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Found 30 results

  1. Two teams .......with one goal..........to put an end to this North / South divide....... I have a proposal and that is we build two teams ,simlpy called SOR(blue) & NOR (red),its serious but at the same time friendly and fun,4 matches per yr, 2 SOR, 2 NOR....(subject to change)......Venues TBA......first game will be a trial ,maybe a couple of beers after the match ect ...... there will be NO violence no HARD tackling,contact yes but we all need to be able to work the day after,otherwise i may as well organize a boxing match !Any violence /fighting and that player/players will be kicked out and disgraced...:policeman: A referee would be good , probs someone who likes football but not up to it and still wants to be involved ect ...? Age...? Im a veteran,do we need 20 yr old whipper snippers ...? i think most on here are 30 + ..... You dont have to be a professional ect , its just a game ......... between 35/45 mins per half depending on number of players and the weather .. Matches to be played on a Sunday ,time TBA... Fly subs ,so we can all have a break if needed Keeper can be changed at any time ,as long as the referee has been informed first...!!! I will manage SOR for now ,NOR will need to sort your own out , SOR kick abouts ect will be arranged prior to matches so we can get familiar with each other ...... If your up for this get in touch on the thread ,im sure we all have a mate or two who would be interested if the forum cant get enough , i know i can if needed for SOR and probs one or two for NOR .............. This can work as ive done it before in the uk , two rival groups in my local use to play each other after a Sunday session in the local and that proved to be so popular that we formed an official Sunday league,was better than playing in the Wythenshawe league as nobody was out to break your legs ect ........ Feel free if you would like to add to this chaps....... Please dont turn this into a slanging thread its for football only .......:yes:
  2. Harpersgirl

    Dentist SOR?

    The time has come. I can skirt the issue no longer. I must see a dentist... :wacko::twitcy::wideeyed: We're in Winthrop so can anyone recommend a dentist somewhere SOR? Nice, gentle, kind, understanding and reasonable if possible!!!
  3. Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser. I went to the same hairdresser for about 17 years in the UK and I am dreading going into a hairdressers. I don't mind having to go into the city or even using a mobile hairdresser. Please help.
  4. So we have been here for 18 Months now. Before we set off on this adventure we had every intention of putting ourselves out there! and finding a new great social circle. But as with everything else (work mainly) it has been all to easy to sit back until you suddenly realize your life is not quite how you had planed it! We have some friends but they are all NOR which is just a little far to travel for a beer. (especially when you've had a few to many :wink:) SO HERE COMES THE PLEA! Friends now wanted SOR, nothing to heavy just the odd BBQ/get together with the obvious addition of beer & wine... I am a plumber and turned 40 this year my wife is 41 although we still feel 30ish, young at heart! We have two Children a girl aged 15 and a boy aged 13. If there is anyone out there who would like to meet up and see if we have anything in common we are more than up for it. Cheers Rob.
  5. Guest

    Byford - SOR help!

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on for ages as I have been to busy trying to secure a rental NOR (pool included) but have not had much luck. OH has secured a job SOR so now looking at rentals there. I am looking for some feedback on Byford, whats it like, good schools, community feel etc. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Guest

