culture shock, and rave about the place as some sort of nirvana, despite the knowledge that their brains are shrinking in the heat. 3. grumpy, miserable sorts (this is me) who are disgruntled wherever they live and love moaning about it, but have actually found that Australia suits them in that there is SO MUCH to take issue with 4. those who haven't got here yet, so are 1-3 in the making 5. everyone else Am I right? Are there any other groups? Who do you line up with? Maybe you completely disagree with the above, or even find it mildly insulting, who knows? Dom
  12. Hi Everyone, Hopefully I will be assigned a CO shortly and then there will be medicals to think about. Can anyone tell me what questions are asked on the forms, that is, how much detail? Where do you get the forms from? Could anyone show us a copy of a form?
  13. Hi there We are coming over to Pacific Pines from NZ (been here 8 years from Surrey in UK) - we have done a reccie and know what we want and where... with that in mind, how long do you think we should allow from seeing a house we want to rent until move in? Am trying to figure oout how long we might need furnished accommodation for and would love to keep it to under a week...!
  14. Guest

    I need help to sort out my visa

    Hello, I recently joined PIO and posted a general post under "new boy" asking for advice. A couple of folks have stated my age is against me for most visa's and suggested coming to the migration section of the forum, so hopefully in the right area. Basically, I am aged 50, 51 in Sept2010 and now separated am looking to start a new life, have friends in Melbourse, Victoria and would like to move to Australia to restart my life. If anyone picks this up, can you direct me to the right agent who can help, as I was told an agent is my best source of help. If I have forgotten anything, feel free to include in your response. I would like to take the opprotunity to thank everyone in advance of answers. Regards winner2559
  15. tonyman

    sort of newbee says hello

    Hello my name in Nick , should not have had tonyman as id but its done now , dint think i would be around that long but i like this site ......im interested in the cathalic church foundation, play the trumpet for the choir, collect the whip round in the church when its full, i dont drink , i defo dont smoke that an idiots game , i use to tho , if any one want advice how to stop pm me .......i support man city , the richest team in the world.........im married with 5 children , and hello to anyone else that knows me ......i hope you all accept me on this site and we all get along just dandy.....
  16. Hi Everyone, What is the min time you need to sort everthing out before you leave? Is it possible within six weeks? I remember reading a list on here that a member had posted on all the things you needed to do before you go? Does anyone have the link to the thread? Thanks Shreen
  17. Guest

    what to sort out after landing?

