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Found 7 results

  1. sadsmile23

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I've been avidly watching the Wanted Down Under series this week. Just want to know if anybody else thinks the same as me tho - the family on Wednesday programme were looking at WA, now they said at the beginning of the property search they had £180k to bring over and would like to buy without a mortgage, lets see what you get for your money. In the voiceover, Nadia whatsername says you can get 4bed family house in Rockingham area for around £200k. Now my ears prick up, coz we fancy that area, sounds a decent price, looking forward to this! WHY oh WHY then, do they show them houses (lovely as they were) for nothing under £260k????? Is it to make the programme look good, fancy newly renovated or new build houses, but what about us that live in the real world and want affordability??!!:arghh: Sorry about me ranting, its just i would really like to see what the average joe bloggs could really afford! By the way, im from yorkshire, got a pretty low mortgage here and we are (apparently) notorious for being tight with money here, so maybe that explains why im so peeved!! lol. :biglaugh:
  2. my wife and i are hoping to move to oz in the next few months. My wife is already an aussie citizen.We married 2 years ago and have been together 5 years. After a run of bad luck and difficulty in my wife obtaining a job as a teacher,weve had enough! Had enough of the crap weather,enough of being cold,enough of being treated like crap,enough of the bad manners. Were thinking of aplying for bankruptcy before we go as we dont want to move to oz with debts. My wife is an australian citizen but i have to obtain an migration visa. will going bankrupt effect the process? Will we be able to get a mortage if we declare bankruptcy in the uk?If not how long will we have to wait or will we never get one? Do we have to declare that weve gone bankrupt in the uk? Does anyone know of any companies that can help with this or even act on our behalf while we move and start our new life? Can we move to oz while the bancruptcy is being processed or do we have to wait until the end? i know there are no travel restrictions during bankruptcy. We have a contact address to leave in oz as my wifes parents live there. Many thanks for any help provided. my appologies if this is in the wrong section,its my first time!!
  3. Well after soul searching we made the decision to go for it.. we instructed and agent, paid the first fee to our agent... were told that as my partner was applying as a carpenter we had excellent prospects of getting a visa as on the CSL... just a week after paying the second stage fee to get the info and forms for VETASSESS everything chnages... carpenters no longer on the CSL.... and it seems like we've gone from top to bottom on the priority scale..with no real indication of whether this will ever happen for us now. We've been advised by our agent that we can still apply..but it means sitting and waiting... and whilst im not impatient im not convinced this is the case... with the current economical climate we cant afford to throw a few more thousand pouns towards something that may never materialise.... it so disheartening...we just dont know what to do for the best...:arghh:
  4. Hi all, These last few days I have started feeling really depressed and anxious about the state of the housing market in the UK. As if it's not enough trauma to go through making the decision in the first place to leave all you know and all family etc. to then have to start thinking maybe it won't be a viable option!!! I'm so flipping worried that we won't get enough equity in the sale of our house that OH will play the sensible card and tell me we can't go!! We haven't even applied for the Visa yet, so heaven only knows where the market will be a year from now. :nah: OH is taking his practical in a couple of weeks and then we'll put in for the Visa.. Oh help!!! someone please help!!! Rant over!! Thank you!! XX
  5. Sarah and Paul

    why does it take soooooo long?

    hi We appointed an agent October 07 - ( 176 state nominated perm visa) - Paul is a bricklayer so we had to gather all the evidence for Vetassess and just missed getting on the April practical tests. We have been told he will be on the July practical test. It will have taken nearly 10 months to the practical skills stage and we still would not have applied for the visa! It seems waiting for Vetassess practical tests is causing a bottleneck in the application process - we were told by our agent that they would be doing practical assessments every other month - but this does not seem to be the case - as far as we know this year April has been the first and the next is July. It great to read when people get their visa's - but it feels like it is going to take for ever to get ours and it seems most people are in the final stages of their application - medicals etc ...(i am sure there are plenty of people like us but I feel fed up). Is a visa application dealt with quicker when you have been state nominated? any tips on being patient?? not doing too well at the moment.
  6. Guest

    Soooooo many tears already

    Have just broken the news to parents about completion on house and when we hope to fly ;lots of tears on both ends of the phone. Can't believe it already bawling and we've got about 4 weeks till we go. Already agreed no goodbyes at airport Don't think anyone believed we would actually go through with it and i include myself in that at times :cry::cry:
  7. Guest

    Soooooo frustrated !!

    Hi Whilst loads of people all around are receiving their visa's, we are still waiting for ours !:arghh: I am genuinely really chuffed for people that are receiving them but really, really want mine (how selfish of me. LOL!!). It seems like we have been waiting for ever. So, I decided to finally send an email to DIAC to chase progress and got the following reply:- "Thank you for your e-mail about your visa application under Australia’s General Skilled Migration programme. Notes on file show that this application has been finalised on 27th November ,2007 and a letter of decision will be sent to you shortly. We wish you all the best for the future." Aaaarhhhh !!!!! I just want to know, is it a yes or a no??????? An increasingly desperate Joanne XX