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Found 17 results

  1. Hi I hope someone can help me out there?? I have been through a seemless process up till now, apps lodged online( 175 skilled) 9/12/09, meds requested end Jan 2010, meds completed 12/3/10 and all received and finalised 29/3/10!! No word on the visa yet but says referred for one of my children!! Does anyone have any experience of a visa being refused/ delayed etc due to a childs delay with speech? Starting to panic now! would be great to hear from anyone with info on this? THx
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue. Both myself, husband and eldest sons medicals have been finalized, but my 3 year olds has been referred to Australia for further examination. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur but was seen by a pediatrician here and we were told that it was absolutely nothing to worry about and wouldn't cause him any problems, it has never bothered him at all and was only picked up on once when he had a chest infection, the letter from the hospital stating all this has been sent to them. Just wondering if anyone else has had their medicals referred and if so how long it took to get a response and if it caused any other problems, it is the only thing that needs checked off for visa to be granted. Would appreciate any advice anyone can give me :cute:
  3. derham

    What year will my sons be in

    We are planning to move after the school term ends next here in Scotland next June, can anyone tell me what year our children will start Oz school when we move. The oldest will be 15 and the youngets 12 (when we move).
  4. Guest

    New Passports for my sons

    Hi, both my sons passports expire july and august 2012 and we are emigrating jan 2012. We havent had the visa stamped in our passports yet, shall i do that now, then renew the boys ? What will happen with the new passports as the stamp wont be in them,do i carry the old ones too and do i have to inform diac ? Thanks Natalie
  5. Hi to all out there near Perth.We are coming over for the wedding of our eldest son Paul in April 2012.We have 3 sons here in the UK,and poss 2 partners to house when we come over,so are looking for a house to swop any where around the Perth area. We live in Formby.near Liverpool.UK.Formby is quite an well thought of area with many footballers from Liverpool and Everton living in the area,so house prices are very good with all ranges from smal, to £3 million plus.We are 12 miles from Liverpool and 8 from Southport.By car both the Lakes and Wales are only a couple of hours away.Our house sleeps 8 adults,and has all mod cons you would expect.New kitchen and upstairs bathroom installed in the last 2 years.Our 2006 Ford Mondeo can also be included.The date of the wedding is 7th April,but poss 3/4 of our party would like to stay for say 4 weeks if possible.Our party may be reduced to 5 depending on work needs of one of our other sons and his partner. Hope there is a family from OZ who would like to visit the UK for a month in APRIL.2012,and save a lot of money.My email adress is dennyevo@talktalk.net.look forward to hearing from you soon.:
  6. We have just got back from our activation trip to Perth to find out my 17yr old son's 16yr old girlfriend is pregnant. Has anyone been in this position - did you still go and leave your child/grandchild?
  7. sheryl12

    off to my sons wedding!!!!!!

    with all the changes going on over the last few days (im still not sure how it affects us) just thought i would share my happiness!!! im off to windsor inthe morning to attend my sons wedding on the 13th, hes in the army so we are having the do at the barracks lol!!! should be fun,i think my twin 18 yearolds are looking forward to it :wink:lol.will fill you all in on monday!!! we all need something to look forward to in these uncertain times!!!! hope i posted this in the right place:biggrin: shez x
  8. Hi, at last my younger sons medical has been received and finalised today 2 weeks after the other 3 were ? We were worried as to where it had gone ? Our agents have said we can do no more its a case of waiting now as everything this end is done. How long i wonder ? God knows but i hope and pray it wont be to long. We are SS not on CSL, got a CO, had Medicals and Police Checks, sold house and moved into rental in May 09, got rid of most furniture as only shipping personal things over and now rearing to go !!
  9. Hiya All Just hoping someone can put my mind at rest here! All our medicals have been finalised today except for my 11 year old son ... they have been referred! When we had the medicals they called him back for another XRAY. They asked if he had had a cold recently which he hadn't! They then said the second XRAY was fine and there was nothing to worry about so I am really concerned that he is the one that is referred. Has this happened to anyone else? Many Thanks in advance Jen xx
  10. Guest