    once i get off the plane? what do i need to sort out? can i sort bank accounts, tax, medicare, etc over in the uk or can i only do that once i land? having a panicky moment :confused:
  18. Hi, we are planning to move to Sydney this autumn. My husband is expecting a salary of about $100.000. I will most likely not work by the time we apply for a mortgage so this is our total. About what sort of mortgage/house price are we likely to be able to afford based on this income?
  19. Hi All, I got back to sunny England in October (it is actually sunny today - surprisingly) and have yet to sort a few things out. So would appreciate any help from you guys. First of all, I was renting in Oz and since leaving Oz with all the bills sorted have returned to have a few emails exchanged between myself and the estate agent claiming that I haven't sorted some doctors bills out? In which she asked if I wanted her to help me pay for them from my bond in which I responded no. She also said that she was waiting for an electricity bill from Origin as well. However, a week before I left I spoke to Origin and everything was fine from their side and no bill was due. I then responded, "okay, I wasn't expecting a bill but if I get one I am more then happy to pay for it if its for my usage". Since then, I have not heard from this arrogant aussie (the only one I seemed to come across) and it has now been 2 months. Anyone know what I can do about this? As I see no benefit in it for her for witholding the bond from me and I am 100% sure I did not treat her disrespectfully at all during my stay at the property. Other then that, does anyone know the link that I have to go to to claim my super back? Thanks in advance for the help!:biggrin:
  20. Hi Looking for an accountant to sort out our taxes etc for our big move to Oz..we have 2 properties which we have rented out and want to do everything properly and also gain any benefits that we can. If anyone can help please get in touch! Thanks!
  21. Hi there hope everyone is having a good day. Well finally my dream of living in Australia has happened - but its not what I expected. I have now been here 6 months and I still don't know anyone! Its kinda sad really as I am quite an outgoing sorta gal.....I keep thinking maybe its the accent - you know lost in translation - I say flip flop when it should be thong and hey presto the conversation has both parties stumped :wacko: So I am living in NSW post code 2157 and would really enjoy to meet some good down to earth friends....... so there I put it out there - I never actually thought it would be so hard to make friends Anyways let me know if anyone is interested in hooking up for coffee and chats and basically hang out - I can be fun - well I think so; anyways I promise I am not a weirdo and not a murderer :goofy:......mmmmm.... I suppose talk like that would put you off????? but really I am not.
  22. This is more than likely a real dumb question but.... Im looking for a property with land big enough to have a couple of horses and our two dozy dogs!! If i google semi rural im presented with houses with huge amounts of land miles away from know where we are talking 25 plus acres plus, any ideas what i should be looking for:arghh: Please xx
  23. Just wanted to put down what my wife and I have been discussing over the last week and would appreciate any thoughts, advice and general words of wisdom as my head feels like it`s about to explode!!!! House on the market/Dogs injections I would then move back to (Recession hit) U.K., try and find work and a rental large enough for my family`s eventual arrival (I have no idea as yet with regards to benefits, housing list etc, what, if anything I would be entitled to or when!!). House will sell really quickly (lol) and after tying up any loose ends my wife and children (and dogs!) will then join me. My wife will find work and then with whatever`s left of the profit on the house, we`ll look to getting a mortgage! Ok, so everything I`ve written sounds good, but makes me want to add this...:skeptical: and this..:unsure:as I`m feeling pretty negative at the moment. The thought of starting from scratch feels terrifying! My wife is a born optimist and myself a pessimist so it can be tough finding equal ground between us. One thing`s for sure, now the seed has been planted to return to U.K, it`s started to grow rapidly.
  24. Looking for advice on a phone connection to a newly built rental property (house). When we viewed the property the main question we asked the agent was whether the property had a phone line installed as we need broadband for Skype and I am currently studying online and need internet access. We knew that if the house had no connection to the road then it would cost $299 to install so we would have negotiated a deal with the owner before we signed the contract as this is the normal thing to do, but we didn't because the agent informed us that a phone line was already in place, so we put in an application was approved and moved in this week. I called iinet on Friday to have a phone/broadband bundle installed only to be told, guess what? Our property does not have a phone line from the road to the house which will cost us $299 before they can proceed. I except I am responsible for the connection of phone/broadband but there is no way I am paying $299 for the install. I spoke to the agent about this to be told I will have to pay it as it is not a legal requirement of the owner to have this in place. I then reminded her that she stated the phone line was in place, her answer to this was, did I ? Yes I said, you did. So she said she would talk to the owner about a compromise and will call me back on Monday but I don't hold out for much hope on that one as it's my word against hers. My question is this: If they decide I have to pay, should I or should I fight it? Has anyone been through this and what are your thoughts or experiences...?
  25. We have a small business that we are leaving behind in the UK as I can run it from the internet and with the help of a friend. It provides us with a modest income which I know can't be included when allowing for income if we get a mortgage in Oz, but it is handy none the less. I understand that we can pay tax either in the UK or in Oz - our choice. (I don't know how this is organised though). Strangely enough, I think it would be better for me to pay tax on the business in the UK, but for my husband to pay his own in Oz. My question is - basically, can we just leave legal / financial things as they are for now? Do we have to let the authorities know we are emigrating immediately? Or can we just do it a bit later down the line, when we are settled and know it is going to be permanent? (Couldn't face setting it all up again in a hurry with all the faceless bureaucracy if we had to come back!) Any advice on what we have to do now and what we can leave for a while and the implications of that would be appreciated. Thanks all. Tracy