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Found 9 results

  1. Metoo

    soooo annoyed

    Oh my God I am so annoyed. I went to the Doc's today for my flu jab. Now our surgery is quite large but the parking area is rather pathetic. You can park maybe 6 cars at a push and so these spaces are for doctors or disabled people only. Fortunately for us, the land lady who runs the pub next door has allowed patients and visitors to the surgery to use her very large car park. This arrangement has worked well for a very long time and has been a life saver for many people as the last thing you need to be doing is looking for a place to park when you are not feeling very well. However, today when I arrived at the pub I found that the chain had been put across the entrance to the car park and a black board notice informing us that visitors to the surgery are no longer allowed to use the car park. So, after another 10 minutes of driving around looking for a place to park I finally arrive for my appointment. While waiting for my jab I make polite conversation with the other patients and enquire what's the deal with the pub car park. I was told that the reason for the parking ban was because somebody (a registered patient at the surgery) called the landlady .....wait for it....... 'a white whore'. Now, because of one stupid racist idiot we have a very upset landlady and a whole town put to some inconvenience. Now I don't blame the poor landlady for one minute, in fact I would probably do the same thing under the circumstances. But, i definitely blame the ignorant to**er with the big gob. I hope she took his/her reg and reported him/her to the police, and i hope he/she is duly punished. I am so upset by this I intend to write a letter to the lady concerned and thank her for her generosity of spirit in allowing us to use her car park for so many years. I will tell her of my disgust at what has happened and I will wish her peace and happiness at Christmas. It's the least I can do and I hope others do the same. Grrrrrrrr rant over Metoo
  2. Guest

    Cars soooo cheep in UK

    Just been looking at car hire prices in UK and thought maybe i will buy a cheep car to run about in while i'm there. So a look at autotrader web site and couldn't believe what you can get for your money. I found this Auto Trader UK - FORD MONDEO 2.0 Zetec 4dr Saloon That would cost you about $12,000 here!!
  3. Guest

    soooo happy got 167 visa today

    :biggrin: Our agent rang us and said we,ve got our 176visa . Cant what till weekend till lee come home from work . but i'm still going to have one are two drinks tonight sooooo happy :wink:im sorry about the mistake on the 167 i ment 176 i think i need to stop drinking and have a cup of coffee HA HA
  4. Guest

    Soooo Confused...

    God.. what a mine field this shipping buisness is.. Ill try to explain as best I can... here goes... Ok had 3 quotes.. Q1- £3000approx... 700 cubic feet, no AQIS fees included. no insurance, them doing all our packing Q2- £3200 approx.. 780 cubic feet, no AQIS fees included, no insurance, us doing box packing and dismantle Q3- £3500approx.. 580 cubice feet, AQIS included, no insurance, packing everything for us These are all on groupage.. What I dont understand is, how can they all have different cubic feet measurments, and such different prices. Soooo, does anyone know how much AQIS fees really are, one has said around $800, standard fee.. but how acurate is that, and then there is always the "what if's". I must be getting old, as i just cant seem to make any sense of this all? Can anybody make sense of this, feel like my head is spinning to work this out. Ahhhh:arghh::wacko:
  5. Hi my name is Karl. Im 21years old and i live in England, London. I have recently finnished my Level 3 Electrical Apprenticeship, and get my JIB Gold card Any time soon!! Unfortunatly my Employer can not employ me as an qualified electrician as there are too manny chiefs and no Indians. i am now looking into taking a massive long break into AUS. I would like to get a years working holiday Visa, but i dont know what jobs i can do with a working holiday visa. enitially i would like to do a bit of sparkying out there as i have been studdying for 4, almost 5 years. but do i have to get a trade visa? im only asking because a trade visa is almost £3000!!! and thats alot of my savings and spending money for AUS. please if any body can help or has had previous experiances please write back. Manny thanks, Confused Karl :confused:
  6. Hi all not been on here for a while..have been sooo busy...am getting married in July so have been busy booking my wedding, also finishing off last minute touches to the house..just tidying up really..a bit of decorating so we can put the house on the market in the hope that it will sell b4 we move out to Oz...also trying to get as much help as pos cos have to take this HORRID IELTS test...is not that easy so need some practice first but rlly need to start ASAP...might just about pass it by the time we all ready to go lol lol..hope to go out on 457 Visa so once have passed this test..got married and have the house on the market can hopefully get things moving...not much stress about in my house at the min then eh!!! lol lol trace1
  7. Hi all, The time has come for DH and I to make our final decision about our future, will it be Perth or will it be UK. To make it worse we both have no idea how we will get to this decision as we have been going round and round and round in circles for so long!!:confused: We know we will love the lifestyle that Perth will give us as a family with a Pre-schooler. We also are close to our family here in the UK who have made it very clear that we would be breaking their hearts if we left. We love our house and of course we have jobs (not that we like them at all!!) We have never been to Perth but have best mates out there eager to get us to come and join them. We have now ditched the idea for a reccie as we would rather keep the money for the potential move. Who wouldn't fall in love with two weeks in the sunshine seeing all the best bits, nothing like living there day in day out. Our agent has just returned from Perth and has left DH's CV with some companies to get feedback. He has reported to us that the IT job market is very 'patchy'. The cost of living has shot up since his last visit three years ago. We would need to be earning aroung $120k to have a decent lifestyle. More feedback that makes as wonder what we will be gaining from our move. So, I am hoping that those of you already out there in WA will be able to tell me the answers to some brief questions::chatterbox: Did you leave a fantastic life over here to move to Oz? What are the main benefits of living in Oz rather than the UK? Will our son have a much better quality of life and future in Oz than the UK? Did you have a very close relationship with your parents? Did you break theit hearts? What are your favourite lifestyle changes? Do you need the income my agent says to have a good lifestyle over there? Is it costly to live or no different to the UK? There are so many other questions that I could ask!!! Hopefully, some good responses, good and bad, will help use decide if we want to move to Perth, any part of Oz or stay here in East Sussex. Thanks for reading this post. Needed to get it off my chest, we are making ourselves ill with various viruses etc. where this is consuming our minds. Once we can make a decision what we want to do, I am sure we will feel better!!! Nicky x
  8. emmaroo

    Soooo Excited!!

    I have been accepted on to the pathway course I need to do my teaching degree:jiggy: I am really excited and pleased but also really scared! Need to get applying for visa now as my course starts in October! Emma x
  9. Guest

    Soooo Far Away!!

    Just wondering does anyone else think the fact they are soooooo far away makes them feel unsettled? When we were going through the whole process of emigrating we knew it was a long way away but i dont think it actually sinks in till you are here. I can be having a really good day but as soon as i think of the distance it gets me quite down. I suppose it doesnt help either that it would cost approx $12500 (for 5 of us) to go back for a holiday and that is just for the flights!!!:shocked: Add on car hire, somwhere to stay and general daily spending and you are talking a lot more!! Also can anybody share thier views on how they cope without seeing their parents, loved ones etc for such long periods of time. My parents have just been over in July and its going to be at least another 14 months before they can get back over. I know time goes by pretty quick but just seems so far away. Nic