    My Sons career options

    My oldest son is currently 13, will be 14 over the summer holidays. He is about to choose his options for school and has had sessions with the connexions people in school regarding career choices etc. He has come home and said he is quite interested in going into the Royal Marines, which i think is fantastic, i would only encourage him to do something like that. He would need A levels so therefore further educaiton would be necessary. Due to my partners age and my midwifery studying we would need to be emigrating in about three years time which would be Matts crutial time with starting his A levels and finishing school etc. Has anyone got any experience of this kind of thing, and what did you do. Obviously i wouldnt want our family decision to negatively impact on his further educaiton etc. Any advise or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, along with your stories of similar situations. thanks em x
  11. Hello everyone I really hope somebody can help me......I have searched the PIO threads and can not find the answer. My sons biological fathers name is NOT on the birth certificate and he has no parental resposibilty.(however DNA test were done at birth and he has and still does pay CSA ) My husband has parental responsibility of him, do we still need to get permission from the biological father to emigrate??? I really hope somebody can help!!! Annette
  12. Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. My step son who is 15 and is not included in our application (won't be moving with us) will still need to have his medicals done as requested by DIAC. My wifes ex is currently unwilling to release his passport, which is needed for the medicals. Is there an alternative to the passport. Apparently the medical form that the doctors sign asks if they've seen "a passport". If they say no, then I'm guessing that's an immediate obstacle created. Legally, the ex can't hold my step-sons passport, but I currently would like less grief and not have to involve courts and solicitors. It seems silly that a passport is mandatory when the child is not even travelling, as he may not even have one. Any advice would be appreciated. D
  13. Hi all talked to the owner of the company i'll be working for, and he has offered my son Jake a job as an apprentice mechanic, my son is really made up. Makes the move with a teenager a little bit smoother, i hope he doesn't read this post, the owner said he's getting two for the price of one. Something is bound to go wrong but hopefully not thanks to all Dave Julie Jake Chloe and Tyler.
  14. melbourners hopefully

    My sons xray missing/do we have CO

    HI, We have just had an email from the LCU asking for my sons Xray and form 160 We did get this done originally as he is 13 but it must have gone missing somewhere down the line.They have asked for it to be done but i have just sent them an email asking if we can send a copy of the forrm 160 and the Xray report as the medical centre will have this on file. They also said it had to be done in the required timeframe but the time frame is not on the email. Has anyone else ever sent copies of Xrays and form 160. Also can we fax them or will they have to be posted again. Also does this mean we have a case officer or is it just the LCU. Thanks Sean :huh:
  15. Hiya all Does any one know how my sons girlfriend would be able to join us once were in Oz?? We all hope to be in Melbourne later this year, and now the months are flying by, she has started to ask if she would be able to join us once were settled. She is only 16 but they are very close (and infact I met Mr.Jonseywife when I was only 16, so I might just happen)!!!!! As if we hav'nt got enough to worry about !!!!!..................:wacko: Now it Looks like we'll need an even bigger house !!!!!!!!!!!! :huh: Thanks for any suggestions Sally-ann x
  16. Guest

    HELP! sons criminal record

    my son is 17 and we now have to obtain the meds and police checks (good character) our case officer says 1 fail all fail. this worries me as he has quite a few convictions in the past 18 months. here's a little run down; 1.causing harassment to a shop keeper. (fined) 2.assault (fined + compensation) 3.theft and public disorder D+D (fined) 4.affray (fined ) 5.criminal damage (fined + compensation) 6.attemted theft (fined) all these plus numurous arrests which have led to nothing whilst we have been lodging our application, now makes me feel i have wasted my time as i personally i dont think they will clear him of good character. does anyone know any different or had anything similar, do i pay for the meds or quit now. HELLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!
  17. Guest

    dilemma, sons stupidity

    my son is nearly 17 and over the last 12 months has gotten into trouble with the police which has resulted in him getting a police record for 2 accounts of public disorder and an assault charge(plus a few other arrests which were all released with out charge) of which only amounted to fines. i felt this would stop us gaining the visa so have applied without him on the application even though he still has to complete the character forms and police checks and is still classed as a dependant till he's 18, i am now feeling guilty and was wondering if i could could change my mind and include him on the application and take a gamble on the dimia taking a leniant view on such a stupid adolescent. does anyone know of any similar cases or can shed any light on how serious these convictions will impact on the visa application. tra passed july 06 app sent sept 06