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Found 29 results

  1. What were the bestt?For me it was; Beatles-Another Girl. Stones-Gimme Shelter. Is that right?
  2. One of the truly great bands of their time The Clash :notworthy: must have had 'Emigration' on their mind when they wrote this song, it is apt for those wanting to go or indeed come back from OZ. [YOUTUBE]GqH21LEmfbQ[/YOUTUBE]
  3. Peach

    Royal Wootton Bassett song

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FmdJ-Hj_tJI Very worthwhile cause that deserves your support!
  4. I heard it playing in J & B Hi Fi at Town Hall the other week and asked one of the sales assistants who it was? The little boy talking over the music reminds me of both 'Hole in My Shoe' & 'Excerpt From A Teenage Opera.' The trouble is, having bought the CD yesterday, I can't quite get into the rest of it. I'm hoping that multiple plays will sort that out.
  5. rockola57

    What Song's gets you Rockin!

    Just thinkin' there.Sometimes a good ole rocker comes on the arl Radio,one that always get's to ya!Stompin good vibes!!!!:yes:Go on,tell us!:biggrin:Mine is....Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting!Elton and the Band really do get me rockin with this one!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26wEWSUUsUc
  6. ONLY one and a youtube video required!
  7. This will probs die a death because everyones too cool to breathe now arent they?!worried about looking(or sounding a beaut),i dont care,as yer can tell from some of my posts:biggrin: Anyway,DO people still have a singalong in the boozer/yer know the cockneys...Knees up mother brown etc etc,the welsh.......? We allways used to of a weekend,yer HAD to get up and give a song,these are some of my fav ones,mainly i like Irish songs for singalongs,but also some Liverpool ones..........so some quiet ballads and some a bit more raucous:smile: [YOUTUBE]8cnzstOtW2k[/YOUTUBE] This was top at the chorus bit,about a hundred people joining in and banging bottles and glasses on the table,happy drunken nights! [YOUTUBE]mUeeZK_FDsw[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]W_CJyJwldj0[/YOUTUBE] Loved singing this one,so descriptive of old Liverpool,the seafaring traditions,the girls,the catholic and protestant religious divides etc:notworthy: [YOUTUBE]iTNK6mWtn2g[/YOUTUBE] Im NOT saying im a good singer btw! i just didnt care:jiggy:
  8. After three schooners (in five hours) I'm feeling maudlin.
  9. Just thinkin'there.There have been many songs in my life that epitomise a period in my life,and bring it all back to me whenever i hear them.The very first song i remember liking as a toddler was'Little Donkey'i think it was by Gracie Fields!Then as a small kid it was'Take these Chains from my heart and set me free'by Ray Charles!Then,as a Kid it was'Pretty Flamingo' by Manfred Mann(great times)As an Adolescent lad i remember hearing probably the best song i've ever heard,in perfect unison with the great time in my life,the wonderful 'Maggie May'by Rod!Any'ow,me and my lovely wife have our own eternal song that is all about when we met,and was out then 'I only want to be with you'The Eurythmics.Which songs are extra special to you?:wub::rolleyes:
  10. Hiya,so if you had to choose 1 only,what would it be?For me it'd have to be....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SKD1c2NQdI&feature=fvsr:yes::notworthy::yes:
  11. PommyPaul

    ahhhh the jcb song

    makes me all broody haha, want a little lad so i can drive him round in the tractors on school holidays :hug: i must be getting old haha k3WhQB7Hq0Q
  12. D'yer ever hear a song you love in your head,and have a need for an immediate fix?Like I want to hear it NOW!!!.Right now(as i'm piised a lottle bit) i need to listen to Dear Mister Fantasy by Traffic.:yes:Gimme some of your faves.:wink:
  13. Guest

    name that song.......

    :biggrin:name that song was always good fun on the telly ,trying to remember the words by humming along :embarrassed: thought might have a go on here.........................".There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold.".............................................................next poster has to name song and artist then post own lyric...........Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin...............................................................................................ok "So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain":wideeyed:
  14. Guest

    favourite song lyrics

    "I drink until the doorman is a Christmas tree And my speech is just a gas leak" one of the best descriptions of being drunk I've ever heard without googling, anyone know who it is?
  15. Guest

    The 'Happy Song' Thread.

