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Found 7 results

  1. Can I ask, has anyone ever applied & been successful at going from a 475 to permanent visa BEFORE the relevant criteria has been met, ie 1 year in work & 2 years living in designated area? Many thanks
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and wanted to get some advice. I'm an Aussie and am planning on moving back to Perth with my partner of six years. We lodged our application for the Partner Visa and have just been assigned our co and need to send in some minor bits of information. We're right at the beginning of the whole process but are struggling with the fact that we're ready to leave but will still have to wait six months...a downside to being too organised! Is there anything stopping us going over now, with my partner on a holiday visa until the visa is granted? Would we have to come back to the UK to validate the visa or could we just leave Aus on a short break and re-enter? Any advice and experience would be much appreciated
  3. I Have a slight problem - but its a good one I guess - my Visa came through earlier than expected and I've been offered a job earlier than expected (in Brisbane, on Queens St) ... so whats my problem? Well having traveled across Oz in the past 3 years and decided upon Queensland/Brisbane (it was always our first choice but the additional location searching helped prove it was the right choice) I had planned on at least 2 proper visits to Brisbane to search for housing, schools etc ... that now has to be done in one trip at the end of this month so I'm ready for work in January!! So can any one help me: if you had a lovely wife, two kids aged 6 and 3, a cat, and had 10 days in Brisbane to look for a house to rent for 6-9 months while you sort the rest of your life out - which Brisbane suburbs would you start with? and which one's would you avoid? and is there an estate agent you would recommend as a "tour guide"? ... I'm not looking for perfect, just good reasons to spend 10 days of my life have a good hard look later this month. (P.S. with thanks to the previous posters on Brisbane locations elsewhere on this site, they're proving helpful as well)
  4. :yes::jiggy::wub::wubclub: My birthday today, 47, officially old git and all that, BUT. MUCH more important than that is this. My mum and dad god bless em have just phoned me up and told me they will pay partly for a short trip back to Australia. I have several thousand frequent flyer points, which will nearly get me a freebie to Australia, but I am a little short, so good old mum and dad have offered to make up the shortfall and enable me to get back for a short break. What a birthday surprise. My points run out in late October/November so will be 'homeward' bound in the very near future. Couldn't be happier, as you get older birthdays somehow lose their appeal a bit, :embarrassed:, but can honestly say I am overjoyed at what my mum and dad have done for me. Even when at times Australia has taken their son away from them for extensive amounts of time and been a bane in their life they still find it within their hearts to make this gesture, love you mum and dad. They know what Australia means to me, even though my mum absolutely HATES it she and dad have shown what type of people they are yet again. I'm very luck to have parents such as mine.:wubclub::wubclub: I'm off now with Ruth to our favourite cafe and walk to celebrate my birthday, have a wonderful day people. Tony, very happy and content.:wink:
  5. Hi, We got our CO on 1st July and were given 70 days to provide PC's and additional relationship evidence. We submitted this on the 22nd July and were hoping it would be quite quick now they have everything they need - its a 175 CSL visa. I have read that if CO gives you 70 days they will not look at the file again until this time even if everything is submitted and ready to go - can anyone confirm if this is correct? Problem is I make this the 8th September which is actually the day we have flights booked to Oz. Although I have got the tourist ETA visas done for this trip, I was also really hoping the 175 would have been approved and therefore this be a validation trip. So I basically just want to know if anyone else can confirm if they were given 70 days to provide the additional info and submitted it much earlier, did anyone get the visa before the 70 days were up? Thanks so much in advance Amy and Paul x
  6. Hi all, Just a quick note....... Visas logged begin of Dec, booked medicals for end of Feb 09. Wanted to lose some weight first.... But should we be doing them sooner? I am a nurse, skills assessment passed, using a agent... Crinimals checks sent. Want to get there ASAP..... As does everyone, I know. What do you think?
  7. Guest

    Sooner Than You Think

    Just thought I would mention to all of you desperatley waiting on TRA or CO......... Our visa application was acknowleged a year ago tommorow and here we are now happily settled and living our dream. Despite the doubts, worries, fears and the endless, endless waiting, it does happen, things do fall into place. Houses sell, visas arrive and kids do come round to the idea (well most of them)!! Things don't always happen in the right order or when you expect them too BUT, if you want this bad enough it will come true for you all and believe it or not you will come out the other end of it all relatively unscathed........just ask my therapist:wacko: Good luck to you all, whatever stage you'r at and remember when you just cant take anymore.....theres always a good bottle of wine and the good peeps at PIO to turn to!! LESLEYXXXXXXX