    NOR or SOR in Perth

    Help! I am trying to find us a rental to live in but no idea where to start! :huh: We have a short term let in Duncraig, but have no idea what pros and cons NOR and SOR have. The rentals seem to be cheaper in SOR, but is there a reason for this like a huge factory or something, I have heard there is a concrete plant, does that casue problems? :confused: Any views on SOR and NOR would be greatly appreciated, especially areas to avoid! Many thanks :notworthy:
  7. Anyone play and need a player? I played 5/7 a-side twice a week with mates in the UK, wouldn't mind playing here. Reasonable enough at football but no Wayne Rooney! 27 yrs old, would be a good way to meet new people too.
  8. Hey Guys, Just wondered if anyone knows of any spinning or fitness classes around Perth or SOR?? Will give anything a try! Thanks
  9. Hi all, We are in the process of buying our first WA home and will need to break lease on our current rental. If anyone is interested, it is a 4 bed, 2 bath with a pool and is SOR. We're 15 mins from the city and in an excellent school catchment area. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I can forward the details and photos for you to look at. Janette :smile:
  10. Hi all, we have already validated the visa last year and are moving out there march 2012. We were dead set on NOR but since looking at the house prices SOR we are contemplating moving there instead. Anyway to get to the point :chatterbox:, does anyone know of any gymnastics clubs NOR or SOR? My 7yr old girl goes to gymnastics at the mo and is getting on really well (almost doing back handsprings!!) and i'd love for her to carry on with her hobby. Thanks for any info you may have :idea:.
  11. Brown5

    NOR or SOR

    Hia We are coming over to WA on a 176 visa next March and I must admit that as we are going to initially stay with family in Singleton all of my research has been around that area. I've been looking at Baldivis, Secret Harbour, Mandurah, Halls Head and surrounding area. So my question is North or South ? My OH is a brickie he is looking at residential bricklaying as opposed to commercial so I'm wondering where the housing developments are. If anyone has any thoughts/advice I'd appreciate it, I'm not sure what suburbs to look at in the North. Thanks Tracey :biggrin:
  12. Hi All, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for finding a short term rental/holiday let in perth SOR ive tried all the usual sites like stayz, aussie move, lets-perth etc and i cant find any suitable properties that are available, im frantically searching as i am waiting to book my flights and i gave my notice in at work today. Any information would be greatly appreciated Donna xx
  13. Guest

    Property need SOR

    Hi all. My husband and I are migrating to WA early November and are looking for a furnished property with internet access for around 6 weeks (until we find an unfurnished property more long term). We were previously in Perth in 2009 but had to come back after hubbie got laid off on an employer sponsored visa but this time we're back for good! Thank you! Tracey
  14. Guest

    would like Friends SOR

    Hiya, Just joined this site and was wondering if anybody fancies making new friends... me Di & Chris, 45 & 46, we've lived here nearly 5yrs now ( moved from Eire, orginally from Manchester UK), have 3 grown up children ( 2 live in UK) and youngest ( 20 ) has just moved back home for a while. I'm happily married ( 26yrs) , we work together as bricklayers ( yes a female brickie :smile: ) ! but would love to be able to have a female conversation that dosen't include Man U :biglaugh: Were looking for friends that we can catch up with for a drink or a meal or even a barbie or 2.... NOT SWINGERS....!!!! So if you fancy catching up let me know Happy Mothers Day x
  15. tonyman

    Stoke City fans wanted SOR

    I know there is a Stoke City fan SOR in fact he is about 2mins from me as he has a stoke flag aloft and has done for the past 3 yrs ..........i fancy watching the FA Cup final with a couple of city fans and maybe a couple of stoke fans but i dont really want to just knock on his door and ask ......he may be on here for all i know which would be better to break the ice ......if not ,anyone with any idea`s off my approach to someone i dont know ....we in Oz do seem to have a better approach when it comes to this type of thing but.......its like inviting myself around ........but if it were me with a big flag outside my house i would welcome people who knock on and ask........:unsure:
  16. Hi , I live NOR at the moment, we first lived in Butler and then moved to Two Rocks as its so lovely but now my hubbys carpentry work seems to be all in the south ! So after much consideration we are moving SOR but not too far from city so commuting easier whichever direction we need to go. After some internet research and knowledge from being here Ive got a "shortlist" of suburbs :v_SPIN: We are planning on a drive-about soon to have a good look around and get feel of each place, but can anyone give me any advice/experience that may help us please ? We have 2 young kids so schools an important factor and parks etc. Thank you ! Shortlist- Willetton, Rossmoyne, Kalamunda, Leeming, High Wycombe, Bateman, Bull Creek, Bibra Lake, Parkwood, Canning Vale. Not that short a list actually !! :laugh: Any advice appreciated , thanks Dawn
  17. getus2oz

    Returning SOR

    Hi Folks.... Our adventure is starting over again.... and we are returning to WA in May. We previously lived in Halls Head for 7months last year, but returned to UK last summer.... an expensive but necessary exercise because of family ill health in England. We are now trying to get our lives back on track and my OH has a job lined up in Fremantle. We would ideally like to return to Halls Head, and my OH has offered to commute to work but I am worried about long term fatigue. Can anyone give us an idea of travelling times from central Fremantle to suburbs such as Port Kennedy, Baldivis, Singleton and Secret Harbour....or any nice reasonably priced areas with good schools upto 1 hours drive of Freo.... cheers for any advice xjo
  18. tonyman

    KE$HA Car Share SOR

    does anyone want to car share with my wife and daughter tonight , thats if you are SOR and going to the KE$HA gig ....................we are Thornlie/Canning Vale way.....
  19. If you were going to work in or around the CBD would it be better to live NOR or SOR and how far out could you live to have around about a 30 - 40 Min commute? We are looking to rent initially but will once we are settled and I think we would have around 400-450K to spend and would need 4/5 beds. Ta
  20. Guest

    Which School - NOR or SOR ???

    Family of four moving out to Perth November 2010. Daughter 13 (14 in Dec) who's currently at a private school in the UK. Son will be 9 in October. Both are good at sports, especially swimming. Came over in May to validate visa stayed NOR (Kingsley) but have friends in Canning Vale. Can anyone recommend a good school (Private or State) or advise us of a link so that we can look at school stats (ie value added) My son is currently in a Catholic School and we would like to continue with this type of schooling in Perth. Currently looking to rent a furnished house but would ideally like to be in a catchment area close to a good school. Can anyone recommend a good school NOR or SOR Any feedback welcomed as it getting stressful now. Thanks Darren & Joanne
  21. We are looking at a couple of properties SOR, one in a place called Success and one in Port Kennedy. Any advice on the High schools / TAFE close by and what the general areas are like would be greatly appreciated. The Booths: :confused:
  22. Guest

    Perth SOR schools

    Hi everyone We are moving from New Zealand to Perth in early 2010. We have four children aged 12, 11, 5 and 3. My husband is a tradesman and we’re looking for a reasonable rental with good state schools (we can’t afford private). Someone suggested Thornlie primary and high schools because they’re across the road from each other. Does anyone have advice on these schools? I’ve been looking on the internet and read about some highly recommended schools, namely Willetton, Rossmoyne and Canningvale where the rentals are seem a little out of our league . Can anyone give any comments on any of these schools, preferably multi-cultural school. By ‘good school’ I mean good academic results as well as zero tolerance on bullying/racial intolerance (my children experienced some of this in NZ). Do we have to live in the school zones to apply?
  23. Hello There We are moving into an unfurnished rental in the next few weeks and will be needing the following: 1) Childs single bed & mattress 2) Dining Table and Chairs (6 seats or more) 3) Patio Table and Chairs (6 seats or more) 4) Pots and pans 5) Kettle and Toaster 6) Glasses 7) Fridge/Freezer We are also looking for a car possibly a Toyota Camry or other 4x4. There are probably other things we may need but can't think at the moment, so if anyone has anything just pm with piccies and prices please. Thanks
  24. ali

    NOR or SOR

    Just wondering where the WA membership of PIO have chosen to live (also those coming over to Perth) We're South
  25. Guest

    Holiday Rentals SOR Perth

    Hi all, Looking to go to Perth for our reccie either April or October and been doing some research into holiday rentals. Most that are coming up are for north of the river and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for south of the river - ideally around the secret harbour area. We are hoping to move to that area when we finally get our visa hence the preference. Any info gratefully appreciated. Karen and Colin