    I know these threads have been done before, but I thought I might put a different slant on it. This song to me when I hear it truly makes me smile and think of the many happy days I spent in Australia. It has the ability to cheer me up no end, and very nearly transports me back to Mission Beach, Palm Cove, The Whitsunday's, etc. Just thought with a bit of the old tension running a little high at the moment it may do us (well, me at least) a bit of good to think of happier times.:wink: PS. Still can't put a proper 'link' in,:arghh: so just click the linkish below.:wink: Cheers Tony.
  16. Guest

    Song Title 'True' Meanings

    Yep, I'm bored, but thought this may while away a few seconds, :shocked::biglaugh:. Without googling folks do you know what some song titles 'really' mean, I think I can come up with four, so here goes. 1. Ebeneezer Goode by the Shamen. Denied that is was about ecstasy for years, but admitted in the end that this was the case.:shocked::policeman: 2. Turning Japanese by the Vapors. About a girlfriend and masturbation.:shocked::policeman: 3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by the Beatles. Again denied for years about LSD, but Paul McCartney confirmed the song was inspired by LSD.:wubclub: 4. Brown Sugar by the Stones. Many connotations to this song, but the main subject was Cocaine. Any more you can think of, no cheating peeps.:policeman: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. I heard this short you tube song a while ago, and now my kids sing it end to end, non stop, with loads of encouragement from me, it's driving my wife mad:arghh:. I must try and get it as my phones' ring tone. Great advertisment for Australia, and you might not even get killed !
  18. rockola57

    Relevant words in a song to you.

    What song lyric sums up how you feel now?Right now i have just finished work for a few days and keep hearing Elton John singing the line'Seven O'Clock and i wanna Rock,get a belly full of Beer!!!'Off out for a jar or t.....t.......ten tonight.:wink::wink:
  19. Guest

    Your theme song for Oz

    Does anyone have a theme song for Oz? If so what is it?............just a bit of fun for Friday night! I've decided ours is Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway. It's one of my favourites anyway and listening to the words it is very appropriate. I've told Bradley to learn the words so he can sing along with me when I put the CD on! Some of the lyrics are; grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down I'd just stare out my window dreamin of what could be and if I'd end up happy, I would pray. Trying hard to reach out but when I tried to speak out, felt like no one could hear me, wanted to belong here but something felt so wrong here, so I prayed I could break away. I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly, I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky and I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change and break away. Out of the darkness and into the sun, but I won't forget all the ones that I love, I'll take a chance, make a change and Break away. Want to feel the warm breeze, sleep under a palm tree, feel the rush of the ocean, get on board a fast train travel on a jet plane far away and break away. I love it!!!!! Tracyxx
  20. Hi to all PIO I am a 44 year old Fire Alarm Service engineer, desperately wanting to settle in OZ with my family, the problem is my occupation is not on any (SOL) listings, I've spoken to a number of agencies who tell me to go in as an electrician but I know I will not pass the skills test, even though I have the latest 17th edition Can anyone point me in the right direction, because time is running out (tick tock) If any fire alarm engineers have made it over to Oz I would please like to know how you went about it Thank you
  21. Mylady

    A song to chris evans

    :cry:I am crying,I am cryyying throught the darks nights and the days I am crying to go to australia,to be in the sun,to be freeee. Can you hear me can you hear me through the dark nights across the sea. Can you hear me CHRIS EVANS.I want to be near you to kick your a.....s. Let me in,let me inn please change the process and let me in,dont shut me out. As you can see I am clearly losing my mind,feel free to join in and add more lines.
  22. Once we have successfully emigrated to Australia on a permanent visa, is it possible to sponsor a direct member of family ? i.e. brother and family:hug:
  23. Guest

    which song????

    name the song that means something to you and why? me shania twain " your still the one " first dance at our wedding lesley x
  24. Guest

    What song reminds you of Oz?

    Hi I am listening to an aussie radio station online (that I used to listen to when I lived in Oz)and heard a song that every time I hear it reminds me of Oz.Its The Eagles "Boys of Summer",takes me back to a particular time and guy I used to know lol So what song reminds you of Oz?Maybe it was one they played all the time on the radio when you visited?
  25. Guest

    Gordon Brown Song

    PLEASE READ THIS AS IF YOU ARE SINGING GOLDON BROWN BY THE STRANGLERS. Gordon Brown you are a knob. U are crap, please quit your job. If you do not, us brits will fly where it is safe, warm and dry. Always a frown with gordon brown. Gordon brown, you are a dick. You really do, make us all sick. we brits do think, the u.k`s on the brink. Why cant you see, that this is our plee. Always a frown with gordon brown. Gordon Brown its not just you. Theres another, thats just as poo. His name is Darling, with a nice parting. He has white hair, that makes us stare. We will all drown, with that dick Brown. Alistair, you are the same,this countries shagged and you are to blame. Why cant you see, that OZ is the key. Please do dispare, theres no room for you there. So please no more tax, its breaking our backs. Please get the UK, back on its trax. The end. :err: